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Main Title: Victoria and its metropolis [electronic resource]: past and present, vol. 1 and 2 / by Alexander Sutherland
Author: Sutherland, Alexander, 1852-1902
Archive CD Books Australia
Imprint: Archive CD Books Australia, c2006.
Collation: 1 computer optical disc : ill, portraits ; 12 cm.
Subject: Description and travel
Victoria - General histories
ISBN: 9781921081620
'Victoria and Its Metropolis' is a large two volume history of Victoria, written in 1888 by Alexander Sutherland. Beautifully presented with many etchings and drawings throughout, this book is the perfect addition to any library of Australian and Victorian history. It contains a huge amount of information on the people of the colony and its early history. The first volume covers information from the discovery of Australia, through to the exploration of Victoria and the first settlers to the pioneers. It then continues on to discuss immigration, the era of gold, the development of government, agriculture, music and art, literature and the metropolis of Melbourne. A large portion of the second volume examines the colony by district, which covers many districts throughout the state as well as the metropolitan area. Hundreds of biographical entries are scattered throughout and a comprehensive biographical index is included at the end. With contributions by: R. L. J. Ellery, W. C. Kernot, Ferdinand Von Mueller, J.E. Neild, A. A. C. Le Souef, Henry Gyles Turner.


VOLUME ONE [The history of Victoria]:

Chapter 1: The early discoverers of Australia p1. Chapter 2: The Aboriginal era [aborigines] p15. Chapter 3: The exploration of the coasts of Victoria p31. Chapter 4: The first attempted settlement p46. Chapter 5: The exploration of Victoria p65. Chapter 6: The Portland Bay settlement p79. Chapter 7: John Batman p94. Chapter 8: John Pascoe Fawkner 1835 p112. Chapter 9: The pioneers of 1836 p127. Chapter 10: The pioneers of 1837 p143. Chapter 11: The infant colony 1838-1839 p161. Chapter 12: The era of immigration 1840-1844 p180. Chapter 13: The pioneers of Gippsland and the Wimmera 1840-1846 p206. Chapter 14: The treatment of the Aboriginals [aborigines] 1838-1846 p229. Chapter 15: The squatting era 1846-1851 p256. Chapter 16: Separation from New South Wales 1840-1851 p275. Chapter 17: The discovery of gold 1851 p295. Chapter 18: The era of gold 1852-1855 p324. Chapter 19: The era of democracy 1854-1860 p357. Chapter 20: Burke and Wills 1860 p387. Chapter 21: Protection to native industry 1860-1866 p405. Chapter 22: The deadlock 1866-1869 p429. Chapter 23: The era of agriculture 1869-1875 p444. The era of manufactures 1875-1880 p463. Chapter 25: Recent times 1880-1888 p479. Chapter 26: Literature and art in Victoria: The Press p491. Literature p497. Art p502. Chapter 27: Music and Drama: Music p506. The drama p511. Chapter 28: Education and science in Victoria: Education p520. Science p532. Chapter 29: The metropolis [Melbourne] p541. Chapter 30: The churches of Victoria p577. Index to volume one p589.

VOLUME TWO The colony and its people in 1888:

Publishers note vii. Contents ix. List of illustrations to volume 2 xi. Chapter 1: The survey of Victoria p1. Chapter 2: Engineering works in Victoria: Railways p9. The Melbourne Tramway System p17. Waterworks [water supply] p23. Harbour works p28. Map of Victoria.

Chapter 3: The colony of Victoria p29.



Biographical sketches of Warrnambool residents p33:
Archibald and Bateman firm. William Ardlie. John Atchison. Block brothers. John Browne. John Browne junior. R.D. Burrall. Samuel Carter. William Coghlan. Thomas C. Cust. George S. Davidson. John Davies. F.A. Elliott. Thomas Farrer. John Flaxman. Dr T.F. Fleetwood. John Fletcher. Alexander Gaul. R. Geilhofer. Robert Gibton. M. Gleeson. James Granter. Greening Brothers. Dr. R.H. Harrington. W.J. Harris. W.S. Helpman. James Hood. Daniel Hourigan. J.C. Hutton. James Jellie. W.H. Jewell. Jobbins and McLeod. Richard Frank Kennedy. Thomas King. George Lovewell. John Lumsden. W.J. Lumsden. Joseph Mack. Hugh Mackay. D.M. McCullough. T. McCullough. P.J. McGennan. McMeekin Brothers. Allan McNeill. D. McSweeney. William Mayne. Lindsay H. Miller. William Morris. John Murray. R.W. Napthine. Mrs Fanny M. Nelson. Mark Nicholson. H.F. O’Connell. J.J. O’Mullane. R.B. Paterson. James Ponting. Thomas Proudfoot. Thomas Redford. Robinson and Morse. Thomas Rosling. John S. Rowley. Russell and Powell. Richard Rutledge. Dr Thomas Scott. Sheldrick and Company. J.S. Stanley. Charles Thomas Stephens. Frederick Perkins Stevens. William Stevens. Swinton and Sons. James Taylor. F. Tozer. F. Uren. Wainwright and Faulkner. James Ward. Edward Williamson. John Wilson and Co. Thomas Wilson.


Principal land owners (includes location and extent of holdings) p39:
John Allison. Robert Askew. W.B. Allen. William Armstrong. George P. Barber. William Bayles. S. and M.H. Baird. Alfred W. Braim. Sir W.J. Clarke. A.C. Eddington. John Earls. John Good. Robert Hood. Allen Jenkins. J. Kelly. William Lindsay. John and James Lee. Peter Manifold. T. O’Brien. Henry Phillips. O.F.W. Hamilton. T.F. and W.R. Rutledge. F. Tozer. E. Thwaites. Joseph Ware. Robert, G.H. and J.D. Whitehead. Alice Allan. T. McLeod Palmer. Phipps Turnbull.

Biographical sketches p39:
Adam Aberline of Wangoom. John Adams of Purnim. John W. Adams of Wangoom. George Page Barber of Wangoom. William Baxter of Garvoc. John Wilson Beattie of Panmure. James Bentley of Wangoom. Frederick Best of Winslow. William Cassidy of Yangery. Michael Clancy of Dennington. James Clark of Panmure. W.H. Clarke of Garvoc. John Davidson of Woodford. Mrs Elizabeth Doy of Garvoc. Henry Eldridge of Garvoc. John Farrer of Woodford. F.W. Gazzard of Allansford. John Glasgow of Purnim. James Glowrey of Garvoc. John Good of Grasmere. Grimshaw Brothers of Bushfield. Samuel Harris of Framlingham. William Hill of Framlingham. James Hamilton of Dennington. Allan Jenkins of Grasmere. Jenkin Jenkins of Grasmere. John Jones of Grasmere. John Kavanagh of Purnim. John Lee of Wangoom. William Lindsay of Woolsthorpe. James Mahood of Purnim. John R. McDonald of Framlingham. Donald McPhail of Grasmere. Frederick Miller of Yangery. Isaac William Miller of Allansford. Charles Morgan of Allansford. John Munro of Framlingham. William Murnane of Panmure. John Murphy of Panmure. Mrs Jane Napthine of Garvoc. Gilbert and Robert Nichol of Grasmere. Gideon Nicol of Panmure. Captain James Nicol of Panmure. John O’Brien of Panmure. Arthur O’Keefe of Wangoom. John O’Shea of Wangoom. Edward A. Page of Garvoc. John H. Page of Garvoc. Louis Parkinson of Mailor’s Flat. Henry Phillips of Purnim. Joseph Randall of Woodford. Thomas Rees of Garvoc. John Rule of Woodford. Thomas Foster Rutledge of Dennington. William Rupert Rutledge of Dennington. W.J. Sharpe of Allansford. James Smith of Wangoom. David Swan of Allansford. Mrs John Somerville of Panmure. Alexander Spiers of Garvoc. John George Stewart of Grasmere. Richard P. Thomas of Dennington. Joseph Toleman of Garvoc. Robert Vickers of Panmure. James Whyte of Winslow. Mrs E. Wickham of Purnim. James and Richard Wilson of Woodford. George John Wilson of Allansford. James Astley Bromfield.


Biographical sketches p44:
John Wilson Anderson. John Baird. Bank of Australasia: James Hogg. Charles Bourne. Alexander Cameron. Serjeant Major Cay. Colonial Bank: J.K. Powell. Lawrence Finn. Freckleton and McCallum. John Gibson. Joseph Goble. Louis Grant. George Haynes. John Bryson Holden. Hutton Brothers. Robert Ireland. Joseph John Jackson. D. Jermyn. Dominic Keating. Major Andrew Kell. John McKechnie. G.W. Osburne. Alfred Edward Osmond. William Powling. John Sickler. Robert Showers and Co. Thomas Southcombe. Andrew Vernon Suter. Edwin Thomas. Robert Edward Unkles. Rev. James Marriott Watson. William Webb.


Koroit p47.

Principal land owners (includes location and extent of holdings) p48:
J. Alison. J.W. Anderson. Alex Boyd. Samuel Baulch. William Carmichael. William Cruickshank. Sir W.J. Clarke. F.A. Corbett. Robert Farie. P. Gleeson. Chas Green. E. Gleeson. J.A. and T. Hutton. E. Hurst. A.H. Knight. G. Laidlaw. John Meagher. John Nicolson. John Robertson. John Ritchie. J.C. Smith, D. Whitley and J.W. Anderson. Andrew V. Sutor. T. Twomey. D. Twomey. E. Twomey. P. Turnbull and H.J. Henty. Phipps Turnbull. A. and R.R. Urquhart. John Ware. Sarah Wild. Henry West. Ebenezer and Hannah Youl.

Biographical sketches p48:
Frederick James Bartlett, Koroit. Frederick Baulch, Koroit. John Beasley, Kirkstall. Patrick Birmingham, Koroit. William Boyd, Koroit. George Bruce, Illowa. James Bruce, Illowa. Neil Campbell, Southern Cross. William Cruickshank, Kirkstall. James Dunne, Koroit. Michael J. Dunne, Koroit. William Hindhaugh, Yambuk. Henry Horsfall, Koroit. Thomas James Humphreys, Kirkstall. William Hyde, Southern Cross. H.J.H. Irwin, Southern Cross. Joseph Johnston, Koroit. George Laidlaw, Southern Cross. John Laver, Koroit. Michael Marshall, Rosebrook. John McDonald, Orford. Nayler and Co., Crossley. George Paterson, Crossley. Dr Thomas F. Ryan, Koroit. William Robertson, Yambuk. Michael Scott, Kirkstall. Richard Skilbeck, Southern Cross. James Stephen, Koroit. Henry Greaves Watson, Yambuk.


Principal land owners (includes location and extent of holdings) p52:
David Aitken. Josiah Austin. Alfred Arden. A.J. and S.G. Black and J. Smith. Sir W.J. Clarke. Jas Cowan. R.T. Carty. A. Cope. W.F. and S.W. Cooke. Jas Graham. J. Bruce Gill. F. Henty. E. Hoskins. T.D. Hughes. H.A. Hough. A. Johnson. J.H. Jackson. A. Kerr. R.N. Knaggs. Jas Knaggs. W. Laidlaw. J.R. Learmonth. William Melville. Mrs E. Brown and Mrs C.A. Edkins. Thomas Must. J.S. Mathieson. A. McDonald. R. McCarthy. Mary M. McKinnon. Ann Nicholas. Phillip. W.H. Read. John Robertson. William Rhodes. A.S. Robertson. Jas Stewart. L.B. Stodart. John Stewart. William, Alex G. and Chas Stewart. Thomas W. Silvester. Jas and John Thomson. Jas Trangmar. Margaret Vines. S.P. Winter.

Biographical sketches p52.
William Primrose Anderson. Thomas Bennett. George Bevan. Campbell and Sons. William Corney. John Croon. William Enscoe of Merino. John Fletcher of Branxholme. William Jackson Fraser. John Gibbs. Edward Gough of Branxholme. John Gough of Branxholme. Edward Henty. Robert Herbertson. Edward Samuel Huxley of Bolwarra. James John Richardson Kean. Thomas Kean. George Lamb. John Lucas of Macarthur. George Northcott of Merino. William Thomas Pile. R. Robertson of Macarthur. Charles V. Robinson. Albert Edward Southern. Andrew Stewart. Samuel Taylor of Macarthur. James Trangmar.

Additions and corrections to chapter 3 p55:
The ‘Warrnambool Standard’. Woodford Mechanics’ Institute. George John Wilson of Allansford. Colonial Bank, Port Fairy and Mr Powell.


Principal land owners (includes location and extent of holdings) p57:

James Affleck and Adam Gordon Laidlaw. Charles Henry Armytage. William John Austin. Jas Alexander. Carl Blume. W.E. and E. James. George Alfred. Jas Blair. Thomas Bromell. Hugh L.M. Biggs. George Carmichael. Archibald and Catherine Cameron. William James Carter. John Cameron. Edward Crossley. Charles Degraves. Henry De Little. William Eaves. David Edgar. John Thomas Edgar. Walter Birmingham Edgar. John Bryan Fitzgerald. Richard Grice and Theodotus John Sumner. John Speechly Gotch, James Hastie Chrystal and George Le Fevre. Anna Maria Henty. Edward and Edward Francis Hearn. Silas Harding. Archibald Johnson. Charles Joseph Koch. Walter Laidlaw. Walter Laidlaw and Christina Gordon. James Laidlaw. Alexander Sutherland Murray. William and John Moodie. William Cockburn Messer. William Murray. John Russell McPherson. John McConochie. John Macinnes. Alexander McEdward. Thomas McKellar. Peter McArthur. Ann Nicholas. Charles Myles Officer. Suetonius Henry Officer. George Robertson. James Robertson. John Robertson. William Robertson. Richard Ramsden. John Robertson. Arthur Swanston Robertson. Robert Blackwood Ritchie. Simon Ritchie. William Ross. Rev. Charles Simson. John Stewart. Walter George Simmons. Turnbull and Son. Alexander Thomson. James Trangmar. George Trangmar. James White. Edward Willis. Edward Byam Wight.

Biographical sketches p59:
Block Brothers. Robert Stapylton Bree. Thomas Bromell. Thomas Taylor Chadwick. James Clark. Henry Coe. Colonial Bank: H.C. Heales; G.O. Sevier. Cruickshank and Waters. Denton Brothers. Samuel George Fogg. Hamilton and Western District College: H.B. De la Poer Wall. Dr W.E.L. Hearn. Louis Horwitz. John Edward Kennan. Dr Colin Campbell McFarlane. Donald McLellan. W.H. Melville. National Bank of Australasia: R.L. Lloyd. William Shields. Thomas Sloan. William C.E. Smith. Alexander Stewart. The ‘Hamilton Spectator’: Robinson, Mott and Rippon. Alexander Thomson. W. and W. Thomson.


Biographical sketches p61:
Henry Ball of Easter Downie near Casterton. John J. Barry of Casterton. John Bolan of Balmoral. George Arthur Bull of Dunkeld. Thomas John Burt of Casterton. Archibald Cameron of Coleraine. John Cameron of Dunkeld. George J. Carmichael of Penshurst. Church of England, Coleraine: C.L.H. Rupp. Dr Samuel Connor of Coleraine. Cussen and Ingpen of Casterton. James Cuzens of Balmoral. H.F. De Little of Caramut. John Doyle of Casterton. David Edgar of Harrow. John B. Frewer of Penshurst. George Henderson of Coleraine. Rev. James Henderson of Balmoral. Francis Henty of Merino Downs (properly belongs to chapter 3). John Holmes of Sandford. Robert Hood of Hexham West. John A. Hutton of Penshurst. Thomas Hutton of Penshurst. Robert Jeffreys of Casterton. John Lang of Balmoral. Francis Liddiard of Apsley. D.H. Lillingston of Balmoral. Basil Lyon of Balmoral. James McColl of Balmoral. John Sutherland McColl of Yatnot. John McConochie of Coleraine. Dr Alexander MacDonald of Coleraine. Dr A.R. Macmillan of Casterton. Joseph May of Casterton. William Moodie of Coleraine. National Bank of Australasia: W.W. Cobb. James Niven of Balmoral. Frank Liles Olle of Penshurst. Harry John Olle of Penshurst. Thomas Pulton Ough of Harrow. John S.W. Peachey of Casterton. James Peden of Casterton. Henry Thomas Peel of Harrow. Charles Pretlove of Sandford. Richard Price senior of Myamyn. Robinson and Gillespie of Casterton. Duncan Robertson of Balmoral. William Robertson. James Robertson. Thomas Robertson of Balmoral. William Rogers senior of Balmoral. William Rogers junior. Robert Seymour of Balmoral. Archibald J. Simpson of Penshurst. St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Penshurst: Reverends: Robert Fawkner, Allsworth, Andrew Chambers, J. Ringland Anderson. William Trainor of Coleraine. James William Trangmar of Coleraine. C.R. Tulloh of Harrow. Adam Turnbull junior of Coleraine. Bank of Victoria, Coleraine: H.W. Chambers, Mr Wilkinson, C.G. Gardiner. W. Tomline Wilkinson of Casterton. William Williams of Casterton. Joseph Ware of Minjah Station (illustration of station). George Young of Coleraine.


Principal land owners (includes location and extent of holdings) p73:
William Adeney. William Armstrong. F.F. Armytage. George Armytage. Alexander Armstrong. S. and J. Austin. Jas. Austin. Albert Austin. Chas. Beal. J.J.N. Buchanan. W. and A. Bailey. Neil Black. Mars Buckley. D. Curdie. H.H. Calvert. John Calvert. L.M. Calvert. A.S. Chirnside. L.G. Calvert. Robert Chirnside. F. Cole. N. Cole. John L. Currie. L.M. Calvert. G. Cumming. William Cumming. John Dodds. Thomas and Mrs Chas. Dowling. Chas. B. Fisher. Colin C. Finlay. J.H. and G.R. Hope. John Hyland. John R. Hopkins. Robert Inglis. Robert Jamieson. J.L. Kininmonth. Martha J. Kennedy. Peter Manifold. John Manifold. Daniel Mackinnon. Thomas Carmichael Murray. Joseph Mack. Peter and John Manifold. John Manifold. Charles E. Gates. John Moffatt. Andrew Murray. John Anderson. William Miller. Robert Moffatt. William Matthews. James Maconochie. Peter McArthur. William McCulloch. John McPherson. Thomas McLeod. William Robertson. George Pringle Robertson. William Read. James Robertson. George Russell. Thomas, William and George Russell. Stuart Reid. John Robertson. Jemima Vans Robertson. David Edward Stodart. Thomas Shaw. Harriet Elizabeth Strachan. John Timms. John Thomson. William Irving Winter. Samuel Wilson. Alexander Wilson. John Wilson. Jerry George Ware. James Alexander Webster.

Camperdown p74. Colac p75. Winchelsea; Birregurra p76. Mortlake; Lorne p77.

Biographical sketches p78:
James Aikman of Mortlake. Alexander Armstrong of Warrambine. James Armstrong of Mortlake. James Armstrong of Terang. William Armstrong of Hexham. James Baker of Noorat. John Baker of Purrumbete. John Barr of Ondit. Charles Beal of Lorne. Thomas Austin of Winchelsea. Mrs Thomas Austin. Neil Black of Noorat. James A. Boyd of Pomborneit. Isaac Brain of Kolora. Nicholas Brennan of Noorat. William Brumley of Mortlake. Charles Buchanan of Vine Bank, Ondit. Simon Campbell of Colac. Charles W. Clifford of Kolora. M. Cohen of Camperdown. Mrs Isabella Cole. Nicholas Cole of Camperdown. Matthew Condie pf Cobden. Edwin Cowley of Camperdown. Michael Coyle of Terang. William Cummins of Camperdown. Dr Curdie of Cobden. James Dawson of Camperdown. Alexander Dennis of Birregurra. J.J. Doughney of Mortlake. James Dowling of Colac. Thomas Dowling of Darlington. George Dunoon of Colac. William Edmundson of Birregurra. John Elkington of Lorne. Victor Elkington of Winchelsea. Thomas Peter Errey of Camperdown. David Fenton of Cobden. W.M. Ferguson of Camperdown. George Sydney Fitzgerald of Mortlake. Charles L. Forrest of Colac. William Gellie of Camperdown. Richard Gill of Colac. George Gray of Terang. John H. Gubbins of Terang. Adam Hallyburton of Pomborneit. David Hamilton of Camperdown. William Harlock of Pomborneit. George Harrison of Pomborneit. Campbell S. Hill of Colac. George H. Hills of Colac. James Hills of Colac. David John Hogarth of Colac. John Rout Hopkins of Winchelsea. Charles H.D. Hunter of Stonyford. Robert Jamieson of Darlington. J.G. Johnston of Colac. F.T.B. Laing of Terang. Alexander Lang of Ondit. Matthew Lang of Terang. Robert Lawler of Colac. Mrs Henry Linn of Terang. Samuel Lord of Pomborneit. Peter McArthur of Camperdown. James McCrae of Camperdown. Ewen McDonald of Terang. Farquhar Macdonald of Terang. James McDonald senior. Murdo Macdonald of Terang. William McGarvie of Pomborneit. Hugh McKay of Pirron Yalloak. Donald McKenzie of Terang. Archibald McKinnon of Mortlake. Daniel Mackinnon of Terang. John McMahon of Kariah. Donald McNicol of Camperdown. Duncan McNicol of Camperdown. David McWilliam of Terang. Manifold Brothers of Camperdown. William Manson of Mortlake. William Matthews of Kolora. Henry Mawbey of Terang. Alexander Moodie of Camperdown. James S. Morris of Camperdown. Thomas Mountjoy of Lorne. Andrew Murray of Colac. Hugh Murray of Colac. Mrs Elizabeth Murray of Colac. Findon Murrell of Winchelsea. Rev. [Father] M. Nelan of Colac. William Nicholas of Colac. Edward O’Flaherty of Cobden. George Parker of Camperdown. Charles Prigg of Colac. Isaac Hayden Prime of Birregurra. Harry Quiney of Mortlake. William Robertson senior of Colac. William Robertson junior of Colac. John H. Robinson of Camperdown. John G. Rooke of Lorne. Patrick Scally of Terang. Thomas A. Scott of Pirron Yalloak. Thomas Shaw of Camperdown. Mrs H. Silvester of Cobden. F. and N. Stansmore of Camperdown. John Stevenson of Camperdown. William Stirling of Winchelsea. John Stocks of Terang. Peter Swan of Pomborneit. Samuel Talbot of Birregurra. Walter Taylor of Pirron Yalloak. Patrick Tenanty of Terang. Daniel Thomas of Colac. John Thomson of Terang. Michael Troy of Ondit. Timothy Truemen of Cobden. Thomas E. Tulloh of Colac. Duncan Stewart Walker of Terang. John Walls of Camperdown. J.G. Ware of Camperdown. George Wilmot of Colac. Alexander Wilson of Terang. P.C. Wilson of Colac. George Wiltshire of Winchelsea. J. Woods of Colac. John Wray of Colac.


Principal land owners (includes location and extent of holdings) p93:
James Aitken. Charles Ayrey. William Hose Bullivant. Samuel, William James and John Charles Carter. Alexander Dennis. Thomas Guthrie. Alexander Gray and William Thackrah. James Charles Hamilton. James Park Laurie. Robert Matheson. Henry Miller. George Pyers. Cornelius Powell. Edward Simmons. Thomas Skene.

Horsham p93.

Biographical sketches of Horsham residents p94:
Alfred Alexander. Robert Ayrton. Traugott Bernhardt. George Bodey. Albert Alfred Alexander Bolwell. John Searle Bowden. Richard Bradbury. Henry Bradshaw. James Lacey Cannington. Arthur Joseph Carter. Samuel Carter. Edward Culliver. Cornelius Curran. Edward Davis. Henry Doyle. William Drummond. John Fraser. Joseph Fechler. Abraham Freedman. Edward William Linnell French. Andrew Fulton. George Glenister. Henry Godfrey. Arthur A. Hocking. Gottfried Hoffmann. De Courcy Ireland. Joseph Jaffery. George Kershaw. George Laing. Charles Lane. Samuel May. James Millar. Robert Moore. Ferdinand Rissmann. Charles Rochester. Nehemiah Rogers. Wilhelm Rudolph. William Sawyer. Ernest Seeliger. James Sexton. William Sievewright. Alexander Smith. Charles Smith. Michael Treacy. Alfred Warne. Frank Williams. William Wilson. John Benjamin Wood. Walter Charles Wright. John Young.

Biographical sketches of people of Wimmera East p100:

Johann Adler senior of Murtoa. Paul Anders of Murtoa. John Anderson of Dooen. John Anderson of Burrereo. Joseph Arnold of Lubeck. Thomas Arnold of Werrigar. Benjamin Ashwell of Jung Jung. Henry S. Asplin of Vectis East. Samuel Atkin of Lallat. Alfred Baker of Jung Jung. James Baker of Dimboola. John Thomas Baker of Jung Jung. John Baker of Jung Jung. Thomas Ball of Cannum. William Bateman of Jung Jung. Friederich Baum of Pimpinio. Joseph Bawlls of Bangerang. W.C. Bayliss of Donald. James Beilby of Bangerang. Adam Bell senior of Werrigar. David Miller Bett of Rupanyup. Henry Biggin of Kalkee. Matthew Bodey of Rupanyup. W.T. Bodey of Jung Jung. John Boliwell of Vectis East. Joseph Borden of Warracknabeal. Christoph Diedrich Boschen of Kewell East. H.W. Boyd of Dimboola. Patrick Brennan of Jung Jung. Ferdinand Bretag of Katyil. Charles Vincent Brewer of Dimboola. Thomas Brown of Bangerang. John Christopher Buchholz of Minyip. Ewan Cameron of Wallup. William Cameron of Cannum. William Cameron junior of Cannum. William Chaffer of Rupanyup. John Chapple of Rupanyup. George Clarke of Cannum. Samuel Clarke senior of Cannum. Samuel Clarke junior of Cannum. Samuel Clarke of Warracknabeal. Thomas Clements senior of Dimboola. Henry Collins of Minyip. William John Connolly of Rupanyup. George Cooper of Warracknabeal. Thomas Fred Cornell of Kalkee. W. Cowland of Glenorchy. Richard Coutts of Rupanyup. Robert Craig of Bangerang. Edward Cregan of Dimboola. Charles Creswick of Banyena. John Cromie of Rupanyup. Thomas Crow of Cannum. Alexander Cumming of Donald. John Cunningham of Jung Jung. William John Cunningham of Minyip. Michael Curran of Pimpinio. James Davidson of Murtoa. William Sharpe Davidson of Minyip. Gustav Julius Wilhelm Degenhardt of Murtoa. Friedrich Degenhardt of Murtoa. Johann Deutscher of Murtoa. Traugott Michael Deutscher of Murtoa. James Christopher Devereux of Warracknabeal. John Disher of North Cannum. Robert Disher of Murrawurra. Gustav Drabsch of Katyil. Walter Duncan of Rupanyup. Friedrich Duschka of Mortat and Sheep Hills. Thomas Eastick of Jung Jung. James Eastick of Jung Jung. Frederick John Erhardt. Of Kalkee. Henry Exell of Jung Jung. William Kenney Farrell of Areegra. G.H. Eastwood of Minyip. John Erhardt of Kalkee. Ernst Fechner of Dimboola. George Fischer of Vectis East. Patrick Michael Fleming of Kalkee. Charles Fletcher of Bangerang. Dugald Fletcher of Bangerang. August Henry Frauenfelder of Murtoa. Frederick Franklin of Minyip. James Fry and Co. Ltd of Donald. William Gardiner of Warracknabeal. Matthias Gardy of Warranooka. John Joseph Gates of Quantong. Joseph Henry Gawith of Lubeck. Robert Gellatly of Lubeck. James Giles of Dimboola. William Henry Giles of Yellingip. Elijah Good of Kalkee. John William Gould of Jung Jung. Jacob Graham of Rupanyup. Carl August Grieser of Bangerang. Julian Frederic Grellet of Warracknabeal. George Griffiths of Cannum. Nathaniel James Hankin of Dimboola. Gustav Harders of Dimboola. Heinrich Harders of Dimboola. Henry John Harper of Rupanyup. Edwin Francis Harris of Jung Jung. Heinrich Hastings of Warracknabeal. Joseph Hatchett of Murtoa. George Philip Hayter of Cannum. William George Hayter of Cannum. William Hine of Rupanyup. Friedrich Heinrich Hinneberg of Vectis East. Robert Hobson of Areegra. Thomas Hodby of Pimpinio. Theodor Hoff junior of Murtoa. Gotthilf Hoffmann of Katyil. John August Hoffmann of Vectis East. Thomas Hogan of Wallup. Enoch Holdsworth of Cannum. James Crockett Hood of Rupanyup. James and David Horsburg of Bangerang. John Howland of Dimboola. Thomas Howland of Dimboola. Friedrich Peter Huf of Vectis East. Samuel Hughes of Dimboola. Thomas Hutchings of Bryntirion, Lubeck. William Hutchinson of Warracknabeal. William Irvine of Rupanyup. Gustav Robert Jakobe of Vectis East. Peter Jamieson of Lubeck. Joseph Jamouneau of Warracknabeal. Gottlieb Janetzki of Minyip. Johann August Janetzki of Dimboola. Johann Gottlieb Janetzki of Katyil. William Friedrich Janetzki of Minyip. H.J. Jenkins of Vectis East. Rees Jenkins of Sheep Hills. George Jennings of Mayo Park, Lubeck. Edward Jessel of Murtoa. David Johns of Jung Jung. Robert Johnson of Minyip. Hugh Chalmers Johnston of Minyip. Thomas Jones of Lallat. Michael Joyce of Wail. John Kelsall junior of Warracknabeal. John Kent of Areegra. Michael Kilgarrif of Kellalac. Alexander Kinghorn of Cannum. John King of Minyip. Karl L. Koenig of Vectis East. P. Koop of Dimboola. Gustav Krause of Minyip. Clifton Laing of Warracknabeal. John Landt of Cannum. Friedrich Lange of Dimboola. Johann Carl Wilhelm Lange of Katyil. Charles Langley of Murtoa. Andrew Lawson of Garup. Archibald Lawson of Areegra. Robert Learmonth of Areegra. Benjamin George Leeson of Rupanyup. Johann Friedrich Lehmann of Dimboola. John Lehmann of Kalkee. Alexander Leslie of Wail. William George Leslie of Laen. August Lindner of Vectis East. Allan Livingstone of Warracknabeal. William Henry Lloyd of Dimboola. Joseph Loader of Pimpinio. George Lord of Kellalac. James Lord of Kellalac. Christian Lucas of Sheep Hills. Julius Lutze of Minyip. Michael Lynch of Kellalac. Archibald McArthur of Bangerang. Donald McArthur of Areegra. Donald McDonald of Nullan. Hugh McDonald of Cannum. Archibald McFarlane of Minyip. Malcolm McFarlane of Minyip. Robert McGarry of Rupanyup. Niel McGilp of Minyip. Charles Macintosh of Glenorchy. McIntyre Brothers of Wallup. Alexander Mackenzie of Murtoa. John McKenzie of Kalkee. Lachlan McKinnon of Wallup. Duncan McLachlan. John McLannan of Drung Drung. Archibald McLarty of Cannum. Charles Soward McLean of Dunmunkle. Hugh McLean of Rupanyup. Donald McLennan of Katyil. John McLennan of Dimboola. Inverurie Alexander McLennon of Wallup. James McLeod of Bangena. Bernard McManus of Pimpinio. Charles McMillan of Lubeck. Hugh McNaughton of Rupanyup. McRae Brothers of Dimboola. Thomas Macrae of Katyil. Andrew McWhirter of Wallup. Frederick Edward Magnus of Wallup. Frank Albert Martin of Warracknabeal. William Meincke of Dimboola. Carl August Menzel of Dimboola. Johann Menzel of Dimboola. David Midgley of Minyip. James Melbourne of Ailsa. Gottfried F. Miller of Katyil. Samuel Miller of Lallat. William Mills of Jung Jung. John Mitchell of Kalkee. Thomas Mitchell of Rupanyup. Peter Moeller of Dimboola. John Moloney of Minyip. Samuel Henry Moreton of Bangerang. Godfrey Morgan of Donald. Edward John Mott of Burrereo. John Mott of Vectis East. Charles Mueller of Cannum. Hugh Murphy of Yellangip. Samuel Mutton of Rupanyup. Joseph Nattrass of Kalkee. William Nattrass of Kalkee. Charles Newall of Marnoo. Johann Noske of Rupanyup. Traugott Noske of Dimboola. Friedrich Nuske of Katyil. Johann Gottlieb Nuske of Katyil. James O’Callaghan of Minyip. Thomas R. Oliver of Kalkee. David Olney of Wail. Richard Olver of Murtoa. Henry Pearse of Kewell West. Johann W. Pelchen of Vectis East. Henry Penny of Dunmunkle. Carl Petering of Minyip. George Paine of Jung Jung. Alexander Gall Patterson of Wallup. Richard Paull of Jung Jung. Charles Peterson of Kewell West. William Peterson of Jung Jung. Andrew Phillips of Minyip. William Edward Phillips of Dimboola. Ernst Pipkorn of Cannum. Henry Adolph Polack junior of Tarranyurk. Henry Powell of Minyip. August Price of Minyip. Charles Price of Minyip. Llewellyn Price of Kewell West. Andrew Pyers of Carron. Alfred Radford of Minyip. Matthew Rees of Dimboola. James Reid of Cannum. Heinrich Reinholtz of Kalkee. Edward Richardson of Kewell West. F.A. Reinhold Rissmann of Lubeck. Alexander Robbie of Rupanyup. Wilfred Robinson of Dimboola. William Roebuck of Lubeck. Charles Roenning of Katyil. Charles Rossiter of Warracknabeal. John Ross of Wallup. Dr William Chisholm Ross of Warracknabeal. T. Rudolph of Vectis East. Thomas Runnalls of Ashens. John Rutherford of Rupanyup. Friedrich Wilhelm Sallmann of Dimboola. Matthew Sallmann of Dimboola. Robert Sanders of Vectis East. Charles August Sawert of Murtoa. Ernst August Schache of Murtoa. Johann Schmidt of Jung Jung. John Schmidt of Warracknabeal. John Shrives of Cannum. Frederick August Schroeder of Areegra. Heinrich Schultz of Murtoa. Heinrich Schultz of Vectis East. Wilhelm Schulz of Vectis East. Hermann Schurmann of Minyip. Henry Scott of Vectis Bridge. Wilhelm Schorback of Katyil. William Shanks of Werrigar. Thomas Shearwood of Jung Jung. Joseph Sherwell of Bangerang. Carl Seliger of Dimboola. Samuel Simpson of Warracknabeal. William Sinclair of Lubeck. Charles Frederick Smith of Pimpinio. Ephraim Smith of Dunmunkle. Robert Smith of Warracknabeal. William Smith of Pimpinio. Joseph Stainthorp of Sheep Hills. Gustav Stephan of Dimboola. James Alexander Stephen of Bangerang. Isaac Stevens of Kellalac. Friedrich Wilhelm Sudholz of Pimpinio. Andrew Taylor of Murtoa. John Robert Taylor of Warracknabeal. Oscar R. Thomas of Katyil. Andrew Tosh of Minyip. E.W.C. Towers of Donald. Joseph Turner of Minyip. William John Waddell of Donald. Samuel Walpole of Jung Jung. Thomas Walpole of Jung Jung. Isaac Weir of Areegra. Duncan Whyte of Dooen. Ferdinand Zerbst of Vectis East.

