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Main Title: Australian Book Review: ABR August 2018-
Publisher: Melbourne, Vic. : Australian Book Review.
Collation: 30 cm. Magazines on shelf : ill., paperback ;
Subject: Australian Book Review.
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No.403 AUGUST 2018:
The voice of Australia: defending the principle of an independent and well-funded ABC / Ranald Macdonald p9.
Fields of the past: the battle between history and memory [Best We Forget: The war for white Australia 1914-18 by Peter Cochrane] / Marilyn Lake p11.
From both sides: a vital addition to the 'moment of truth' [The Sydney Wars: Conflict in the early colony 1788-1817 by Stephen Gapps] / Alan Atkinson p13.
ABR Elizabeth Jolley Short Story Prize: Vasco / Claire Aman p24.
Lyrebird [The Drover's Wife: 99 interpretations of Henry Lawson's Australian classic by Ryan O'Neill] / Jen Webb p30.
ABR Elizabeth Jolley Short Story Prize: Between the Mountain and the Sea / Sharmini Aphrodite p35.
Audacity [On Patrick White: Writers on writers by Christos Tsiolkas] / Barnarby Smith p41.
On Flanagan [Richard Flanagan: new critical essays edited by Robert Dixon] / Susan Lever p42.
ABR Elizabeth Jolley Short Story Prize: Ruins by Madeline Lucas p44.
The tracks were buckled and warped: changing attitudes to martially denuded POWs [The Battle Within: POWs in port war Australia by Christina Twomey] / Carolyn Holbrook p58.
By night and day [Pompey Elliott at War: In his own words by Ross McMullin] / Geoffrey Blainey p60.
Tsunami [Tell Me I'm OK: A doctor's story by David Bradford] / Robert Reynolds p61.
Rite and rights [Religious Freedom and the Australian Constitution: origins and future by Luke Beck] / David Rolph p66.
Publisher of the month with Carmen Callil p70.
Open page with Rose Tremaine p76.
No.404 SEPTEMBER 2018:
Nettie and Vance: the uncertain beginnings of a remarkable partnership [Loving Words: Love letters of Nettie and Vance Palmer by Deborah Jordan] / Brenda Niall p12.
Fragments from an ALP survivor [Run For Your Life by Bob Carr] / Stephen Mills p20.
Behind barbed wire: a compelling study of the 'Dunera boys' [Dunera lives: volume 1: a visual history by Ken Inglis] / Astrid Edwards p24.
Playing politics: Australia's complicated relationship with Indonesia [Strangers Next Door? Indonesia and Australia in the Asian centruy by Tim Lindsey] / David Fettling p29.
Portraits [The True Colour of the Sea by Robert Drewe] / Anthony Lynch p33.
Desert days [Look At The Lake by Kevin Brophy] / Joan Fleming p45.
Open page with Ryan O'Neill p48.

No.405 OCTOBER 2018:
'The other side of the fence': Anotomising the cruel experiement that is offshore detention / Felicity Plunkett p8. Enigma no more: Transformation of Donald Donaldvich Maclean / Sheila Fitzpatrick p10. Any Ordinary Day [Book by Leigh Sales] / Gail Bell p11. Grasshopper [Turmoil, Letters from the brink by Robyn Williams] / Danielle Clode p13. Shelter [The world was whole by Fiona Wright] / Francesca Sasnaitis p14. Ghosts at the Banquet [Counter -Revolution: Liberal Europe in Retreat by Jan Zielonka] / Ben Wellings p15. Coal dust on his hands [Adani and the War Over Coal]/ Susan Reid p18. How many walls? A manifesto for a new kind of Politics [Down to Earth: Politics in the new climate regime by Bruno Latour] / Tim Flannery p20. The Hunter and Other stories of men [by David Cohen] / Sophie Frazer p21. What makes an arsonist? Examining the events of Black Saturday [The Arsonist by Chloe Hooper] / Fiona Gruber p22. Sea of Possiblities, the ocean as a connector, not separator [Tidalectics: Imagining an oceanic worldview through art and science edited by Stefanie Hessler] / Michael Adams p22. The Second Cure by Margaret Morgan / Jack Rowland p26. Aluminium Dreams / Lauren Ricards p29. Low Beggars [The allure of Fungi by Allison Pouliot] / Andrea Gaynor p31. Reading Bees [A Honeybee heart has five openings: a year of keeping bees by Helen Jukes] / Keegan O'Connor p32. Shining a light: stories of climate science in action [Sunburnt Country: The history and future of climate change in Australia by Joelle Gergis] / Lauren Gergis p34. The caper, the winds, the walks: an inspring look at the Southern Ocean [Wild Sea: a History of the Southern Ocean by Joy McCann] / Paul Humpries p35. Coffee, food and massages, Transforming Urban Australia [City Life: The New Urban Australia by Seamus O'Hanlon] / Frank Bongiorno p38. Urban adagio [Urban Choreography: Central Melbourne 1985 - edited by Kim Dovey, Rob Adams and Ronald Jones] / Sara Savage p39. Dunbar Boys [Bridge of Clay by Markus Zusak] Nicole Abadee p42. Jonestown Revisted [Beautiful Revolutionary by Laura Elizabeth Woollet] / Anna McDonald p43. The Well [Killing Commendatore by Haruki Murakami translated by Phillip Gabriel and Ted Goossen] / Cassandra Atherton p44. Crossroads [Too Much Lip by Melissa Lucashenko] / Jane Sullivan p46. Water Worries [The Year of The Farmer by Rosalie Ham] / Brenda Walker p47. Marina and Constance [The childrens house by Alice Nelson] / Sarah Holland-Batt p48. The First Celebrity, The completion of a triumphant life of Napoleon [Napoleon: passion death and resurrection 1815-1840 by Phillip Dywer] / Peter McPhee p49. A history of endeavour, a strange connection between timber and humanity [ Endeavour: The ship and the attitude that changed the world by Peter Moore]/ Alan Atkinson p50. Evangelicals in Early Australia an exhaustive rebalancing of Australian historiography [The Fountain of Public Prosperity: Evangelical Christians in Australian History 1740-1914] / Paul Collins p52. Painting into the eye of the light, evoking Bernard Smith [Antipodean perspective: selected writings of Bernard Smith by Rex Butler and Sheridan Palmer] / Brian Matthews p53. Old Lies [On war and writing by Samuel Hynes] / Robin Gerster p55. Devilry [Satan unrepentant by Michael Aiken] / David Dick p57. The Yellow House by Emily O'Grady / Jay Daniel Thompson p58. Conspiracy of Secrets, the clamour and comfort of friends in four YA novels [ Between us by Claire Atkins, Hive by A.J Betts, I had such friends by Meg Gatland-Veness and P is for Pearl by Eliza Henry Jones] / Margaret Robson Kett p59. The Coves by David Whish Wilson / Gillian Dooley p59. The Harp in the South / Laura Hartnell p62. Marking the Infinite by Sally Grant p63. You Were Never Really Here / Anwen Crawford p65. Dark Emu / Mayrose Casey. p66. Here to stay [A coveted possession: The rise and fall of the piano in Australia] Gillian Wills p69.

