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Main Title: Bass Coast Shire heritage studies / Bass Coast Shire
Author: Bass Coast (Vic. : Shire). Council
Collation: Electronic resources
Subject: Heritage and conservation studies
Historic buildings and structures
Town and urban planning
Wonthaggi (Vic.)
Glen Forbes (Vic.) (Bunurong Country)
Inverloch (Vic.)
Rhyll (Vic.)
Krowera (Vic.)
San Remo (Vic.)
Woodleigh (Vic.)
Loch (Vic.)
Almurta (Vic.) (Bunurong Country)
Archie's Creek (Vic.) (Bunurong Country)
Bass (Vic.) (Bunurong Country)
Dalyston (Vic.) (Bunurong Country)
Cape Paterson (Vic.) (Bunurong Country)
Cowes (Vic.) (Bunurong Country)
Dudley South (Vic.) (Bunurong Country)
Studies available on library computers. Please note some of these studies may also be available on the council website.

Wonthaggi North East Growth Area Heritage Study 2016 [electronic resource]

Shire of Bass Coast Heritage Study Stage 2 2009 [electronic resource]

HO1: Heidelberg Springs, 200 Almurta-Glen Forbes Road, Almurta

HO2: Almurta Hall, Grantville-Glen Alvie Road, Almurta

HO3: 580 Grantville Glen-Alvie Road, Almurta

HO5: 8 Railway Road, Anderson

HO6: 55 Archie's Creek Road, Archie's Creek

HO7: 30 Abrahamson Road, Archie's Creek

HO8: 55 Archie's Creek Road, Archie's Creek

HO9: 240 Mill Road, Archie's Creek

HO10: 2305 Bass Highway, Bass

HO11: Pender House, 2485 Bass Highway, Bass

HO12: 30 Bass Road, Bass

HO13: Bass Community Centre, 6a Bass Road, Bass

HO14: Bass River Bridge, Hade Avenue, Bass

HO15: Bass War Memorial, Cnr. Hade Avenue and Bass Road, Bass

HO16: Bass Park, 70 Nolan Road, Bass

HO17: Merricourt, 1715 Loch-Wonthaggi Road Blackwood Forest

HO18: 1827 Loch-Wonthaggi Road Blackwood Forest

HO19: 1850 Loch-Wonthaggi Road Blackwood Forest

HO20: Farmhouse, Membrey Road Blackwood Forest

HO21: Clarus, 405 Sheepway Road, Burndale

HO22: 13 Cape Paterson Road, Cape Paterson

HO23: 130 Cape Paterson-Inverloch Road, Cape Paterson

HO24: Holiday House, 2 Nardoo Street, Cape Paterson

HO25: 20 Nardoo Street, Cape Paterson

HO26: Snail House, 11 Park Parade, Cape Paterson

HO27: Churchill Island

HO28: Strezlecki Memorial, Settlement Point, Corinella

HO29: Corinella Cemetery, Corinella Cemetery Road, Corinella

HO30: Cuthbert Road, Corinella

HO31: Beach House (Former General Store and Post Office), 145 Smythe Street, Corinella

HO32: Elgas Hot Shop/House, 69 Cutty Sark Road, Coronet Bay

HO33: 7 Carapooka Way, Cowes

HO34: 9 Carapooka Way, Cowes

HO35: 11-13 Carapooka Way, Cowes

HO36: Tallawallah Homstead, 16 Chillingworth Road, Cowes

HO37: Cowes Residential Precinct

HO38: Amaroo Park Cabin and Camping Ground, 97 Church Street, Cowes

HO39: 111 Church Street, Cowes

HO40: St. Claire, 161 Church Street, Cowes

HO41: Glen Isla, 230 Church Street, Cowes

HO42: Jetty Kiosk, Jetty Shed, Cowes

HO43: Cowes Foreshore, the Esplanade, Cowes

HO45: Bennan Lodge, 3 Genesta Street, Cowes

HO47: 8 Osbourne Avenue, Cowes

HO48: 18 Osbourne Avenue, Cowes

HO49: 106 Settlement Road, Cowes

HO50: Sunny Lee, 170 Settlement Road, Cowes

HO51: 176 Settlement Road, Cowes

HO54: 16 Steele Street, Cowes

HO55: Genesta House, 18 Steele Street, Cowes

HO56: 34-35 Stradbroke Avenue, Cowes

HO58: St. Phillips Church Complex, 102-112 Thompson Avenue, Cowes

HO59: Rhylston Park, 190 Thompson Avenue, Cowes

HO60: 11 Walpole Avenue, Cowes

HO61: 13 Walpole Avenue, Cowes

HO62: Goshen, 3995 Bass Highway, Daylston

HO63: O'Halloran's Hotel, 4205-4211 Bass Highway, Dalyston

HO64: 4229 Bass Highway, Dalyston

HO65: Powlett River Primary School, 9-21 Bent Street, Dalyston

HO66: Broadview, 58-60 Daly Street, Dalyston

HO67: Former Holy Cross Church and Presbytery, 66-100 Dalyston-Glen Forbes Road, Dalyston