Biographical sketches of people of Wimmera West p122:

John Affleck of Lorquon. James Aitken of Mount Arapiles. Robert Allen of Kaniva. Charles Donald Anderson of Diapur. Robert Anderson of Kinimakatka. Francis Ansell of Woorak. Robert Arnold of Noradjuha. Robert Barber of Kinimakatka. James Bond Barnes of Nhill. Albert John Barrington of Nhill. George Batson of Tarranginnie. Jonas Binns of Tarranginnie. Walter Boardman of Kiata. Richard Bodey of Tarranginnie. John Ernst Boehm of Natimuk. David Bone of Woorak. Caspar Heinrich Borgett of Ni-Ni. Johann Carl Wilhelm Bretag of Natimuk. Robert Darlington Buckley of Lawloit. George Carl Friedrich Buhr of Woorak. Abel Bullock of Natimuk. Peter Bunworth of Mount Arapiles. Isaac Henry Burris of Natimuk. Charles Cairns of Nhill. Ronald Cameron of Nurrabiel. Thomas Chadderton of Gerang-Gerung. Rowland Chambers of Woorak. William Tylden Chisholm of Tarranginnie. Edwin Clark of Tarranginnie. Simon Cleary of Goroke. Aaron Cole of Kiata East. Silas Cole of Kiata East. George Coles of Diapur. William Alfred Collins of Kaniva. Robert Corduer of Miram Piram. Thomas Cormack of Tarranginnie. James Cornell of Tarranginnie. Robert Crawford of Kaniva. James Crick of Gymbowen. Charles Cross of Kaniva. John Cross of Lawloit. Alexander Crothers of Kaniva. Alfred Charles Crouch of Yanipy. William Crouch of Kaniva. Thomas Cummins of Kiata. Richard Darly of Tarranginnie. Thomas Dart of Kiata. Joseph Daw of Nhill. Frederick W. Day of Kinimakatka. George B. Day of Tarranginnie. Walter Day of Tarranginnie. John Dean of Kiata. David Deans of Lillimur. Gavin Douglas of Lillimur. Andrew Duncan of Natimuk. Thomas Boorman Dungey of Kaniva. Robert Eastick of Tarranginnie. Robert Eglinton of Kaniva. Charles Alexander Fairweather of Lillimur. Stephen Farmer of Tarranginnie. George Clarke Ferguson of Mount Arapiles. Arthur Samuel Fawthrop of Woorak. William Fay of Lillimur. Friedrich Fiegert of Winiam. Frederick Fischer of Carchap. John Forrest of Clear Lake. Thomas Forrest of Lillimur. Frederick Freeman of Ballarook. Frederick Fritsch. Of Tarranginnie. John Gallagher of Tarranginnie. Joseph Gaston of Kiata North. August Friedrich Wilhelm Gladigau of Natimuk. Carl August Gladigau of Natimuk. George Glenister junior of Nhill. Richard Golder of Miram Piram. Jacob Golding of Kaniva. Richard Graham of ‘Walton Farm’, Lillimur. Robert Grant of Tooan. Joshua Lister Greenwood of Gerang-Gerung. Henry Robert Harris of Tarranginnie. Michael Harris of Kaniva. Thomas Harris of Kaniva South. John Harrison of Kaniva. Arthur Chapman Hately of Mount Arapiles. Heinrich Ernst Hausterfer of Natimuk. Robert Hawker of Yearinga. John Haycroft of Tarranginnie. John Thomas Cory Heard of Mount Arapiles. Henry Hebard of Mount Arapiles. Thomas Hendy of Lillimur. Richard Hensley of Kinimakatka. Robert Hicks of Lawloit. J. Higgs of Kaniva. William Hillman of Noradjuha. Henry Holtzmann of Kaniva. Julius Holtzmann of Kaniva. Samuel Hooper of Woorak. Neil Houston of Natimuk. Robert Houston of Natimuk. Turner Irons of Tarranginnie. Edwin Henry James of Lorquon. Thomas Jelbart of Goroke. Richard Jerrerd of Kaniva. Alexander Johnston of Balrootan. Richard Jones of Yanipy. John Jordan of Kiata. Edward Jory of Natimuk. Jacob Joseph of Lillimur. James Keyte of Natimuk. Gottlieb Klowss of Natimuk. Edward Knight of Gymbowen. John Charles Knight of Mount Arapiles. John Gustav Koops of Natimuk. Marks Kozminsky of Nhill. Stephen George Knight of Gymbowen. William Henry Knight of Gymbowen. Emil Krieg of Natimuk. Augustus William Lackman of Yanipy. Thomas Laing of Noradjuha. Ludwig Lange of Natimuk. James Leason of Lillimur. Thomas Light of Mount Arapiles. Frederick Henry Lockmann of Kaniva. Allan Macdonald of Nhill. Gotthelf Mackenzie of Woorak. William John Magill of Lowan. Martin Malone of Bullarook. William Henry Marks of Ni-Ni. George William Brown Matthews of Woorak. James McClure of Mount Arapiles. John McClure of Mount Arapiles. Robert Glasgow McClure of Mount Arapiles. Charles McCuish of Natimuk. Alexander McDougall of Tarranginnie. James McIlrath of Kiata. Donald McInnis of Miram Piram. Alexander McKenzie of Kinimakatka. John McKenzie of Kinimakatka. George Stuart McKinnon of Tarranginnie. John McLean of Nhill. Joseph McNiven of Lawloit. John McPhee of Natimuk. Donald McRae of Mount Arapiles. Alfred David McWaters of Natimuk. Samuel Meek of Kiata East. James Mewburn of Kiata. John Miller of Woorak. Peter Francis Miller of Bullarook. Carl Otto Moll of Kaniva South. Hermann Moll of Kaniva South. Alexander Morris of Miram Piram. John and James Moulden of Kinimakatka. James Muir of Bullarook. William Murdie of Tarranginnie. Christian Nossack of Kinimakatka. David Oldham of Natimuk. Valentine Pannowitch of Tarranginnie. John Parker. Of Woorak. Charles Parkin of Miram Piram. Richard Parsons of Ni-Ni. Edward Payne of Ni-Ni. William Payne of Ni-Ni. Thomas Pedler of Lorquon. Pennington and Scroop of Yanipy. James Pilgrim of Winiam. Ernest Hermann Pohlner of Woorak. John Frederick August Pohlner of Ni-Ni. John Frederick William Pohlner of Woorak. Robert Neptune Powell of Yearinga. John Henry Preston of Woorak. John Rice of Tarranginnie. John Ridley of Ni-Ni. Robert Rintoule of Nhill. William Robins of Kiata East. William Riddick of Yearinga. George Ridgwell of Nhill. Richard Ridgwell of Nhill. Julius Gottfried Roediger of Lorquon. Otto Hermann Roediger of Lorquon. William Sanders of Kaniva. August Schmidt of Natimuk. Carl Schmidt of Natimuk. Fritz Schmidt of Natimuk. Heinrich Schmidt of Natimuk. John Schmidt of Natimuk. Johann Christoph Schneider of Woorak. Friedrich Wilhelm Ferdinand Schultz of Woorak. Henry Scroop of Yanipy. John Sharam of Balrootan. Michael Sheehan of Goroke. John Alfred Shekira of Natimuk. Charles Sherwood of Tarranginnie. James Shone senior of Tarranginnie. James Shone junior of Tarranginnie. Wilhelm Siemering of Woorak. H. Sisson of Natimuk. Arthur Smith of Natimuk. Charles Smith of Mount Arapiles. Joseph William Smith of Kiata. P.C. Smith of Nhill. Henry Speher of Natimuk. Alfred Stendwick of Tarranginnie. Edward Stephens of Tarranginnie. Jacob Storer of Gerang-Gerung. Heinrich Sudholz of Natimuk. Thomas Swallow of Nhill. Samuel Symons of Kaniva. Charles Frederick Taylor of Nhill. Thomas Taylor of Kiata East. Richard Telford of Tarranginnie. Nathan Thompson of Lillimur South. George Thomson junior of Dimboola. James Thornett of Tarranginnie. Carl Tollner of Natimuk. James Treadwell of Noradjuha. William Vivian of Kaniva. Christian Voight of Kinimakatka. William Walker of Gerang-Gerung. Thomas Robert Walters of Woorak. Albert Waltrowicz of Natimuk. Thomas Ward of Tarranginnie. Oliver Warren of Kaniva. William Warrick of Gerang-Gerung. Charles Webb of Woorak. James Weir senior of Winiam. James Weir junior of Kinimakatka. William Fane Werrett of Kaniva South. William Wheeler of Tarranginnie. William White of Kaniva. Hugh Wilkie of Tarranginnie. Frederick John Williams of Miram Piram. James Williams of Natimuk. William Simon Wills of Kiata East. Henry Wilson of Tarranginnie. John Wilson of Noradjuha. John Wirth of Kinimakatka. James Brockwell Woodhart of Natimuk. John Wood of Kaniva. William Wood. Charles Wooldridge of Yearinga. Frederick Yelland of Kaniva South.

Additions to Wimmera East division p139:
Robert Gorrie of Donald. Thomas Barratt of Trainor’s Lagoon. Theophilus Harsant of Donald. William Erwin of Callawadda. John Davies of Southport Farm, Warngar. George Washington Dow of Banyena. William Gunn of Trainor’s Lagoon. William Hancock of Avon Plains. Neil Macdonald of Callawadda. Donald McAllister of Callawadda. John McAllister of Marnoo. Gordon McConochie of Marnoo. John McConochie of Callawadda. Donald McGregor of Marnoo. John McGregor of Callawadda. Malcolm McGregor of Callawadda. Charles McKay of Callawadda. Godfrey McKinnon of Marnoo. William McLennan of Marnoo. Kenneth McLeod of Korokubeal. James McMurtrie of Glenorchy. John Charles Matthews of Callawadda. George Maunder of Wallalloo. Thomas Morrish of Avon Plains. John Paulden of Marnoo. Samuel Renfrey of Lubeck. Neil Robertson of Banyena. Henry Stratford of Avon Plains. Arthur Morten Tickner of Ledcourt.

Additions to Wimmera West division p142:
J.H. Edmonds of Clear Lake. Thomas Arscott Heard of Noradjuha. William Hobbs of Salt Lakes. Ewen McDonald of Noradjuha. Kenneth and Robert McRae of Noradjuha. Johann Gottlieb Nitschke of Noradjuha.

The Chaffey Irrigation Colony at ‘Mildura’ p143.


Principal land owners (includes location and extent of holdings) p149:
Frederick William Armytage. James Austin. John Aitken. James Bell. Arthur Rankin Blackwood and James Aitken. Andrew Chirnside. Robert Chirnside. John Lang Currie. Mrs Jane Coltish. James Henry Dardel. George Fairbairn. Molesworth Richard Green. Mrs E.S. Gelletly. Charles James Griffin. Mrs Marianne Hope. John Hensley. Mrs Louisa Harding. John Thomas Cory Heard. Robert Culbertson Hope. Charles Ibbotson. Robert Kerr. James Lyle. Henry Larcombe. Samuel Lees. Robert Muirhead. John Moffatt. Hugh Morrison. Graeme Reid Mercer. John Matheson. Valentine Nott Brown. Peter and John Manifold. Henry Miller. George Mathison. Donald McKinnon. Mrs James Noble. Joseph Pattinson. George Russell. Samuel Thomas Staughton. Stephen George Staughton. Simon Frederick Staughton. Sir Samuel Wilson. Messrs H.E., T.N., L.E. and E.A. Whyte. Donald Smith Wallace. Andrew White. William Robert Howe Weeks.

Biographical sketches of Geelong residents p152.
Alfred Amiet. James Martin Anderson. Robert Balding. William Batten. William Beales. Edwin Bennion. Bright and Hitchcocks. Henry Blomfield Brown. George Cakebread. Rev. William Chalmers. Charles Cole. John Crozier. Dr Charles Maslen Deane. Charles John Dennys. Alexander Dick. John Donaghy. John Doughney. James Doull. Peter Burke Dwyer. Fairview Ropeworks. Joseph Henry Grey. William Gurr. William Benjamin Haines. Frederick John Heath. William Higgins. Frederick Hodges. William Humble. Alfred C. Ibbotson. John Stuart Jackson. Thomas Jeffereys. Joseph Kerley. Alexander Parker McMillan. Andrew McWilliams. William Wallace Miles. John Mulligan. Clement Nash. William Evamy Pardey. John Longville Price. John G. Reeves. Dr David Boswell Reid. William James Reid. Horace Frank Richardson. James Richardson. John Dawson Robinson. Richard Robinson. Henry Sargeant. Charles Shannon. John Smith. Dr Stephen Maberly Smith. George Walter Staples. Dr David Edmond Stodart. James Strong. James Francis Tully. Joshua Vines. Thomas Napier Whyte.

Queenscliff p157.

Biographical sketches of residents of area around Geelong p159:
George Admans of Queenscliff. Thomas Agar of Wyndham. John Alcock of Wyndham. William Andrews of Bellarine. Thomas Arkins of Queenscliff. Austin A. Austin of Meredith. J.G. Baillieu of Queenscliff. John Baker of Gherinhap (Gheringhap). John Henry Barber of Queenscliff. Thomas Bates of Drysdale. Andrew Baxter of Bellarine. James Beal of Bellarine. Francis Beamish of Wyndham. John Calvert Bell of Teesdale. Alexander Bell of Teesdale. J.H. Betheras of Shelford. Rev. George N. Bishop of Drysdale. Edward Blackshaw of Wyndham. James Blair of Lara. Thomas Bowey of Moolap. John Branch of Lara. G. Brennan of Portarlington. James Brown of Drysdale. John Browne of Drysdale. Martin Buchter of Batesford. Alexander Calhoun of Portarlington. John Calhoun of Portarlington. William Calhoun of Portarlington. Allan Cameron of Little River. Peter Cameron of Portarlington. Colin Campbell of Cargarie. James Campbell of Cowie’s Creek. John Cant of Portarlington. Robert Cherry of Wyndham. William Churton of Gheringhap. John Clark of Teesdale. Thomas Collins of Drysdale. William Edward Cordell of Queenscliff. Henry Cottee of Queenscliff. James Edwin Cottier of Queenscliff. Robert Crichton of Portarlington. George Cropley of Wyndham. John Dalley of Bellarine. Thomas Dann of Leigh-road. James Henry Dardal of Batesford. Davis Brothers (George, Edmund and Arthur) of Wyndham. Louis De Grandi of Meredith. Anthony Devine of Moolap. John Devine of Little River. John Dewar of Moolap. Peter Dickson of Maddingley. Thomas Elliott of Barngamie. Edward English of Little River. James English of Lara. Patrick Fanning of Cape Schanck. Matthew Farrar of Shelford. William Ferguson of Drysdale. Mrs Elizabeth Foster of Wyndham. Mrs Johann Frame of Little River. James Ogilvie Francis of Drysdale. Henry Fraser of Lara. John Freeman of Wyndham. William Frewin of Queenscliff. Gallop Brothers of Portarlington. Kenneth Gillanders of Cargarie. Thomas Graham of Bellarine. Henry Grass of Little River. John Grigg of Bellarine. Thomas T. Grigg of Drysdale. John Gruff of Germantown. Samuel Grundy of Meredith. Patrick Guinane of Murgheboluc. John Gunn of Bellarine. John Hamilton of Bellarine. Jacob Hammerli of Batesford. George Harding of Queenscliff. John Howey Harper of Wyndham. Mrs Elizabeth Harrison of Wyndham. J.M. Hartshorn of Ceres. Edward Harvey of Portarlington. George Montgomery Haygarth of Inverleigh. George Hebbard of Drysdale. James Helms of Ceres. David Henderson of Bellarine. George Henderson of Drysdale. George Henderson of Portarlington. George Hill of Batesford. Thomas Hobbs of Wyndham. Christopher Hocking of Murgheboluc. Mrs Mary Hogan of Wyndham. Alexander Hood of St Leonards. Mrs Margaret Hood of Bellarine. Jesse Michael Hooper of Bellarine. George Hope of Sutherlands Creek. Charles J. Howard of ‘Melaleuca’, Leopold. Joseph Induni of Queenscliff. William Sampson Jamieson of Queenscliff. Robert Jordan of Queenscliff. Noble William Keanan of Leigh-road. A.P. Kent of Meredith. Charles Henry Kingsbury of Drysdale. William Lambell of Murgheboluc. Alfred Leake of Wyndham. William Leake of Wyndham. John Thomas Lee of Wyndham. Henry Leigh of Ceres. John Leigh of Portarlington. William Leigh of Ceres. William Linford of Meredith. William Lodge of Little River. Peter McCann of Ceres. William McClelland of Lara. Francis McCullough of Drysdale. Fleming McDonald of Leigh-road. John McGillivray of Lara. David McHarry senior of Lara. David McHarry junior of Lara. Alexander McIntosh of Queenscliff. Donald McKay of Meredith. Archibald McLean of Bellarine. James McLean of Portarlington. William McLeod of Little River. Samuel McNaughton of Little River. William McPherson of Wyndham. George Madden of Batesford. John Madden of Gheringhap. Rev. James Manby of Meredith. William Marchant of Portarlington. Henry Martin of Drysdale. James Matthew of Fyansford. David Miller of Teesdale. George Missen of Wyndham. Samuel Morris of Murgheboluc. Joseph Moyle of Lara. Jeremiah Mullane of Cowie’s Creek. James Russell Munckton of Moolap. Henry Musgrove of Barngamie. David Nasmyth of Inverleigh. Robert Nichol of Portarlington. Charles Frederick Nicholls of Little River. Richard O’Connor of Wyndham. Charles Panton of Kensington. Thomas Peel senior of Drysdale. George W. Pegg of Barrabool Hills. George Pigdon of Drysdale. Lucien Pittard of Leigh-road. Philip Rees of Little River. Charles Reid of Wyndham. Richard Renfrey of Bellarine. James Reynolds of Drysdale. John Richards of Meredith. John Ritchie of Ritchie Brothers, Murgheboluc. Mrs Minna Ritchie of Murgheboluc. Louis Robertson of Inverleigh. James Robinson of Wyndham. John Robinson of Wyndham. Mrs Margaret Robinson of Wyndham. William Robinson of Wyndham. John William Rollins of Moolap. Alexander Ross of Wyndham. David Sharp of Bellarine. William Sheehan of Queenscliff. Charles Otto Sievers of Queenscliff. Arthur Charles Simon of Maddingley. David Sinclair of Portarlington. Alfred Smith of Cowie’s Creek. J.E. Smith of Queenscliff. John Spalding of Lara. Henry Squire of Ceres. Albert Edward Steel of Bellarine. James Stout of Murgheboluc. James Sutherland of Barngamie. Thomas Sutterby of Moolap. John Thomson of Cowie’s Creek. John Thomson of Lara. Samuel Thomson of Lovely Banks, Moorabool. George Thornton of Cowie’s Creek. Mark Tonkin of Sutherland’s Creek. Dr Frederick William Towle of Drysdale. Richard Trebilcock of Moolap. Thomas Tucker of Bellarine. William Turner of Portarlington. James Ventees of Murgheboluc. James Walker of Bellarine. Robert Bell Walker of Lara. Titus Walter of Ceres. Thomas Watson of Wyndham. Jacob Weber of Leigh-road. Webster Brothers of Portarlington. Joseph White of Bellarine. William White of Maddingley. T.H. Widdicombe of Portarlington. Frederick Willey of Portarlington. Robert Willey of Bellarine. Donald Williamson of Portarlington. Charles Wilson of Teesdale. Robert Wilson of Little River. Robert Wright of Portarlington. Messrs Chirnside of Wyndham.


Principal land owners (includes location and extent of holdings) p175:
Messrs Austin. Josiah Austin. James Affleck. Alexander Anderson. Harry Adams. William Armstrong. F. and T. Beggs. George Beggs. John Bell. T., P. and J. Bingley. R.L. Bell. T. and A. Chirnside and A. Forbes. Andrew Chirnside. Robert Chirnside. Edward Crossley. Messrs Elder. Archibald Fiskin. Messrs G.C. Forbes, W.J. Chirnside and T.A.C. Forbes. John Fitzgerald. Edmund Craigie Grant. J.O. Inglis. William Lewis. Edward Morey. Thomas Maidment. Thomas Millear. Dougal McPherson. Duncan McKellar. Francis Ormond. William T. Rowe. Thomas Russell. Alexander Russell. Philip Russell. F.A. Ritchie. R. and J. Richardson. Robert Simson. Edward Simmons. G.W. Thompson. Sir Samuel Wilson. John Wilson. Alexander Wilson. John Ware.

Ballarat p175.

Biographical sketches of residents of Ballarat and suburbs p180:
Henry Anderson. Rev. Thomas Robinson Cairns. James Balfour Cathcart. David Christy. James John Fitzgerald. William Henry Gaunt. David Ham. Thomas J. Hickson. Rev. William Hunt. William Little. William Henry Malyon. Alexander Thomson Morrison. Dr Robert Denham Pinnock. William Robertson. John Robson. Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph Thomas Sleep. Ernest Decimus Stocks. St Peter’s Church of England: Rev. H.W.H. Adeney; Rev. Willoughby Flower. Right Rev. Samuel Thornton. Rev. William Poole Wells. George Young. Allchin and Morrell. John Allender. Archer Brothers. Thomas Richard Atkinson. Andrew Austin of Sebastopol. Ballarat Carriage Company. William Barker. William Barton. H. Bade. J.F. Batch. W.M. Bean and Son Company. Bennett Brothers. S. Book of Ballarat East. A. Bradford. William Bridges. George Cairns. Cane and White. John Cargeeg. Cleghorn Brothers. Edward T. Clemence. F.W. Commons. George Crocker. Lawrence Elthannan Cutter. A.R. Davie and Co. James Day. Thomas Dickenson. Dingle, Laverick and Co. John Edwards. George and James Farmer. Fitzgerald Brothers. Thomas Foss. Charles William Harrison. Thomas A. Hawkins and Company. Harry Henley. John Hickman. Joseph Hillman. John Hollway and Sons. David Hughes. Irving, Glover and Co. William Irwin. F. Jago. James and Piper architects. Robert Jamieson. Ellis Jermyn. Mrs Hugh Jones. Laird Brothers. Henry Leggo. James Leckie. Jenkin Lewis. James Long. W.N. Longhurst. Lonie, Dingle and Co. Robert Llewellyn. Lyle Brothers. John Gordon McDonald. E.F. McElroy. J.T. Marsh. Henry Mathes. Alexander Miller. John William Mills. James Mitchell. R.S. Mitchell. Muller’s Umbrella Factory. George Munro. James Nicol. John Nicholson. Oliver and Stevens. W. Osborne. W. Owen. George Parkinson. Pearce Brothers, Ballarat East. John Byrne Pearson. Phillips and Chamberlain. L. Phillips and Co. William Henry Piper: see James and Piper. William Porter. T.W. Purdue. John Reid. Philip Roberts. William Robertson. C. Rowsell and Son. G. Schutze. William Henry Shaw. James Smith. Stephens and Wardle. John Stewart. H. and C. Stoneman. William Taylor. G.T. Thorne. Tippett and Clemence. Thomas Tregurtha. Richard Turner. James Tyler. John Tynan. William H. Ustick. Matthew J. Veal. James Walker. J.T. Walker. Webb Brothers. Edward B. Wells. D.J. Wheal. John Whitelaw. M.P. Whiteside. James Whittle. John Whykes. William L. Williams. John Wall. John Watson. Joseph Weir. Henry George Williams. William G. Williams. Joseph Allen and Co.
Page 195: William Bailey. W.M. Barratt. Cherey and Robins. A.G. Corbett and Co. H. Cronk. James Curtis. Heinz Brothers. Robert Jones. James A. Jordan. Mark Levinson. John McKenzie. John McPhee. A.K. Michelson. John P. Murray. F.W. Pinkerton. Russell and Foster of Ballarat East. Snow and Room. Thomas Taylor. Charles Walker. John White.


Stawell p198. Ararat p199.