No.406 NOVEMBER 2018: Ringside: an appeal to rethink our expectations of leaders and leadership [Follow the Leader: Democracy and the rise of the strongman (Quarterly Essay 71) by Laura Tingle] / Paul Strangio p8. Country life [Rusted Off: why country Australia is fed up by Gabrielle Chan] / Shaun Crow p 12. Nothing without a demand: a remarkable history of women's progress in Australia [You Daughters of Freedom: the Australians who won the vote and inspired the world by Claire Wright] / Maggie MacKellar p16. Rape is in the room [Boys Wll Be Boys by Clementine Ford] / Astrid Edwards p17. Knowing Gillian Triggs: the memoirs of a formidable and polarising lawyer [Speaking Up by Gillian Triggs] / Jane Cadzow p19. Rules and law: examining Australian foreign policy [Island Off The Coast of Asia: Instruments of statecraft in Australian foreign policy by Clinton Fernandes] / David Brophy p21. Metric tide [What Matters? Talking value in Australian culture by Julian Meyrick and Robert Phiddian and Tully Barnett] / Gabriella Coslovic p25. The art of pain: writing in the age of trauma / Beejay Silcox p29. Taking sides [Shell by Kristina Olsson] / Susan Wyndham p38. There could be something afoot: a piercing analysis of Australian cricket [Crossing the Line: How Australian Cricket lost its way by Gideon Haig] p44. Noisy north of the Yarra: a study of Melbourne's Yiddish heart [A Second Chance: The making of Yiddish Melbourne by Margaret Taft and Andrew Marcus] / Tali Lavi p45. Coming true [The River in the Sky by Clive James] / Geoff Page p48. Open page with Gideon Haigh p54. Arts highlights of the year p59.

No.407 DECEMBER 2018: I know my country now' David Marr reflects of Australia [My Country by David Marr] / Glyn Davis p9. Unfinished business: the lives of two influential feminists [Unfettered and alive: a memoir by Anne Summers and Germaine: the life of Germaine Greer by Elizabeth Kleinhenz] / Zora Simic p12. Protecting the national interest: a covert attack on independent scholarly research / Joy Damousi p19. The heart of our culture [humanities in Australia] /ABR p20. Philosopher of fairness: a genius and prodigy whose time has come [Hugh Streton: selected writings] / Tom Griffiths p25. Books on the year p29. Caddie and Inga [The Fragments by Toni Jordan] / Suzanne Falkiner p38. Survival [Preservation by Jock Serong] / James Bradley p39. 'A rare ear, our aery Yahweh: Les Murray as one-off fluke and maverick angel [collected poems by Les Murray] / Peter Goldsworthy p44. A door ajar to the future: doubling and divideness in David Malouf's poetry [an open book by David Malouf] / Judith Bishop p47. Poet of the month: Kevin Brophy p54. Endless wonder [the best Australian science writing 2018 editied by John Pickrell] / Paul Humphries p57. No longer a place apart: a new history of the University of Melbourne [shifting boundaries: the University of Melbourne 1975-2015 by Carolyn Rasmussen] / Kate Murphy p61. Open page with Anne Summers p66. Opera and identity: a study of eighteen Australian operas [national identity in contemporary Australian Opera: myths reconsidered by Michael Halliwell] / Peter Tregear p74.

No.408 JANUARY 2019: Slippery terms: a narrow look at liberalism in Australia [The Land of Dreams: How Australians won their freedom by David Kemp] / Alan Atkinson p13. A complicated life: the first serious biography of Billy McMahon [Tiberius with a telephone: the life and stories of William McMahon by Patrick Mullins] / James Walter p16. Family Secret [The Valley by Steve Hawke] / Helena Kadmos p32. Publishers picks [Nathan Hollier (Deep Time Dreaming), Nikki Christer (Trauma Cleaner), Terri-ann White (Blakwork), Alice Grundy (Beautiful Revolutionary), Michael Heyward (Deep Time Dreaming), Phillipa McGuinness (On Disruption), Sam Coomey (The Lebs), Catherine Milne (The Bookshop of the Brokenhearted), Aviva Tuffield (Blakwork), Meredith Curnow (Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia), Barry Scott (Blue Lake: Finding Dudley Flat and the West Melbourne Swamp), David Musgrave (I Love Poetry), Mathilda Imlah (In The Garden of the Fugitive)] p36. History from above: a top down study of the first two Howard Governments [Back From The Brink, 1997-2001: The Howard Government Volume II edited by Tom Frame] / Lyndon Megarrity p46. Resemblances and opposites: a welcome collection of critical essays [Feeding the Ghost 1: Criticism on contemporary Australian poetry edited by Andy Kissane] / John Hawke p48. Jim Carroll's Ass / Alice Notley p49. Unsettlement [White on White by Anne Elvey and The Sky Runs Through Us by Renee Pettitt-Schipp] / Amy Lin p50. Open page with Geoffrey Lehmann p52. David Goldblatt: photographs 1948-2018 / Alison Stieven-Taylor p54. Lean on Pete / Anwen Crawford p56. Bottomless / Maxim Boon p57. Rewriting Australian art history: five decades of major local exhibitions [Australian Art Exhibitions: opening our eyes by Joanna Mendelssohn] / Ron Radford p60. From the ABR archive [White Earth by Andrew McGahan] p64.

