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Main Title: Australian literary studies 1966-1975
Collation: Periodicals in box
Subject: Australian literature
Criticism and interpretation
Vol.2 no.3 JUNE 1966:
Patrick White’s four plays / J.F. Burrows p155.
Charles Rowcroft, for example [errors in published sources] / Cecil Hadgraft p171.
Folksong – a protest / John Greenway p179.
Annual bibliography of studies in Australian literature 1965 p193.
NOTES AND DOCUMENTS: New light on Henry Kendall / Donovan Clarke p211. ‘Bushranger’ and ‘Croppy’: a footnote to ‘Convict jargon and euphemism’ / Niel Gunson p214. Patrick White’s use of imagery / John McLaren p217.
REVIEWS: Commonwealth Literature edited by John Press; The journal of Commonwealth Literature edited by Arthur Ravenscroft p221. Australia Writers and their Work Series edited by Geoffrey Dutton; John Le Gay Brereton by H. Heseltine; William Gosse Hay by Fayette Gosse; James McAuley by Vivian Smith; Barcroft Boake and A.B. (Banjo) Paterson by Clement Semmler p226.
Notes on contributors p210.

Vol.2 no.4 DECEMBER 1966:
Shaw Neilson’s poetry / James McAuley p235.
The text of Lawson’s prose [Henry Lawson] / Dennis Douglas p254.
Joseph Furphy, Jacobean / K.A. McKenzie p266.
The author of ‘The Hibernian Father’: an early colonial playwright [Edward Geoghegan] / Helen Oppenheim p278.
NOTES AND DOCUMENTS: ‘Geoffrey Hamlyn’ through contemporary eyes / L.T. Hergenhan p289. Early evidence for ‘bushranger’ and ‘croppy’ / W.S. Ransom p295. John Greenway and the aborigines: a rejoinder / Jeremy Beckett p298.
REVIEWS: The Australian Language by Sidney J. Baker; Australian English by W.S. Ransom; The English Language in Australia and New Zealand by G.W. Turner p300. The novels of Kylie Tennant by Margaret Dick p305. An Introduction to Australian Literature edited by C.D. Narasimhaiah p307.
Notes on contributors p309.
Index to volume 2 of ‘Australian literary studies’ p310.

Vol.3 no.1 JUNE 1967:
Havelock Ellis’s Australian ideal / John Heuzenroeder p3.
The language of Australian literature / Grahame Johnston p18.
History and fiction in Rolf Boldrewood’s ‘The Miner’s Right’ / R.B. Walker p28.
Annual bibliography of studies in Australian literature 1966 p41.
NOTES AND DOCUMENTS: John Greenway on Folksong – a reply / John Wilson Foster p63. ‘The Hibernian Father’: mysteries solved and unsolved / Helen Oppenheim p66.
REVIEWS: Literary Australia edited by Clement Semmler and Derek Whitelock p68. Kenneth Slessor by Clement Semmler; The Banjo of the Bush: The Work, Life and Times of A.B. Paterson by Clement Semmler p72.
Notes on contributors p76.

Vol.3 no.2 OCTOBER 1967:
Some recent Australian plays and problems of their criticism / Alexander Porteous p83.
Ned Kelly: the flight of the legend / John Ryan p98.
Charles Rowcroft: an unpublished memoir / John B. Shipley p116.
Coppin – how great? Alec Bagot’s ‘Father of the Australian theatre’ / Helen Oppenheim p126.
Research in progress in Australian literature p138.
NOTES AND DOCUMENTS: Two bibliographies: Hal Porter and Patrick White / Michael Wilding p142. Anna Maria Murray, authoress of ‘The Guardian’ / Gwendoline Wilson p148. Furphy criticism since 1955: a checklist / Nina Lebedewa p149.
REVIEWS: The Australian Tradition, second revised edition, by A.A. Phillips p151. Henry Lawson: Collected Verse, volume 1, edited by Colin Roderick; Henry Lawson, Poet and Short Story Writer by Colin Roderick p154.
Notes on contributors p157.

Vol.3 no.3 MAY 1968:
Henry Lawson: the New Zealand visits / Rollo Arnold p163.
More substance to Fisher’s ghost? [Frederick Fisher] / Cecil Hadgraft and Elizabeth Webby p190.
Some poems of Judith Wright / James McAuley p201.
Annual bibliography of studies in Australian literature 1967 p214.
NOTES AND DOCUMENTS: A.G. Stephens as editor of Barcroft Boake’s poems / Clement Semmler p228.
REVIEWS: Twentieth Century Australian Literary Criticism edited by Clement Semmler p231. Louis Becke edited by A. Grove Day; South Sea Supercargo by Louis Becke, edited by A. Grove Day p235.
Notes on contributors p239.