Biographical sketches of residents of western subdivision:
B.L. Macpherson of Streatham. Mrs John Allingham of Stawell. William Ainslie of Stawell. Albert Andrews of Beaufort. James Arthur of Stawell. Henry Baber of Stawell. Ballment and Aitken of Ararat. Robert Barker of Ararat. H.C. Bate of Stawell. Thomas Bath of Learmonth. Joseph Best of Great Western. Henry Best. Boberski and Son of Ararat. William Borbidge of Ararat. Alexander Brown of Stawell. Henry Candy of Stawell. John Cannon of Ararat. John Chambers of Rokewood. R.B. Chater of Stawell. William Chisholm and Co. of Ararat. David Constable of Stawell. John Cook of Stawell. A.J. Cox of Ararat. Walter Cox of Learmonth. Jacob Crooke of Miners Rest. Crothers and Co. of Stawell. R.W. Dane of Stawell. William Hay Dawson of Ararat. A. Deans of Deans and Co., Ararat. H. Edhouse of Stawell. Everard and Dunne of Ararat. James Ferguson of Doctors Creek. Flattely and Lewis of Ararat. Charles Cameron Forster of Stawell. William Frayne of Stawell. P. Galbraith of Stawell. J.B. Gravier of Stawell. Charles Hadland of Ararat. Hawkes Brothers of Beaufort. William Hobbs of Stawell. James Hutchings of Greens Creek. John Humphreys of Stawell. John F. Hunter of Stawell. S. Isaacson of Stawell. Dr Robert Nelson Jack of Stawell. Joseph Jackson of Ararat. James and Killey of Stawell. James Elliott Jenkins of Ararat. P.Q. Kempson of Stawell. Thomas Kinsella of Stawell. John Langenbacher of Ararat. Learmonth Brothers. John Little of Ararat. Frederick Lowe of Ararat. Henry Lymer of Ararat. David McArthur of Ararat. John McGibbony of Ararat. James McIntosh of Blowhard. Donald McPherson of Greens Creek. Thomas Metcalfe of Great Western. William Wellesley Miller of Ararat. Patrick Monaghan of Doctors Creek. Patrick Morgan of Learmonth. A.A. Morison of Ararat. David Morris of Ararat. W.E. Nickols of Ararat. James Ormston of Joel Joel. William Henty S. Osmond of Stawell. Thomas W. Palmer of Ararat. J.F. Pearce of Stawell. Walter Pearce of Doctors Creek. Pettett and Francis of Dowling Forest. Pleasant Creek News and Stawell Chronicle Printing Company Limited. E.F. Pollard of Stawell. John Potter of Joel Joel. Thomas Henry Potter of Joel Joel. Joseph Quiney of Ararat. George Rennie of Learmonth. James Robertson of Mount Mitchell. R.O. Robson of Stawell. George Russell of Golfhill, Shelford. Thomas Russell of Rokewood. Wilhelm Schlicht of Beaufort. Clifford Shireff of Stawell. George Simpson of Stawell. J.D. Smith and Son of Ararat. Stabb and Fair of Stawell. Herbert Stace of Ararat. D. Telford of Stawell. William C. Thomas of Beaufort. William Thomas of Stawell West. Thompson and Co. of Ararat. Thomas Tobin of Ararat. J. Treloar and Co. of Stawell. John Tynan of Ararat. Union Bank, Stawell. Paul Vautravers of Ararat. Samuel Kingston Vickery of Ararat. Thomas Waldron of Ararat. Wayman and Kay of Stawell. Carl Wehl of Stawell. Richard H. Williams of Stawell. Sir Samuel Wilson of Burrumbeet. Stephen Young of Ararat.


Buninyong. Ballan; Myrniong p210.

Biographical sketches of residents of the eastern division of Ballarat p211:
James Allison of Lal Lal. William John Andrew of Ballan. W.H. Bacchus of Lal Lal. Robert Paton Baird of Blakeville-road. Joseph Berry of North Ballan. Edward Blake of Ballan. John Henry Bradshaw of Clarendon. William Burton of Greendale. John Carrigg of Clarendon. Thomas Chalmers of Bungaree. John Clark of Ballan. Edward Nelson Collas of Buninyong. Michael Connor of Myrniong. Shaftesbury Cooper of Ballan. James Darcy of Ballan. Patrick Francis Darcy of Greendale. David Mortimer Davies of Buninyong. Henry Densley of Ballan. Daniel Devlin of Egerton. John Dillon of Myrniong. John Drury of Blackwood. Lawrence Dugdale of Myrniong. James Egan of Greendale. John Egan of Ballan. Isaac Evans of Pentland Hills. Lachlan Alexander Fairbairn of Ballan. Alfred Field of Ballan. Archibald Fisken of Lal Lal. George Flack of Ballan. John Forrest of Clarendon. Peter Fowler of Buninyong. William Fowles of Blakeville-road. Donald Kennedy Fraser of Ballan. George Gee of Ballan. Rev. William Henry Geer of Ballan. Thomas Glenney of Ballan. Charles Joel Grantham of Gordon. Peter Grant of Myrniong. Christopher Gunsser of Ballan. Dr Charles Henry William Hardy of Buninyong. Robert McFarlane Harvey of Buninyong. Rev. Thomas Hastie of Buninyong. Charles Heather of Clarendon. Henry H. Hedderwick of Greendale. John Horne of Ballan. Dennis King of Elaine. Charles Knight of Lal Lal. William Lay of Ballan. Henry Linsdell of Bungaree. Isaac Frederick Longhurst of Egerton. Angus McDonald of Yendon. James Macmeikan of Buninyong. Dugald Macpherson of Ballan. David McRae of Ballan. Cheri Mars of Gordon. John Matheson of Clarendon. John Milner of Buninyong. Thomas Morgan of Ballan. John Myers of Pentland Hills. John Myers junior of Ballan. Maurice Nash of Ballan. Edward Newman of Buninyong. Mrs Margaret Pattinson of Myrniong. Alexander Rennie of Myrniong. William Rennie of Ballan. August Romm of Egerton. Mrs Elizabeth Scott of Blakeville. Robert Scott of Buninyong. Thomas Shillito of Ballan. Donald Stewart of Ballan. William Thompson of Pyke’s Flat. Francis Timmons of Myrniong. John Trezise of Buninyong. Michael Tuohy of Ballan. George Vincent of Ballan. T.F. Webb of Yendon. Francis White of Myrniong. George Williams of Greendale. John Peter Wilson of Buninyong. Alexander Wood of Ballan.


Biographical sketches of residents of Avoca district p219.
Rev. S. Adamson of Dunolly. Robert Andrews of Borung. Thomas Barnett of Dunolly. John Betheras of Goldsborough. John Bingham of Woosang. James Brown of Avoca. Thomas Brown of Dunolly. Samuel Henry Butler of Dunolly. William Gregson Couchman of Dunolly. Robert Cowley of Dunolly. Henry O’Brien Daly of Dunolly. John Dorward of Dunolly. James Douglass of Barrakee. John Douglas of Borung. G. Downton of Avoca. Edward Edelsten of St Arnaud. James Faulkner of Dunolly. George Flatman of Barrakee. James Hugh Gearing of Maryborough. Alfred Giles of St Arnaud. George Ellen of Navarre. John McAra Glover of Dunolly. F. Gross of Homebush. William Hamilton of Dunolly. W.W. Harris of Avoca. William Thomas Harvey of Dunolly. John Hayes of Navarre. William Herd of Tarnagulla. Joseph Howard of Dunolly. W.B. Hodgetts of Landsborough. Thomas William Henry Holmes of Barrakee. William Holmes of Barrakee. Edward John of Coonooer. Edward Jones of Borung. John Kirkaldie of Goldsborough. William Henry Langler of Dunolly. James Lawrence of Dunolly. J.W. Lewis of Avoca. C.F. Lewis of St Arnaud. James Logan of Maryborough. Andrew Lorimer of St Arnaud. Alexander Lowenstein of Maryborough. Peter McBride of St Arnaud. George Mackay of Dunolly. George McKenzie of St Arnaud. William George McPherson of St Arnaud. Henry Martyn of Maryborough. Andrew May of Borung. Charles Medcalf of Inglewood. Edward P. Morris of Dunolly. Henry Cumming Neilson of St Arnaud. Edwin Francis Peters of Dunolly. George Powell of St Arnaud. W.H. Puddicombe of Landsborough. Charles Johnstone Reid of St Arnaud. Robert Ritchie of Dunolly. Rev. Frederick Robinson of Dunolly. Walter Skelton of Dunolly. Samuel Smale of Barrakee. Edmund Snell of Avoca. Henry Spiers of Amphitheatre: see Wise and Co., Avoca. Thomas Stafford of Dunolly. Edward Rosman of Tarnagulla. Daniel Taylor of Maryborough. Joseph Tivey of Inglewood. Francis Watt of Barrakee. James Weller of Maryborough. William Edwin Wheeler of St Arnaud. Thomas Henry White of Kingower. William Whittaker of Dunolly. J.R. Williams of Homebush. Alexander Williamson of Dunolly. John Wilson of Crowlands. M.M. Wise and Co. of Avoca. Agnes Wright of Inglewood. William Wright of Borung.

William Boag of Natte Yallock. Allan Cameron of Bealiba. Charles Cameron of Bowenvale. John Cheesman of Barkly. James Cheetham of Tarnagulla. Thomas Comrie of Tarnagulla. David Davies of Navarre. William Morgan Davies of Tarnagulla. James Duxson of Navarre. Edward Elliott of Bromley. George Evans of Bealiba. Thomas Fotheringham of Orville. Matthew Johnston of Redbank. Roderick McLeod of Gre Gre. John Martin of Bealiba. Henry Mills of Natte Yallock. John William and Alexander Jas. Miller of Tottington. Samuel Nicholls of Tarnagulla. Hugh Pearson of Newbridge. William Price of Bealiba. John Shields Simpson of Newbridge. John Smith of Navarre. George Stevens of Havelock. Albert Summers of Newbridge. Eli Summers of Newbridge. John Alexander Sutherland of Dunolly. George Walker of Newbridge. C.H. Warnecke of Bromley. William Weymes of Newbridge.


Principal landowners (includes location and extent of holdings) p230:
Messrs Anderson. William Brumley. Edward Bucknall. Matthew and William Bryant. Albert Bucknall. Mrs Annie E.P. Bucknall. Ambrose Chalk. Walter Henry Davidson. Joseph Fawcett. George Godfrey. William Hamilton. Captain John Hepburn. Henry Huish. Martin Loughlin. James Russell Munckton. Sir William Fancourt Mitchell. Alexander McRae. Martin McKenna. John McPhee. Miss Nicol. James Robertson. Seven Hills Company.

Kyneton p231.

Biographical sketches of residents of the Coliban district p232:
Reginald Ivon Argyle of Kyneton. Thomas Didymus Armstrong of Taradale. William Gordon Blair of Kyneton. Salathiel Booth of Kyneton. C. Bower of Kyneton. Thomas W. Bower of Carlsruhe. Thomas William Brook of Kyneton. James Henry Kestell Buscombe of Kyneton. Henry Caspar of East Trentham. William David Christian of Woodend. R.W. Cock of Kyneton. Mrs Sarah Davies of Woodend. John de Gruchy of Kyneton. Michael Dwyer of Kyneton. Thomas Dwyer of Mia Mia. James Evans of Woodend. Thomas Anderson Ewing of Tylden. Alexander Fleming of Kyneton. Henry Fitzsimmons of East Trentham. John Foley of Kyneton. Patrick Garry of East Trentham. Thomas Gibbard of Redesdale. James Geddes of Carlsruhe. William Glover of Woodend. George Govett of Kyneton. Alexander Grant of Tylden. Roderick Gray of Metcalfe. Mrs Elizabeth Hamilton (nee Fryer) of Kilmore. Thomas Healy of Kyneton. Edward Hewitt of Taradale. Charles Hobson of Kilmore. Andrew Hudson of Kilmore. Henry James Hunt of Kilmore. James Hyslop of Spring Plains. J.R. Johnston of Kyneton. James Arthur Johnston of Woodend. Patrick Keegan of Kyneton. Hugh Kennedy of Kyneton. Samuel Knight of Kyneton. William Laslett of Malmsbury. Samuel J. Latham of Carlsruhe. George F. Laver of Kyneton. Patrick Lyons of Kyneton. Martin McKenna of Kyneton. Henry Daniel McKenzie of Woodend. Kenneth McKenzie of Malmsbury. Kenneth Matheson of Metcalfe. James Minogue of Kyneton. R.J. Mitchell of Fern Hill. Granville Borlase Moyle of Kilmore. Mrs Mary Murphy of Trentham. Stuart Murray of Kyneton. Thomas Murray of Kilmore. Walter Scott Murray of Kyneton. C.E.C. Nesbitt of Kyneton. M. O’Brien of Woodend. Richard O’Neil of Kyneton. Joseph Palmer of Kyneton. Dr James Pestell of Kyneton. Hugh Rawson of Kyneton. William Charles Reeves of Metcalfe. James Rodgers of Carlsruhe. Mrs H. Rogers of Kyneton. Hugh McDonald Ross of Kyneton. Andrew Rowan of Green Hills, Kyneton. Edwin Smith of Metcalfe. Samuel Smith of Kyneton. R. Sutherland of Kyneton. William Thomson of Kyneton. Mrs Jean Watson of Kyneton. R.H. Wilsmore of Tylden. A.L.P. Windmill of Carlsruhe. Lieutenant-Colonel Windridge of Kyneton. Robert Young of Kilmore. Robert Roy of Tooborac. William Anderson, MLA, of Dean. James Brownlie of Emu Flat. Peter Cooper of Tooborac. William Cordell of Pyalong. William Crawford of High Camp Plains. William Donaldson of Tooborac. William Eades of High Camp Plains. James Easton of Tooborac. Michael Geraghty of Lismoyle, Glenaroua. William Gilmore of Tooborac. John Halpin of Emu Flat. Alexander Henderson of Glenaroua. Thomas Hunt, MLA, of Kilmore. Edmund Morris Kenny of Emu Flat. John Paterson of Emu Flat.

Castlemaine p237. Daylesford p239.

Biographical sketches of citizens of Coliban West p239:
William Aberdeen of Castlemaine. James Allen of Moranding. William Edward Allen of Creswick. Archibald Anderson of Newlyn. James Anderson of Dean. John Anderson of Smeaton. Justus Angwin of Daylesford. William Barkas of Daylesford. James Barnes of Creswick. Michael Bedolla of Daylesford. William Bell of North Creswick. William Bellamy of Smeaton. Matteo Benussi of Daylesford. Martin Berg of Creswick. Samuel Bevan of Pyalong. Joseph Binns of Spring Mount. George Birch of Creswick. Rivett Henry Bland of Clunes. Joseph Blight of Harcourt. John Boyle of Hillsborough. Edward Brawn of Broomfield. Adam Broomfield of Newlyn. W. Browse of Daylesford. Charles T.P. Bryant of Maldon. George Bryant of Carisbrook. Albert Bucknall of Majorca. Hugh Bucknall of Majorca. Colonel John Edward Bull of Newell. John W. Burns of Daylesford. William Burall of Daylesford. John Olding Butler of Tourello. W.M. Butler of Castlemaine. Ambrose Chalk of Carisbrook. Thomas Chaplin of Carisbrook. Thomas Clark of Creswick. David Coghill of Coghill’s Creek. O.W. Collins of Castlemaine. Patrick Costello of North Creswick. John Francis Creati of Spring Mount. Andrew Cross of Daylesford. John Crymble of Lauriston. George Cunnack of Castlemaine. Daniel Currie of Langdon’s Hill. James Davie of Creswick. John Davies of Harcourt. William Davies of Creswick. William Davidson of Harcourt. Thomas J. Deakin of Daylesford. James Dolphin of Daylesford. William Dolphin of Blampied. Andrew Donnelly of Mount Prospect. John Dougall of Ascot. Norval Edwards of Castlemaine. John Egan of Eganstown. Josiah Ellery of Golden Point. Richard Ellwood of Kingston. Frederick William Everard of Kingston. Robert John Falla of Creswick. Eric Finlason of Castlemaine. Pietro Foletti of Daylesford. Robert Formby of Castlemaine. William Fraser of Langdon’s Hill. John Freeman of Daylesford. F. Fricke of Carisbrook. James Fry of Newlyn. Christian Fumberger of Daylesford. Robert Galloway of Majorca. William Gaulton of Castlemaine. Henry Goff of Daylesford. Thomas Graham of Castlemaine. William Graham of North Creswick. George Graves of Daylesford. H.W. Green of Castlemaine. J. Griffiths of Majorca. William Halford of Castlemaine. Henry Hammon of Creswick. Richard Hanks of Daylesford. L. Harse of Carisbrook. Lyman O. Hart of Daylesford. Mrs Margaret Hayes of Glenaroua. George Stuart Hepburn of Smeaton. Thomas Hesketh of Newlyn. James Hocter of Mount Prospect. M. Hogan of Tylden. John William Horwood of Albion Foundry, Castlemaine. Charles Edwin House of Creswick. Alfred Hurlstone of East Trentham. Abel James of Creswick. David Johnson of Strangways. John Johnson of Glenaroua. Lewis Thomas Jones of Harcourt. Owen Humphrey Jones of Daylesford. William Prendergast Jones of Creswick. John Keenan of Majorca. William Kelly of Glenaroua. Angus Kennedy of Strangways. Archibald Kerr of Glenaroua. Alexander Kidd of Daylesford. John Kimber of Harcourt. John William King of Daylesford. William King of Daylesford. Andrew La Franchi of Mount Prospect. James Lang of Harcourt. John J. Larkins of Daylesford. Robert Charles Lindsay of Creswick. David Lyall of Creswick. Joseph McCleary of Talbot. Samuel McCleary of Splitter’s Creek. Matthew McCormick of Creswick. Thomas McCormick of Dean. W.R. McGregor of Castlemaine. William McKay of Newlyn. Donald McKenzie of Glenaroua. John Craig McLachlan of Smeaton. Michael McMahon of Golden Point. Donald McNaughton of Strangways. Daniel McPhail of Creswick. Peter McPherson of Eddington. William McPherson of Newlyn. Finlay Macdonald of Lauriston. Hugh Mackay of Dean. Alexander Mackenzie pf Glenaroua. Henry Martin of Dean. John William Massey of Maldon. Donald Matheson of Strangways. William Mercer of Daylesford. George Merrifield of Castlemaine. Charles Wemyss Milne of Smeaton. Thomas Mitchell of Spring Mount. James Menotti of Daylesford. Charles Rickman Moore of Daylesford. John Morrison of Glenaroua. Patrick Murnane of Spring Mount. John Murray of Daylesford. Charles Napier of Carisbrook. Thomas C. Naples of Dean. James Newman of Castlemaine. Robert Nichol of Clunes. Henry Nicholas of Daylesford. James Orr of Dean. William Osburn of Creswick. G.H. Page of Daylesford. R. Pasco of Creswick. John Parkin of Kingston. John S. Paterson of Hollinwood. W. Paterson of Carisbrook. A.J. Peacock of Creswick. John White Pearce of Castlemaine. Halsey Peerman of Glenaroua. A.E. Penson of Daylesford. Thomas Petersen of Strangways. George Payne Philpots of Castlemaine. Richard Potter of Dean. Stefano Pozzi of Daylesford. Thomas Prendergast of Bellevue. Edward Pritchard of Harcourt. John Worthing Pritchard of Smeaton. Joseph Pryor of Golden Point. Edwin Purches of Chewton. Nathaniel William Quick of Bellevue. James Randell of Creswick. James Redfearn of Castlemaine. George Redman of Sulky Gully. Dr James Reed of Clunes. William Tennyson Read of Dean. Richard Richardson of Newlyn. Edward Roberts of Daylesford. Eli Roberts of Castlemaine. Thomas Robinson of Creswick. John Ross of Bellevue. William Ross of Newlyn. Nicholas Rousch of Newlyn. Hannibal Orchard Rowe of Castlemaine. W. Ruby of Majorca. John Salter of Ascot. David Scott of Glenlyon. John Scott of Glenlyon. Richard Joseph Sheehan of Smeaton. Daniel Slattery of Bald Hills. James Smidt of Daylesford. Charles Smith of Daylesford. Roland Smith of Daylesford. William Smith of Daylesford. William Smyth of Allandale. Walter Southwood of Daylesford. William Edward Stanbridge of Daylesford. David Stavily of Majorca. John Stephens of Craigie. Ralph Drummond Stevenson of Daylesford. Charles Stewart of Carisbrook. D.C. Stewart of Newstead. Thomas Symonds of Bellevue. Samuel Tarrant of Clunes. Norman Taylor of Daylesford. Walter Taylor of Dean. Edmond Thwaites of Castlemaine. William Thomas of Golden Point. Frank Tilley of Daylesford. Charles Tolstrup of Castlemaine. James Trembath of Majorca. William Trembath of Clunes. Thomas Stevens Trevascus of Castlemaine. Philip Trevean of Harcourt. James Troup of Coghill’s Creek. Thomas Verey of Daylesford. Alanson Ward of Dean. Robert Warren of Dean. David A. Watson of Allandale. Samuel Wharn of Castlemaine. James Henry Wheeler of Daylesford. Michael White of Dean. James Wilkie of North Creswick. Edward David Williams of Castlemaine. Joseph Williams of Creswick. W. Lloyd Williams of Harcourt. George Wines of Pyalong. Frederick Wissing of Daylesford. Charles Wilson of Creswick. Miles Dixon Woodburn of Daylesford. Augustus Court Yandell of Castlemaine. George Yeats of Castlemaine. William Yelland of Newlyn. James Young of Daylesford. George Annand of Joyce’s Creek. George Baker of Moolort. Alexander Brebner of Joyce’s Creek. John Broad of Sutton Grange. Thomas Broadfoot of Baringhup. John Butler of Moolort. Alexander Cameron of Newstead. Charles Collard of Baringhup. William Thomas Cox of Joyce’s Creek. Samuel Dabb of Maldon. Charles Daw of Baringhup. Joshua Dibb of Muckleford. Archibald Forestdale Dowie of Moolort. John Duff of Baringhup. Edward Edwards of Baringhup. James Elliott of Maldon. John Farquharson of Joyce’s Creek. William Ferguson of Sutton Grange. Alexander Forbes of Eddington. Donald Grant of Moolort. Thomas Hadfield of Eddington. John Hamilton of Baringhup West. William Hansford of Elphinstone. Henry Harse of Carisbrook. William Hatton of Muckleford. Robert Hawksley of Eddington. John Hopkins of Muckleford. Thomas Howells of Muckleford. Thomas James of Moolort. John Kyd of Newstead. I. Langbein and Company of Daylesford. Lewis Brothers of Walmer. Thomas Lillie of Baringhup. Francis Lock of Moolort. George McKay of Joyce’s Creek. John McLay of Moolort. James Mackie of Newstead. Andrew Manson of Baringhup. Joseph Mapson of South Muckleford. John Munro of South Muckleford. David Marshall of Baringhup. James Meredith of Moolort. Mikkelsen Brothers of Charlotte Plains. Robert Dent Oswald of Maldon. Daniel Nixon of Eddington. Walter Thomas Rollason of Baringhup East. Andrew Ross of Eddington. Charles Gottfried Schmidt of Baringhup. Francis Stewart of Carisbrook. Malcolm Stewart of Newstead. John May Ware of Joyce’s Creek. John White of Joyce’s Creek. Samuel Woodman of Muckleford.


Principal landowners (includes location and extent of holdings) p266:
Messrs Anderson. Joseph Bell. Charles William Buckland. Henry Backhaus. William Campbell. Jeremiah Heffernan. William Hunter. Robert Hunter. Joel Horwood. Robert Moffatt. Andrew O’Keefe. Thomas Robertson. Arthur Charles Wilson.

Sandhurst (Bendigo) p266.

The following are brief notices of a number of inhabitants p268:
John Clements of Lockwood. Mrs M. Allen of Sebastian. William Anderson of Leichardt. William Shanks Anderson of Elmore. Henry Barrett of Runnymede East. William Nixon Bell of Raywood. Thomas Blanchen of Elmore. John Charlton of Sebastian. Charles Clarke of Elmore. Frederick Clark of Raywood. Mrs Harry Clayton of Leichardt. Patrick Codey of South Elmore. Malachi Crowle of Raywood. John Dabron of Sebastian. John Delbridge of Sandhurst. Mrs Charlotte Dewar of Sebastian. Richard Dods of Marong. John Donaldson of Raywood. Thomas Draper of Raywood. Samuel Henry Farrall of Elmore. Henry Filcock of Leichardt. Thomas Fletcher of Marong. Roderick Foord of Elmore. Henry Fudge of Elmore. Mrs Norah Glover of Marong. Christopher Gregory of Elmore. Thomas P. Harley of Marong. Charles Harris of Runnymede East. Frank Harritable of Sebastian. William Hartley of Sebastian. Richard Stewart Harvey of Raywood. James Heeps of Elmore. J.E. Horsey of Elmore. John Hughes of Raywood. William Hutchinson of Elmore. Henry Robb Hyde of Raywood. Mrs E. Jewell of Bridgewater. John Kennedy of Marong. George Killingbeek of Leichardt. William Landry of Marong. Wootton Lansell of Leichardt. Arthur Moore Lloyd of Sandhurst. Alexander McKay of Raywood. Robert McKee of South Elmore. John McLay of Marong. Michael McNamara of Marong. Michael Malvahill of Toolleen. James Mason of Raywood. George Thomas Masterman of Raywood. Charles F. Meeking of Sebastian. Alexander Milton of Elmore. James Parsons of South Elmore. Onesiphorus Pearce of Raywood. Henry Peerless of Marong. James Elliott Potter of Sandhurst. Thomas A. Rattray of Elmore. Abraham Roberts of Sandhurst. John Robshaw of Sandhurst. William Ross of Runnymede. Robert Sawers of Sandhurst. Andrew Scott of Elmore. John Shotton of Elmore. William Smith of Raywood. John Steel of Marong. Henry Swindale of Runnymede. John Pepin Teague of Raywood. William Telford of Elmore. Patrick Torpey of Axedale. William Charles Vahland of Sandhurst. Robert Walker of Marong. John Wallace of Marong. C.H. Wendel of Colbinabbin. Arthur C. Wilson of Sebastian. Henry Wilson of Marong. William Winzar of Marong.

Page 273: Walter Ackerman of Lockwood. Charles Baker of Lockwood. William Barber of Laanecoorie. Thomas Bell of Neereman. Hartmann Blumner of Lockwood. Alexander Cameron of Lockwood. Jonathan Charlesworth of Marong. William Halled Davis of Lockwood. John Douglas of Laanecoorie. James Francis of Lockwood. Thomas Grisold of Laanecoorie. Thomas Grylls of Laanecoorie. Frederick Lennon of Lockwood. Robert Lapsley of Lockwood. Peter Lyon of Laanecoorie. John McIntyre MLA of Sandhurst. James Melville of Lockwood. Francis Meyer of Lockwood. William Michael of Laanecoorie. Charles Niblett of Lockwood. James Oldroyd of Laanecoorie. James Stansfield of Lockwood. Thomas Sloan Stewart of Lockwood. William Tupper of Laanecoorie. William Vines of East Shelbourne. John Wallis of Lockwood.


Principal landowners (includes location and extent of holdings) p277:

Caleb Anderson. Atkinson Harry Leigh. Salathiel Booth. Joseph Bird. John Bell Chirnside. David Coutts and the Messrs Coutts. Simon Fraser. Obadiah Edwick. Lewis A. Grant. Thomas Guthrie. William Hunter. Robert Hunter. Robert Arthur Molesworth and Thomas Webb Ware. Robert Moffatt. James McMeckan. Messrs O’Donnell and Ryan. John Pritchard. John Thomas Proctor. John Russell. Joseph and John Raleigh. Messrs Wragge and Hearne. Harold Charles Wilson.

Echuca p277.