No.409 MARCH 2019: All their sins and sorrows: a history of the Irish in Australia without the craic [A New History of the Irish in Australia by Elizabeth Malcolm and Dianne Hall] / Michael McGirr p11. Taking a stand: an overview of complex issues [The Tyranny of Opinions: Conformity and the future of liberalism by Russell Blackford] / Ceridwen Spark p14. The philosophy of a billionaire: a second look at the businessman turned politician [Born to Rule? by Paddy Manning] / Paul Williams p16. Well, there are other publishing companies: on MUP and the resilience of non-fiction publishing / Dominic Kelly p19. One little piece of earth: dissecting Australia's housing crisis [No Place Like Home: Repairing Australia's housing crisis by Peter Mares] / Tom Bamforth p22. Father man [Exploded view by Carrie Tiffany] / James Ley p25. Loops and folds [The Year of the Beast by Steve Carroll] / Kerryn Goldsworthy p27. The making of Len: the rollicking world of Leonard French [The Boy From Brunswick: Leonard French, a biography by Reg Macdonald] / Sheridan Palmer p32. Peter Porter Poetry Prize: the shortlisted poems [Dancing With Steven Hawking by John Foulcher, The Mirror Hurlers by Ross Gillett, 63 Temple Street Mong Kok by Belle Ling, Searching the Dead by Andy Kissane, Raven by Mark Tredinnick] p39. Conquering time's atrocities: an abundant final collection from Judith Rodriguez [The Feather Boy & Other Poems by Judith Rodriguez] / Jennifer Strauss p44. Turf [Green Shadows and other poems by Gerald Murnane] / Geoff Page p46. Dark noise [Troll Hunting: Inside the world of online hate and its human fallout by Ginger Gorman] / Jacinta Mulders p53. Open page with Debra Adelaide p60.

No.410 APRIL 2019: Pioneering photography: images from the Australian Museum [Capturing Nature: Early scientific photography at the Australian Museum 1857-1893 by Vanessa Finney] / Philip Jones p13. Another country: the first single volume history of South Australia in fifty years [History of South Australia by Paul Sendziuk and Robert Foster] / Kerryn Goldsworthy p16. Not. At. All. A grenade of a book in a lolly wrapper [Choice Words: A collection of writing about abortion by Louise Swinn] / Suzy Freeman-Greene p20. Public intimacies: when the personal became political in 1970s Australia [The Seventies: The personal, the political and the making of modern Australia by Michelle Arrow] / Zora Simic p21. Apotheosis of the right: two takes on Australia's political terrain [Political Troglodytes and Economic Lunatics: The hard right in Australia by Dominic Kelly and Rise of the Right: The war on Australia's liberal vaules by Greg Barns] / Andrew Browrtjes p33. Back to earth: the original version of Gerald Murnane's second novel [A Season on Earth by Gerald Murnane] / Paul Giles p36. Bete noire [Islands by Peggy Frew] / Bronwyn Lea p38. The common lot [Invented Lives by Andrea Goldsmith] / Francesca Sasnaitis p39. Stresses [The War Artist by Simon Cleary] / Robin Gerster p41. Elegy and warning [The Glad Shout by Alice Robinson] / Jane Rawson p43. A couple of radicals: Rescuing the Blackburns from other people's footnotes [The Blackburns: Private lives, public ambition by Carolyn Rasmussen] / Jacqueline Kent p45. Middle way: on the nation-shaping importance of elections [Elections Matter: Ten federal elections that shaped Australia by Benjamin T. Jones] / Lyndon Megarrity p47. Nature's lap, nature's book: the Weindorfers on Cradle Mountain [Kindred: A Cradle Mountain love story by Kate Legge] / Jared Hore p50. Publisher of the month with Meredith Curnow p60. Arbus & West / Fiona Gruber p62. Two feet / Lee Christofis p63. A View From the Bridge / Maxim Boon p66. Salome / Michael Halliwell p67.

No.411 MAY 2019: The sound of nothing at all: feeling essays about the tribulations of trees [City of Trees: Essays on life, death and the need for a forest by Sophie Cunningham] / Johanna Leggatt p9. A paen to the franchise: reflections on Australian democracy and society [From Secret Ballot to Democracy Sausage: How Australia got compulsory voting by Judith Brett] / Frank Bongiorno p11. Tinted by my face, cruciated by my hyphen [On David Malouf by Nam Le] / Peter Rose p12. Why do politicians find tax justice so hrd? / Daniel Halliday p17. Myths of war: preconceptions about a misguided conflict [Australia's Vietnam: Myth vs history by Mark Dapin] / Michael Sexton p20. A dance with failure: the intellectualism and viscerality of Alison Croggon [Remembered Presences: responses to theatre by Alison Croggon] / Ben Brooker p21. This is the way the world end: the disquieting lure of dystopian novels / Beejay Silcox p26. Mirage [Simpson Returns: A novella by Wayne Macauley] / Alex Cothren p31. At the gorge" twists and tropes in four new crime novels [River of Sale, Comeback, Under the Midnight Sky] / Chris Flyn p34. Traces [Room For A Stranger by Melanie Chung] / Alice Neeson p36. On oxytocin [Into The Fire by Sonia Orchard] / Keyvan Allahyari p37. Lightness [Gravity Is The Thing by Jaclyn Moriarty] / Naama Grey-Smith p38. A revolutionary wife: colonial bell meets principled wreck [An Unconventional Wife: The life of Julia Sorell Arnold by Mary Hoban] / Jim Davidson p40. Millions more [Breaking Point: The future of Australian cities by Peter Seamer] / Tom Bamford p50. Poet of the month with Emma Lew p53. Catalyst: the case of the disappearing night parrot [Night Parrot: Australia's most elusive bird by Penny Olsen] / Neil Murray p58. Open page with Judith Brett p60. Mosquitoes / Ian Dickson p62. Maori markings: Ta Moko / David Hansen p63. MSO Gala / Elizabeth Kertesz p65. West Side Story / Peter Tregear p66. Burning / Richard Leathem p67.