Vol.3 no.4 OCTOBER 1968:
The convict and the aborigine: the quest for freedom in ‘Ralph Rashleigh’ / J.J. Healy p243.
The genesis of a writer: the early years of Kenneth Mackenzie / Diana Davis p254.
The composition of ‘Geoffry Hamlyn’: the legend and the facts / Brian Elliott p271.
Price Warung: some bibliographic details and a checklist of stories / Barry Andrews p290.
NOTES AND DOCUMENTS: Towards a reassessment of the MSS of Shaw Neilson / Ruth Harrison p305. A bibliography of Judith Wright / Hugh Anderson p312.
REVIEWS: The Landscape of Australia Poetry by Brian Elliott; The Poetical Works of Henry Kendall edited by T.T. Reed p314. Australia in Western Imaginative Prose Writings 1600-1960 by Werner Friederich p316. Australians Abroad edited by Charles Higham and Michael Wilding; Morrison of Peking by Cyril Pearl p318.
Notes on contributors p320.
Index to volume 3 of ‘Australian literary studies’ p321.

Vol.4 no.1 MAY 1969:
Slessor’s ‘Five visions of Captain Cook’ [Kenneth Slessor] / Julian Croft p3.
Australia’s ‘first’ dramatists / Eric Irvin p18.
Out of context: a study of Thomas Keneally’s novels / Robert Burns p31.
Annual bibliography of studies in Australian literature 1968 p49.
NOTES AND DOCUMENTS: Henry Lawson’s New Zealand visits: a comment / W.H. Pearson p68. A reply to W.H. Pearson / Rollo Arnold p73. The composition of ‘Geoffry Hamlyn’: a comment / Hugh Anderson p79. A.G. Stephens as editor of Barcroft Boake’s poems: a comment / Alison Stephens p80.
REVIEWS: Patrick White by Barry Argyle p84. Australia by Anthony Trollope, edited by P.D. Edwards and R.B. Joyce p85. The Farthing Poet: a Biography of Richard Hengist Horne by Ann Blainey p85. Australian Writers by L.J. Blake p87. Miles Franklin by Marjorie Barnard p88. Short notices p90.
Notes on contributors p92.

Vol.4 no.3 MAY 1970:
The writing of ‘Capricornia’ / Xavier Herbert p207.
‘The young Cosima’ / Dorothy Green p215.
The prototype of Richard Mahony / Kenneth Stewart p227.
Australian poetry of the First World War: a survey / J.T. Laird p241.
‘The nurse and tutor of eccentric minds’: some developments in Lawson’s treatment of madness [Henry Lawson] / Brian Matthews p251.
Annual bibliography of studies in Australian literature 1969 p258.
NOTES AND DOCUMENTS: ‘Richard Mahony’s Tragedy’: an unpublished Henry Handel Richardson letter / I.M. Foster p279. A checklist of the poems of R.D. FitzGerald 1917-1955 / Hugh Anderson p280. Henry Lawson: ‘The sliprails and the spur’ at Pahiatua? / Rollo Arnold p286. Captain Cook and ‘The passage into the dark’ / Alan Frost p293.
REVIEWS: Norman Lindsay by John Hetherington; Norman Lindsay: His Books, Manuscripts … by Harry F. Chaplin p295. On Native Grounds, selected by C.B. Christesen; Meanjin Quarterly Index 1940-1965 compiled by Marjorie Tipping; The Vital Decade selected by Geoffrey Dutton and Max Harris p299. James Brunton Stephens by Cecil Hadgraft p303. Kenneth Mackenzie by Evan Jones p305. Short notices p307.
Notes on contributors p206.

Vol.4 no.4 OCTOBER 1970:
D.H. Lawrence’s Australia / John Heuzenroeder p319.
Between Scylla and Charybdis: ‘Kangaroo’ and the form of the political novel / Michael Wilding p334.
History and setting in Michener’s Story of Norfolk Island, ‘Mutiny’ [James Michener] / Amos P. Leib p349.
Xavier Herbert: ‘Capricornia’ / Brian Kiernan p360.
Hal Porter’s comic mode / Mary Lord p371.
Maurice Frere’s Wife: Marcus Clarke’s revision of ‘His natural life’ / Joan E. Poole p383.
NOTES AND DOCUMENTS: Henry Kingsley and the Australian landscape / Rosilyn Baxter p395. A checklist of Kenneth Mackenzie’s works / Diana Davis p398. ‘J.H.G’: J.H. Greene and ‘Over the coals’ / Bruce Nesbitt p404. A contribution to the bibliography of Hal Porter / Mary Lord p405.
REVIEWS: Bread and Wine: Selected Prose by Kenneth Slessor p410. Christina Stead by R.G. Geering p412. The Poet Militant: Bernard O’Dowd by Hugh Anderson; Christopher Brennan: Some Recollections by Richard Pennington p417. Annals of Australian Literature compiled by Grahame Johnston; In the Making by Craig McGregor et al. p421. Short notices p424.
Notes on contributors p318.