Among the local residents we are enabled to name the following:

George Adams of Kerang. Henry Alger of Kerang. Richard Allen of Narrewillock. George Anderson of Wycheproof. Lieutenant-Colonel Caleb Anderson of Mincha. Arthur Lallam Balding of Kerang. Joseph Bartlett of Yeungroon. Frederick Becroff of Wycheproof. Andrew Wilkie Bennett of Thalia. James Bennett of Wooroonoke. William Bevan of West Charlton. Alfred Elgin Bilton of Charlton. Dr William Joshua Bird of Boort. Henry Blabey of Mount Wycheproof. Archibald Blair of Narrewillock. Thomas Boase of Wycheproof. George Enwright Bourchier of Charlton. Lawrence Burke of Wycheproof. Alexander Bowman of Kerang. W.G. Boyle of Mysia. John Boyle of Mysia. Benjamin Brown of North Boort. Michael Buckley of Pyramid Hill. Burton Brothers of Swan Hill. John James Cadusch of Kerang. Joseph Cadusch of Kerang. Robert B. Calvert of Boort. John Coleman of Kerang. Edward Marks Cook of Kerang. Robert Coutts of Mysia. Robert Crawford of Kerang. William Credlin of Thalia. Michael George Croker of Charlton. John Cullen of Kerang. Gilbert Currie of Mount Wycheproof. James Custance of Wooroonoke. Joseph Edward Cutts of Wycheproof. Harry Dainty of Pyramid Hill. William John Davey of Kerang. James Day of Kerang. Thomas Dillon of Charlton. William L. Douglas of Boort. Richard Draper of Thalia. George Drummond of Kerang. James Dunne of Wooroonoke. Joseph Dunn of Mount Wycheproof. Thomas B. Durham of Boort. John Dwyer of Boort. Martin Egan of Bungeluke. Mrs E. Egan of West Charlton. Mrs Sabina Evans of Mysia. Thomas Greville Evans of Kerang. Joseph Fanning of Charlton. Gilbert Ferguson of Mysia. George Fielding of Wycheproof. John Fisher of Pyramid Hill. G. and C. Foreman of Charlton. Robert Milne Foster of Charlton. James Furnell of Mologa. William Cook Garden of Swan Hill. Frederick Peter Giles of Wooroonoke. Andrew Gray of Pyramid Hill. Walter Gray of Kerang. James Grigg of Koondrook. William Hamilton of Wycheproof. Michael Hanrahan of Charlton. Thomas Hanrahan of Bungeluke. Thomas Hardman of Bungeluke. Robert Hastings of Swan Hill. William Hastings of Swan Hill. Michael Herrick of Mount Hope. Edward Hobson of Swan Hill. Edward Hogan of Wooroonoke. Edward Holden of Wooroonoke. Richard Hughes of Swan Hill. Edward Humphries of Charlton. Thomas Henry Jackson of Charlton. James Jamieson of Pyramid Hill. Alfred John Jones of Kerang. James Jorgensen of Kerang. John Jose of Kerang. George Keast of Boort. Michael Keene of Koondrook. John Herrick Kelly of Pyramid Hill. Martin Kelly of Wooroonoke. Randolph Kemp of Durham Ox. Henry Charles Kempson of Kerang. George Kettle of Mysia. Henry Kempton of Mysia. Frederick Kirk of Mysia. William Kirk of East Charlton. Rudolph Martin Klundler of Charlton. Patrick G. Lacey of Mount Hope. Michael Loughnan of Wooroonoke. G.A. Luth of Charlton. James McCarthy of Kerang. William McConnell of Charlton. Archibald McDonald of Swan Hill. Alexander Macdonald of Forest Park, Wooroonoke. Donald McDonald of Boort. Angus McGillivray of Mount Hope. Alexander McGlashan of Boort. Rody McGrath of Wooroonoke. Donald McInnes of Kerang. Hugh MacIver of Quambatook. John McIvor of Kerang. John McMay of Pyramid Hill. William McKelvie of Thalia. Donald McLean of Mysia. Michael McNeill of Mount Hope. Cornelius Maher of Charlton. James Malone of Mologa. Abraham Manley of West Charlton. John Marfleet of Mologa. William Martin of Echuca. James Martyn of Charlton. James Miles of Hallam. Charles William Minster of West Charlton. George Moore of Mount Hope. Henry Charles Moorhead of Kerang. Michael Murphy of Charlton. Thomas Lawrence Murphy of Kerang. Alexander B. Murray of Charlton. George Myles of Durham Ox. William Neale junior of Pyramid Hill. Robert Newton of Mount Hope. John O’Callaghan of Bungeluke. Lawrence O’Dwyer of Pyramid Hill. James Oppy of Kerang. Oscar Owen of Charlton. David Owens of Mysia. Woodford John Williams Patchell of Kerang. George Pearse of Rochester. Robert Pettigrew of Swan Hill. Chestnut Peacock of Pyramid Hill. Henry Pfau of Kerang. Cornelius Proctor of Boort. Richard Pryor of Mysia. Thomas Pye of Swan Hill. Patrick Quirk of West Charlton. David Grant Rattray of Kerang. John Ritchie of Mysia. George North Roberts of West Charlton. William Roberts of Durham Ox. John Robertson of Wooroonoke. John Robertson of Wycheproof. David Rollinson of Mysia. James Saffron of East Charlton. Henry Sait of Teddywaddy. Henry Saville of Pyramid Hill. John Semmens of Yeungroon. David Shannon of East Charlton. William Frederick Sheridan of Durham Ox. John Singleton of Koondrook. John Slattery of East Charlton. Felix Smith of Mount Wycheproof. Joseph Smith of Willow Bank, Bungaree and Minmindie. Robert Smith of West Charlton. Walter Smith of Swan Hill. John William Taverner of Kerang. Alexander Thompson of Narrewillock. James Thompson of Kerang. George Tipping of Kerang. Francis Todd of Pyramid Hill. Francis Tunstall of Mysia. John T. Turner of Kerang. Thomas Uren of Minmindie. James Wait of Kerang. Patrick Walsh of Teddywaddy. Richard Ward of Kerang. John Watson of Mount Hope. Thomas Watson of Pyramid Hill. Edwin Webb of Charlton. White and Company of Kerang. Harry White of Mysia. Henry Williams of Swan Hill. William Williams of Charlton. David William Williamson of Kerang. William Henry Winterbottom of Koondrook. Joseph Wright of Boort. Charles Yeo of Kerang. Mrs Mary Young of Rochester. William George Coram Yule of Swan Hill. James Shackell MLA of Echuca. John William Orr of Borung (in the Avoca district).


Principal landowners (includes location and extent of holdings) p291:
William Campbell. Charles Percy Davis. John Finlay. William Frazer. Humphry Grattan. John Henderson. John Inglis. Thomas Henry Littlewood. Mary M. Rowe. George Simmie. James Turnbull. William Irving Winter. John Winter. James Winter.

Shepparton; Heathcote p291. Murchison p292.

Among the residents of the Lower Goulburn district are p292:
Robert Acherson of Tongala. Charles Adams of Corop. James Adkin of Baulkamaugh. William Alexander of Koyuga. Henry Allen of Pelluebla. William Henry Allen of Baulkamaugh. William Amor of Kotupna. Alexander Anderson of Murchison. James W. Anderson of Lake Rowan. John Anderson of Toolamba. Thomas Julian Anderson of Kyabram. William Anderson of Toolamba. James Andrews of Merrigum. Arthur Lee Archer of Murchison. Edward Atkins of Cooma. David Baldwin of Undera. John George Barker of Waaia. Henry Barlow of Wanalta. John Barnes of Yielima. William Barnes of Katamatite. James Barry of Kotupna. Zaccheus Bawden of Drumanure. Mrs Rachel Baxter of Lake Rowan. Patrick Bellew of Kotupna. Henry Bevan of Mooroopna West. Charles Bingham of Gillieston. Richard Birch of Boosey. Joseph Black of Lake Rowan. Francis Blake of Kotupna. Thomas Blayney of Nagambie. James Boles of Devenish. Charles Bond of Lake Rowan. Patrick Bourke of Murchison. Thomas Fowles Bowen of Katamatite. Michael Bowler of St James. John William Boyd of Major Plains. Jeremiah Breen of Toolamba South. John Brennan of Girgarre East. Henry Broom of Kotupna. Harry Brown of Thoona. John Brown of Boosey. John Brown of Boosey. John Brown of Kyabram West. Robert Browless of Lake Rowan. William Bruce of Yarroweyah. Charles Bull of Corop. John Bunyan of Pelluebla. Thomas Burkitt of Naringaningalook. Thomas Burrows of Baldwinsville. Lewis Byrne of Ranelagh House, Toolamba West. Timothy Daniel Byrnes of St James. Patrick Cahir of Boosey. John Callander of Katunga. Robert Callander of Katunga. John Cameron of Lake Rowan. Alexander Campbell of Barmah. Alexander Campbell of Strathmerton. Archibald Campbell of Mooroopna West. David Campbell of Katunga. William Henry Cannon of Kyabram West. Patrick Cantwell of Corop. James Carnie of Naringaningalook. William P. Carter of Devenish. Charles Cawthorn of Lake Rowan. Leonard Mood Caygill of Strathmerton. William Chadwick junior of Lake Rowan. Chateau Tahbilk Vineyard. Thomas Chesters of Lake Rowan. John Chestnut of Baulkamaugh. Mrs Ann Church of St James. Samuel Clark of Wanalta. John Cochran of Waaia. Peter Coelli of Undera. Alexander Collie of Toolamba West. Andrew Collie of Merrigum. John Collins of Picola. John Collins of Ulupna. George Colliver of Toolamba West. Hezekiah Colman of Kotupna. John Colter of Naringaningalook. John Connell of Burramine. Michael Connelly of Strathmerton. Andrew Cook of Goorambat. John Cook of Goorambat. John Cook of Katunga. Henry Coram of Yielima. Henry Corrin of Ulupna. John Coughlin of Corop. Uriah Cox. Of Thoona. Robert Joseph Coyle of Naringaningalook. Thomas Craven of Heathcote. Thomas Crawford of Numurkah. William George Crockett of St James. William Cross of Tatura. James Croucher of Bungeet. Joseph Crow of Numurkah. John Cullen of Waaia. James David of Yarroweyah. James Day of Devenish. John James Day of Lake Rowan. William Deakin of Heathcote. Patrick Deane of Wahring. Martin Delany of Barmah. Walter Devlen of Mooroopna West. Patrick Divan of Lake Rowan. Richard Doel of Barwo. William Doel of Barwo. Charles Donald of Naringaningalook. William Donaldson of Merrigum. William Donaldson of Numurkah. Eliza Donoghue of Toolamba. Michael Downs of St James. James Duffy of Naringaningalook. Thomas Atkinson Duke of Mooroopna North. James Dunleavey of Dunbulbalane. Ambrose Dunleavy of Yarroweyah. Peter Dunn of Undera. Daniel Dwyer of Girgarre. William Dwyer of Kyabram West. Hamilton Pope Elrington of Narioka. William Edwards of Taripta. John Egan of Picola. Morgan Egan of Devenish. Cornelius Ellis of Goorambat. George Alexander Evans of Numurkah. James Evans of Timmering. William Fairless of Baulkamaugh. Robert John Fairman of Barwo. Peter Farquharson of Corop. Richard Charles Farrall of Strathmerton. Thomas Farr of Tungamah. Septimus Fawcett of Katunga. Thomas George Fegent of Dunbulbalane. George Henry Feltham of Goorambat. Daniel Ferguson of Barwo. William Ferguson of Mangalore. Battista Ferrari of Lower Moira. George William Dye Flack of Strathmerton. William Finlay Fleming of Kotupna. John Foley of Baulkamaugh. John Ford of Burramine. John Forestal of Bungeet. Robert Forge of Kotupna. William Foster of Tungamah. Edmund Fowler of Baulkamaugh. John Foy of Lake Rowan. Alexander Fraser of Timmering East. Donald Fraser of Timmering. John Fraser of Yarroweyah. James Frazer of Pelluebla. Isaac Frowd of Kyabram. Samuel Fry of Devenish. Thomas Fuller of Tongala. Hugh Fulton of Timmering. Samuel Furphy of Jubilee Pines, Lake Cooper district. William Henry George of Tongala. Alexander Gillespie of Tongala. Alexander Gillespie junior of Kyabram West. Donald Gillis of Devenish. Robert Gilmore of Undera. John Gimor of Merrigum. Andrew Glass of Undera. B. Goddard of Taripta. John Gordon of Nagambie. William Gray of Karimba. Charles Grinter of Picola. Charles Grinter junior of Picola. John Groves of Tatura. James Gunn of Strathmerton. Hall Brothers, Goorambat. George Hall of Koyuga. James Stimpson Hall of Goorambat. John Hamilton of Cobram. Lawrence Hanlon of Kotupna. Hans Jippe Hansen of Ulupna. Thomas Harding of Narioka. John Hargreaves of Lake Rowan. Stephen Harris of Kyabram. Robert Haslem of Kyabram. James Hassett of Devenish. John Hassett of Devenish. David Henry Hawker of Barwo. James Hayde of Tongala. Denis Heaphy of Narioka. John Heath of Strathmerton. Eneas Heffernan of Katunga. Patrick Heffernan of Toolamba West. Arthur Henderson of Picola. Joseph Henderson of Waaia. Cornelius Hennessy of Tatura. William Herrmann of Narioka. Alfred Hewitt of Katamatite. James Hicks of Corop. Edward Higgins of Mokoan. Chestnut Hill of Tatura. William Hill of Lake Rowan. Christopher Hinde of Merrigum. Robert Hodgson of Corop. John Hogan of Undera. Thomas Holden of Yarroweyah. Patrick Holian senior of St James. Robert Holmes of Lake Rowan. James Hooper junior of Devenish. Edward Hopkins of Katamatite. Robert Hosie of Ulupna. Lawrence Houlaghan of Tongala. George Eager Huggard of Murchison. John Hughes of Katunga. Thomas Humphries of Wanalta. Samuel Francis Hunt of Kyabram. William Henry Hunt of Devenish. Husband Brothers of Bungeet. Charles Hutchinson of Kotupna. William Hyne of Mooroopna North. Charles Jackson of Picola. Joshua Jacobs of Numurkah. David Ingram of Timmering. John Ingram of Timmering. George Irvine of Lake Rowan. Jep Hansen Jespersen of Mokoan. Edward Jeffery of Numurkah. Thomas Jeffrey of Strathmerton. John Johnson of Tongala. Andrew Johnston of Katunga. David Johnston of Dookie. William Jones of Taminick. John Justice of Thoona. Daniel Keady of Murchison. William Kelly of St James. Robert Kerr of Northwood. Thomas Kervin of Kyabram. James Killmister of Waaia. Alfred Henry King of Waaia. John George King of Waaia. James Kingham of Kotupna. Thomas Ladson of Mokoan. Henry Julius Lapthorne of Katunga East. Mary Lee of Yarroweyah. John Lennon of Toolamba West. William Lidgerwood of Devenish. Charles Lilford of Tongala. William Lilford of Tongala. James Limbrick of Waaia. Edmond Lawrence Lizard of Narioka. Llewellyn Llewellyn of Koyuga. William Lloyd of Rushworth. Henry Lockwood of Girgarre East. Charles Frederick Loof of Katamatite. John Dickson Love of Tatura. Henry Ludiman of Waggarandall. Arthur Lupton of Yarroweyah. Andrew Lynch of Mooroopna West. John McBurnie of Picola. Archibald McCall of Timmering East. Patrick Lloyd McCallum of Devenish. James McCarron of Barwo. William Henry Macartney of Kyabram East. John Macartney of Lake Rowan. Robert McClelland of Girgarre East. David McClure of Karimba. Farquhar McClure of Katunga. Thomas McCormack of Cobram. John McCormick of Bonn. James McDermott of Strathmerton. Angus McDonald of Devenish. Daniel McDonald. Of Timmering. Duncan McDonald of Waaia. Peter McDonald of Lake Rowan. Michael McEniff of Undera. David Kay McFadyen of St James. William McFeeters of Lake Rowan. Bernard McGillien of Undera. Samuel McGowan of Picola. Andrew McKay of Seymour. Thomas McKenzie of Undera. Ewen McKinnon of Picola. William McKissack of Corop. William McLaren of Kialla West. George McLaughlan of Goorambat. George McLellan of Karimba. Donald McLennan of Kotupna. Donald McLeod of Tongala. John McLeod of Gillieston. Dr Neil McMillan of Murchison. George McNabb of Cobram. Thomas McNeil of Katunga. Alexander McPhee of Corop. Angus McPherson of Rushworth. Patrick McQuillen of Undera. Christopher McRae of Naringaningalook. William Andrew Macintyre of Northwood. James Mackenzie of Yalca. Timothy Mackey of Devenish. James Mackie of Wanalta. David Madill of Undera. Joseph Makin of Numurkah. Bartholomew Malone of Corop. Martin Maloney of Undera. Simon Mangan of Tongala. David Martin of Tatura. John Martin of Devenish. William Martin of Devenish. Alfred Maskell of Katamatite. Arthur Maskell of Tatura. John Mason of Strathmerton. George Mather of Waaia. James Mawdesly of Yalca. Michael Meehan of Tongala. Hugh Meikle of Bungeet. David Stewart Menzies of Kyabram. Donald Campbell Millar of Cobram. John Miller of Girgarre East. William Miller of Nagambie. George Minchin of Barwo. John Mitchell of Kotupna. Robert St John Mitchell of Nagambie. Thomas Henry Mitchell of Toolamba West. Mrs Mary Ann Moggridge of St James. James Moncrieff of Waaia. Alexander Moncur of Thoona. John Mueller of Tahbilk (Tabilk). Henry Mulholland of St Germain’s. Patrick Mullins of St James. Andrew Carnie Morris of Yarroweyah. Wilford Mounter of Mooroopna North. Henry Mundy of Naringaningalook. James Murphy of Tongala. Patrick Murphy of Koyuga. Peter Murray of Timmering. William Murray of Timmering. George Myers of Nagambie. James Myers of Baulkamaugh. William Myott of Undera. James Newman of Lake Rowan. John Nicholas of Corop. John Nicholson of Lake Rowan. Michael O’Connors of Devenish. Mrs Jane Oliver of St James. John O’Neill of Tahbilk (Tabilk). Hugh Ormond of Narioka. Mrs Celia Osborne of Devenish. James William Pagden of Mundoona. Mary Parker of Baulkamaugh. William Patterson of Toolamba. John Pattison of Picola. Sydney Pavey of Kyabram. Edward Thomas Pearce of Barwo. William Peck of Goorambat. Thomas Peel of Kyabram. Charles Pell of Kyabram. John Pell of Kyabram. Thomas Pelly of St James. John Penman of Tongala. Richard Pethybridge of Arcadia. Martin Phalan of Corop. Harvey Thomas Phillips of Thoona. Isaac Phillips of Bonn. John Phipps of Picola North. Thomas Henry Phipps of Yielima. William Pollard of Merrigum. Alexander Pollock of Taripta. Reuben Pridmore of Kotupna. Richmond Wall Pullin of Waaia. Timothy Raleigh of Wanalta. William Rallston of Katunga. Henning Rathjen of Colbinabbin. Thomas Alexander Rattray of Nagambie. William Reardon of Katunga. Leonard Mood Reynoldson of Strathmerton. Edward Richardson of Nagambie. George Riddle of Girgarre East. Robert Ridout of Goorambat. Samuel Rhodes of Pelluebla. George Robbins of Tatura. John Thomas Riley of Mooroopna. John Roberts of Dookie. George William Robinson of Heathcote. James Robinson of Mooroopna West. Walter C. Robinson of Heathcote. Thomas Michael Roche of Kyabram. Frederick Rose of Narioka. Mrs Catherine Roukey of Corop. John Rowe of Undera. William Pearce Rowe of Naringaningalook. William Rudd of Undera. Christopher James Ryan of Wanalta. John Ryan of Dookie. Thomas Ryan of Kyabram. William Ryan of Girgarre. Charles Byford. Sage of Ulupna. Henry Sandford of Katamatite. John Sanger of Lynyard Farm, Goorambat. Noah Savage of Lake Rowan. Andrew Sayers of Mokoan. Thomas Sayers of Arcadia. William Sayers of Rushworth. Thomas Scilly of Katunga. Otto Schwencke of Kyabram East. Duncan Macdonald Scott of Katamatite. Frank Scott of Tungamah. William Scott of Yalca. James Scouller of Narioka. John Semple of Kyabram. Thomas Shannon of Katunga. Edward Joseph Sheane of Numurkah. Henry Simkin of Dunbulbalane. Hugh Simple of Mooroopna North. Thomas Sleeman of Yielima. Robert Slessar junior of Waaia. John Smallwood of Devenish. Alexander Smith of Baulkamaugh. David Smith of Corop. John Smith of Ulupna. William Smith of Strathmerton. William Plane Augustus Smith of Murchison. Gabriel Southon of Katunga. Joseph Spinks of Goorambat. Joseph Stanger of Yalca. Samuel Thomas Stanworth of Koyuga. Edward Steed of Timmering. Joseph James Stephens of Katunga. John Stewart of Corop. Charles Stokes of Corop. Andrew Strawhorn of Wanalta. Michael Sullivan of Undera. Abraham Spencer Sutcliffe of Picola. Edward Arthur Sutcliffe of Baulkamaugh. Charles Everett Taylor of Tongala. William Taylor of Corop. George Teale of Kotupna. James Tehan of Heathcote. George Thomas of Naringaningalook. John Thomas of Heathcote. Anthony Thompson of Yalca. Andrew Thomson of Kyabram East. Charles Thomas Thomson of Strathmerton. John Thomson of Kyabram East. William Thomson of Strathmerton. Henry Thorne of Murchison. James Thorn of Burramine. George Thornton of Top Creek. Thomas Tomlinson of St James. Thomas Toohey of Pelluebla. Thomas Toohey of Tongala. Owen Trainor of Devenish. Henry Trevaskis of Murchison. Joseph Tyndall of Undera. Robert Tyndall of Undera. Harry Vagg of Bungeet. Jonas Vagg of Bungeet. Henry Vale of Picola. Thomas Vellenoweth of Corop. Frederick Wainhold of Heathcote. Robert Waites of Tongala. Charles Wall of Corop. Thomas Walsh of Katunga. John Walters of Mundoona. Hans Wanned of Baulkamaugh. Alexander Warren of Narioka. Peter Warren of Narioka. Charles Warton of St James. James Waters of Karrabumet (Lake Rowan). John Watson of Parkes Plains. Hugh Watt of Dookie. John Webb of Numurkah. James Whelan of Lake Rowan. Philip White of Ulupna. Joseph Whitty of Boosey. George Wicking of Dargalong. Charles Wightman of Yarroweyah. Henry Wilkinson of Arcadia. Joseph Wilkinson of Barmah. David Williams of Bungeet. George Williams of Bungeet. Richard Francis Williams of Corop. William Williams of Bungeet. Edward Hill Williamson of Waaia. George Nicholas Williamson of Corop. James Willis of Lake Rowan. Edward Wren of St James. William Irving Winter of Noorilim (with portrait). George Wilson of Murchison. Joseph Wright of Pelluebla. George Yeaman of Katunga. Ralph Young of Yalca.


Principal landowners (includes location and extent of holdings) p322:
William Anderson. Mrs Anne Fraser Bon. Dittmer Behrens. John Callen. Messrs Hastings, Cuningham and Co. and the Hon. Sir James McCulloch. A.G. and J.C. Chenery. John Colclough. Frederick Griffin. W. Gotch and J. Chrystal. John Guild. John B. Hamilton. Lloyd Jones. Malcolm M. McKenzie. Messrs McLeish. John Pike. Samuel Wilson.

Benalla p322. Seymour; Wood’s Point p323.

Biographical notes of some of the residents of the district p324:

John Bon of Wappan Station near Mansfield (with portrait). Henry William Alston of Alexandra. William Anderson of Ghin Ghin near Yea. James Ash of Seymour. Burton Bindon of Doogalook. James Birkett of Euroa. James Bright of Alexandra. James Butler of Seymour. John Wishard Cairns of Yea. John Callen of Tallarook. Thomas Carison of Alexandra. William Chadwick of Benalla. Abel Charlesworth of Thornton. John Chisholm of Kobyboyn. Thomas Condon of Doogalook. George Arthur Cookson of Alexandra. George Edward Coombs of Mangalore. Donald Cumming of Yarck. John Downie of Yea. William Drysdale of Yea. Evan James of Benalla. Samuel J. Fenton of Violet Town. Samuel Ferris of Kobyboyn. William Burton Gadd of Avenel. John Gall of Euroa. Benjamin Gascoigne of Benalla. Thomas Gill of Doogalook. James Gloster of Seymour. George Gordon of Euroa. William John Grogan of Violet Town. John Guild of Seymour. Mrs Eliza Guild of Seymour. George Hall of Alexandra. John Bannerman Hamilton of Doogalook. John Hardy of Alexandra. Samuel Harding Henshall of Seymour. Thomas Holmes of Seymour. Mrs Elizabeth Homewood of Yea. Timothy Howard of Seymour. Alexander Hume of Yea. W.C. Hunter of Ghin Ghin. William Frederick Johnston of Tallarook. Phillip Kelly of Mangalore. James Knapsey of Tarcombe. George Lamont of Alexandra. Henry Linard of Violet Town. Willis Little of Benalla. James Lyster of Seymour. Robert McBean of Benalla. Donald McKay of Yea. Alexander McKenzie of Violet Town. Colin Alexander McKenzie of Trawool. Alexander McLeod of Broadford. William McMartin of Thornton. Mrs Margaret Maher of Tallarook. Manvers Bernard Meadows of Tallarook. Peter Milroy of Alexandra. Augustus Graham Moon of Alexandra. John Morgan of Avenel. William Henry Morgan of Tarcombe. Patrick Moroney of Avenel. Henry James Mutton of Avenel. John Nearing of Avenel. William Neelands of Euroa. William Nicholson of Alexandra. John Gaure O’Shea of Benalla. Robert Charles Pattison of Tarwell. Joseph Payne of Alexandra. Clement Perroi of Seymour. John Porter of Tallarook. Vincent Purrier of Broadford. John Gifford Purves of Homewood. Solomon Rawson of Avenel. Percival Renou of Seymour. Thomas Roberts of Molesworth. Robert Roe of Benalla. Mrs Mary Ryan of Tallarook. Michael Ryan of Tallarook. Edward Williams Sampson of Alexandra. William Sanderson of Tallarook. Thomas Stewart Scale of Deepdene. Esau Shelton of Avenel. William Sier of Murrundindi. Mrs Mary Smale of Seymour. George Sutherland of Euroa. John Alfred Taylor of Seymour. James Tomkins of Benalla. William Henry Tristan of Seymour. Richard Robert Whitechurch of Mangalore. Richard Wisdom Wightman of Thornton. James Williamson senior of Yea. Thomas Williamson of Yea. James Woodbury of Alexandra. Benjamin Richards of Mooroopna (Lower Goulburn district).


Principal landowners (includes location and extent of holdings) p334:
John Bowman. Messrs F.G. and J.B. Docker. John Evans. David Mitchell. John F. McMullen. Michael O’Donnell. William Pearson junior. Messrs Paton. Sydney G. Watson.

Beechworth; Rutherglen; Wangaratta; Chiltern p335. Omeo; Wodonga p336.