No.412 JUNE 2019: Unsettling settlement: mental disability in early New South Wales [Bedlam at Botany Bay by James Dunk] / Alan Atkinson p13. Speaking of electricity [Blackout: How is energy-rich Australia running out of electricity by Matthew Warren] / Kate Griffiths p15. Fire flume [Black Saturday: not the end of the story / Peg Fraser] / Daniel May p16. Don't be afraid... it won't hurt you: the cost of cutting environmental corners [Hazelwood by Tom Doig] / Alistair Thomson p17. Floundering [calibre essay prize] / Sarah Walker p20. Open page with Chris Womersley p24. Truth and fiction [Fled by Meg Keneally] / Kerryn Goldsworthy p32. Metal language [story] / Beejay Silcox p34. Publisher of the month with Sam Cooney p40. A movement, a moment, a reckoning: an essential compilation about #MeToo [#MeToo: Stories from the Australian movement edited by Natalie Kon-yu] / Zora Simic p41. A mutinous and ferocious grace: Nick Cave and trauma's aftermath / Felicity Plunkett p44. Meet the Fokker: the tempests and evasions of Charles Kingsford Smith [King of the Air: The turbulent life of Charles Kingsford Smith by Ann Blainey] / Michael McGirr p49. Considering the company I keep: a lucky and resilient prime minister [Robert Menzies: the arts of politics by Troy Bramston] / Michael Sexton p50. No one even said bum: a study of seven originals [Seven Big Australians: Adventures with comic actors by Anne Pender] / Desley Deacon p59. Little Woods / Anwen Crawford p62. White Pearl / Alexander Douglas Thom p63. All is True / Johanna Leggatt p65. Cosi / Maxim Boon p66. Braving Glyndebourne / Robyn Archer p67. The golden age on St Kilda Road / Patrick McCaughey p68.

No.413 AUGUST 2019: Living in the indigenous space / Lynette Russell p5. The ball and chair of minority: rebelling against the banality of colony [On identity by Stan Grant and Australia Day by Stan Grant] / Bruce Pascoe p10. So much at stake: forging a treaty with authority and respect / Sarah Maddison and Dale Wandin p13. The value of a chance: generational trauma in Indigenous communities [A Stolen Life: The Bruce Trevorrow case by Anontio Buti and My Longest Round by Wally Carr and Gaele Sobott] / Michael Winkler p16. Gogobera [Australia's Original Languages: An introduction by RMW Dixon] / Bruce Moore p20. Eliminating settler colonialism: Refusal and resurgence in Australia [The Colonial Fantasy: Why white Australia can't solve black problems by Sarah Maddison] / Richard J. Martin p22. Victors and vanquished: competing narratives about the 2018 spill [Plots And Players: Malcom Turnbull's demise and Scott Morrison's ascension by Niki Savva] / Paul Williams p25. Open page with Bruce Pascoe p27. Walgajunmanha all time / Charmaine Papertalk Green p28. Nah Doongh's Song / Grace Karskens p31. Publisher of the month with Rachel Bin Salleh p39. A logic of elimination: the difference and commonalities of Indigenous voices [Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia edited by Anita Heiss] / David Haworth p41. Behrouz Boochani and the politics of naming / Omid Tofighian p44. Foundational fiction: Roger McDonald's contribution to historical fiction [Post colonial heritage and settler well-being: The historical fictions of Roger McDonald by Christopher Lee] / Robin Gerster p45. A piece of scrub like Deane: Tony Birch's resonant new novel [The White Girl by Tony Birch] / Sandra R. Phillips p50. Returning [The Yield by Tara June Winch] / Ellen van Neerven p51. Soft centre [Minotaur by Peter Goldsworthy] / Chris Flynn p53. A night at the opera / Deborah Cheetha, p62. Wake in Fright / Tim Byrne p65. The Torrents / Sue Lever p66. Whiteley / Michael Halliwell p68. Anna Bolena / Peter Rose p70.

No.414 SEPTEMBER 2019: Mosaics of tiny facts: early signs of a contrarian historian [Before I Forget: An early memoir by Geoffrey Blainey] / Brenda Niall p12. Things that never were: contradictions in the 2019 federal election / Dennis Altman p18. Alone with a big stick: Hugh White's middle-power dreaming [How To Defend Australia by Hugh White] / Chengxin Pan p21. Open page with Helen Garner p24. Nomads and timid souls: two new short story collections [Here Until August: stories by Josephine Rowe, This Taste For Silence: Stories by Amanda O'Callaghan] / Bronwyn Lee p26. The Wheel [The Rich Man's House by Andrew McGahan] / James Bradley p29. Frontiers [The Old Lie by Claire G. Coleman] / Alison Whittaker p30. Controlled hallucinations [The Returns by Philip Salon] / Brenda Walker p31. The point-blank murder / Sonja Cechian p32. Out of sight, out of mind [From Here On, Monsters by Elizabeth Bryer] / James Halford p39. A sense of belonging [Shepherd by Catherine Jinks] / David Whish-Wilson p40. Miracle windows / Raaza Jamshed p41. Panol [The Pillars by Peter Polites] / Crusader Hillis p46. Rubble boy / Morgan Nunan p48. Night flight / Sarah Holland-Batt p53. What if? [Jean Blackburn: education, feminism and social justice by Criag Campbell and Debra Hayes] / Ilana Snyder p60. Advantages of stopovers / Michael Farrell p63. Golden Shield / Tim Byrne p66. My Dearworthy Darling / Tali Lavi p67. A Room of One's Own / Lisa Gorton p69. Palm Beach / Jake Wilson p70. Becoming Electra / Jane Montgomery Griffiths p71.