Vol.5 no.1 MAY 1971:
Literary nationalism and the 1890s / Bruce Nesbitt p3.
The imagination of John Shaw Neilson / Dennis Douglas p18.
A new light on ‘The orange tree’? / Annette Stewart p24.
Catherine Helen Spence, Unitarian utopian / R.B. Walker p31.
‘His natural life’ and its sources / Harold J. Boehm p42.
Annual bibliography of studies in Australian literature 1970 p65.
NOTES AND DOCUMENTS: Notes on A.D. Hope: a bibliography / Leon Cantrell p87. Henry Lawson and Gertrude Moore / Rosilyn Baxter p91. Marcus Clarke, ‘damned scamp’ / Bruce Nesbitt p93.
REVIEWS: Three Radicals by W.H. Wilde; Australian Literature: a Conspectus by G.A. Wilkes; The Personal Element in Australian Poetry by James McAuley p99. Last Letters of Adam Lindsay Gordon edited by Hugh Anderson; Adam Lindsay Gordon by C.F. MacRae p102. Henry Lawson Letters 1890-1922 edited by Colin Roderick p104. Ten Essays on Patrick White edited by G.A. Wilkes p110.
Notes on contributors p2.

Vol.5 no.2 OCTOBER 1971:
Kenneth Slessor / Robert D. Fitzgerald p115.
The world outside time: Slessor’s ‘Five bells’ / Julian Croft p121.
‘Colonial literature for colonial readers!’ / Pauline M. Kirk p133.
Australian prose literature of the First World War: a survey / J.T. Laird p146.
Patrick White, some lines of development: ‘The living and the dead’ to ‘The solid mandala’ / Betty L. Watson p158.
Patrick White’s ‘The vivisector’: the artist in relation to his art / John Beston p168.
NOTES AND DOCUMENTS: Slessor’s Cook: the imprudent hero / Gerald McCallum p176. Slessor and Cleveland: a footnote to ‘Adventure Bay’ / K.D. Watson p179. Burke and Wills and the colonial hero: three poems / Robert Sellick p180. A thaw on Snowy River / Judith Driscoll p190.
Research in progress in Australian literature p196.
REVIEWS: Kenneth Slessor by Herbert C. Jaffa p200. Vance Palmer by Harry Heseltine p205. A Study of Christopher Brennan’s ‘The Forest of the Night’ by A.R. Chisholm; The Letters of Hugh McCrae edited by Robert D. Fitzgerald p214. Witnesses of Spring; Unpublished Poems by Shaw Neilson edited by Judith Wright p218. Short notices p223.
Notes on contributors p223.

Vol.5 no.3 MAY 1972:
Gwen Harwood and the professors / A.D. Hope p227.
The treatment of the aborigine in early Australian fiction / J.J. Healy p233.
The dual nature of Shaw Neilson’s vision / Clifford Hanna p254.
Harpur’s notes and Kendall’s bell birds [Charles Harpur; Henry Kendall] / Elizabeth Perkins p277.
Annual bibliography of studies in Australian literature 1971 p285.
NOTES AND DOCUMENTS: Australian children’s books / Leon Cantrell p306. Poets versus critics / John Webb p312. Further evidence in the early use of ‘bushranger’ / W.S. Ransom p316. Research in progress – a correction p321. Price Warung’s fiction / Bruce Nesbitt p322.
REVIEWS: Social Patterns in Australian Literature by T. Inglis Moore p323. Arcady in Australia: the Evocation of Australia in Nineteenth Century Literature p328. Images of Society and Nature, Seven Essays on Australian Novels by Brian Kiernan p333.
Notes on contributors p226.