Biographical notes of residents p336:
Philip Adams of Wodonga. Mary Ahrens of Milawa. William Allan of Oxley. All Saints Vineyard, Wahgunyah (G. Sutherland Smith and Sons, proprietors). James Anderson of Osborne’s Flat. Robert Anderson of Bowman’s Forest. George Armstrong of Bethanga. George Auburn of Wodonga. Adolph Auhl of Wodonga. William Auhl of Wodonga. Frederick William Backhaus of Yabba. Robert Bailey of Staghorn Flat. James Bambrick of Wodonga. Edmund Barker of Whorouly. A.W. Bartel of Baranduda. Reinhold Bartel of Leneva. Mrs E. Bell of Gundowring. Jonathan Thomas Bell of Everton. Robert Bennett of Springhurst. Samuel Benson of Wodonga. John Bidgood of Staghorn Flat. James Black of Chiltern. Edgar Julian D’Arcy Borrowes. Joseph Boucher of Chiltern. George Bowran of Spring Creek. John Boyes of Leneva. Thomas Boyes of Leneva. Andrew Bray of Rutherglen. Ferdinand Bremer of Wodonga. Heinrich Breustedt of Stanley. Robert Richard Briggs of Rutherglen. William Paul Broome of Talgarno. James Brown of Bowman’s Forest. Thomas Hince Brown of Bowman’s Forest. Charles William Bryant of Indigo Creek. Thomas Goodchild Bullivant of Wangaratta. J. Bulloch of Tallangatta. Francis Burbery of Wangaratta. Mrs Mary Burgess of Leneva. Edward Burke of Beechworth. William Burley of Tarrawingee. John Burrowes of Barnawartha. Charles Bushell of Rutherglen. William Calder of Yackandandah. John Campbell of Rutherglen. John Campbell of Tallangatta. William Carkeek of Tallangatta. Dr William Joseph Carroll of Wangaratta. Simon Carroll of Wodonga. Thomas Carroll of Gundowring. William Carroll of Beechworth. Charles Henry Cecil of Oxley. William Chandler of Rutherglen. Richard Hamilton Clayton of Barnawartha. Hugh Clarkson of Rutherglen. James Cleland of Leneva. Alexander Clements of Wangaratta. John Cock of Chiltern. John Connor of Indigo Creek. Charles Cook of Tallangatta. James Henry Corry of Indigo. Joseph Coulston of Kiewa. John Cox of Indigo Creek. Bernard Coyle of Christmas Town (Christmastown). William Coyle of Murmungee. Robert Craig of Wodonga. James Crawford of Stanley. Rev. George Frederick Cross of Beechworth. Henry Croucher of Kergunyah. Richard Croxton of Bethanga. Charles Culph of Milawa. John Cummins of Bonegilla. Matthias Cunningham of Spring Creek. William Dale of Wangaratta. Peter Daly of Indigo Creek. John Damm of Gundowring. Harry Richmond Talbot Danforth of Allan’s Flat. Thomas Davenport of Lower Everton. James Davis of West Wodonga. Henry Derrick of Tallangatta Valley. Seth Diffy of Bontherambo. Dr William Augustus Dobbyn of Beechworth. John Dobson of Springhurst. John Dodsworth of Wangaratta. Denis Donovan of Tallangatta. Lawrence Dorsa of Chiltern. Thomas Douglas of Rutherglen. Edward Draper of Leneva. Rev. Arthur Joseph Drewett of Wodonga. John Drummond of Tallangatta. Robert Drummond of Talgarno. Robert Dunlop of Oxley. Ralph Dunstan of Kiewa. Thomas Knuckey Dunstan of Springhurst. Joseph Earl of Indigo Creek. James Edmunds of Wodonga. Patrick Egan of Bonegilla. Adam Eikman of Chiltern. Peter Van Eldsia of Christmas Town. William Ellen of Murmungee. Adam Elliot of Allan’s Flat. James Elliott of Boorahman (Boorhaman). Erskine Thomas Ellis of Staghorn Flat. Rev. Patrick Joseph English of Wangaratta. James Eustace of Tallangatta. James Farrell of Tallangatta. Andrew Ferguson of Wodonga. George Ferguson of Milawa. Henry Ferguson of Bowman’s Forest. Hugh Ferguson of Bobinawarrah. John Ferguson of Milawa. Richard Fiddes of Barnawartha. John Finn of Kiewa. Donald Fletcher of Beechworth. Charles J. Flower of Beechworth. William Flynn of Estcourt. Robert Foard of Bonegilla. John Coxwell Forster of Bethanga. G.E. Fortescue of Tallangatta. Dr Henry Tregelles Fox of Beechworth. Henry Frankland of Whorouly. Malcolm Fraser of Wangaratta. John M. Gardner of Milawa. Michael Garvey of Osborne’s Flat. Patrick Garvey of Osborne’s Flat. Morty Gleeson (of the firm of Gleeson and Co.) of Chiltern (with portrait). Benjamin Edward Glasson of Kiewa. R.H. Gledhill of Beechworth. Josiah George of Chiltern. John Goldsworthy of Talgarno. Graham Brothers of Rutherglen. James Grant of Tallangatta. William Milne Gray of Springhurst. Thomas Greenhill of Tallangatta. James Gulliver of Lilliput. Christian Haeffner of Noorongong. George Glen Haig of Wahgunyah. John Haig of Bemersyde, Yackandandah. Michael Haire of Tallangatta. Dr George Haley of Wangaratta. David Glen Hamilton of Rutherglen. Robert D. Harper of Tallangatta. John Harrison of Brown’s Plains. Edward Hartel of Leneva. John Helm of Wodonga. Rose Hemming of Wangaratta. John Hempenstall of Mount Alfred. William Henderson of Baranduda. James Henley of Milawa. John Herbert of Osborne’s Flat. Francis Higgins of Wangaratta. Mrs Mary Hill of Mudgegonga. Charles Hopgood of Kiewa. John Horsfall of Staghorn Flat. William Henry Howell of Wangaratta. William Hughes of Rutherglen. Andrew Hunter of Rutherglen. Thomas Irving of Wangaratta. John Jack of Milawa. Robert Jack of Rutherglen. Frederick Jarvis of Spring Creek. Thomas Jardine of Bowman’s Forest. Stephen Jasper of Bonegilla. Hugh Jeffrey of Milawa. William Jackson of Tarrawingee. John Johnston of Wangaratta. John Jones of Wangaratta. Mrs Mary Ann Jones of Bowman’s Forest. James Kearney of Beethang. Alexander Kerr of Milawa. Andrew Kilgour of Chiltern. Edward Kirk of Tallangatta. Edward James Kneebone of Whorouly. Charles Knight of Lower Everton. Mrs Margaret Knuckey of Indigo. Franz Koch of Christmas Town. William Koschel of Leneva. John Kotthoff of Wodonga. Jacob Lambourn of Wodonga. James Duff Lawrence of Beechworth. Daniel William Lees of Bonegilla. George Leighton of Wodonga. Patrick Leonard of Mudgegonga. Matthew Lindsay of Staghorn Flat. John Lloyd of Tallangatta. Kenneth Lobban of Talgarno. Duncan Logan of Rutherglen. John Longstaff of Allan’s Flat. Thomas Loony of Rutherglen. Conrad Lutzen of Baranduda. David McAlpine of Myrtleford. Ezekiel McCann of Springhurst. James McCarthy of Tarrawingee. Hector McCaulay of Tallangatta. Alexander McCombe of Allan’s Flat. Mrs M. McCormick of North Wangaratta. Peter McCormick of Osborne’s Flat. Archibald McEachren of Wangaratta. C.J.T. McFarlane of Wodonga West. Christie William McFarlane of Wodonga West. Alexander McGaffin of Wodonga. James Henry McGeoch of Wodonga. James McGill of Bethanga. Michael McGrath of Tallangatta. George McKay of Spring Creek. John McIntyre of Chiltern. A. William McKibbin of Kiewa. Thomas McKinty of Boorahman (Boorhaman). William Hogg McNeill of Barnawartha. John McNamara of Tallangatta. Robert McPherson of Springhurst. Eugene McSwiney of Tallangatta. John Mackay of Springhurst. Mrs Frances Mackay of Everton. Robert Mackay of Chiltern. Emanuel Maddock of Staghorn Flat. George S. Mann of Leneva. John Baptist Marengo of Chiltern. Anthony L’Espinasse Martin of Chiltern. Thomas Martin of Bethanga. Thomas Martin junior of Bethanga. Thomas Mason of Everton. Hosea Matthews of Bontherambo. Michael Meagher of Bethanga. Richard Richards Medlyn of Frying Pan Creek. William Meldrum of Wangaratta. Henry Mildren of Beethang. John Milne of Murmungee. Daniel Mongan of Osborne’s Flat. John Moon of Milawa. Mrs Bridget Moore of Whorouly. George Moore of Oxley. Edmund Morgan of Bontherambo. John Morrison of Bowman’s Forest. William Morrison of Murmungee. Mount Pryor Vineyard, Brown’s Plains, property of Mr Alexander Caughey. John Moyle of Spring Creek. Thomas Muirhead of Tallangatta. Daniel Julius Mueller of Chiltern. Edward Mueller of Wodonga. Michael Murray of Greta and Springhurst. Patrick Naughton of Boorahman (Boorhaman). John Neilson of Rutherglen. Neville Newnan of Bonegilla. Joseph Nichol of Allan’s Flat. Joseph Nichol junior of Spring Creek. Peter Nicholson of Noorongong. Martin Nohilly of Osborne’s Flat. Hopton Nolan of Tarrawingee. John Norton of Wangaratta. Patrick O’Brien of Springhurst. Patrick O’Callaghan of Mudgegonga. Nils L. Olholm of Chiltern. Ole Olsen of Bethanga. John O’Neill of Chiltern. Stanley F. Owen of Indigo. Henry F. Parfitt of Boorahman (Boorhaman). Henry Silcock Parfitt of Wangaratta. Samuel Parker of Barnawartha. John Patching of Tallangatta. John Paterson of Leneva. James Patten of Noorongong. George Pearce of Wodonga. John Pearce of Springhurst. Charles Harte Peard of North Wangaratta. James William Percy of Wahgunyah. William Pettigrew of Stanley. Thomas Peel of Chiltern. Alfred Pinkerton of Wangaratta. William Pinkerton of Chiltern. Simon Pleming of Spring Creek. Albert John Plum of Boorahman (Boorhaman). Charles Plum of Bontherambo. Louis J. Plum of Boorahman (Boorhaman). George Pollard of Bonegilla. John Thomas Quiller Pond of Springhurst. Humphrey Pooley junior of Indigo Creek. Mrs Mary Porter of Milawa. Henry Poyntz of Wooragee. James Pratt of Estcourt. William Prentice of Emu Plains. Francis Raisbeck of Wangaratta. Charles Henry Rankin of Springhurst. R.E. Rawes of Kergunyah. George Reid of Yackandandah. John Reid of Wangaratta. Henry Richardson of Wodonga. Thomas Rickards of Lower Everton. Edward Ring of Christmas Town. William Alexander Ritchie of Rutherglen. John Ritter of West Wodonga. Charles Robinson of Indigo. David Robinson of Allan’s Flat. John Robinson of Osborne’s Flat. Andrew Bertram Rogers of Chiltern. W.H. Roper of Tallangatta. Robert Roxby of Kergunyah. Isaac Sanderson of Bontherambo. Joseph Sandford of Boorahman (Boorhaman). Alexander Sangster of Wodonga. Henry Scales of Noorongong. John Scarlett of Bethanga. John Godfrey Schubert of Baranduda. John Schwind of Wodonga. Henry Sengelmann of Beechworth. Robert Shennan of Beechworth. Thomas Sheridan of Rutherglen. John Grey Shields of Wodonga. Reinhold Simon of Leneva. Alexander Moyer Simpson of Bobinawarrah. James Sinclair of Bowman’s Forest. Thomas Sinclair of Tallangatta Valley. Patrick Skehan of Milawa. George Smith of Wodonga. Oscar Smith of Chiltern. Walter Smith of Wangaratta. Edward Snart of Talgarno. P.H. Hermann Sommer of Baranduda. John George Sommers of Baranduda. Claude Stanger of West Wodonga. James Annesley Stewart of Wangaratta. Henry Street of Kiewa. George Sutton of West Wodonga. James Tanner of Wodonga. Thomas Tanswell of Beechworth. Charles Teakel of Milawa. William Telford of Beechworth. Thomson Brothers of Mitta Mitta. Peter Stewart Thomson of Wangaratta. Joseph Toal of Tallangatta. Alexander Tone of Wangaratta. Mrs Ellen Trevillan of Indigo. John R. Trimble of Bontherambo. Anton Trudewind of Wodonga. Robert Turner of Rutherglen. F.H. Tuthill of Beechworth. Frank Vale of Silver Creek, Beechworth. Stephen Vine of Beechworth. Martin Walsh of Allan’s Flat. Dr John Bellett Walter of Chiltern. Dowson Ward of Lower Everton. Charles Alfred Watson of West Wodonga. George Watson of Wangaratta. Cochrane Weare of Chiltern. Joseph Wellington of Milawa. Joseph Wertheim of Beechworth. William Pardy Wheeler of Moyhu. William White of Indigo Creek. John Whitteker (Whittaker?) of Everton. John Gayford Wigg of Wodonga. David Williams of Leneva. David E. Williams of Leneva. Edward Burgess Williams of Leneva. William Williams of Wodonga. David Wilson of Beechworth. George Wilson of Talgarno. Robert Witherow of Murmungee. Edward Withers of Rutherglen. William Withers of Chiltern. James Wood of Tallangatta. John Woodland of Wodonga. George Wright of Milawa. William Wright of Baranduda. John Young of Rutherglen.


Principal landowners (includes location and extent of holdings) p360:
Patrick Brennan. Arthur Percy Bowman. Peter Clement. John Degraves. John Foster. Frederick Fenton. Mrs Martha B.G. Glassford. Henry Hoyt. Messrs Irvine and Hamilton. John King. John McMillan. Murdoch Macintosh. James Nicol. Denis O’Brien. William E. Power. William Pearson. Mrs Eliza L. Pearson. Henry Ricketson. James Tyson.

GIPPSLAND EAST DIVISION: Bairnsdale p360. Bruthen-Tambo; Buchan p361.

Biographical sketches of residents of East Gippsland p361:
James Aitken of Bairnsdale. Robert Bentick of Bairnsdale. William Betts of Bairnsdale. John Bruce of Orbost. John Buntine of Bairnsdale. Arthur Thomas Butterss of Bairnsdale. John Calvert of Bairnsdale. John Cameron of Orbost. John Carpenter of Lakes Entrance, Cunninghame. Hugh Coulson of Bairnsdale. Thomas Cunningham of Bruthen-Tambo. Daniel Davis of Bairnsdale. William Dooley of Bairnsdale. Frederick William Drevermann of Bairnsdale. Dr James Duncan of Bairnsdale. Daniel Fitzpatrick of Bairnsdale. Simon Gillies of Coongulmerang. Richard Graham of Bruthen-Tambo. Frank Hall of Coongulmerang. James Hall of Coongulmerang. James Hall of Coongulmerang. Charles Hayward of Bairnsdale. Charles Nayler Henderson of Orbost. James Henderson of Bairnsdale. David H. Hill of Bairnsdale. William Hodgson of Bairnsdale. Frank Holloway of Coongulmerang. James Jackson of Bairnsdale. Richard Kreymborg of Bairnsdale. William J. Lambourn of Bruthen-Tambo. Captain Archibald McAlpine of Bairnsdale. Rowand Macarthur of Bairnsdale. William McBriar of Bairnsdale. Ronald McDougall of Bruthen-Tambo. Archibald McEacharn of Bairnsdale. Patrick McLaughlin of Bairnsdale. Geoffrey Mason of Bairnsdale. Joseph Messenger of Bairnsdale. John R. Mosley of Bairnsdale. James M. Murphy of Coongulmerang. James Nixon of Orbost. Harry Payne of Bairnsdale. Charles Petersen of Bairnsdale. J.A. Petersen of Bairnsdale. David Potter of Bairnsdale. Jacob Redenbach of Bruthen-Tambo. Thomas Reeves of Bairnsdale. Frederick Roder of Bairnsdale. William Bain Ross of Bairnsdale. William Sinclair Ross of Coongulmerang. Edward Saunders of Coongulmerang (Lindenow). William Simpson of Bairnsdale. Thomas Smith of Bairnsdale. James Taylor of Bairnsdale. Joseph A. Taylor of Bairnsdale. George Telfer of Coongulmerang. James Tipping of Bairnsdale. James Tomlin of Bairnsdale. Joseph S. Varney of Bairnsdale. John A. Watt of Orbost. John Whitbourne of Coongulmerang (Lindenow Flat). John Williams of Orbost. F.A. Woodward of Bairnsdale. F.C. Woodward of Bairnsdale.

WESTERN DIVISION OF GIPPSLAND: Sale p365. Port Albert; Walhalla p366. Maffra; Stratford; Warragul p367.

Biographical sketches of the residents of Western Gippsland p368:
William Alcorn of Longwarry. Peter Allen of Walhalla. William Allen of Rosedale. John Thomas Allinson of Warragul. Eugene Allman of Seaton. Thomas Allsop of Warragul South. Thomas Anderson of Tinamba. Paul Applegate of Morwell. George Glen Auchterlonie of Narracan. Alexander Baird of Drouin West. Robert Bair of Mirboo. William Balloch of Drouin. William Bannister of Maffra. John James Barr of Neerim. John Clifford Barrett of Warragul. James Barry of Walhalla. Edwin F. Biggs of Warragul. Thomas Biles of Morwell. Arthur Bishop of Drouin. W. Leonard Bolden of Stratford. Charles Boxall of Warragul. Robert Boyle of Thorpedale (Thorpdale). Charles Moorhouse Brook of Walhalla. Samuel Brooker of Lardner. Alexander Brown of Drouin East. John Brown of Drouin East. Thomas Allen Brunton of Buln Buln. Benjamin W. Buckley of Morwell. William Burke of Longwarry. Joseph Frank Butterworth of Walhalla. Thomas Robert Butterworth of Yarragon. Martin Byrne of Buln Buln. William Callow of Walhalla. Victor Campagnolo of Walhalla. John Carson of Longwarry. Joseph Carson junior of Yannathan. George Cathcart of Longwarry. Alexander Clark of Sale. John M. Clarke of Maffra. Robert Clement of Upper Maffra. John Chamberlain junior of Darlimurla. Samuel Chinn of Clydebank. Henry Clements of Bloomfield. John Cobain of Sale. Samuel Cobain of Sale. James Coe of Neerim South. Charles Collins of Neerim. Frederick H.R. Cook of Buln Buln. Robert Cook of Drouin South. John Henry Coombe of Drouin. James Copeland of Warragul. Rev. J.F. Corbett of Sale. Charles E. Corney of Morwell. Thomas Corr of Upper Maffra. Michael Costello of Walhalla. William Coster of Longwarry South. John Cromb of Upper Maffra. James Cruickshank of Jindivick. Edward Cummings of Cowwarr. John Currie of Lardner’s Track. John Curtain of Glenmaggie. William John Dalgleish of Warragul South. William Daly of Morwell. James Davidson of Rosedale. Frederick Daws of Longwarry. Henry Dicken of Drouin West. Joseph Ditterich of Bloomfield. Jonathan John Drew of Sale. Alphonse Ducret of Stratford. Duncan Dunbar of Morwell. Walter Edney of Jindivick. Charles Ellis of Moe South. James A. Ellis of Jindivick. Isaac Evans of Trafalgar. Peter Faragher of Drouin. Thomas Faragher of Bloomfield. Michael Feely of Willung. Neil D. Ferguson of Buln Buln. Roderick Ferguson of Upper Maffra. William Finn of Drouin South. John Flegg of Morwell. Michael Fleming of Morwell Bridge. John Flewin of Morwell. Patrick Fogarty of Buln Buln. James Forsyth of Upper Maffra. Edward Francome of Darlimurla. Daniel Fraser of Neerim South. George Freckleton of Buln Buln. Frederick Fuge of Traralgon West. Joseph Gange of Narracan. Robert George Gardiner of Yannathan. William Gardner of Sale. William Garnham of Lang Lang. Hamilton Gerrand of Sale. John Gillam of Toongabbie. Daniel Gleeson of Cowwarr. John Gleeson of Jindivick. Patrick Gleeson of Longwarry South. Henry Godridge of Morwell Bridge. Thomas Gooding of Morwell. Jeremiah Grace of Drouin West. David Graham of Narracan. M.L.W. Grasset of Warragul. James Gregg of Longwarry East. John Greenaway of Neerim South. George Greenwell of Rosedale. George Gutsol of Drouin. Andrew Hamilton of Stratford. James Hamilton of Cowwarr. John James Hamilton of Lardner’s Track. Robert Hamilton of Lardner’s Track. Jean Baptiste Hamono of Neerim. James Hammill of Sale. Peter Harbeck of Heyfield. Ninian Hardie of Lardner’s Track. Benjamin Harrison of Neerim. Josias Nash Hassall of Longwarry South. George Helms of Bloomfield. Joseph Helms of Bloomfield. Frederick Henderson of Traralgon. John Henderson of Traralgon. Thomas Amery Heywood of Walhalla. Thomas Hill of Toongabbie. Thomas Hinde of Willung. James Holt of Drouin. Henry Hopkins of Yinnar. Arthur Octavius Horsnell of Narracan. Frederick Horstman of Upper Maffra. Henry Horstman of Sale. Robert A. Howden of Drouin. Prescott Henry Humphrey of Toongabbie. John Newton Jacomb of Walhalla. Frederick Jensen of Longwarry South. John Julius Jensen of Morwell. William Jinnette of Jindivick. Richard Henry Johnson of Morwell. Louis Lars Jensen of Sale. James Jessep of Tinamba. James Jessep of Upper Maffra. Benjamin Jones of Drouin. Charles J. Jones of Warragul. George Thomas Jones of Maffra. Edmond Kelleher of Morwell. Maurice Kelleher of Morwell. Francis Kellock of Lardner’s Track. Richard Kenney of Longwarry South. Joseph Keogh of Hazelwood. Henry Kettle of South Warragul. Thomas Kingscott of Upper Maffra. William Arthur Lacey of Neerim South: see James Coe. Alexander Lang of Walhalla. William Latham of Stratford. George Leith of Drouin. William Lett of Stratford. Frank Liardet of Rosedale. Lincoln and Humphris of Toongabbie. John Little of Sale. William Little of Stratford. John Lloyd of Thorpdale. George Lonsdale of Bloomfield. John Loscombe of Darlimurla. G.C. Lyndon of Sale. William Lyons of Sale. William McColl of Upper Maffra. Thomas McCorell of Morwell Bridge. James McDonald of Hazlewood (Hazelwood). Alexander James McHugh of Yannathan. Thomas Ord McIntosh of Maffra. John McKitterick of Morwell. John McMahon of Trafalgar. John McMurtrie of Longwarry South. William McNabb of Morwell. John McNaughton of Longford. James Roxburgh McNeill of Walhalla. Augustus Donald Mackey of Buln Buln. John Francis Macmanus of Seaton. Edward Maginn of Neerim. James Maginn of Buln Buln. John Maher of Boolara (Boolarra). David Rosewarne Mallett of Longwarry South. Donald Manson of Upper Maffra. William Manson of Upper Maffra. John Edward Marrabel of Warragul. Robert Martin of Walhalla. Charles Mason of Jindivick. Joseph Mason of Jindivick. Nicholas Mathersen of Mirboo. David Miller of Maffra. Peter Mitchell of Jindivick. Lawrence Molloy of Morwell. Thomas Raymond Molphy of Sale. Matthew Monagan of Warragul. Michael Mooney of Willung. Thomas Moore of Warragul. John Morison of Stratford. Robert Morrell of Morwell. Arthur Morse of Drouin. Robert Morton of Drouin. John Moyes of Neerim South. Robert Munro of Drouin. Michael Murphy of Yannathan. William Murray of Trafalgar. Alphonse Nadenbousch of Hazelwood. George Napier of Neerim South. William Napier of Neerim South. Charles Napper of Sale. Samuel Naylor of Neerim South. Martin Neil of Port Albert. Dr Lyster Andrew Nolan of Warragul. Reginald E. Noyes of Jindivick. John O’Hara of Hazelwood. Mesheck Osborn of Tinamba. Richard Packett of Toongabbie. John Henry Palmer of Jindivick. William Pascoe of Warragul South. George Pashler of Longwarry East. William Pearson MLC of Sale. William Henry Penaluna of Boolara (Boolarra). John Peters of Mirboo. John Petschack of Jindivick. George Pettie of Morwell Bridge. Henry Philbrick of Rosedale. Eli Rankin of Jindivick. Brian Reardon of Warragul. Charles Refardt of Walhalla. Fritz Piera of Willung. Thomas Pollock of Upper Maffra. Robert Porter of Morwell. Owen Reilly of Boolara (Boolarra). Joseph Richardson of Drouin. John Riddell of Neerim. John Ridgway of Yannathan. Thomas Samuel Ridgway of Mirboo. George Rintoull of Rosedale. Henry Rintoull of Rosedale. William Joseph Roberts of Narracan. William Robinson of Warragul. John Rogers of Buln Buln. John Rowley of Rosedale. Joseph Rowley of Narracan South. Robert Ruhe of Jindivick. David Russell of Toongabbie. John Russell of Mirboo South. William John Russell of Sale. Jeremiah Ryan of Morwell. Henry Salmon of Walhalla. Charles Sargeant of Warragul. Henry Sargent of Darlimurla. William Scarlett of Mirboo. Fritz Schroeder of Maffra. William Semmens of Toongabbie. Thomas Sherman of Drouin South. John Sillcock of Hazelwood. Peter Sinnbeck of Rosedale. Captain Edgar Slade of Alberton. John Henry Smethurst of Yannathan. August Smith of Longwarry. Carl Smith of Buln Buln. Charles Smith of Rosedale. Thomas Smith of Bloomfield. Thomas Smith of Rosedale. George South of Drouin. John J. Standeven of Drouin West. James Stevens of Buln Buln. Tom Hardley Stephens of Neerim South. Mrs Samuel Swan of Stratford. Charles Ernest Henry Swyer of Drouin. Edward Walter Symonds of Warragul. Silas Symons of Drouin South. John Tartaglias of Jindivick. Kaye Taterson of Warragul. Robert Templeton of Toongabbie. Thomas Theobald of Morwell Bridge. Thomas Thompson of Sale. Annie Thomson of Tinamba. Robert Thomson of Clydebank. Richard George Timbs of Timbs’ Crossing. Samuel Tolley of Longwarry South. Howard Nicholls Tonkyn of Walhalla. Gustavus Topp of Warragul South. William Valentine of Morwell. William T. Vivian of Garmendall. William Wade of Traralgon West. Donald Waldon of Morwell. Frank J.M. Walkden of Warragul South. John Walsh of Yarram Yarram. Michael Walsh of Warragul. Thomas Walsh of Yinnar. Henry Walton of Bloomfield. John Watson of Morwell. David H. Weir of Upper Maffra. David Weir of Upper Maffra. John Weir of Sale. John West of Upper Maffra. Walter West of Traralgon. Stephen White of Narracan. Henry Wicks of Yinnar. Frederick Wieland of Jindivick. Precious Clark Willan of Maryville. James Williamson of Tinamba. Andrew Wilson of Neerim. William Wilson of Jindivick. William Wilson of Toongabbie. John Wright of Upper Maffra. John Woods of Longwarry. Leon Wuttrick of Morwell. James Grant Young of Drouin.


Principal landowners (includes location and extent of holdings) p389:
Thomas Anderson. Robert Byrne. John Barker. William Alison Blair. Messrs W. H. Croker, F.B.B.S. Hann and D. Richardson. Sir William John Clarke MLC. John Cleeland. George Fairbairn. James Goodall Francis. Godfrey Hewitt. Thomas Henty. William Harbison. Duncan McGregor. Alexander McMillan. Alexander Paterson. Theodotus John Sumner. Samuel Thomas Staughton. Stephen George Staughton. William Taylor.

Biographical sketches of residents of Westernport or Mornington district p390:
Alfred Aldridge of Griffiths’ Point. Josiah Clarke Allan of Cranbourne. William Allison of Dromana. Francis M. Andrews of Hallam’s Road. Peter Anderson of Poowong East. Hugh Anderson of Griffiths’ Point. Peter Atkinson of Clyde. William Baker of Poowong. Alexander Beatson Balcome of Schnapper Point. Francis Bauer of Cowes. Benjamin Baxter of Frankston. Captain Benjamin Baxter of Frankston. John Bedell of Shoreham. Thomas Bergin of Westernport and Anderson’s Inlet. James Bird of Cranbourne. James Bond of Jumbunna. Edward Bould of South Pakenham. James Bourke of Hallam’s-road. Mrs Catharine Bourke of Pakenham. John Dixon Box of Frankston. Richard Baines Bridge of Mornington. Francis Brodie of Clyde. William Brown of Shoreham. Henry Bruhn of Harkaway. Ralph Brunt of Officer’s Siding. Andrew Buchanan of Berwick. Robert Buchanan of Berwick. John Buckley of Balnarring. Christian Andersen Byriell of Poowong East. Thomas Cadd of Clyde. Edmund James Callanan of Shoreham. John Calvert of Nar-Nar-Goon. Robert Cam of Cranbourne. Samuel M. Cameron of Berwick. Daniel Canavan of Nar-Nar-Goon. Mrs Honora Carney of Pakenham. James Clarke of Jumbunna. Archibald Clayton of Flinders. John Cleeland of Newhaven. William Cockerill of Lyndhurst. G.W. Cole of ‘Minto’ estate, Balnarring. David Connors of Pakenham. Joseph Cross of Lyndhurst. James Crosskell of Frankston. James Currie of Pakenham. William Currie of New Pakenham. James Cuthbert of Queensferry. Charles Edward Davey of Frankston. William Davey of Frankston. Isaac William Delany of Jumbunna. David Devenay of Bunyip. James Dimond of Dromana. Oliver Dolphin of Frankston. John Donnelly of Lyndhurst. August Dubberke of Harkaway. John Edmondson of Harkaway. William Edwards of Dromana. P.W. Einsiedel of Beaconsfield. Paul Fahey of Beaconsfield. Lawrence Finck of Bunyip. John Bettesworth Flemyng of Hastings. John Fletcher of Mornington. Frankston Fish Company. Francis A. Gillett of Mornington. Herbert Edward Goff of Bunyip. Henry Gomin of Somerville. Richard Gray of Lyndhurst. Richard Gregg of Poowong. Jonah Griffiths of Dromana. Captain James Hall of Hastings. Christian Hansen of Bunyip. Robert Maxwell Haslam of Griffith’s Point. Robert Henderson of Lang Lang. Robert Henry of Poowong East. Daniel Phillip Hick of Poowong East. Joseph Hoddinott of Griffith’s Point. Isaac Hook of Clyde. Thomas Horsley of Poowong. Thomas Houlahan of Poowong. James George Hudson of Cranbourne. Josiah Ingamells of Hastings. William Miller Irvine of Mornington. Frederick James of Jumbunna East. Caleb Joshua Jenner of Mornington. Alfred Jones of Somerville. Patrick Kelly of Pakenham. James Kennedy of Flinders. Louis Le Gould of Griffith’s Point. John Longmore of Berwick. Alfred Lyons of Cranbourne. Michael Lyons of Lyndhurst. Timothy Lynch of South Pakenham. John McCord of Jeetho. George A. McGowan of Queensferry. Duncan McKenzie of Queensferry. Daniel McLaughlin of Jumbunna. McLennan and Co. of Cranbourne. Terence McMahon of Jumbunna. Charles Robert Mair of Poowong. Frederick William Mapleson of Lang Lang. W.C. Martin of Mornington. Frank Mazzenti of Officer’s Siding. James Alexander Miller of Poowong East. Christopher Moody of Tooradin. George Felix Motton of Poowong. William Muller of Frankston. Peter Nowlan of Shoreham. Leyshon H. Williams of Grantville. Michael O’Brien of Nar-Nar-Goon. Patrick O’Connor of Poowong East. John Oswin of Balnarring. Simon Paternoster of Berwick. Alexander Patterson of Clyde. William Lawson Patterson of Hastings. John Payne of Lyndhurst. Thomas Pedersen of Old Pakenham. Thomas Perridge of Sherwood. Henry Prosser of Hastings. James Quinton of Dromana. Captain David Reid of Phillip Island. Phillip Renouf of Frankston. George Washington Robinson of Berwick. Anthony Ridgway of Clyde. Edmund Riley of Shoreham. Alexander Ritchie of Nar-Nar-Goon. George Ritchie of Pakenham. Thomas Ritchie of Frankston. John Edward Sage of Frankston. Francis Savage of Poowong North. Alexander Scott of Somerville. James Scott of Poowong. William Segrave of Flinders. Benjamin Douglas Shaw of Dromana. William H. Shepherd of Somerville. Richard Shotton of Mornington. Thomas Sleeth of South Pakenham. Oscar Smith of Pakenham. W. Smyth senior of Tynong. Frederick Sparks of Lyndhurst. Henning Staben of Poowong East. John Startup of Nar-Nar-Goon. Alexander Stewart of Queensferry. Alexander Stewart of Queensferry. Thomas Stones of Pakenham. Joseph Taylor of Cranbourne. Richard Taylor of Lyndhurst. James Teasdale of Balnarring. John Thompson of Frankston. Henry Thornell of Somerville. John Thornell junior of Somerville. John Townsend of Dromana. Edmund Uren of Hallam’s-road. James Eccleston Walker of Mornington. John Anthony Wallace-Dunlop of Poowong. Richard Watkin of Dromana. Edwin Sydney Watts of Poowong. John George Wenn of South Pakenham. John West of Cowes. Solomon West of Cowes. Henry W. Wilson of Dromana. George Matthew Willis of Poowong. James William Wood of Cowes. Joseph Edward Worrell of Mornington. William Wright of Nar-Nar-Goon. Mark Young of Frankston.


Principal landowners (includes location and extent of holdings) p405:
Joseph Bell. Mrs Mary A. Brown. Lieut.-Colonel Forbes Hutton. John Kerr. David Mitchell. Messrs De Castella and Rowan. Richard Robert Woolcott.

Lilydale; Healesville; Eltham, Yan Yean; Fern Tree Gully (Ferntree Gully) p405.