No.415 OCTOBER 2019: Looking the other way every day: the radicalisation of young people because of the climate threat / Tim Glannery p10. Scar tissue: searching for Retribution Camp / Billy Griffiths p14. 'hot little asbestos boxes': diseased lungs and bitter memories [Asbestos In Australia: From boom to dust by Lenore Layman and Gail Phillips] / Graeme Davison p17. The twin of lustre: unholy dislodgements of soil [Sludge: Disaster on Victoria's goldfields by Susan Lawrence and Peter Davis] / Alexandra Roginski p18. Defeat devices: exploring the history of water [Murray Darling water management] / Timothy Neale p21. On our land [Project Rainfall: the secret history of Pine Gap by Tom Gilling] / Alison Broinowski p23. The night parrot: it's a whitefella thing / Kim Mahood p24. The creep of climate change: examining windfarms and the resistance [Wind Turbine Syndrome: A communicated disease by Simon Chapman] / James Dunk p27. The great irruption: the rat as a key figure in Australian history [The Enchantment of the Long-Haired Rat: A rodent history of Australia by Tim Bonyhandy] / Libby Robin p28. An evergreen canopy: the alluring and resilient eucalypt / Bianca Le p30. Nature's ancient history / Julia Kindt p33. Australian dreaming / Kim Scott p36. Open page with Trent Dalton p44. Favourite Australian novels of the twenty-first century p48. Explosions and digressions [Bruny by Heather Rose] / Nicole Abadee p51. Shared rights: the neoliberal assault on the common good [The Politics of the Common Good: dispossession in Australia by Jane R. Goodall] / Judith Brett p58. Gun talk [Gun control: what Australia got right (and wrong) by Tom Frame] / Kieran Pender p60. Don the divider: an elegant biography of the maverick politician [Don Dunstan: The visionary politician who changed Australia by Angela Woollacott] / Christina Slade p62. Hons and Revs: the need for community and connection [A Lot With A Little / Tim Costello] / Jacqueline Kent p63. Poet of the month with Lisa Gorton p66. Titus Andronicus / Susan Lever p68 Halston / Felicity Chaplin p69. Australian Realness / Sarah Walker p70. Dogman / Jack Callil p71. From the ABR archive [True History of the Kelly Gang] p72.

No.416 NOVEMBER 2019: Hot water: the erosion of democratic accountability / Kieran Pender p8. Artist, nomad, epistler: Ian Fairweather as an avid sponge [Ian Fairweather: A life in letters by Claire Roberts] / Morag Fraser p13. Reminiscence over analysis: a periphrastic history of a gallerist [Present Tense: Anna Schwartz Gallery and thirty-five years of contemporary Australian Art by Doug Hall] / Sophie Knezic p15. Rustling in the breeze: the glamour and vainglory of Susan Sontag [Sontag: Her life by Benjamin Moser] / Paul Kildea p17. A lyric future: enabling the Sydney Opera House to fulfill its potential / Lyndon Terracini p22. The third force: internecine war in the Greens [Inside the Greens: the origins and future of the party, they people and the politics] / James Walter p23. The money power: perfidy and greed in Australia's financial sector / Ben Huf p26. The salted earth: an eclectic and engaging collection of writings [Salt: Selected stories and essay by Bruce Pascoe] / Steve Kinnane p29. Dreams and beasts: Charlotte Wood's shell-like new novel [The Weekend by Charlotte Wood] / Felicity Plunkett p32. The forgotten and the invisible [There Was Still Love by Favel Parrett] / Anna MacDonald p37. Tree change [Field of Poppies by Carmel Bird] / Gregory Day p38. Remnant ash [A Constant Hum by Alice Bishop] / Debra Adelaide p40. Struggle with grace notes: an Australian composer becomes American [Peggy Glanville Hicks: Composer and critic by Suzanne Robinson] / Jim Davidson p42. Living art [Mirka Mora: a life making art by Sabine Cotte] / Carol MIddleton p45. One last gumtree [Sidney J. Baker and Australian slang lexicography] / Amanda Laugesen p46. Injustice [Mandatory Murder: A true history of homicide and injustice in an outback town by Steven Schubert about Zak Grieve's conviction of the murder of Ray Niceforo] / Russell Marks p51. Publisher of the month with Madonna Duffy p58. Arts highlights of the year [Robyn Archer: Zizanie, The Shadows Whose Prey The Hunter Becomes, I Sense You But I Cannot See You, Wozzeck, That Which We Do Not Remember, Guided Tour of the Exhibition: For Soprano with handbag. Felicity Chapman: La Promesse de l'aube, The Sisters Brothers, Mystify, The Nightingale. Tim Byrne: The View From The Bridge, Anthem, Underground Railroad Game. Gabriella Coslovitch: Eumerella, a war requiem for peace, Tense Past, Missing or Dead. Humphrey Bower: Counting and Cracking, 5 Short Blasts, The Lion Never Sleeps, Biladurang, Daddy, See You Next Tuesday. Michael Shmith: Parsifal, Buhnenweihfestpiel, Jonny Spielt Auf, Persephone, Le Sacre du Primtemps. Des Cowley: The Plains. Susan Lever: City of Gold, Whiteley, Oscar and Lucinda. Peter Rose: Peter Grimes, Cosi Fan Tutte, Escaped Alone. Alison Stieven-Taylor: David Goldblatt: photographs 1948-2018, Ballenesque, Roger Ballen: A retrospective, Remain, Gods of Suburbia, Like Last Year's Snow, Civilisation: The way we live now. Will Yeoman: An Evening With Gun-Brit Barkmin. Gillian Wells: Spartacus, Orawa, Four Last Songs. Fantasie in F Minor. Ben Brooker: Counting and cracking, The Second Woman. Barney Zwartz [Il Viaggo A Reims, Andrea Chenier, Parsifal, Jonny Spielt Auf. Richard Leathem: The Clock, And Then We Danced. Sophie Knezic: The Garden Of Forking Paths: Mira Gojak and Takehito Koganezawa, Composite Acts, Arlo Mount-Ford: Deep Revolt. Patrick McCaughey: Forged Rounds, Diptychs and Triptychs, Reverse Curve, The Universe Looks Down. Francesca Sasnaitis: Tom Nicholson: Public Meeting, Towards A Monument To Batman's Treaty, After Action For Another Library. Ian Dickson: Wozzeck, Wake In Fright. Kim Williams: Counting and Cracking, Never Look Away, Two Feet. Tali Lavi: The Australian Dream, I'm A Phoenix, Bitch, My Dearworthy Darling, Black Is The New White. Michael Halliwell: Wozzeck, Salome, The Real Thing.] p60. Anne Frank: parallel stories / Tali Lavi p66. Civilization: the way we live now / Alison Stieven-Taylor p68. Joke / Dilan Gunawardana p70. Anthem / Fiona Gruber p71.