HO68: 20 Elizabeth Street, Dalyston

HO69: 17 Dudley Street, Dudley South

HO70: South Dudley-Epsom Street Residential Precinct

HO73: SCM No. 14 Airshaft, Lower Powlett Road, Dudley South

HO74: Bunurong School, 46-48 Station Street, Dudley South

HO76: Glenlea, 1930 Grantville-Glen Alvie Road, Glen Alvie

HO77: Aberfeldie, 1465 Loch-Wonthaggi Road, Glen Alvie

HO78: 1665 Loch-Wonthaggi Road, Glen Alvie

HO79: 85 Eden Road, Glen Forbes

HO80: Uniting Church, Watsons Road, Glen Forbes

HO81: The Health Bed and Breakfast, 1705 Bass Highway, Glen Forbes

HO82: Esplanade Hotel, 1 A'Beckett Street, Inverloch

HO83: 3 The Crescent, Inverloch

HO85: Foreshore, the Esplanade Inverloch Anderson's Inlet Angling Club

HO86: 73 The Esplanade, Inverloch

HO87: Morningside, 1 Freda Street, Inverloch

HO88: 32 Grand View Grove, Inverloch

HO89: 7 High Street, Inverloch

HO90: 11 High Street, Inverloch

HO91: 24 High Street, Inverloch

HO92: 17 High Street, Inverloch

HO93: 3 Hopetoun Street, Inverloch

HO94: 4 Hopetoun Street, Inverloch

HO95: 25 Hopetoun Street, Inverloch

HO96: 2 Pier Road, Inverloch

HO97: 37 Pier Road, Inverloch

HO98: Charnwood, 10-12 Venus Street, Inverloch

HO99: Do-Me, 17 Venus Street, Inverloch

HO100: 23 Venus Street, Inverloch

HO101: 52 Veronica Street, Inverloch

HO102: Shirwell, 8 Western Street, Inverloch

HO103: 2-4 Williams Street, Inverloch

HO104: 7 Williams Street, Inverloch

HO105: Kernot Store, 1075 Loch-Kernot Road, Kernot

HO106: Kilcunda ‘Killy’ Pub, 3529-3533 Bass Highway, Kilcunda

HO107: Former Kilcunda Rail Bridge, Bass Highway, Kilcunda

HO108: Eratyra, 7-19 Kilcunda Road, Kilcunda

HO109: 2090 Korrine Road, Korrine

HO110: 2230 Lance Creek Road, Korrine

HO111: Willowbank, 704 Loch-Wonthaggi Road, Krowera

HO112: 780 Loch Wonthaggi Road, Krowera

HO113: The Cottage, Edrom, 1135 Loch-Wonthaggi Road, Krowera

HO114: Balquhidder, 1415 Loch-Wonthaggi Road, Krowera

HO115: 55 Michie Road, Krowera

HO116: Edrom, 730 Sheepway Road, Krowera

HO117: 605 Sheepway Road, Krowera

HO118: Llandu, 655 Sheepway Road, Krowera

HO119: 735 Sheepway Road, Krowera

HO120: Jetty Road, Lang Lang

HO121: Farmhouse, 240 Loch-Kernot Road, Loch

HO122: Anglicare Discovery Centre, 54-61 Boy's Home Road, Newhaven

HO124: Peter Wood Design, 16 Anderson Street, Newhaven

HO125: Newhaven College, Boy's Home Road, Newhaven

HO126: Redcliffe House, 37 Forrest Avenue, Newhaven

HO127: 24 School Avenue, Newhaven

HO128: Chicory Kilns, Phillip Island

HO129: RMB 535 Inverloch-Venus Bay Road, Pound Creek

HO130: 15-18 Beach Road, Rhyll

HO131: 38 Beach Road, Rhyll

HO132: Wembley, 28 Coghlan Road, Rhyll

HO133: 68 Rhyll-Newhaven Road, Rhyll

HO134: Stradbroke House, 148 Rhyll-Newhaven Road, Rhyll

HO135: 33 Anderson Street, San Remo

HO136: 99 Marine Parade, San Remo

HO138: Westernport Hotel, 161 Marine Parade, San Remo

HO139: San Remo House, 11 Phillip Island Road, San Remo

HO141: 110 Kitty Miller Road, Ventnor

HO142: Farmhouse, 355 West Creek Road, West Creek

HO143: Farmhouse, 2805 West Creek Road, West Creek

HO146: Wonthaggi Coal Mine Residential Precinct

HO147: Wonthaggi Railway Cottage Residential Precinct, 22-38 Campbell Street, Wonthaggi