Biographical sketches of residents of the Upper Yarra district p406:
John Ainsworth of Fern Tree Gully (Ferntree). James Andrew of Whittlesea. W.B. Andrew of Eltham. Alfred Armstrong of Eltham. Simon Armstrong of Kangaroo Ground. Thomas Armstrong of Yarra Flats. George E. Asling of Narrewarren (Narre Warren). Arthur Border Backhouse of Gembrook. James Baker of Wandin Yalloak Yallock). Richard Bassett of Hazel Glen (Arthur’s Creek). John Bell of Kangaroo Ground. Mary Ann Bell of Yarra Flats. Thomas M. Bell of Yarra Flats. Robert Black of Lilydale. Robert Blair of Lilydale. James Bradford of Hazel Glen (Arthur’s Creek). Michael Brennan of Hazel Glen (Arthur’s Creek). John Buckley of Fern Tree Gully (Ferntree). Andrew Callanan of Fern Tree Gully (Ferntree). Ewen Hugh Cameron of Kangaroo Ground. Miss Mary Cameron of Healesville. Andrew Carmody of Gembrook. Joseph Casey of Gembrook. Paul de Castella of Yering. Hubert de Castella of St Hubert. Francois de Castella of St Hubert. William Chamberlain of Fern Tree Gully (Ferntree). John Chandler senior of Healesville. James Charlton of Christmas Hills. James Clark of Whittlesea. Samuel Collier of Scoresby. William Commerford of Lilydale. J.M. Conolly of Christmas Hills. Henry Cook of Narrewarren (Narre Warren). Charles Creighton of Hazel Glen (Arthur’s Creek). Joseph William Cromwell of Fern Tree Gully (Ferntree). Edward Richard Crosswell of Whittlesea. John Daniel of Whittlesea. Guillaume de Pury of Yeringberg. Augustus Deschamps of Lilydale. Catherine Deschamps of Lilydale. Clement Deschamps of Lilydale. John Thomas Dobson of Fern Tree Gully (Ferntree). Thomas Dobson junior of Fern Tree Gully (Ferntree). William Duddy of Healesville. Patrick Dynan junior of Yan Yean. Adolphus Edgecumbe of Healesville. William C. Farrell of Yarra Flats. George Fletcher of Yarra Flats. William Francis of Narrewarren (Narre Warren). David Friar of Yarra Flats. Mary Garead of Yarra Flats. John Gibson of Whittlesea. Alice Glennon of Lilydale. Thomas Samuel Grimwood of Fern Tree Gully (Ferntree). John Hand of Seville. Thomas Hand of Lilydale. William Head of Fern Tree Gully (Ferntree). William Hardesty of Morang. James Hardy of Whittlesea. Andrew Harkness of Kangaroo Ground. Patrick J. Hayden of Narrewarren (Narre Warren). Herbert Cameron Hayward of Fern Tree Gully (Ferntree). Lieut. Harry Pocock Hayward of Fern Tree Gully (Ferntree). Dr Arthur Henderson of Lilydale. John Herbert of Hazel Glen (Arthur’s Creek). William Herbert of Yarra Flats. George Hodson of Lilydale. John Holland of Healesville. John S. Hooper of Lilydale. William Hubbard of Yarra Flats. Edward Hunter of Wandin Yalloak (Yallock). Thomas Hutchinson of Marysville. Henry Hyne of Lilydale. Samuel Jeffrey of Rockbank, Yan Yean. David Johnston of Whittlesea. James Johnston of Kangaroo Ground. J.C.C. Jones of Lilydale. Thomas Jones of Fern Tree Gully (Ferntree). Mrs P. Kenny of Whittlesea. John Kerr of Lilydale. James Keets of Yarra Flats. E. Kidgell of Lilydale. Richard Tamplin King of Lilydale. William Laidley of Hazel Glen (Arthur’s Creek). William Lalor of St Hubert’s. Charles Le Page of Morang. Peter Le Page of Morang. James Lindsay of Ringwood. David Lithgow of Lilydale. John Lithgow of Lilydale. Robert Lithgow of Yering, Lilydale. Robert Lum of Fern Tree Gully (Ferntree). Donald McIntyre of Whittlesea. Thomas Macintyre senior of Lilydale. Thomas Macintyre junior of Lilydale. Michael McLaughlin of Morang. Duncan McNab of St Hubert’s. James McPherson junior of Christmas Hills. James McPherson senior of Christmas Hills. Donald McRae of Narrewarren (Narre Warren). James John Madden of St Hubert’s. John George Maddicks of Fern Tree Gully (Ferntree). Gilbert Marshall of Whittlesea. Charles Mason of Fern Tree Gully (Ferntree). Mrs John Mason of Yan Yean. Daniel Murphy of Lilydale. Mrs Murphy of Hazel Glen (Arthur’s Creek). Andrew Nelson of Yan Yean. Robert Parry of Healesville. Andrew Paul of Lilydale. H.W. Paul of Lilydale. George Payne of Whittlesea. Thomas Payne of Lilydale. H. Perrin of Lilydale. Joseph Pett of Ringwood. John Hicks Petty of Yarra Flats. Edward Moore Poyner of Lilydale. John Pulbrook senior of St Hubert’s. Thomas Quale of Wandin Yalloak (Yallock). James Quigley of Ringwood. George Rae of Narrewarren (Narre Warren). Ewen Robertson of Whittlesea. Dr William Ronald of Whittlesea. Mrs E. Ronald of Whittlesea. William Kennedy Ross of Fern Tree Gully (Ferntree). Dennis Rourk of Lilydale. John Ryder of Hazel Glen (Arthur’s Creek). Henry Scarce senior of Kangaroo Ground. Anthony Scott of Yarra Flats. Jonathan Scott of Yarra Flats. William Sebira of Lilydale. Alan Selman of Fern Tree Gully (Ferntree). Thomas Sherwin of Whittlesea. George Stebbing of Eltham. Joseph Stevenson of Kangaroo Ground. Robert Stevenson of Kangaroo Ground. Cornelius G. Stewart of Hazel Glen (Arthur’s Creek). Michael Supple of Lilydale. J.B. Thomas of Warrandyte. Moses Thomas of Morang. James Thomson of Kangaroo Ground. William Towt of Lilydale. Captain Andrew Wauchope of Narrewarren (Narre Warren). Mrs Mary Weller of Kangaroo Ground. George Robert White of Lilydale. George Thomas Wiggin of Ringwood. James Williamson of Yarra Flats. John Williamson of Yarra Flats. Isidore T. Wilmot of Christmas Hills. John B. Wilson of Yarra Flats. Walter Wippell of Eltham. Richard Robert Woolcott of Yarra Flats. Patrick Woulfe of Lilydale. Thomas Younger of St Hubert’s.


Principal landowners (includes location and extent of holdings) p417:
Sir W.J. Clarke. John Aitken. Matthew Ingle Brown. Messrs Chirnside. John Campbell. Charles Campbell. John Edols. Charles Brown Fisher. Robert Gardiner. Messrs H. and A.W. Kimber. Francis Little. W.J. Lobb. Henry Miller. James Robertson. Harry Werribee Staughton. Mrs Martha Steel. Mrs John Horton Sherwin. William Taylor. James Torn. Ross Watt.

Biographical sketches of the residents of the Bourke district p419:
Richard Adams of Newham. Thomas A. Ahearn of Epping. James Aitken of Epping. Gilbert Alston of Bulla. John Anderson of Broadmeadows. John Thomas Anderson of Newham. Joseph Anderson of Rochford. Robert Foster Anderson of Tullamarine. William Anderson of Hesket. Frederick George Arkell of Wandong. Edwin John Aston of Blackwood. W. Atkinson of Melton. Lindsay Austin of Sunbury. Edward Baker of Bolinda. Thomas Baker of Campbellfield. Henry Barber of Wallan Wallan. William Barry of Campbellfield. John Batcheler of Thomastown. Charles Beard of Lancefield. Joseph Noble Beasley of Tantaraboo. Henry Beattie of Mount Aitken. Richard Bell of Bulla. William Benson of Conangalt. Simon J. Bird of Bacchus Marsh. Gerard Blackburn of Romsey. John Fletcher Blanche, late head teacher of Conangalt State School. John Bond of Broadmeadows. John Bower of Thomastown. Walter N. Bowie of Gisborne. Thomas Bradley of Campbellfield. Charles Brand of Bulla. Frederick Brand of Bulla. Brown Brothers of Lancefield. William Hartley Budd of Wallan Wallan. Thomas Butcher of Glenvale. Anthony Byrne of Blackwood. Denis Joseph Cahill of Keilor. Patrick Callanan of Macedon. Alexander Cameron of Melton. Charles Cameron of Broadmeadows. Charles Cameron of Gisborne. Robert Cameron of Blackwood. Mrs Sarah Cameron of Campbellfield. Campbell Brothers of Romsey. William Canning of Campbellfield. David Cargill of Broadmeadows. Zalmonah Wallace Carlisle of Lancefield. Owen Carroll of Rochford. William Cavanagh of Broadmeadows. P.H. Chapman of Lancefield. Joseph Cleeland of Epping. Caesar Clement of Glenvale. John Cock of Broadmeadows. John Connell of Bacchus Marsh. Thomas Connors of Nulla Nulla. Michael Coolahan of Bulla. Horatio Cooper of Bundoora. Edward Augustus Cork of Macedon. John Creighton of Bundoora. William Creighton of Epping. James Elijah Crook of ‘Brauer House’, Bacchus Marsh. John Cropley of Derrimut. Maurice Crotty of Keilor. James Crough of Springfield. Francis Crow of Gisborne. Edward Cullen of Nulla Nulla. Reginald Henry Curran of Romsey. John Darmody of Broadmeadows. William Delahey of Keilor. Samuel Derrick of Lancefield. William Derrick of Lancefield. John Dickins of Bulla. Alexander Dickson of Kororoit Creek. Bernard Dolan of Bulla. Thomas Dougall of Wallan Wallan. William Duncan of Greensborough. Edmond Dunn of Broadmeadows. John Dunn of Rochford. George Dyer of Thomastown. John Eadie of Sunbury. Thomas Edwards of Bacchus Marsh. Matthew Egan of Macedon. James Ferguson of Blackwood. Francis Foy of Lancefield. Henry Franklin of Broadmeadows. Thomas Freeman of Janefield. John G. Fricker of Blackwood. Alexander Gardiner of Gisborne. W. Gardiner of Glenvale. Alexander Gibb of Campbellfield. Richard Gilby of Diggers’ Rest. Richard Edward Gilsenan of Bulla. George Gordon of Bundoora. J. Gordon of Greensborough. John Gordon of Rochford. Robert Strachan Graham of Lancefield. John Grant of Keilor. William Grant of Rochford. W. and F. Greenwood of Gisborne. Samuel H. Gribbin of Blackwood. Hugh Gries of Romsey. Sydney Gullett of Lancefield. William Guthridge of Lancefield. Mrs Ann Guthrie of Bulla. Robert Hall of Blackwood. Ferdinand Bond Brown Shorland Hann of Broadmeadows. Thomas Harmer of Bundoora. Joseph Harrison of Derrimut. William H. Harrison of Campbellfield. Charles Harte of Springfield. Mrs Ann Hay of Melton. Jeremiah D. Hearn of Epping. Johnston Hempill of Rochford. Arthur Pope Hennessy of Keilor. John Hobbs of Wallan Wallan. Robert Hobson of Greensborough. Mrs Elizabeth Jane Holmes of Gisborne. William Hopkins of Derrimut. George Thomas Howell of Kororoit Creek. Captain John Hughes of Gisborne. Frederick Augustus Hunt of Epping. Thomas Hurrey of Barber’s Creek, Yan Yean. John Hurst of Romsey. George Jeans of Lancefield. E.S. Joel of Romsey. Edward George Jones of Bacchus Marsh. David Junor of Gisborne. Donald Junor of Epping. John Keating of Newham. John Kerr junior of Broadmeadows. John Kingshott of Broadmeadows. Mrs Deborah Kirkwood of Romsey. Patrick Laffy of Wallan Wallan. Robert Langmuir of Bacchus Marsh. Edward Lansdowne of Gisborne. John Lavers of Broadmeadows. Martin Lavers of Broadmeadows. William Arthur Lee of Wallan Wallan. Mrs Margaret Leyden of Bulla. Robert Lidgett of Bacchus Marsh. Dugald Little of Campbellfield. Thomas Little of Lancefield. Joseph Lobb of Keilor. George Lock of Diggers’ Rest. James Lockwood of Lancefield. Michael Loeman of Bulla. H. Lonie of Valley Field. Angus and John Love of Keilor. William Lyle of Bacchus Marsh. William McAinch of Broadmeadows. Alexander McAskle of Epping. Samuel McCorkell of Conangalt. J. McCrimmon of Romsey. John Macdougall of Bylands. Robert McDougall of Keilor. William Henry McFarlane. John and Joseph McGeorge of Gisborne. Neil McInnes of Romsey. Farquahar George McIntosh of Bacchus Marsh. John McKerchar of Broadmeadows. William McKimmie of Bundoora. Charles McLaughlin of Epping. Mrs Margaret McLean of Woodstock. Mrs Ann Macleod of Wallan Wallan. Angus, Duncan, William, Donald and John McNab of Keilor. John and Angus McNab of Keilor. William McNicol of Gisborne. James McPherson of Melton. Christopher McRae of Rochford. Patrick Maher of Chintin. Cornelius Mahoney of Bacchus Marsh. Arthur Mallon of Bulla. Eustace Manning of Wallan Wallan. David Mansfield of Bulla. John Mansfield of Bulla. Samuel Mansfield of Tullamarine. P.J. Martin of Gisborne. William Marshall of Bacchus Marsh. George Maxted of Romsey. John Meagher of Hesket. Patrick Francis Meagher of Newham. Isaac Metcalf of Epping. Hugh Meikle of Bacchus Marsh. Michael Millane of Bolinda. David Milburn of Keilor. John Mills of Campbellfield. Henry George Minns of Melton. William Tweeddale Moffat of Romsey. John Stephen Morgan of Thomastown. James Morrison of Mount Macedon. John Mounter of Blackwood. Andrew Mulchinagh of Woodstock. William Hector Munro of Bylands. William Munsie of Bulla. John Murphy of Diggers’ Rest. Joseph Murphy of Blackwood. Peter Murphy of Blackwood. Job Nash of Yan Yean. Mrs Mary Nash of Broadmeadows. George Nebel of Epping. James Nicholls of Macedon. Mrs Sarah Nicholson of Keilor. Thomas G. Nicholson of Glenvale. Dr E.H.B. Nickoll of Romsey. Patrick Noonan of Bulla. Thomas Norris of Campbellfield. Michael O’Dwyer of Bylands. Terence O’Hern of Epping. Thomas Oliver of Campbellfield. James Olney of Thomastown. Richard Onians of Lancefield. Daniel O’Sullivan of Woodstock. George Palmer of Kororoit Creek. Robert Parks of Lancefield. Charles Partington of Greensborough. John Patterson of Bacchus Marsh. James Patton of Glenvale. David Patullo of Bulla. Mrs Mary Ann Paulson of Blackwood. J.B. Phipps of Lancefield. Theodore Pearce of New Gisborne. William Peters of Newham. George Poulter of Bylands. William Poulter of Greensborough. James Pratt of Epping. Mrs Catherine Firman Quinlan of Bylands. James Radford of Melton. John Thomas Raw of Broadmeadows. John Rice of Glenvale. Malcolm Ritchie of Keilor. William Roach of Blackwood. David Robertson of Bacchus Marsh. George Robertson of Glenvale. John Robertson of Beveridge. William Robertson of Gisborne. Rev. Dr William Ross of Lancefield. Thomas Ryan of Woodstock. Dr George Herbert Salter of Gisborne. Henry Charles Sandford of Gisborne. F.J. Sanders of Gisborne. John Scotland of Greensborough. Joseph Scott of Melton. Robert Scott of Romsey. Sidney Seymour of Romsey. Samuel Seymour of Romsey. Robert Shankland of Broadmeadows. William Shaw of Blackwood. W.M. Shires of Macedon. John Siebel of Epping. John Simpson of Bacchus Marsh. Jeremiah Skehan of Monegatta. Thomas Smith of Bacchus Marsh. William Smith of Romsey. William Somerville of Riddell’s Creek. Joseph David Starkie of Sunbury. Robert Barclay Stevenson of Broadmeadows. James Stewart of Bolinda. Robert Stewart of Newham. William Stewart of Melton. John James Symonds of Broadmeadows. Harcourt Tanner of Lancefield. Frederick Taylor of Romsey. William Taylor of Keilor. James Thomas of Thomastown. John M. Thomas of Lancefield Junction. Andrew Fender Thompson of Sunbury. Gerald Towgood of Bulla. Henry Townsing of Gisborne. Benjamin Trewhella of Blackwood. James Urquhart of Bacchus Marsh. Henry Vinnecombe of Romsey. Joseph Voysey of Bacchus Marsh. James Waddell of Lancefield. Mrs Margaret Walker of Gisborne. John Ward of Bacchus Marsh. John Ward of Epping. Dr William Longworth Watkins of Sunbury. Thomas Watson of Gisborne. William Watson of Upper Macedon. Mrs Annie Watt of Campbellfield. Robert West Watts of Greenvale. Paul Weston of Romsey. Mrs Sarah White of Campbellfield. Rev. Joseph Addison White of Blackwood. William White of Romsey. George Wiffen of Conangalt. David Wightman of Blackwood. James Williams of Riddell’s Creek. William Hamilton Wilson of Merriang. James Wilson of Keilor. John Wilson of Epping. Thomas Wilson of Yan Yean. George Loop Woodworth of Gisborne. Frederick Wright of Tullamarine. John Wuchatsch of Epping. Thomas Young of Broadmeadows. Behrend John Zeven of Epping. Michael Zimmer of Epping.


Carlton; Collingwood; Clifton Hill; Fitzroy p442. North Fitzroy; Prahran; South Yarra, Toorak and Windsor; Richmond; South Melbourne p443. North Melbourne; Brighton; Elsternwick p446. Hawthorn; Footscray; Williamstown; Brunswick; Essendon p446. Flemington and Kensington; Kew; Northcote; Port Melbourne; St Kilda p447. Boroondara; Caulfield; Malvern p449.

Biographies of residents of Melbourne and its immediate suburbs p450:

Metropolitan residents: a gallery of portraits and sketches p450.

Individual biographical sketches:
Sir Henry Brougham Loch, Governor of Victoria; Thomas Turner A’Beckett of Brighton; John Allee of Brighton; Thomas Barry Alexander of St Kilda; G.B. Allen of Melbourne p457. George Armytage (with portrait) p458. Rev. William Allen of Carlton; William Anderson MLA of Southern Cross; H.M. Andrew of Melbourne; George Rossi Ashton of Melbourne; Richard Baker MLA of Richmond p459. James Balfour MLC (with portrait); Rev. Philip Bailhache of Elsternwick; Percival Ball of Melbourne; James George Beaney p460. Francis Edis Beaver (with portrait); James Bell MLC of Melbourne p461. Benjamin Benjamin of Melbourne; Charles S. Bennett of Melbourne; Sir Graham Berry; Rev. Digby Marsh Berry of Moonee Ponds; Charles James Bird of Malvern; Alexander Black of Melbourne p462. C.R. Blackett of East Melbourne; David Blair of Malvern; Mrs Helen Boadle of Essendon; Abraham Booth of South Preston; Rev. Samuel Bracewell of Carlton; William Alexander Brahe of Hawthorn; Thomas Francis Bride of Melbourne; Rev. Dr J.E. Bromby of Melbourne p463. Daniel Brophy of Ballarat; Dr Anthony Colling Brownless; John Munro Bruce of Toorak p464. Mrs Edmund Bryant of Richmond; Brice Frederick Bunny of St Kilda; Rev. Dr Joseph Butler of Port Melbourne; Abram Louis Buvelot of Melbourne p465. Archibald Macarthur Campbell of Geelong; Dalmahoy Campbell of Melbourne; Dr W.H. Campbell of East Melbourne; Robert Campbell of St Kilda; Robert Charles Chandler of Malvern; Rev. Samuel Chapman of Melbourne; Rev. Septimus Lloyd Chase of Melbourne; Christ Church, St Kilda p466. William McGregor Clark MLA of Footscray; John J. Clarke of Brighton; Sir William John Clarke p467. Joseph Clarke of Toorak; Edward Cohen of Melbourne; Joseph Henry Connor MLC of Geelong; Daniel Conolly of Malvern; Thomas Cooper MLA of Creswick; Thomas Spencer Cope of Lower Hawthorn p468. George Ward Cole of Melbourne (with portrait) p469. George Selth Coppin of Richmond; James Cowie of Fitzroy p470. John Branscombe Crews of Prahran; Rev. James Walter Crisp of Melbourne; Edward Micklethwaite Curr; John Lang Currie of St Kilda; Rev. W. Currie of Kyneton; Henry Cuthbert MLC of Melbourne; Rev. George Daniel of Brighton p471. William Wedge Darke of Spring Vale (Springvale); Matthew Henry Davies; Michael Dawson of Brunswick; Alfred Deakin MLA of Melbourne; Edward Delbridge of Fitzroy; Frederick T. Derham of Melbourne; William Detmold of Melbourne; Frank Stanley Dobson p472. John Lamont Dow MLA of Kara Kara; Thomas Kirkland Dow of Essendon; John Dunne of Prahran; Frederic Dunn of Kew; Robert Lewis John Ellery p473. Dr Thomas Embling of Kew; Rev. J.F. Ewing of Toorak; William Guard Feild (Field?) of Collingwood; Benjamin Josman Fink of Melbourne; Edmund Finn senior of Fitzroy; William Piggott Firebrace of Prahran p474. Nicholas Fitzgerald MLC of St Kilda; George Frederick Folingsby of Melbourne; Richard Ford of Melbourne; R.H. Francis of Melbourne; William Galbraith of Melbourne; James Gatehouse of South Yarra; David Gaunson MLA of Melbourne p475. Duncan Gillies of Melbourne; Rev. Charles John Godby of Malvern; Frederic Race Godfrey of St Kilda; Charles Y. Gold of Albert Park; Joseph Goode of Melbourne; Rev. Alexander Gosman of Hawthorn; James Howlin Graves of Hawksburn, South Yarra p476. Basil Gray of Coburg; Charles Gray of Nareeb Nareeb, Caramut; Rev. George Grey of Carlton; Arthur Champion Groom of Melbourne; Thomas H. Guenett of Melbourne; Frederick William Haddon of Melbourne; Thomas Ferrier Hamilton of Gisborne p477. Benjamin Cosway Harriman of Armadale; Joseph Harris of South Yarra and Mornington; Heylyn Henry Hayter of Melbourne; Dr William Edward Hearn; John Moore Highett p478. William Highett MLC (with portrait); George Higinbotham of Brighton; Thomas William Jackson of Melbourne; Karl Kahler of Melbourne p479. Archibald Johnson of Toorak (with portrait); William C. Kernot of Parkville p480. Robert Harper MLA of Melbourne (with portrait) p481. Karl August Ernst Hartung of Melbourne; William Henry Kingsbury of Melbourne; George Kirk; Thomas Langdon MLA of Prahran; Charles William Langtree; John Laurens MLA of North Melbourne; Henry Laurie of St Andrews and Melbourne; George Theodore Adams Lavater p482. Charles Le Cren of Melbourne; David Lee of Melbourne; George LeFevre of Melbourne p483. Henry John Leplastrier of Melbourne; Jonas Felix Levien of St Kilda; Sir James Lorimer of Melbourne; J.W. Lundborg of South Melbourne; Very Rev. Hussey Burgh Macartney, Dean of Melbourne p484. Rev. Hussey Burgh Macartney junior of Caulfield; George Gordon McCrae of Lower Hawthorn p485. Henry (Money) Miller (with portrait) p487. Sir James MacBain of Melbourne p488. Dr William McCrea of East Melbourne; Sir James McCulloch of Melbourne; Dugald McDougall of Melbourne; Matthew Macfie of Armadale; Paul Howard MacGillivray of Sandhurst p489. Colonel William Mair of Brighton (with portrait); Rev. Walter Woodroffe Mantell of Abbotsford; Rev. Alexander Marshall of Melbourne; Thomas Mason of Williamstown; George Augustus Mein of St Kilda p490. Rev. Peter Mercer of Toorak; James Mirams MLA of Melbourne (with portrait); Rev. James Moore, Bishop of Ballarat; Edward Ellis Morris of Melbourne; William McCulloch MLC of Melbourne p491. John Henry MacFarland of Ormond College, Melbourne University; Rev. Daniel McKenzie of Collingwood; Archibald McLaurin of ‘Frogmore’, Caulfield; A. McLean of Melbourne; John McMahon of Northcote; Robert MacMicking; Rev. Allen Macvean (McVean) of Brunswick; Walter Madden MLA of Melbourne; Robert Mailer of Moreland p492. Baron Ferdinand von Mueller; Thomas Moubray of Melbourne; Peter McKillop of St Kilda; James Munro MLA of Melbourne (with portrait); George Augustus Mouritz of Brighton; John Francis McCarron of Melbourne p493. Reginald A.F. Murray of North Fitzroy; Stuart Murray of Melbourne; Alexander William Musgrove of Melbourne; James Cosmo Newbery of Melbourne; Sir Arthur Nicolson; Nicholas O’Connor of Richmond p494. Germain Nicholson (with portrait); John Nimmo MLA of South Melbourne (with portrait) p495. Sir John O’Shanassy; Charles Myles Officer MLA; Suetonius Henry Officer (with portrait) p496. Louis Pabst of Melbourne; J.A. Panton of Melbourne p497. James Brown Patterson MLA of St Kilda; George Peake of Melbourne; Alfred Naylor Pearson of Melbourne; James William Peirce MLA of Melbourne; Dr Andrew Plummer of Port Melbourne p498. Rev. Dr J. Laurence Rentouln of Carlton; James Alfred Roberts p499. Robert Ramsay of East Melbourne (with portrait); Robert Dyce Reid MLA of Armadale; W.H. Roberts MLC of Williamstown; Mrs F.C. Rowan (nee Marian Ellis Ryan) of Melbourne p500. Captain Frederic Charles Rowan of Melbourne; C.W. Russell of Melbourne; Lt-Colonel Frederick Thomas Sargood MLC of Melbourne; James Service MLC of Melbourne p501. Robert William Shadforth of St Kilda; William Shiels MLA of Melbourne; John Joseph Shillinglaw of Melbourne p502. Charles Shuter of Moonee Ponds; Alexander John Skene of St Kilda; Dr John Singleton of East Melbourne; Charles Smith MLA of Melbourne; James Smith of Melbourne; Joseph Solomon of South Yarra; Sir William Foster Stawell of Kew p503. Joseph Stead of South Melbourne; Rev. Alexander Stewart of Essendon; Rev. E.H. Sugden of Carlton; David Syme of Melbourne; Edward C. Symonds of Hawthorn; Thomas Hamlet Taylor of St Kilda; Joseph Thompson of East Melbourne; James Thomson of St Kilda p504. Charles A. Topp of Melbourne; Rev. Dr George William Torrance of Balaclava; Albert Lee Tucker MLA of North Fitzroy; Thomas George Tucker of Melbourne; Sir George Frederic Verdon p505. W.F. Walker MLA of Toorak; Robert Elias Wallen of Melbourne; Rev. Patrick Walshe of Williamstown; Rev. John Watsford of Richmond; George John Watson of St Kilda; Arthur S. Way of South Yarra; Rev. Allan W. Webb of East Melbourne; Thomas Prout Webb of Melbourne p506. Edward John White of South Yarra; Robert Percy Whitworth of Windsor; Rev. Ambrose J. Wilson of South Yarra; Thomas Richard Wilson of St Kilda; William Wilson MLC of East St Kilda; Samuel Vincent Winter of Albert Park; William Bramwell Withers of Ballarat p507. John Wood of Hawthorn; Major Alexander Thomas Woods of Parkville; John Woods MLA of Melbourne p508. John Dickson Wyselaskie of St Kilda (with portrait); Peter Wright MLA p509. H.J. Wrixon MLA of Melbourne; David Abbott of Melbourne; Abbott and Mack, Toorak; Robert Alway of Malvern; Charles Ashford of Williamstown; Edward Augustus Atkyns of Melbourne; George Alfred Badger of Melbourne; William Valentine Bailey of Windsor; Charles Baker of Fitzroy; James Bamford of Melbourne; Robert Thomson Barbour of Melbourne p510. Nahum Barnet of Melbourne; William Baron of South Yarra; A. Barrie of Melbourne; Edward Bastings senior of Northcote; Batchelder and Co. of Melbourne; James Birtwistle of Melbourne; Dr Thomas Black of St Kilda (with portrait); Charles Henry Bayley of Clifton Hill; Peter Behrendt of Melbourne p511. Robert Wallace Best of Fitzroy; John Beswicke of Melbourne; J.J.R. Bignell of East Richmond; F.J. Binge of Melbourne; Dr Edwin Geoffry Bird of Northcote; William Blackwell of Kensington; William Y. Blackwell of South Brighton; George Frederick Bodley of Cheltenham; Charles E. Bolingbroke of Oakleigh; Jacob Brache of Northcote; Brewster and Campbell’s ‘Elite’ Photographic Gallery, Collins Street; Frederick John Britten of North Fitzroy; Lewis Clarke Brock of Oak Hill, Preston p512. Aubrey Leigh Brotherton of Prahran; Hugh Junor Browne of East Melbourne; John Brown of Heidelberg; Henry Hale Budd of Melbourne; Albert Eurdine Burbank; Richard Burnell of Brunswick; Ernest John Werge Chambers of Melbourne; Captain Frederick Chapman of South Melbourne; John Arnold Christopherson of Collingwood; Arthur Edward Clarke of Melbourne; James Henry Clarke of Richmond p513. Francis Clark of Alphington; Cleverdon and Westley of Melbourne; Patrick Joseph Berry Clinch of Melbourne; Coane and Grant of Melbourne; James Cochrane senior of North Brighton; James Cochrane junior of Elsternwick; W. Cole of Middle Brighton; Samuel G. Cook of Ascot Vale; Thomas Corrigan of Melbourne; Thomas Wilson Courtney of Hotham (North Melbourne) p514. Joseph Charles Martin Cowan of Ascot Vale; Thomas James Crouch of Melbourne; George Henry Crowther of Brighton; James Cumming of Melbourne; Christopher W.R. Cutter of Richmond; Dr Frederick Daniel of North Fitzroy; Joseph Henry Davies; Davies, Price and Wighton of Melbourne; William Davis of Coburg; William Drewer of Essendon; Dr G.D. Dickinson of Moonee Ponds; James Dickson of Braybrook; Dr William Harrison Dobbin of Moonee Ponds; Miss Agnes Dods of Brunswick; John Donaldson of Ivanhoe p515. George Doran of St Kilda; Amos Langton Drew of Malvern; A.E. Duguid of Melbourne; Alfred Dunn of Melbourne; Joseph Dwyer of Melbourne; Joel Eade of Collingwood; Dr James Howard Eccles of Armadale; Edward Sidney Edsall of Malvern; W.H. Ellerker and E.G. Kilburn of Melbourne p516. George de Lacy Evans; John Finlay of St Kilda (with portrait); John Falconer of Fitzroy; Alfred William Fergie of Fitzroy; Henry William Charles Fisher p517. Leonard John Flannagan of Melbourne; Foster and Martin of Melbourne; James Henry Fox of Melbourne; Simon Fraser MLC of Toorak; Gadd, W. Smithers and Ross of Melbourne; William Garfield of East Brighton; James Garton of Melbourne; George Garwood of Prahran; Thomas George of South Brighton; John Frederick Gibbins of Melbourne p518. Reinhart Gun of Carlton; Johannes Werner Gunst of Melbourne (with portrait); Thomas Gibbons of Abbotsford; Harry Browse Gibbs of Melbourne; Francis Gillman of Queen Street, Melbourne; Gillott, Croker, Snowden and Co. of Melbourne p519. Samuel Gordon of Oakleigh; John Guess of Mulgrave; William Hunter of Fitzroy; John Hadfield of Windsor; Samuel William Hailes of Richmond; Thomas Hales of Flemington; John Ferrier Hamilton of Elsternwick; Harrison and Co. of Melbourne; James Hearn of Essendon; A.K. Heath of Melbourne; Edward Bonaventure Heffernan of Fitzroy; Edgar J. Henderson of Melbourne; Dr Thomas Hewlett of Fitzroy; Norman Hitchcock of Carlton p520. Alfred Herbert Holdsworth of Prahran; Dr George Thomas Howard of North Fitzroy; Robert Hunter of Malvern; John Iliffe of Melbourne; John Ingram of Mulgrave; Anderson Irwin of Caulfield; Henry Jackson of Williamstown; Thomas B. Jackson of Melbourne; John Shanks Jenkins of Melbourne; Jennings and Wight of Melbourne; George Jobbins of Melbourne; George Raymond Johnson of Melbourne; William Johnson of St Kilda; David Johnston of St Kilda p521. J.H. Jose of South Melbourne; Thomas Keiller of Portland; William Tyson Kendall of Fitzroy; Eyre Evans Kenny of Melbourne; Peter Kerr of South Melbourne; Thomas Kidney of Clifton Hill; Nathanael Kinsman of Fitzroy; Robert A. Kirkpatrick of Melbourne; John Augustus Bernhard Koch of Melbourne p522. Max L. Kreitmayer of Melbourne; Robert Laidlaw of Heidelberg; Richard Lane of Elsternwick; George Launder of Melbourne; Octavius Vernon Lawrence of Fitzroy; Matthew Henry Legge of Prahran; Captain J.F. Le Maistre of St Kilda; Captain William Thomas Liley of Williamstown; Dr Herbert Lillies of Armadale; James W. Lockwood of Melbourne; Edward Boothe Loughran of Windsor; Arthur Henry Shakspeare Lucas of Melbourne p523. John Lunt of Windsor; John James McCully of Melbourne; McKean and Leonard of Melbourne, James McNee of Prahran; Dugald McPhail of Essendon; Malcolm Macpherson; John Moodie of St Kilda (with portrait); Henty Walter Mills of East Brighton; William Mills of Essendon p524. A. Marks and Co. of Carlton; Peter Martin of Carlton; Theophilus Smith Marshall of Kensington; John May of Northcote; Thomas Henry Merrett of Richmond; Dr Felix Meyer of Carlton; Augustus B. Mier of North Melbourne; William Millar of Elsternwick; Edward Mirams of Fitzroy; Charles Montrose of Melbourne; Dr Henry Ogle Moore of Dandenong; Joseph Morrison of Ascot Vale; Robert Morrison of South Yarra p525. Charles Morton of Ascot Vale; Dr Francis William Watson Morton of Fitzroy; James Mottram of Clifton Hill; Donald Munro of Hawthorn; John Munro of Hawthorn; Muntz and Bage of Melbourne; Thomas Napier of Essendon (with portrait) p526. Theodore Napier of ‘Magdala’, Essendon; Charles Nelson of Oakleigh; Frederick Newnham of Preston; Charles Newman of Templestowe; Alfred Newman of Braybrook; D. Ninnes of Cheltenham; D. Clymer Nutt of Richmond; Dr Francis Armand Nyulasy of Hawksburn; Percy Oakden: see Terry and Oakden; Daniel H. O’Brien of Essendon; Dr J.W. O’Brien of Carlton p527. Edward O’Donnell of Albert Park; Edwin Lenthall Oldfield; George Dowling O’Neil of Melbourne; Richard Osburne of Malvern; James Palmer of South Yarra; Thomas Palmer of South Melbourne; Alexander William Pearson of Dandenong; Walter Penglase of Essendon; Harry W. Perry of Melbourne; Alfred Pincott of Richmond p528. William Pitt of Melbourne; Plimpton and Noall of Melbourne; Richard F. Ponting of Ascot Vale; Powell and Whitaker of Melbourne; Leonard Prendergast of Melbourne; William Pullar of Maidstone; Albert Purchas of Melbourne; John Ker Ramsey of Prahran; Arthur Redfern of Brunswick p529. Joseph Reed of Melbourne; William Reid of Malvern; John Langtree Reilly of Melbourne; George Richardson of Williamstown; Robert Edward Rigg of Mordialloc; Harvey Roulston of Dandenong; Samuel Rudduck of Mordialloc; Percy Joseph Russell of Melbourne; Robert Russell of Richmond; Dr Timothy Bernard Ryan of North Fitzroy; A.O. Sachse of Melbourne; William Salway p530. Peter Saunders of Mordialloc; Scott and Boys of Melbourne; John Serjeant of Carlton; Alfred Sharp of Prahran; George Lindsay Skinner of Melbourne; George Slater of South Melbourne; James Snadden of Fitzroy; Sydney W. Smith of Melbourne; R. Speight junior of Melbourne; William Spurr of Northcote; J.T. Stabback of Melbourne; George R.B. Steane of Northcote; Emanuel Steinfeld of St Kilda p531. Alfred Stevens of Windsor; Horace Stevens of Melbourne; Stewart and Company of Melbourne; Roderick Alison Sutherland of Hawthorn; John Sutton of Box Hill; Tappin, Gilbert and Dennehy of Melbourne; Joseph and Harley Tarrant of Melbourne; Lloyd Tayler of Melbourne; Dr Alexander Thomson p532. G. Thomson of Melbourne; Cain Thorne of Dandenong; William John Thorne of Brunswick; George King Thornhill of Oakleigh; Terry and Oakden (since changed to Oakden, Addison and Kemp) (with portrait of Percy Oakden) p533. William Thwaites of Melbourne; Henry Ridge Tilt of Fitzroy; Alexander Crombie Todd of East Melbourne; William Ray Tovell of Melbourne; A.M. Townsend of Melbourne; Edward Townsend of South Brighton; John Towt of Boroondara; Philip E. Treeby of Melbourne; Thomas Turnbull of St Kilda; Tuttle and Co. of Melbourne; Twentyman and Askew of Melbourne p534. Vandyck Photographic Co. Ltd of Melbourne; W. Sherwood Vernon of Melbourne; Dr George Joseph Walsh of Dandenong; George Arthur Walstab of Caulfield; James Wardrop of Collingwood; Warner and Carter of Melbourne; William Henry Wastell of Oakleigh; Thomas Watts senior of Melbourne; Alfred Henry Weigall of Melbourne; William Elliott Wells of South Melbourne; Thomas Gee Wilkinson of Notting Hill, near Oakleigh; William Wilkinson of East Brighton; Willan Sons and Colles of Melbourne; Frederick Williams of Melbourne p536. F.M. White and Son of Queen Street, Melbourne (with portrait); S.E. Wills of Melbourne; W.B. Wilmot of Melbourne; Joseph Wilmott of Oakleigh; Alexander Wilson of Williamstown; Dr Henry B. Wilson of East Prahran; Sydney H. Wilson of Melbourne; John Wilton of East Melbourne; Stanislaus Emil Antony Woinarski-Zichy of Ballarat; William Wolf of Melbourne p537. Dr William Atkinson Wood; James Wood; William J. Woolcott; John Wren of Caulfield; John May Yelland of Prahran; Albert Edward Young of Moonee Ponds; W.C. Scurry of Carlton p538.