No.417 DECEMBER 2019: Buildings or books- what makes a university [UWA publishing] / Robert White p2. To stand the blows: the flexile diaries of Helen Garner [Yellow Notebooks: diaries, volume I, 1978-1987 by Helen Garner] / Peter Rose p10. Being in the room [Penny Wong: Passion and principle by Margaret Simons] / Angela Woollacott p16. Australian Sappho [The Shelf Life of Zora Cross by Cathy Perkins] / Brenda Niall p17. Putting the terror in extraterritoriality / Christina Twomey p20. Political persuasion: the foundations of Ben Chifley's internationalism [J.B Chifley: an ardent internationalist by Julie Suares] / David Lowe p25. The war against nature: understanding the Mallee [Mallee Country: Land, people, history by Richard Broome] / Lilian Pearce p28. Books of the year [Felicity Plunkett, Grace Karskens, Frank Bongiorno, Alice Nelson, Trent Dalton, Billy Griffiths, James Ley, Susan Wyndham, Brenda Walker, Beejay Silcox, Paul Giles, Gregory Day, Ali Alizadeh, Fiona Wright, John Kinsella, Jacqueline Kent, Lisa Gorton, Andrea Goldsmith, Astrid Edwards, Chris Flynn, Brenda Niall, John Hawke, Kieran Pender, Ellen van Neerven, Glyn Davis, Marilyn Lake, Gideon Haig, Ceridwen Dovey, Bronwyn Lea, Zora Simic, Kerryn Goldsworthy, Geraldine Douge, Paul Kildea] p32. The fountain of sound advice: examining the Australian Treasury [Changing Fortunes: a history of the Australian Treasury by Paul Tilley] / Geoffrey Blainey p39. Death and sandwiches / Andrew Broertjes p49. Murder and redemption [The Hilton Bombing: Evan Pederick and the Ananda Marga by Imre Salusinszky] / Jacqueline Kent p59. Open page with Margaret Simons p62. Judy and Punch / Anwen Crawford p66. The Selfish Giant / Peter Tregear p67. From the ABR Archive [Thea Astley's Drylands] p68.

No.418 JANUARY 2020: Sandy theatre: first encounter on the coast [The First Wave: Exploring early coastal contact history in Australia by Gillian Dooley and Danielle Clode] / Alexandra Roginski p11. Voice, treaty and truth: a deeply felt account of the Uluru Statement [Finding The Heart of the Nation: The journey of the Uluru Statement towards voice, treaty and turth] by Thomas Mayor] / David Trigger p12. Pein air [Womerah Lane: live and landscapes by Tom Carment] / Susan Wyndham p14. Flannery's bedrock [Life: selected writings by Tim Flannery] / Libby Robin p15. Gradual imposition and abuses: the use and abuse of official secrecy [Secret: The making of Australia's secruity state by Brian Toohey] / Kieran Pender p17. Whiplash: autopsy of a surprising election [The Surprise Party: How the Coalition went from chaos to comeback by Aaron Patrick] / Shaun Crowe p19. Messiahs and cheerful koalas [The Manner of Their Going: Prime Ministerial exits in Australia by Norman Abjorsensen] / Lyndon Megarrity p22. Drawing with light: a compelling biography of Olive Cotton [Olive Cotton: A life in photography by Helen Ennis] / Alison Stieven-Taylor p23. Chisholm's charm [Idling In Green Places: A life of Alec Chisholm by Russell McGregor] / Danielle Clode p26. Two worlds [Gulpilil by Derek Rielly] / Stephen Bennetts p27. Force of nature [A Spanner in the Works: The extrordinary story of Alice Anderson and Australia's first all-girl garage by Loretta Smith] / Sharon Verghis p32. Style and suspense: Auspicious times for Australian crime fiction [Emma Viskic: Darkness for Light, Christian White: The Wife and the Widow, Gary Disher: Peace] / David Wish Wilson p36. Gone but not forgotten [See You At The Toxteth: The best of Cliff Hardy and Corris on Crime by Peter Corris and selected by Jean Bedford. The Red Hand: Stories reflections and the last appearance of Jack Irish: Peter Temple] / Chris Flynn p41. Tropes of terror [In Whom We Trust by John Clanchy] / Susan Lever p42. Wither wowser / Amanda Laugesen p43. Italian stories: the story of Italians in Australia [Italians in Australia: History, memory, identity by Francesco Ricatti] / Diana Glenn p49. Peter Porter Poetry Prize [My Father's Thesaurus by A. Frances Johnson, Precision Signs by Lachlan Brown, Constellation of Bees by Julie Manning, That Wadjela Tongue by Claire G. Coleman, South Coast Sonnets by Ross Gillett] p53. Publisher picks [Robert Watkins, Aviva Tuffield, Catherine Milne, Nathan Hollier, Phillipa McGuinness, Meredith Curnow, Barry Scott, Sophy Williams, Martin Hughes, Georgia Richter] p58. After the Mardi Gras [Unrequited love: diary of an accidental activist by Dennis Altman] / Sebastian Sharp p60. From Fitzroy to Heide [Heide by ?.0] /James Jing p61. Scars of the past [Sing This At My Funeral: A memoir of fathers and sons by David Slucki] / Merav Fima p63. Open page with Ceridwen Dovey p64. Guys and dolls [Dancing Under The Southern Skies: A history of ballet in Australia by Valerie Lawson] / Luke Forbes p66. Packet and Sons / Ian Dickson.p 67. Keith Harding/ Jean-Michel Basquiat: crossing lines / Sophie Knezic p68. Hugh Ramsay / Keren Rosa Hammerschlag p69. The Truth / Felicity Chaplin p71.