Vol.5 no.4 OCTOBER 1972:
Gentlefolk errant – the family writings of Martin Boyd / John McLaren p339.
‘Maurice Guest’ and the siren voices / Ken Stewart p352.
A link with late nineteenth century decadence in ‘Maurice Guest’ / Anthony J. Palmer p366.
The hero’s ‘fear of freedom’ in [Thomas] Keneally / John B. Beston p374.
‘The scope of women’s thought is necessarily less’: the case of Ada Cambridge / Jill Roe p388.
NOTES AND DOCUMENTS: Martin Boyd: a checklist / Pamela Nase p404. Mary Gilmore – a memoir / I.M. Foster p414. Some letters (to I.M. Foster) / Mary Gilmore p417. Mary and William Gilmore – a family note / Mary Balkin p430. A letter about Mary Gilmore / Shaw Neilson p431.
REVIEWS: Henry Kingsley and Colonial Fiction by John Barnes; The Neglected Brother: a Study of Henry Kingsley by William H. Scheurle; Vance Palmer by Vivian Smith; Frank Dalby Davison by Hume Dow p433. Theatre Comes to Australia by Eric Irvin; A Family of Brothers: the Taits and J.C. Williamson: a Theatre History by Viola Tait p437. Short notices p441.
Notes on contributors p338.
Index to volume 5 p444.

Vol.6 no.1 MAY 1973:
The poetry of Rosemary Dobson / James McAuley p3.
Narrative perspective and cultural history in ‘Robbery under arms’ / Jerome H. Rosenberg p11.
Norman Lindsay’s creative effort: manifesto for an urban intelligentsia / John Docker p24.
Repetition and menace in Hal Porter’s ‘The tower’ / Reba Gostand p36.
The new dreamtime: Kath Walker in Australian literature / Ruth Doobov p46.
Annual bibliography of studies in Australian literature 1972 p56.
NOTES AND DOCUMENTS: A prodigious dilemma: Gwen Harwood’s Professor Eisenbart and the vices of the intellect / Dennis Douglas p77. Emerson and Charles Harpur / Elizabeth Perkins p82. Henry Kingsley in Australia / J.S.D. Mellick p91. Women playwrights: a first collection? / Walter Stone p94.
REVIEWS: The Mystery of Unity: Theme and Technique in the Novels of Patrick White by Patricia A. Morley p95. The Receding Wave: Henry Lawson’s Prose by Brian Matthews; Henry Lawson by A.A. Phillips; Henry Lawson Criticism 1894-1971 edited by Colin Roderick p99. A Colonial City: High and Low Life: Selected Journalism of Marcus Clarke edited by L.T. Hergenhan; Henry Lawson: Autobiographical and Other Writings 1887-1922 edited by Colin Roderick; The Art of Brian James and Other Essays on Australian Literature by Clement Semmler p104. John Shaw Neilson by Hugh Anderson p108.
Notes on contributors p2.

Vol.6 no.2 OCTOBER 1973:
Vance and Nettie Palmer: the literary journalism / Vivian Smith p115.
Marcus Clarke: ‘Christianity is dead’ / Joan E. Poole p128.
Voyage and kaleidoscope in George Johnston’s trilogy / A.E. Goodwin p143.
Dreams and visions in ‘The tree of man’ / John B. Beston p152.
Creative writing, literature and self-expression in Papua New Guinea / Elton Brash p167.
NOTES AND DOCUMENTS: ‘Oh, vaunted Queensland!’: a literary interpretation 1862-69 / Lorna L. McDonald p177. Marcus Clarke’s contribution to ‘Notes and queries’ / Joan E. Poole and Michael Wilding p186. Nettie Palmer: a checklist of literary journalism 1918-1936 / Vivian Smith p190. The ‘dark’ element in Hugh McCrae / John Webb p197. Adam Lindsay Gordon: a small discovery / Brian Elliott p203.
Research in progress in Australian literature p205.
REVIEWS: An Introduction to the Australian Novel 1830-1930 by Barry Argyle p209. The Making of Australian Drama: a Historical and Critical Survey from the 1830s to the 1970s by Leslie Rees p214. A Manifold Voice: Studies in Commonwealth Literature by William Walsh; Literature in Action: Studies in Continental and Commonwealth Society by M.C. Bradbrook p218. Clara Morison by Catherine Helen Spence, edited by Susan Eade; Catherine Spence by Janet Cooper p220.
Notes on contributors p114.