Of the following corporations we are enabled to speak in detail:
Adelaide Marine and Fire Insurance Company (Messrs Cowie and Aspinall, F.S.C. Driffield, E.M. Ashwin, Arthur J. Masters, James Graham, J.M. Davies, Andrew Newel); Bank of Australasia, Melbourne (D.C. McArthur, J.J. Falconer, E.S. Parkes, John Sawers, Martin Petrie Blundell) p541. Australasian Mortgage and Agency Company Limited (Directors: William Smith, J.L. Currie, Archibald Fisken, Robert Sellar, George Fairbairn, Hastings Cuningham, John Kane Smyth; Secretary: W.S. Mackenzie); Australian Freehold Banking Corporation Limited (Directors: Robert Murray Smith, Thomas Stranger, Edward O’Donnell, William Rose, Frederick Wimpole; Manager: Edward Dillon); Australian General Assurance Company (Captain John Lamb, A.B. Sparke, D.C. McArthur, Captain Charles Smith, Henry Austin, John Gilchrist, Richard Binnie, James Watson, E. Vickery, Henry T. Fox, James Anderson, Chas Crosby, Jules Renard, W. Medhurst Taylor) ; Australian Mortgage Land and Finance Company Limited (Sir James MacBain, John Russell Ross, William Drysdale, W. Robert McComas, J.J. Falconer); China Traders’ Insurance Company Limited (B. Goldsmith) p542. City of Melbourne Bank Limited (Thomas Loader, James Williamson, Jenkin Collier, John Ferguson, J. Loyd Roberts, Colin M. Longmuir, William Robertson, Andrew Williamson, John Shiels); Commercial Bank of Australia Limited (Thomas Moubray, G.S. Coppin, C.J. Jenner, James Mason, George Meares, Henry Gyles Turner, J. McCutcheon, William Turner, J.G. Pitcher, A. Nichols, E.C.O. Howard); Freehold Investment and Banking Company of Australia Limited (J. Bartlett Davies, M.H. Davies, John Moodie, C.H. James, T.R.B. Morton) p543. R. Goldsbrough and Co. Limited (Richard Goldsbrough, Edward Row, George Kirk, Hugh Parker, John Sutcliffe Horsfall, Arthur Parker, David Parker, F.E. Stewart, A.W. Robertson, Andrew Rowan, Salathiel Booth); Land Company of Australasia Limited; Land Mortgage Bank of Victoria Limited (W.P. Muir, C.J. Jenner, John McCrae, D.E. Wilkie, Robert Byrne, Joseph Clarke, William Detmold, John S. Ogilvy, George Wharton, William MacMurtrie, R.D. Reid, George Wilson, John K. Fryer, Joseph M. Pratt) p545. The London Chartered Bank of Australia (William Fane De Salis, Thomas Dyer Edwardes, Charles Falconer, John Bramwell, Edwin Brett, Charles Guthrie, John Young, James Aitken, William McCulloch, Sir James Garrick, Robert Landale, Edward Keep, Robert Rome); Melbourne Permanent Building Society (William McLean, Law Oldfield, Stanford Chapman, W.B. Fox, H. McKay, R.W. Kitchin, Joseph Johnson) p546. The Mercantile Bank of Australia Limited (M.H. Davies, William Anderson, John Moodie, T.B. Muntz, James Oddie, Graham Berry, Henry Cornell, Frederic Millidge); The National Bank of Australasia; National Fire and Marine Insurance Company of New Zealand (W. Sibbin); National Insurance Company of Australasia Limited (William Macredie); National Trustees, Executors and Agency Company of Australasia Limited (N. Fitzgerald, William Cain, Malcolm D. McEacharn, M. O’Shanassy, William Irving Winter, J.H. Macoboy); Bank of New Zealand; The (Fire and Marine) New Zealand Insurance Company (Barry Cleveland) p547. New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company Limited (Melbourne Wool and Grain Warehouses, R. Murray Smith, David Elder, William Oliver) p548. Premier Permanent Building, Land and Investment Association (J. Nimmo, John Stewart, Thomas Ferguson, J.L. Dow, David Lumsden, W.B. Jones, Donald Munro, James Mirams); Port Melbourne Building Society (Messrs Wisewould and Gibbs, Henry Dando); South British Fire and Marine Insurance Company of New Zealand (James Graham, J.M. Davies, Arthur J. Masters); Bank of Victoria (Henry ‘Money’ Miller, William Highett, William Nicholson, W.F. Splatt, W.H. Tuckett, Alexander Wilson, John Mathieson); Australasian Temperance and General Mutual Life Assurance Society (Henry Meeks, Andrew Stewart, James Ballantyne, James Mirams, William McLean, H.G. Rudd) p551. Union Mortgage and Agency Company of Australia Limited (F.W. Armytage, W. Taylor, W. Halliday, A.G. Anderson, G.N. Turner, G. Fairbairn junior, William Holt, William Sloane, Alexander Sloane, William Glen Walker, R.J. Jeffray, Mr Spiro); Universal Permanent Building and Investment Society (T.A.F. Inglis); Victorian Land Company Limited (M.H. Davies, William Bowen, Robert Inglis, John Moodie, James S. Mercer, George Fethers); Victorian Permanent Building Society (James Munro, Robert Lormer) p553. Grosvenor Chambers (Percival Ball, Tom Roberts, J.C. Waite, Walton, Abrahams and Patterson, Mrs Eeles, C.S. Patterson); George Robert Blundell of Fitzroy; J. Drysdale Brown of Carlton; Alfred Blakeney Carr of Fitzroy; Edward Petrie Carter of Brunswick; John A. Davies of Williamstown; Thomas A.F. Inglis of East Melbourne; J. Charlton Johnston of Carlton; Horatio Kelson of Coburg p554. James Kidd of Collingwood; David W. Nicoll of Oakleigh; James Officer of Armadale; James Scott Ridley of North Melbourne; Elderson Smith of Fitzroy; Charles Joseph Taylor of Essendon; Neil Walker of Collingwood; Robert Wallace of Brunswick; Edward Samuel Watson of St Kilda; Alfred Webster of South Yarra p555.


George H. Adams of Flinders Lane; Andrews Palmer and Company (Robert Blaclock Bowers and Thomas Andrews) of 134 Collins Street West; Edmund Ashley of Carlton (Richard Heales); Atcherley and Dawson of 5 Flinders Lane West; Herbert and James Aynsley, of 21 Little Collins Street West; Baylee, Shevill and Co. (Edmond Henry Perry Baylee and James Wotton Shevill) of 16 Collins Street West and 14 Chapel Street, South Yarra; Banks and Co. / Beauchamp Brothers (Horatio F. Beauchamp, Charles Frederick Beauchamp, Horatio Lassetter Beauchamp) of Collins Street West; Bligh and Harbottle (Francis John Bligh, Thomas Harbottle, Francis Henry Biddulph, D.G.E. Alsop, Thomas B. Harbottle) of 43 Flinders Lane West; Henry Berry (John May and Co.) of 142 Spencer Street p557. John C. Bowden and Co. of 82 Collins Street West (John Cramsie at Balranald); William B. Bowley and Son of Flinders Street West; Briscoe and Co. of Little Collins Street West and 172 Queen Street (James Paton, A.W. Gellatly, Alexander Macneil); Brooks, McGlashan and McHarg of 15-17 Flinders Lane West (John Brooks); Buckley and Nunn of 25-29A Bourke Street East and 32-34 Post Office Place (Mars Buckley, C.J. Nunn); George Burk of 1 Little Collins Street East; E. and J. Burke of 15 Market Buildings, Flinders Lane West (F.G. Nutting, T.P. Fallon, H.E. Nutting) p558. W. Burnip and Co. of St James Street; James Stewart Butters (Mr Wiseman, Mr Wilkie, W.G. Baillie, J.V.A. Bruce, H. Creswick, James Purves); Richard Ross Cameron; Campbell, Guthridge and Co. (A. Leslie Campbell and W.P. Guthridge); Edgar Alfred Clough and Co.; Connell, Hogarth and Co. (John Connell, William Hogarth, Charles Watson, John Lorimer, William Graham) p559. John Cooper and Sons (Freer Brothers, John, Thomas and James Cooper); Paul F. Costelloe and Son (L.W. Costelloe) of Gore Street, Fitzroy and Collins Street, City; Couche, Calder and Co. of 26 William Street (R. Towns and Co., D.S. Warren, W.W. Couche, W.H. Calder); Cox and Green of Sugden Alley, Little Collins Street East (Mitchell and Bonneau, W. Cox, C.S. Green, M.A. Cox); Cozens and Harvey of 153-5 Elizabeth Street and Wolverhampton Place, Footscray (Thomas Cozens, George Harvey); Archibald Currie and Co. of William Street (T.E. Boyd); John Currie of Little Collins Street West (J. Sewell, John McDonnell,); Davey, Flack and Co. of Gresham Chambers, 10 Elizabeth Street (T.J. Davey, J.H. Flack, Mr Cole); William Dean and Co. of 91 Flinders Lane East (Reuben A. Fitch, J.B. French, A.W. Walsh) p560. Harry A. Derham of 18 Collins Street East and Kew; J.B. Downie and Co. of Market Street (J.B. and A.R. Downie); Edward Duckett of 19 and 21 Lonsdale Street West (Charles Duckett); Edmund Dummett and Co. (Mr Cogdon, Booth and Argyle’s Station, Kyneton, Symons and Perry, F. Dummett); Frank E. Edgcumbe of 12 Collins Street West and 231 Chapel Street, Windsor; David Edelsten and Co. of 30 Collins Street East; Elbridge Gerry Emery (D.B. Clarke, Devine ‘Cabbage Tree Ned’ Bradley, Wagner, Peck, Vanrinnen and Lascelles, E. Rowlands, Joshua, L.L. Mount; Buckley and Nunn); H.W. Farrar and Co. (A. Rooth, John Farrar, T.H. Farrar, W.F. Langdon, R.A.V. Rae); Alfred Fenton and Sons of 7 Bourke Street (Herbert Fenton, James, Arthur and John Fenton) p561. S. Frankenberg and Co. of 11 Flinders Lane West; Fraser and Co. Ltd of 19 Queen Street (Alexander Fraser, Edward Cohen, W. Hammill, H.C. and A.W. Fraser, William Easey and Co.); H. Frey and Co. (Schoch, Bruggmann and Co.); James Fry and Company Limited of Robb’s Buildings, Collins Street West (Ascot Steam Flour Mills, Gilbert Walker, Ballarat Flour Mills, Messrs Hassel and Monckton, John Gillies of Horsham, James Johnson, William W. Fraser, Thomas Roxburgh, W. McRorie); Gemmell, Tuckett and Co. (Gemmell, McCall and Co., J.R. Tuckett, R.S. Walter, J.H. Downer); Gavin Gibson (John Stewart); George Glasscock; W.H. Glen and Co. of 21 and 23 Collins Street East; Glover, Onians and Co. of 26 King Street (William Glover, Richard Onians; Henry M. Gooch and Co. (Thomas Bear, Mr Blake, G.W. and T.G. Knight, A.D. Cotton); Thomas Usher Goodall of 18 and 20 Queen Street (Hommell, Edward Thomas Goodall, Mont Albert Vineyard at Balwyn); Charles W. Gray and Co.; Greig and Murray Limited of 10 Queen Street (William Middleton Tennant, E.D. Greig, W.S.F. Murray, George Crespin, William George Cramer) p564. J. Griffiths and Co. of 3 Market Street (David Masterman, Andrew Rose Cruickshank, Gilbert Walker); James Grigg (Grigg and Kimberley of Collins Street West and Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, J.E. Kimberley); Grondona and Company Limited of 28 King Street (C.H. Grondona, E.H.P. Baylee, C.D. Dixon, W.H. Goddard, Joseph Harris, A.C. Holbrook); Theophilus Job Ham (Rev. John Ham, Thomas and Jabez Ham, ‘Ham’s Magazine’, C.J. Ham, Elizabeth Perry); Robert Harper and Co. (J.F. McKenzie and Co., William and John Harper, Degraves’ Mills, Victoria Sugar Works, Port Melbourne); Carl Hesselmann and F.W. Schurmann of 62 Flinders Lane West; Hogg, Robinson and Co. (Henry Roughton Hogg, Augustus Frederick Robinson); Jordan, Tillmanns and Co. of 71 Flinders Lane East (C. Robert Jordan, G. Stahel, J. Tillmanns) p565. Johnson and Appleton of 59 Queen Street (John Mackenzie, G.B. Appleton); Adolphe Joske, Best and Co. of 16 Little Collins Street East (Paul Joske, Alexander Joske, Dudley Best); Robert Jowitt and Sons; Joseph E. Kimberley of Collingwood (James Grigg); Kirk’s Bazaar (James Bowie Kirk, Mr Harlin, W.C. Yuille, George Watson, Messrs Waterhouse and Onslow, James Henderson and Co., Messrs McKirsie and Rigg, Mr Babtie, Messrs Goyder, McCaughey and Lindsey, Messrs (William) McCulloch, (J.C.) Campbell and Co., Messrs Roberts, Morris and Meeks, J.M. Pratt, John Kincaid, E.T. and W.H. Campbell, J.C. Campbell, Campbell and Sons); John Hanlon Knipe p566. L. Kong Meng; Konig and Co.; J. Kronheimer and Co. of 32 Queen Street (Julius Kronheimer, Joseph Kronheimer, Charles Franklin, Max Kronheimer); Matthew Lang and Co. of 81 Collins Street West (Alexander Scott, P.G. Dixon and Co.’s aerated water factory, Mount Poole Station); Lawrence and Adam of 61 William Street (James Black Lawrence, John Adam, James Campbell Grassie, James Philip Adam, Heape Bros and Co., James Lawrence); Lazarus, Rosenfeld and Benjamin of 42 Elizabeth Street (Messrs A. and Sander Lazarus, S. Davis); Lefebvre and Co. (Louis C. Lefebvre, Maximilian Albert Edward Lefebvre, Louis Charles Lefebvre); Levy Brothers and Co. of 14 and 16 Little Collins Street East (Goodman Levy, Messrs Louis and Nathaniel, Walter Joseph, Hugo Wertheim) p567. W.P. Lockhart and Co. (Walter Pringle Lockhart); John H. Long (Wheelock and Stevens); W.R. Looker and Sons (H.J. Looker, G.A. (George Arthur) Looker, A.O. Looker, Oakleigh, William Looker); Daniel Lovelock (Joseph Chadwick, Mr Savage, Mr McKinney, James Robertson, H.O. Capes and Co.); I. Lyons and Co. of Hall of Commerce, 30A Queen Street (Isaac Lyons, J.H. Knipe, W. Booth of Rutherglen); Matthew McCaw; Macdermott, Loughnan and Scarr of 95 Collins Street West (Frank Scarr, Andrew Loughnan, William French Macdermott, George Cumberlege Loughnan); James MacDougall and Co. of 17 Queen Street (Robert Morrison) p568. McCarron, Bird and Co. (J.F. McCarron, J.H. Bird, H.W. Puttmann, Andrew Stewart, R.E. Wallen, W.H. Thodey); James McEwan and Co. Limited of 81 and 83 Elizabeth Street (William Kerr Thomson, Samuel Renwick, Thomas Jackson); William T. McFee of 89 Elizabeth Street; John McGee and Co. of 19 Flinders Lane West (James McVitty, J.F. Deegan); John Murray Macgregor p569. D.R. McGregor of 56 Queen Street (Colonel Anderson, Mr Greig); Frederick Mackay of 18 Elizabeth Street and 2 and 4 Flinders Lane East (Mr Parry); McKenzie and Ballard (J. McKenzie, G.O. Ballard, Mr Buzzard); McLean Brothers and Rigg Limited of 69 Elizabeth Street (William McLean, Oliver McLean) p570. Macmeikan and Co. of 99 Collins Street West (John Macmeikan, N. Hugh Macmeikan, F.E. Coote, Percy A. Macmeikan, Fisken, Gibson and Co.); Matthews and Company of 39 Flinders Street West (Glascott, Matthews and Co., J.H. Matthews, St John Matthews); Morris and Meeks of Carron Buildings, 23 and 25 Little Collins Street West and 48 Bourke Street West (Alexander Cairns, C.J. Jenner, Messrs Blyth, Drysdale and J.A. Roberts, Messrs Jenner, Jas. McEwan and Co., Briscoe and Co., W.H. Roberts, John Morris and C. Deakin, F.S. Roberts, Henry Meeks); Moubray, Rowan and Hicks of 33, 35 and 37 Collins Street West (Thomas Moubray, Joseph Lush, C. Rowan, R. Hicks, J.W. Shanklin, G.W. Atkinson); Munro and Baillieu of 40 and 42 Collins Street East (Donald Munro, W.L. Baillieu); Newell and Co. (Newell, Hooper and Stevens, A.H. Newell, Andrew Newell, George Lush); Nicholson and Co. of 45 and 47 Collins Street East (J.C.W. Nicholson, Joseph Wilkie) p571. Nickless, Smith and Co. of 86 Collins Street West (Henry Nickless, Andrew Smith); Palmer, Scott and Co. (G.H. Palmer, Messrs Jackson and Scott); James Paterson of 252 Albert Road, South Melbourne and City Bank Chambers, corner of Elizabeth and Collins Streets (J. Paterson and Co., George Mirfin, Mr Henkel, J. Notman, Bernard Heron); Paterson, Laing and Bruce (J.C. Young, Mr Palmer, Ray, Glaister and Co., Briscoe Ray, J.R. Bailey, J.R. Laing, J.M. Bruce, George Webster and Co., J.G. Paterson junior, J.R. Laing junior, G.W. Bruce) p572. Pears’ Soap Company of 132 Collins Street West (Francis Forrest and Co.); Peyton, Dowling and Co. of St James’ Buildings, 59 William Street (Richard B. Gibbs, Samuel M. Gibbs, Joseph Dowling, William Bell Jackson); Pfaff, Pinschof and Co. (Alfred Pfaff, Carl Pinschof); William Edward Pickells (of Austral Agency Company, 33 Flinders Street West); John Pratt and Co. (C.G. Turner); Major Joseph Pratt (McCulloch, Campbell and Co., Campbell, Pratt and Co., Kirk’s Horse Bazaar, Pratt, Kincaid and Co.); J. and A. Price of 137 Swanston Street (T. Watson, Fyansford Starch Mills); A.E. Quick of Martin and Quick of 10 and 12 Collins Street West and Port Melbourne); Reid Brothers and Russell of 5 and 7 Elizabeth Street North (John Reid, George Russell); Jules Renard and Co. (Gustave Beckx, Arthur Renard, Renard Brothers and Co., Fernand De Jardin) p573. Rosenthal, Aronson and Co. of 15 Little Collins Street West (David Rosenthal, H. Feldheim, A. Berens, Saul Aronson, George Alfred Aronson); Sargood, Butler and Nichol of 27 and 29 Flinders Street East (Frederick James Sargood, John Jones, John King, Frederick Thomas Sargood, J.A. Ewen, J.R. Girdler, H. Butler, R. Nichol, Frederick George Sargood); Schmedes, Erbsloh and Co. of 71 Flinders Lane East (E.C. Erbsloh, Max Schuchard) p574. George W. Selby (Mr Selby, James Dawson); James Service and Co. of 119 Collins Street West; Alfred Shaw and Co. of 13 Little Collins Street (Joseph Shaw, M. Gill, Henry Hughes, T.E. White, Alfred H. Shaw, Messrs Moore and Rodgers); James W. Siddall of 1 St James Street (Duerdin and Sainsbury, Desart and Co., Messrs Reed, Phillips and Co., A.E. Bates); William Simpson (and Mr Ewan); John Slater and Co. of 121 Collins Street West); Walter Smithers-Gadd; Euler George Gould Smythers of 43 Elizabeth Street (Leverson and Smythers); J. and B. Sniders (Joseph Marrett, Martin’s Brewery) p575. D. Solomons and Co. of 3 Flinders Lane West; Stanley and Littlewood (John Stanley, W.T. Littlewood); L. Stevenson and Sons (Leader Stevenson, Leader Cox Stevenson, George Stevenson, Mr Jennings, George Rees, John Morris, Denton Hat Company of Collingwood, G.F. Brind, Herbert Stevenson); G.W. Taylor and Co. of 20 Collins Street West; William Taylor of 32 Flinders Lane West (A.H. Makepeace); James Toohey and Co. (Thomas Toohey, John Gleeson, William McEwan and Co., John Davey); Arthur Helton Tuckett of 49 Collins Street West (Gemmell, Tuckett and Co.); Philip Sydney Tuckett of 99 Collins Street West p576. D.J. Tuomy (W. Sheehan, John Byrne); Turner and Co. (C.G. Turner, John Pratt); Virgoe, Son and Chapman of 5 and 7 Elizabeth Street (William Richard Virgoe, Messrs Crosse and Blackwell, Stanford Chapman, H.H. Chapman); David F. Watson; T. Watson of 49 Bourke Street West; Welch, Perrin and Co. of Moray Street, South Melbourne (Mason brothers, William and John Gripe, Joseph Wilkie, Henry P. Welch, Harry W. Perrin) p577. Thomas Whitelaw of 36 Flinders Street (J.K. Baird and Co., L.S. Blair); D. Whitley and Co. of 12 Queen Street South (David Whitley, Messrs J. Kelly Joynt and Alfred McIlwaine); T. Willis and Co. of 35 Little Collins Street East (Thomas Willis, Herbert Willis); Wilson and Co. of 32 King Street (G.A. Wilson senior, H.M. Wilson, G.A. Wilson junior); Wiseman Brothers (Robert Neave, Arthur Wiseman, Albert and Walter Wiseman, Frank Wiseman, Arthur Wiseman junior); Wrigley and Scales of corner of the Western Bond, King Street and Little Collins Street and 134 and 136 Flinders Lane (G. Wrigley, W. Harbison, A.W. Scales); E.L. Yencken and Co. of 3 Flinders Street East and 3A Elizabeth Street p578. Yeo, Brentnall and Merrin of 48 Queen Street (Robert Kerr, Peter Yeo, Thomas Brentnall, H.S. Merrin); William Cross Yuille; Zander’s Bond of 16-22 King Street (J.C. Zander, Mrs Zander, S.P. England); Isaac Barlow of Newport; William Cobrey Barnett of Braybrook; Robert Cowlam Barrett of Newmarket Road and North Melbourne; J. Latrobe Bagley of Northcote (Bagle Bros. and Co.); William David Beazley of Collingwood; J.T. Berlowitz of Footscray and Yarraville; Blackwell and Brittingham of Malvern (William Herbert Blackwell, William Brittingham); Alfred B. Bliss of Windsor (Bliss and Peryman, S.H. Lemme) p579. Samuel Bloor of South Yarra; Captain Richard Coles Brock of Williamstown; Cameron and Bellingham of South Yarra (Messrs Walstab and Alfred Turner); James Jamison Campbell of 289 Nicholson Street, Carlton; George Johnston Carroll of Kensington; John J. Casey of 18 Stanley Street, Collingwood (Mr Coles); William Edward Chambers of Toorak; John Churchward of Flowerdale, 34 Darling Street, South Yarra; John Clark of Williamstown; Coates Brothers of 2B Albert Street, Windsor (Charles Edward Coates); David Coventry of 8 Surrey Road, South Yarra (Thomas Coventry); Coverlid and Cuddon of 124 Swan Street, Richmond (City Auction Mart and Property Exchange, W.J. Cuddon, R.H. Selleck, Mr Weaver, Messrs Tindale and Cuddon); Douglas Dare of Grey Street, St Kilda; William James Pearce Davies of Canterbury Road, Albert Park (A.E. Lillie, Lillie and Davies); John J. Denton of 244 Smith Street, Collingwood; Edward John Dixon of Prahran (E.J. Dixon and Son, Chapel Street) p580. Edward Drewett Dyer of Surrey Hills (John Drewett Dyer); Louis Alfred Dyson of Grace Park, Hawthorn; William Meeke Fehon of Hillingdon, Malvern; Ferguson and Co. of Brunswick (Alexander Gillies Ferguson); George Samuel Griffiths of Toorak (R.E. Jacomb, D. Willder, Edwin Atkinson); Robert Hall of Collingwood; James Harris of Hopkins Street, Footscray; Thomas Hartle of Caulfield; F.G. Hartley of 80 Hoddle Street, Windsor p581. James Hole of Prahran; William D. Holgate of Clifton Hill; Thomas Hume of Elsternwick; Robert Hutton of Williamstown; John Jenkins junior of Brighton; Reuben Keirl of ‘East Dean’, Gipps Street, East Melbourne (Keirl and Haynes); John William Kercheval of Abbotsford; Christopher George King of 72 Simpsons Road, Richmond; Emanuel King of 173 Lygon Street, Carlton; Matthias Larkin of 200 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne; George Vale Linton of St Kilda (Henry Tullett); David Macfarlan of Brunswick; Charles and Morgan Maffey of Malvern; John Mills of Carlton; William Morris and Co. of Fitzroy; Peter Nettleton of Collingwood; Thomas O’Sullivan of Albert Park p582. R. Brooks Peters of Alphington; Pierre Simonsens of Carlton; Benjamin Spargo of 2 Royal Terrace, Nicholson Street, Fitzroy; Walter Spencer Stott of Northcote; James Street of Yarraville; G.H. Tait of Malvern; James Thomson of ‘Rosemount’, Toorak Road, South Yarra; Vincent Burney Trapp of Albert Park; Frederick Tullett of St Kilda; John Turner of South Yarra; James Urie of Flemington; Herbert Augustus Walters of Malvern; Empire Buildings (C.H. James) of Collins Street p583. Allan and Co. of 17 and 19 Collins Street East (Joseph Wilkie, John Campbell Webster, George Leavis Allan p585. New Zealand Accident Insurance Company of 18 Queen Street (Arthur Earl Lewis) p586.