No.419 MARCH 2020: Season of reckoning [Black Summer bushfires] / Tom Griffiths p9. 'Australian Soul': a stellar work of Australian history [Attending to the national soul: Evangelical Christians in Australian History 1914-2014 by Stuart Piggin and Robert D. Linder] / Hugh Chilton p14. Crisis lexicon [words used in a crisis] / Amanda Laugesen p17. A multifarious mind [Aftershocks: selected writings and interviews by Anthony Macris] / Kari Gislason p18. Rewriting Lawson [The Drover's wife: the Legend of Molly Johnson by Leah Purcell] / Ellen van Neerven p24. Larrikins [Collected stories by Louis Nowra] / Gerard Windsor p25. City of shadows [True West by David Whish-Wilson] / Stephen Dedman p28. Inner worlds: three debuts about female experience [Melting Moments by Anna Goldsworthy, The Light After the War by Anita Abriel, Wearing Paper Dresses by Anne Brinsden] / Susan Midalia p29. Suddenly last summer: the politics of climate change in Australia / David Holmes p36. Insights [Chis: the life and work of Alan Rowland Chisholm 1888-1981 by Stanley John Scott p45. 'dripping with gum': a lavish account of Australian Botany [Botanical revelation: European cncounters with Australian plants before Darwin by David J. Mabberley] / Danielle Clode p46. Shaping the land: Indigenous fire management in Australia [Fire country: how Indigenous fire management could help save Australia by Victor Steffensen] / Tim Low p52. Surging into the spotlight: Writing trans and gender-diverse lives [Over the top by Jonathan van Ness, About a girl: a mother's powerful story of raising a transgender child by Rebekah Robertson, Not just a tomboy by Caspar J. Baldwin] / Yves Rees p54. Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam [play] / Susan Lever p60. The Deep Blue Sea [play] Ian Dickson p61. True History of the Kelly Gang [film] / Jordon Prosser p62. Fidelio [play] / Elizabeth Kertesz p63. Stage Whispers [Klippel at TarraWarra Museum of Art, Visitations, Disgustedly yours] p64. Surveying the musical [The Australian Musical from the Beginning by Petter Pinne and Peter Wyllie Johnston] / Gillian Wills p67.

No.420 APRIL 2020: At Her Majesty's pleasure: Sir John Kerr and the royal dismissal secrets / Jenny Hocking p8. Imagining Tuganini: a history of turbulent times [Truganini: journey through the apocalypse by Cassandra Pybus] / Billy Griffiths p11. Sour bread and kangaroo: a legendary workers' strike [On Red Earth Walking: the Pilbara Aboriginal strike, Western Australia 1946-1949 by Anne Scrimgeour] / Jan Richardson p12.Pushing against the myths: Anzac in the national psyche [The Great War: aftermath and commemoration editied by Carolyn Holbrook and Keir Reeves] p14. News deserts: a worrying portent for our democracy / Johanna Leggatt p21. Plorn's progress: Charles Dickens's youngest child in Australia [The Dickens Boy by Tom Keneally] / Geordie Williamson p29. Me no dob, you no dob: Aravind Adiga's new novel [Amnesty by Aravind Adiga] / Alison Broionowski p30. High wire acts: four auspicious debut collections [Wild Fearless Chests, No Neat Ending, Shirl and A Couple of Things Before The End] / Susan Midalia p32. Hard-won wisdom: a well realised debut [The Loudness of Unsaid Things by Hilde Hinton] / Naama Grey-Smith p33. Sonny and Vice: an assured debut [The Coconut Children by Vivian Pham] / Sonia Nair p36. Poet of the month with Ali Alizadeh p42. The pain of mothers: a poitican on filial relationships [Ten Doors Down: The story of an extraordinary adoption reunion by Robert Tickner] / Josh Black p43. Facinf, accepting, floating: Claire Weekes's pioneering approach to 'nerves' [The Woman Who Cracked the Anxiety Code: the extraordinary life of Dr Claire Weekes by Judith Hoare[ / Carol Middleton p46. The art of acquiring: the first forty years of Australian Galleries [Australian Galleries: the Purves family business: the first four decades 1956-1999 by Caroline Field] / Sheridan Palmer p53. Open page with Cassandra Pybus p54. A live volcano: an enthralling new Salome / Michael Shmith p56. A thousand doors: the human condition in The Curtain / Fiona Gruber p57. BBQ-stopped: the return of Emerald City / Diane Stubbings p58. Deeps of the imagination: the art of Robert Klippel / Patrick McCaughey p59.

No.421 MAY 2020: First the pandemic, then the Australia Council / Peter Rose p1. ABR's new chair- Sarah Holland-Batt p7. I spoke to many people and listened: on living in a time of Covid-19 / Robyn Archer p11. Questions of access: the National Archives responds to Jenny Hocking's article on the 'Palace letters' / David Fricker p13. Fearless speech: the fate of whistleblowers [Crisis of Conscience: Whistleblowing in an age of fraud by Tom Mueller] / Kieran Pender p15. Notes on a pandemic: how society has responded to Covid-19 / Hessom Razavi p18. Seismographs of the human heart: writers nominate books that solace or distract p24. Outliers: intersections in Australian literature [Friends and Rivals: Four great Australian writers by Brenda Niall] / Kerryn Goldsworthy p28. Destiny things: scrutinising the 2019 election [Party Animals: The secret history of a Labor fiasco by Samantha Maiden] / Paul Williams p30. A vernacular intellectual: a probing, gentle personality [I Wonder: the life and work of King Inglis edited by Peter Browne and Seumas Spark] / Nicholas Brown p31. Lessons to be learned: notes on a pandemic [Fighting for our lives: The history of a community response to AIDS by Nick Cook] / Garry Wotherspoon p32. Days of our Grindr: wordswarms and quiet observations [The Adversary by Ronnie Scott] / Alex Cothren p37. Ties that bind: three new Australian crime novels [The Long Shadow by Anne Buist, Torched by Kimberley Starr, In The Clearing by JP Pomare] / David Whish-Wilson p39. Catalyst and curio: the dank spectre of racism [Pathfinders: a history of Aboriginal trackers in NSW by Michael Bennett] / Michael Winkler p45. Multiple perspectives: a postcolonial look at the Gold Rush era [Stone Sky Gold Mountain by Miranda Riwoe / Laura Elizabeth Woollett p49. Demographic dividends: a superpower can improve our lives [The Future of Us: Demography gets a makeover by Liz Allen] / Peter Mares p55. Open page with James Bradley p56.