Vol.6 no.3 MAY 1974:
Francis Webb / Rosemary Dobson p227.
Christina Stead: an interview p230.
Rosemary Dobson: the influence of art / Robyn S. Heales p249.
Vance Palmer and the unguarded awareness / D.R. Burns p259.
Is ‘Geoffry Hamlyn’ a Creole novel? / Julian Croft p269.
Alan Seymour / Alrene Sykes p277.
Annual bibliography of studies in Australian literature 1973 p288.
NOTES AND DOCUMENTS: Francis Webb’s ‘Sturt and the vultures’: a note on sources / Robert Sellick p310. A note on Morris West’s first novel [‘Moon in my pocket’] / Gerald McCallum p314. The influence of John Steinbeck’s ‘The pastures of heaven’ on Patrick White / John B. Beston p317.
REVIEWS: Ulysses Bound, Henry Handel Richardson and her Fiction by Dorothy Green p320. From Deserts the Prophets Come: the Creative Spirits in Australia by Geoffrey Serle p324. Norman Lindsay: the Embattled Olympian by John Hetherington p328. Adam Lindsay Gordon by W.H. Wilde; Rolf Boldrewood by Alan Brissenden p332.
Notes on contributors p226.

Vol.6 no.4 OCTOBER 1974:
A.D. Hope’s ‘The double looking glass’: a reading / R.F. Brissenden p339.
Edward E. Morris and linguistic nationalism: a comparative view / David T. Haberly p352.
‘The battlers’: Kylie Tennant and the Australian tradition / Xavier Pons p364.
Marcus Clarke’s ‘Chidiock Tichbourne’ / Michael Wilding p381.
The design for ‘For the term of his natural life’ / Annette Stewart p394.
The structure of Frederic Manning’s war novel ‘Her privates we’ / H.M. Klein p404.
NOTES AND DOCUMENTS: The Australian Miss Havisham / Randolph Stow p418. Australian novels in French / Xavier Pons p419. Marcus Clarke: ‘Long odds’ and the 1873 Melbourne Cup / Lurline Stuart p422. ‘Damned scamp’: Marcus Clarke of James Erskine Calder? / Joan E. Poole p423. The date of composition of ‘Ralph Rashleigh’ / Harold J. Boehm p428. ‘Bush’: a possible English dialect origin for an Australian term / Ged Martin p431. Patrick White’s first book / Leon Cantrell p434.
REVIEWS: Martin Boyd by Brenda Niall; Xavier Herbert by Harry Heseltine; Hal Porter by Mary Lord; Recent Fiction by R.G. Geering p437. Australian Literary Pseudonyms: an Index with Selected New Zealand References, compiled by Bruce Nesbitt and Susan Hadfield p442. Marjorie Barnard and M. Barnard Eldershaw by Louise E. Rorabacher p444.
Notes on contributors p338.
Index to volume 6 p446.

Vol.7 no.1 MAY 1975:
Marcus Clarke and the theatre / Eric Irvin p3.
An interview with Carter Brown [Alan Yates] p15.
Grant Watson and the aborigine: a tragic voice in an age of optimism / J.J. Healy p24.
Australian bards and British reviewers / Alrene Sykes p39.
Barry Oakley and the satiric mode / Betty L. Watson p50.
Art builds on art: Rosemary Dobson and Thea Proctor / Robyn S. Heales p64.
Annual bibliography of studies in Australian literature 1974 p72.
NOTES AND DOCUMENTS: Price Warung: some corrections and additions / Barry Andrews p95.
REVIEWS: Robert D. FitzGerald by A. Grove Day p99. Criticism by Brian Kiernan; Patrick White by Alan Lawson p101. Patrick White as Playwright by J.R. Dyce p105. Australian Cultural Elites: Intellectual Traditions in Sydney and Melbourne by John Docker; The Australian Experience: Critical Essays on Australian Novels edited by W.S. Ransom p107.
Notes on contributors p2.

Urban influence on Australian literature in the late nineteenth century / Judith M. Woodward p115.
Myth and the poetry of A.D. Hope / Suzanne Graham p130.
Baylebridge, Nietzsche, Shaw: some observations on the ‘new nationalism’ / Noel Macainsh p141.
Centre of fierceness: Francis Webb’s vision of the artist / W.D. Ashcroft p160.
The original Nosey Alf / Judith Rodriguez p176.
What created, what perceived? Early responses to New South Wales / Alan Frost p185.
NOTES AND DOCUMENTS: The Australian Miss Havisham: some reservations / Alan Dilnot p206. Hal Porter: a profile / Graeme Kinross Smith p208.
Research in progress in Australian literature p213.
REVIEWS: Douglas Stewart by Clement Semmler; Vance and Nettie Palmer by Vivian Smith p217. Melbourne of the Bush: Essays on Australian Literature and Society by Chris Wallace-Crabbe p222.
Notes on contributors p114.
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