HO148: Wonthaggi-Graham Street Residential Precinct

HO149: Wonthaggi-Caledonia Crescent-Stewart Street Residential Precinct

HO150: Mine Manager's House, 10 Broome Crescent, Wonthaggi

HO154: Wonthaggi RSL Club, 60 Graham Street, Wonthaggi

HO155: Wonthaggi Workman's Club, 75 Graham Street, Wonthaggi

HO156: Shop, 103 Graham Street, Wonthaggi

HO157: Plaza Arcade, 134-142 Graham Street, Wonthaggi

HO158: Caledonian Hotel, 159 Graham Street, Wonthaggi

HO159: 165 Graham Street, Wonthaggi

HO160: WMFS Dispensary Building, 167 Graham Street, Wonthaggi

HO162: Baptist Church Complex, 2 Broome Crescent, Wonthaggi

HO163: Llewelyn's Building, McBride Avenue, Wonthaggi

HO164: Former Bank, 1 McBride Avenue, Wonthaggi

HO165: Wonthaggi Hotel, 2 McBride Avenue, Wonthaggi

HO166: Ludbrook's, 34 McBride Avenue, Wonthaggi

HO167: Whistlestop Bakery, 28-36 McBride Avenue, Wonthaggi

HO168: Wonthaggi Town Hall, 76 McBride Avenue, Wonthaggi

HO169: Wonthaggi Historical Society, 8-12Murray Street, Wonthaggi

HO170: Fire Plug, Corner Murray Street and McBride Avenue, Wonthaggi

HO171: Wonthaggi Co-operative Bakery Department, 106 Watt Street, Wonthaggi

HO172: Wonthaggi Court House, 75 Watt Street, Wonthaggi

HO174: Library, Watt Street, Wonthaggi

HO175: 415 Anderson Hill Road, Woodleigh

HO176: 450 Anderson Hill Road, Woodleigh

HO177: Farmhouse, 495 Loch-Kernot Road, Woodleigh

HO178: Farmhouse, 520 Loch-Kernot Road, Woodleigh

HO179: Woodleigh Hall, Woodleigh-St. Hellier Road, Woodleigh

HO181: Former Woolamai State School, Turnball-Woolamai Road, Woolamai

HO182: Marathon, 695 Turnball-Woolamai Road, Woolamai

HO184: 38 Epsom Street, South Dudley

HO185: 40 Epsom Street, South Dudley

HO186: 11 Broome Crescent, Wonthaggi

HO187: 13 Broome Crescent, Wonthaggi

HO188: 15 Broome Crescent, Wonthaggi

HO189: 18 Broome Crescent, Wonthaggi

HO190: 19 Broome Crescent, Wonthaggi

HO191: 21 Broome Crescent, Wonthaggi

HO192: 22 Broome Crescent, Wonthaggi

HO195: Cottage, 57 Broome Crescent, Wonthaggi

HO196: Miner's Cottage, 68 Broome Crescent, Wonthaggi

HO197: Miner's Cottage, 70 Broome Crescent, Wonthaggi

HO198: Miner's Cottage, 73 Broome Crescent, Wonthaggi

HO199: 117 Broome Crescent, Wonthaggi

HO200: Miner's Cottage, 121 Broome Crescent, Wonthaggi

HO201: Miner's Cottage, 2 Caledonian Crescent, Wonthaggi

HO202: Miner's Cottage, 23 Caledonian Crescent, Wonthaggi

HO203: 13 Campbell Street, Wonthaggi

HO204: 1 Dunn Street, Wonthaggi

HO205: 3 Dunn Street, Wonthaggi

HO206: 5 Dunn Street, Wonthaggi

HO207: 7 Dunn Street, Wonthaggi

HO211: 4 Hunter Street, Wonthaggi

HO214: 6 Merrin Crescent, Wonthaggi Miner's Cottage

HO215: 112 Reed Crescent, Wonthaggi Miner's Cottage

HO216: 11 Stewart Street, Wonthaggi Miner's Cottage

HO217: Miner's Cottage, 12 Stewart Street, Wonthaggi

HO218: 26 Watt Street, Wonthaggi

HO219: 46 Watt Street, Wonthaggi

HO220: 1 Dudley Street, South Dudley

Bass Coast C136 Cultural Heritage Preliminary Review Heritage Insight Feb 2009 Exhibition

Bass Coast C136 Ecology Heritage Partners Biodiversity Assessment June 2016 Exhibition

Bass Coast C136 Heritage Review updated letter Heritage Insight Dec 2019 Exhibition

Shire of Bass Coast Heritage Study (Stage 2) Post-Panel Implementation

Bass Coast Shire Heritage Study Stage 2 Volumes 1,3,4,5

Heritage Place HO57 Avenue of Golden Cypress Thompson Avenue Cowes

Heritage Place HO137-111 St Augustines Anglican Church Marine Parade San Remo

Built Heritage HO193 Former Government Cottage No. 52 40 Broome Crescent Wonthaggi

Built Heritage HO193 ormer Government Cottage No. 52

40 Broome Crescent Wonthaggi

Built Heritage HO208 Former Government Cottage No. 76 16 Dunn Street Wonthaggi

Built Heritage HO209 Former Government Cottage No. 64 17 Dunn Street Wonthaggi

Built Heritage HO210 Former Government Cottage No. 69 30 Dunn Street Wonthaggi

Built Heritage HO212 Former Government Cottage No. 34 12 Hunter Street Wonthaggi

Built Heritage HO213 Former Government Cottage No. 80 15 Hunter Street Wonthaggi

2022 01 20 Bass Coast Thematic Environmental History (TEH) - Final Report dated 20.01.22.pdf










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