No.422 JUNE 2020: Failures of judgement: memoirs of an unlikely Liberal leader [Malcolm Turnbull: A Bigger Picture] / Judith Brett p8. Myths and realities: two labor prime ministers from gold towns [Becoming John Curtin and James Scullin: the making of the modern Labor Party by Liam Byrne] / Frank Bongiorno p11. The Prahran grocer: an influential if obscure Victorian leader [Democratic Adventurer: Graham Berry and the making of Australian politics by Sean Scalmer] / Benjamin T. Jones p14. The laws are not silent: how war can distort the ideas of right and wrong [Law in War: Freedom and restrictions in Australia during the Great War by Catherine Bond] / Kieran Pender p15. Unsolicited smut: a nation of prudes and wowsers [The Trials of Portnoy: How Penguin brought down Australia's censorship system by Patrick Mullins] / James Ley p17. The thing I mostly am: the many treks of Robyn Davidson [On Robyn Davidson: Writers on writers by Ricahrd Cooke] / Sophie Cunningham p18. Contested breath: the ethics of assembly in an age of absurdity / Sarah Walker p20. Gabriel's grave mission: a confident debut from the Vogel winner [A Treacherous Country by K.M Kruimink] / Nicole Abadee p29.Rippling outward: an imaginative allegorical novel [The Rain Heron by Robbie Arnott] / Laura Elizabeth Woollett p31. Marvel of quirks: a delightful collection of short stories [Smart Ovens for Lonely People by Elizabeth Tan] / Lisa Bennett p32. Reading the mess backwards / Yves Rees p36. Coronaspeak: tracking in a pandemic / Amanda Laugesen p40. Rights and responsibilities: literary journals and freedom of expression / Robert Wood p41. Ambiguous Howard: John Howard's third term [Trials and Transformations, 2001-2004: The Howard Government, volume III edited by Tom Frame] / Lyndon Megarrity p43. The magnificent Mrs Mac: Australia's woman radio pioneer [Radio Girl: The story of the extraordinary Mrs Mac, pioneering engineer and wartime legend by David Duffy] / Jacqueline Kent p45. Sweet man: unriddling a mercurial father [Daddy Cool: Finding my father, the singer who swapped Hollywood fame for home in Australia by Darleen Bungey] / Tali Lavi p48. Not what they used to be: pre-pandemic reflections on elders [Grandmothers: essays by 21st century grandmothers edited by Helen Elliott, A Lasting Conversation: Stories on aging edited by Dr Susan Ogle and Melanie Joosten] / Kerryn Goldsworthy p50. A universal hum: three new poetry collections [MTC Cronin, Michael Farrell, Jordie Albiston] / Luke Beesley p53. Morning carries on: two new poetry collections [Ross Gillett, Mark Tredinnick] / Geoff Page p55. Applause, applause: the education of an operamane / Ian Dickson p58. Fear of the latent germ: government versus artists during the Spanish Flu / Nicholas Tochka p60. Catharsis: an Australian film about PTSD [Heart and Bones] / Jordan Prosser p61. Missing from view: the museums as sites of contestation [The Whole Picture: the colonial story of the art in our museum and why we need to talk about it by Alice Procter] / Meg Foster p63. Calcified visions: immersion in an art movement [The Stranger Artist: life at the edge of Kimberley painting by Quentin Sprague] / Luke Stegemann p64. Many flights of stairs: Australian women artists in France [Intrepide: Australian women artists in early twentieth-century France by Clem Gorman and Therese Gorman] / Jane Sullivan p65. A woman with agency: Samira Elagoz's Cock Cock...Who's There / Tali Lavi p66. From the archive [Sonya Hartnett's Of A Boy] p68.

No.423 AUGUST 2020: Links in the chain: legacies of British slavery in Australia / Georgina Arnott p8. Coetzee's paradoxes: a writer of inbetween states [J.M Coetzee: Truth, meaning, fiction by Anthony Uhlmann and A Book of Friends: In honour of J.M Coestzee on his 80th birthday by Dorothy Driver] / Paul Giles p15. A grace note / David Malouf p17. Look at me!: Bernie Wooster runs the house [The Insider: The scoops, the scandals and the serious business within the Canberra bubble by Christopher Pine] / James Walter p19. A curse on art, a curse on society: government contempt for the ABC, the arts, and the academy / James Ley p22. Green shirt just visible: a restless Marxist and Archaeologist [The Fatal Lure of Politics: The life and thought of Vere Gordon Childe by Terry Irving] / Jon Piccini p26. Muraging's story: a thought provoking historical novel [Benevolence by Julie Janson] / Jessica Irwin p35. Egg timer / C.J Garrow p36. Hieroglyph / Simone Hollander p41. River story / Mykaela Saunders p45. Law's #MeToo moment: effecting change in the legal profession / Kieran Pender p50. Some first-rate sport: a metaphorical colonial conquest [The Colonial Kangaroo Hunt by Ken Gelder and Rachael Weaver] / Danielle Clode p53. Loss of breath is the legacy: not so much an anthology as a reckoning [Fire Front: First nations poetry and power today edited by Alison Whittaker] / Declan Fry p60. Omnivorous and fractal three new poetry collection [Mount Sumptuous by Aidan Coleman, Navigable Ink by Jennifer Mackenzie, A Happening in Hade by S.K Kelen] / James Jing p61. Geography of desire: not quite a memoir [Sky Swimming: reflection on auto/biogrpahy, people and place by Sylvia Martin] / Sarah Walker p66. Island redivivus: an invigorating collision of perspectives [Island 159 edited by Vern Field] / Rayne Allinson p68. Disparities and delights: Meanjin's winter issue [Meanjin Quarterly: Volume 79, Issue 2 edited by Jonathan Green] / Elizabeth Bryer p68. Open page with Patrick Allington p69. The adventures of Jay Swan: a new series of Mystery Road / Jordan Prosser p70. From the archive [Judith Wright's review of the Poetical Works of Charles Harper from 1984] p72.
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