Abbott’s Excelsior Carriage Works of Albert Street, Windsor (A.A. Abbott); Reuben Thomas Adams of South Melbourne; Albion Iron Works of South Melbourne and Footscray (Messrs Archibald Campbell, John Sloss, A.N. McCann, Mr McCall, Mr Black, Mr Anderson) p589. H.U. Alcock and Co.; David Altson of 61 Bourke Street West; Frederick R. Allkins of St Kilda; John Miller Anderson; Mrs Marian S. Anderson of 69 Victoria Street, Carlton (John Anderson, Henry Shallcross); Thomas Young Anderson; William Anderson (Andrew Anderson, Robert Mackie) of 75 Flinders Lane East; William Anderson and Co. (Flemington Meat Preserving Company, George Beilby); W. Anderson and Sons of West Melbourne and Richmond (Robert and James Anderson) p590. Ardern and Hall of 159 Little Collins Street East; George H. Armfield of Collingwood; Joseph Ash of 67 Cobden Street, South Melbourne; Atlas Company of Engineers (John Scott, George Young) p591. Frederick Atyeo of Carlton; Robert Bain and Son of 100 Little Bourke Street West; William Henry Batten of 232 Nicholson Street, North Fitzroy; Banks and Co. of Pelham Street, Carlton; Amos Bartram of Kensington; H. Bassett and Co. of 43 Elizabeth Street North; William Bayliss of Glasgow Cottage, Pridham Street, Kensington (James Bayliss); James Rolland Beckwith of 25 Chapel Street, South Yarra; John Bell of North Carlton p592. James Bennett of Northcote; Samuel and John J. Bennett of 41 Lonsdale Street West; William Bertram of 21 A’Beckett Street East (Clutha Ironworks); James Baker Blackmore of 131 Wellington Street, Collingwood; L.S. Blair and Co. (Whitelaw and Blair); Blyth, Irvine and Binney of Footscray (Footscray Bone Mills, Tallow Refinery and Oil and Artificial Manure Works, Robertson, Wagner and Co., Australasian Bone Mills Company); Giuseppe Bonetti of 130 Spring Street (Victorian Cooperage); Alexander Borthwick of South Melbourne (Victoria Varnish Company); Alfred Bowden of South Melbourne; Bowen Brothers and Langshaw of Brunswick (John Bowen, William Bowen, William Langshaw, Lygon Foundry); George Henry Bracher of Footscray p593. James Brazendale of 10 High Street, Prahran; William Bromell (Mr Burwill); Brown and Blythe of Collingwood (R. Blythe, E.T. Brown, Augenora engine works); Robert Bruce and Sons of Carlton (William Anderson); Robert Bruce of Carlton (R. Bruce and Sons iron founders, David Mackenzie, William Anderson); Brumfitt and Kochendorffer of 1 Little Lonsdale Street East (F. Marriott, Charles Brumfitt, Gustav Kochendorffer); D. and R. Buchanan of Yarra Bank (Buchanan and Nordrum); Robert Bugg of Moreland (Moreland Rope Works); James Bull of Fitzroy; John Buncle of North Melbourne (Parkside Iron Works, Alfred E. Buncle) p594. Henry Burgess of Clifton Hill; Henry Burrows (Dillon, Burrows and Co., Walter Lucas, A.K. Warden, G.H. Burrows); Burton and Broatch farriers (Thomas Burton, J. Broatch, William Munroe, Mr Miscamble); John Butson of Kew, saddler; Thomas Byrne of South Melbourne, farrier, smith; Edward Callow of East Brighton, blacksmith, wheelwright p595. John Campbell of Williamstown (Joshua Brothers, Victoria Sugar Company); Abbondio Campi of 122 Russell Street; John Robert Carleton of South Yarra; G.W. Catanach and Co., jeweller of 27 Little Collins Street East (Mr Armbrecht); Samuel Catherall and Son of South Melbourne; H.A. Cawkwell of Malvern; George Chambers and George Clutten; Henry Christian of Kew; Chubb and Son (J.C. and Harry W.); William James Cockerell of North Fitzroy p596. Cohen and Lyons; John Cole of South Melbourne; Charles Coltman of Albert Park; John H. Crilley of Albert Park; Cuming, Smith and Co.; Dalglish and Thomson; William Dalrymple of Fitzroy; William John Dalziel; Damyon Brothers of St Kilda; John Dando of North Richmond; Charles Dangerfield and Co. of South Melbourne p597. John Danks and Son; William Davie of Windsor; Patrick Davine of Collingwood; George Davison; George Deary and Son of Footscray; Debney Brothers of Flemington; John Delves; Denton and Co.; Denton Mills, Collingwood; George Henry Dickason of Richmond; S.G. Dickson; W. and A. Dowell of Fitzroy p598. George Dowling of South Melbourne; E. and W. Drayton of Footscray; James Drewe of Windsor; M. Drohan of North Fitzroy; Frederick Edmondson of Yarraville; James Du Feu; James Du Feu junior; Easton Brothers of Kensington; William John Edgcumbe of Windsor p599. R.A. Ekman and Sons of Melbourne West; Edwards and Kaul p600. Eilenberg and Zeltner; Thomas Ellis of Windsor; William Evans of South Melbourne; Thomas Eyton; Felton, Grimwade and Co.; Mephan Ferguson of Carlton p601. Fiedler and Co. (H.M.); George Fincham of Richmond; David Fisher of Port Melbourne; Arthur W. Fitts of Kensington; Fitzroy Scale Factory (John T. Butt); Floyd, Green and Co. of Richmond; Footscray and Malmsbury Stone Cutting and Quarrying Company Limited; Alfred Fuller of Kew; John Fulton; Edwin and Walter A. Gaunt of Williamstown; Galliers and Klaerr of St Kilda p602. Gallop Brothers of South Yarra; Ganz and Co.; Gardiner and Bryant of Footscray; Gibaud and Sons of Fitzroy; Gill and Boston of Richmond; Thomas Gittus; Bernard Glass of Carlton; William Glover and Co. of South Melbourne p604. Frederick Godfrey of North Brighton; Gough and Allkins of St Kilda; Edward Gough of St Kilda; Robert Gourlay; John Grayson and Sons of Fitzroy; Gray, Waring and Co. of South Melbourne; William Griffiths of Fitzroy; T.B. Guest and Co.; Joseph Hallows of West Melbourne; James Hancock of Richmond; William Harding of Collingwood p605. George Haydon of North Brighton; J. Healey and Co. of South Yarra; William Albert Heffernan; Thomas Henderson; A. and R. Hogg of North Melbourne; Joseph Holliday of Carlton; William Holt of Kew; George Simeon Hoos of Windsor; Alexander Horne of Fitzroy; John Howden of North Melbourne; A. Howgate and Son; James Howie of North Melbourne; George Duncan Howre; William Henry Hunter; Richard Pollard Hurren; Robert Hurst of North Fitzroy; William Samuel Husbands p606. James Hutchings of Glenferrie; Hyde and Co. of Richmond; Robert S. Inglis; William James Irvine of North Carlton; Andrew Jack and Co.; Gideon James of West Melbourne; Henry James of Richmond; John Jenkins senior; William Henry Jenkins of Fitzroy; Johns’ Hydraulic and General Engineering Company Limited (late P. Johns and Co.) p607. John Johnson of Newport; William Jones of St Kilda; William Joyner of South Melbourne; Mrs Emma Keen of South Yarra; Francis M. Kellett of Kew; Edward Kelley of Port Melbourne; J. Kennon and Sons of Richmond; Louis Gustav Kepert of Footscray; Joseph Kilner of Richmond; Kilpatrick and Co.; William King of South Melbourne; Kitchingman and Co. of Collingwood; David Kirk of West Melbourne; Peter Knox p608. Henry Kroschel of Carlton; Kuster and Pepper; Lambert and Son; John Lancaster of Fitzroy; Samuel Lang of Fitzroy; Arnold Levin; Laycock, Son and Nettleton of South Melbourne; Richard Laube of Yarraville; J.T. Legg of Williamstown; John Letham of Carlton; G.C. Lewis of Brighton p609. S. and R. Lewis of Collingwood; William Lidstone; Lion Iron Rolling Mills of South Melbourne (Joseph Vaughan); Lloyd Brothers and Maginnis; William Loscombe of Carlton; Samuel James Lowe of South Melbourne; Lysaght Brothers and Co. Limited; Lyster and Cooke; James McBean and Son; McCalman, Garde and Co. of North Melbourne p610. John McCann of Essendon; Machar and Teal of Collingwood; McComas and Co. p611. McKay and Russell of Burnley; McLaughlan Brothers; J. McLaughlan of South Melbourne; Angus Maclean; Thomas MacNamara of Newport; McNeilage and Co. of Port Melbourne; James McNicol of South Melbourne; Thomas Main and Sons of East Melbourne; Makutz and Barke p612. William P. Manks of Newmarket; John Markby; Thomas Williams Mason of Northcote; Thomas Metcher of Windsor; Frederick Meyer of West Melbourne; George Mitchell of South Melbourne; Henry Woodroffe Mould of South Melbourne; John Gray Mitchell of South Yarra; William Moller of Footscray; Monk and Day of Windsor p613. Henry Montgomery of Prahran; G.W. Moore of Richmond; W.H. Morgan of Kensington; Joseph Nicholson of Carlton; John Notman; Michael O’Connor of North Melbourne; James Ogg; Edwin Oliver of South Yarra p614. James Lowrie Page of Footscray; Samuel Painter of Footscray; J.H. Palmer and Son of South Melbourne; R.P. Park of South Melbourne; Frederick George Parker of Footscray; James Parker of St Kilda; Parsons and Co. of Footscray; Paterson Brothers; William Peacock of Kew; Perry Bros of East St Kilda; John Perry of South Melbourne; Denis Phelan; Michael Phelan of Kew; William Phillips of Carlton; Phoenix Carriage Company (William Hobbs and Co.) of Fitzroy p615. G.F. Pickles and Sons’ Carriage Manufacturing Company Limited; Phoenix Clothing Factory p616. J. Pitt and Co. of North Melbourne; George Pizzey of Fitzroy; Joseph Podmore of Richmond; John Pollard of South Melbourne; Andrew Potter of Collingwood; F. Pullinger; K.B. Rapp of Essendon; Archibald Renfrew; John Rentoul of Richmond; Louis Richards; Ripkey and Brotzel of South Melbourne; James Roberts of Collingwood; John Robertson; Robert Robertson and Sons p617. R. Robertson of Albert Park; William Robertson of Brunswick; Thomas Robinson and Co.; Robison Brothers and Co.; C.F. Rojo; James Rose; Ross, Stewart and Co. of Brighton; John Ruglen senior of Hawthorn; Christian Schieferdecker of Fitzroy; John Brown Scott of Sandridge (Britannia Bone Mills) p618. Charles Servante; Joseph Seville of Clifton Hill; George Sharples of South Melbourne; William George Albert Shellard of South Melbourne; Colin Simpson of St Kilda; Harry Robinson Simpson of Williamstown; William Simpson of St Kilda; Singer Manufacturing Company (sewing machines); David Smith of South Melbourne; William Smith of Newport; William Smith of Melbourne; Richard Ezra Stallworthy of Prahran; St Crispin Iron Works of North Melbourne (Hugh Wilson); Stillwell and Co. p619. Henry Stone of Fitzroy; George Summers of Carlton; Swan and Co. of Carlton; William Henry Talbett of Burnley; William Richardson Tarver of Port Melbourne; George Alexander Teele; The Austral Otis Elevator and Engineering Company Limited of South Melbourne; John Thomas of Kensington; David Thompson p620. Eliza Tinsley (L.R. Lloyd); John Todd of Kew; Mark Francis Toner of East Richmond; Robert Farquhar Train and Co. of South Melbourne; William Trott; Thomas Turnbull of Richmond; T. Veideman of South Yarra; Victoria Carriage Company of Windsor (Clapham and Smith); Victoria Parade Carriage Factory of Collingwood (W.H. Stevens); Vockler Brothers of Yarraville; Arthur James and Edmond Wain of Richmond; Henry Walker of Collingwood; Wallis Brothers and Co. of Collingwood p621. F.J. Wallis of North Fitzroy; F. Wallis of Melbourne; Alexander Copeland Wannan of South Melbourne; Joseph Warburton of Windsor; Elijah Ward; Thomas Warr and Co.; David Watson of Abbotsford; Thomas B. Way; Thomas Weatherill of Richmond; L.H. Wells of South Yarra; Western Brothers of Fitzroy; James West of Essendon; J. and B. West of Essendon; James White of Footscray; William Williamson of Footscray p622. Daniel White; Richard White of Fitzroy; Williams, Price; William Willis and Co.; James B. Wilson of Richmond p623. John Wilson of Williamstown; Septimus Wilson of St Kilda; F.T. Wimble and Co.; John Witchell of Prahran; Worseldine and Hammerton of St Kilda; Wright and Edwards Limited; Wright, Orr and Co. of South Melbourne p624. Wrigley and Co.; Sven Adolph Nilsson Weidemann of Camberwell; Wyatt and Simmons of South Yarra; Johann George Yager of Fitzroy; William Yates of Clifton Hill; William Richard Yeomans of North Fitzroy; Thomas Young of Prahran; John Zevenboom and Son; David Allen; Ernest Charles Fleer of Upper Hawthorn; Mappin Brothers of South Melbourne; W.G. Reynolds; William Sims of Richmond p626.


W. Abbott of South Yarra; Henry Adams; John Alcock of North Fitzroy; J.W. Allen of Hawthorn; T. Amos Alway of Malvern; James Amess of Hotham; Samuel Amess; Andrew Andersen of Newport; James Anderson p628. S.J. Anderson; Aplin and Rothery of Fitzroy; Armadale Timber Yard (William Harrison); Stephen Armstrong of South Yarra; David Aubery of South Yarra; William Austin of Port Melbourne; James Bailey of North Melbourne; John Bailey of Carlton; John Baillie of Melbourne; P. Baird of North Fitzroy; James Ballantyne of Caulfield; William Bannister of Newport; W.H. Barker of North Fitzroy; Barningham and Lacey of Brunswick; J. and J. Baxter of South Yarra p629. Beard and Evans of Clifton Hill; John Beatty of Windsor; Albert Benness of Ascot Vale; Bennett and Beauchamp of Moonee Ponds; Thomas Bennett of Essendon; Richard Bentley of Port Melbourne; Ralph Besant of Hawthorn; Joseph Blackham of Malvern; G.W. Blackman of North Carlton; Bloomfield Brothers of Melbourne; Archibald Bolger of Abbotsford; George Bond of Williamstown; Bowness and Heath of Clifton Hill; S.G. Boyce of Hawthorn; William Boyne of Flemington; Bradley Brothers of South Melbourne; George Blear of Ascot Vale; William Bridges of Newport; Brookes and Nichols of Richmond p630. Thomas Brookes of Richmond; Brooks Brothers of South Melbourne; Brown and Beck of St Kilda and Fitzroy; Charles Brown of Clifton Hill; Henry Brown of Clifton Hill; Robert Brown of East Brunswick; Archibald Burrows of Footscray p631. Harold Bryce of Collingwood; W.H. Bullows of Princes Hill, North Carlton; Thomas G. Burtenshaw of Carlton; Charles Butler of Parkville; William and James Butler of Upper Hawthorn; Alexander Campbell of East Brunswick; John Carroll of South Yarra; Carter and Stenhouse of Moonee Ponds; William Carter of Hawthorn; Alfred Chitty of Armadale; Edward Cholerton of South Yarra; Henry Clarke of Fitzroy; Clarke and Smith of Brunswick; Charles Clayton of Richmond; Cockram and Comley of North Melbourne; Thomas Comben of Yarraville p632. David Conacher of South Yarra; Mrs E. Conquest of Malvern; Henry Cheel of Armadale (with portrait); Arthur Chatley of East St Kilda; Cook Brothers of North Carlton; James Cook of Windsor; Philip Corkill of Caulfield; George Corlett of Carlton; Edward Cornish of Kew; Alfred Cornwell of Brunswick; George William Cottell of Richmond; William Craig of South Yarra; Craney Brothers of Essendon Park p633. C.W. Crompton of South Melbourne; Cranston and Co. of Clifton Hill; Crowle Brothers of East Melbourne; John Crowson of North Fitzroy; James Curtin of Melbourne; Curwen and Co. of Ascot Vale; Thomas Dakin of Melbourne; Charles N. Daly of Richmond; William Darby of South Melbourne; Benjamin William Davey of Malvern; William Davies of Collingwood; John Allen Davis of Yarraville; William Davis of Upper Hawthorn; Frank Dawson of Fitzroy p634. W.H. Deague of North Fitzroy; David Dempsey of North Melbourne; William Henry Dennis of Northcote; John Dewar of South Yarra; George Dibley and Sons of Melbourne; Samuel Dodds of Caulfield; Joseph Douglas of Northcote; R.H. Dove of Melbourne; M. Dowling of South Melbourne; A. Dubbeldan of Port Melbourne; Charles Dukes of Armadale; Dunne and Brabhame of Malvern; Dunstan and Hearnden of North Carlton; John Eason of St Kilda and Brighton; Eaton and Son of Collingwood p635. George E. Edmanson of Albert Park; Charles Henry Edwards of Carlton; Robert Ellis of Spottiswoode (Spotswood?); Walter Emberson of Kensington; Henry England of Prahran; Daniel Ethell of Armadale; David Evans of Malvern; R. Evans of Moonee Ponds; C. Everett of South Melbourne; George Everett of Fitzroy; Jonathan Falkingham of Brighton; Fallick and Shaw of Moonee Ponds; Oswald Farmer of South Melbourne; E. Farquhar of South Melbourne; Robert Farrell of Windsor; Daniel Field of South Melbourne; Robert Fenton of Newport p636. Ebenezer Fitch of St Kilda; William Flanagan of Clifton Hill; Samuel Flew of Spottiswoode (Spotswood); William Fly of Armadale; J.W. Foley of Kew; John Foote of Richmond; James Forster of South Melbourne; David Foster of Port Melbourne; James Fox of East Richmond; Stephen Francis of Brighton; Jason Fraser of West Melbourne; Robert Fraser of South Melbourne; G.T.W. Freeman of Richmond p637. Fritsch, Holzer and Co. of Hawthorn; Joseph Gamble of East Brunswick; Gates and Son of South Melbourne; Thomas Gaynor of Parkville; James Gibson senior of Newport; Hugh Gibson junior of Newport; William Gleadell of Richmond; John Glew of Brunswick p638. Samuel Glew of Brunswick; William Glew of Armadale; George William Goodbody of Prahran; Gorrie and Dovey of Albert Park; Goss and Masson of Hawthorn; Robert Gamlin (with portrait?); John Goudion of Newport; Richard Goudion junior of Newport; David Govan junior of Footscray p639. James Govan senior of Footscray; Samuel Grainger of Footscray; Thomas Greathead of Richmond; Josiah Gregory of Kew; Greenlaw Brothers of North Fitzroy; Thomas Greenough of East Brunswick; Thomas Griffin of East St Kilda; E.A. Grimmett of East Prahran; A. Gunn of Parkville; K. Gunn of Parkville; John William Hadden of South Yarra; W. Hagger of Ascot Vale; George Haird of Williamstown; George Hall and Son of East Richmond; William N. Hall of Clifton Hill; Charles Hamilton of Windsor p640. W.H. Hance of South Melbourne; Handley Brothers of South Melbourne; Henry David Hardinge of Malvern; John Hardy of North Fitzroy; John Harris of Carlton; Lewis Hatherley junior of Hawthorn; Hayball Brothers of North Brighton; Robert Hayball of Brighton; J. and T. Hearty of Port Melbourne; Thomas Henderson of Collingwood; David Herd of West Melbourne; Herd and Lothian of Hawthorn; Edward Heron of Hawthorn p641. Hewitt and Smethurst of Malvern and Richmond; W.G. Hewitt of East Prahran; David Gilchrist Hill of Essendon; John Hill of North Fitzroy; Junction Saw and Moulding Mills of Upper Hawthorn (Clarence Hicks) p642. James Holden of North Fitzroy; Joseph Hollow of Richmond; John Hopkins of Richmond; Alexander Horne of Brunswick; John Horne of Clifton Hill; R.W. Hortop of Brunswick; Jonathan Hosie of North Fitzroy; Robert Hay Howard of South Melbourne; J.S. Howell of Yarraville; Joseph Humphries of Fitzroy; Hyde Park Brick Company of Kew (Edward Cornish); A.J. Inches of North Carlton; W. Innes of Carlton; James Jackson of Fitzroy; P. Jacobsen of Northcote; Joseph James of Brunswick; William James of Balwyn p643. Thomas Jardine of Brunswick; George R. Jeffries of North Fitzroy; Charles Jobson of Williamstown; John Jomertz of Port Melbourne; William Jordan of Brunswick; Joseph Horatio Nelson Keene of Clifton Hill; John Kelleher of Fitzroy; James Kellett of Richmond; Alexander Kemp of Carlton; Alexander Edmond Kemplen of Windsor; James H. Kenney of North Fitzroy; Kenny Brothers of Port Melbourne; D.W. Kineen of South Melbourne; Kinnaird and McMullen of Carlton; William Kruse of Carlton; J.B. Lanyon of East Richmond; Larkin Brothers of Albert Park p644. Leighton and Turner of Carlton; William Leitch of Burnley; Leithhead and Cormick of Brunswick; G.B. Leith of Flemington; John Lewis of East Richmond; Jonathan Lilley of Yarraville; Robert Firth Linay of South Yarra; Edward Little of Brunswick; Percival Longbottom of Malvern; James Lord of Carlton; William Loud of Albert Park; E. and W. Lyon of Windsor; William Maben of Malvern; George G. McBean of Albert Park; John Macfarlane of Prahran; J. McGowan and Sons of Carlton; Henry McGrath of Windsor p645. Captain McGrath; J.J. McGrath of Richmond; Thomas Machin of South Yarra; A. McKay of Richmond; J. McKinery and Co. of Carlton; A.G. Mackenzie of North Carlton; James McLean of Hawksburn; Joseph George McLean of Parkville; John McNair of Flemington; McRae and Simpson of Richmond; John Butler Maling of Balwyn; T.B. Mallett of Prahran; James Malone of South Yarra; Thomas Marriott of Prahran; Alexander Marshall of Northcote; C. Martin of Armadale; Charles Henry Martin of Melbourne and Port Melbourne (Martin and Quick) p646. Martin and Peacock of Melbourne; David Masterton of North Fitzroy; John Meckiff of North Fitzroy; Thomas Meredith of Richmond; David Methven of Brunswick; Meyer and Jacobson of South Melbourne; John Midgley of South Melbourne; Miller Brothers of Hawthorn and Richmond; George Miller of Footscray; Peter Miller of East Melbourne; Alexander Mills of Essendon; Mitchell Brothers of Carlton; David Mitchell of Melbourne p647. Mitchell, Watson and Co. of Melbourne; A.G. Moore of Hawthorn; Charles Moore and Co. of Melbourne; Henry Moore of South Melbourne; A.J. Muller of Hawthorn; John Dunlop Munro of Abbotsford; P.J. Murphy of Elsternwick; Murray and Hill of East Melbourne; Patrick Nash of Newport; Needham Brothers of Port Melbourne; W.J. Needham of Albert Park; William John Newman of Richmond; Edwin Newey of Armadale; I. Nicholas of Moonee Ponds; J.R. Nicholson of Richmond; Nightingale Brothers of Kensington; John Nightingale of Footscray; James Nixon of South Melbourne; K. Noble of Camberwell p648. Noonan Brothers of West Melbourne and St Kilda; C.H. Northcott of Clifton Hill; O’Dea and Kennedy of North Carlton; Law Oldfield of Carlton, Fitzroy and Hawthorn; Orford and Brown of Fitzroy and Collingwood; Jonathan Ormes of Balaclava; Thomas A. Page of North Carlton p649. George Paine of Newport; Joseph Palin of Richmond; Walter Parish of Upper Hawthorn; Henry Parker of East St Kilda; Parker and Pater of Port Melbourne; E.A. Parry of Royal Park; James Partington of South Yarra; M. Pathe of Yarraville; Thomas Pearce of Yarraville; John Pegler of Windsor; Percydale Slate Company Limited of Melbourne (G.P. Lush); Richard James Perry of Newmarket; R. Phillips of Murrumbeena; W.H. Phillips of Malvern; Thomas Pierce of Newport; John Pigdon of Melbourne p650. Pill and Henville of North Carlton; James Pimm of Northcote; F.W. Pinchen of Yarraville; J.T. Pinchen of Yarraville; James Pincott of Richmond; C.F. Pittard of Richmond; W.A. Poole of Brunswick; William Hamilton Powell of Footscray; Price and Firth of Yarraville; A. Ramsden of Richmond; William Rankine of North Carlton; John Rankin of Moonee Ponds; F.R. Ratten of Kew; Walter Raymond of Footscray; Thomas James Ray of Yarraville; Cyprian T. Remfry of Kew p651. Renshaw and Tyrer of South Melbourne; William Richards of Newport; Robins, Williams and Co. of Collingwood; Roche and Co. of Brunswick; Stephen Rodda of Footscray; John B. Rodgers of Prahran; Charles Rogers of Moonee Ponds; T.R. Rose of Richmond; Ross and Patience of Footscray; Charles Russell of Collingwood; Martin Ryan of North Melbourne; W.H. Salt of Williamstown; John Sharp and Sons of South Melbourne; Thomas Sanders of Carlton; Joseph Santilla of Burnley; Charles Schneider of North Melbourne p652. John H. Sedgman of Brunswick; William Sharp of Prahran; William Shea of Northcote; Thomas Sheppard of Footscray; J.B. Short of Carlton; E.W. Silk of Hawthorn; George Simester of Collingwood; Thomas Simpson of Windsor; Sim and Smith of Carlton; Francis H. Sims of Richmond; Slater Brothers of Collingwood; Henry Smith of Richmond; J.H. Smith of North Melbourne; Leonard Smith of South Melbourne; W.H. Smith and Son of North Fitzroy; W.H. Smith of Carlton; William Smith of Collingwood; John Soutar of South Yarra; William T. Sparks of Ascot Vale p654. Henry Sparnon of Moonee Ponds; A. Spear and Sons of Upper Hawthorn; Spence and Couston of Richmond; George Spotiswood of Spottiswoode (Spotswood); James Squires of Hawthorn; T. Stanley of Kew; Steers and Co. of Armadale; John Stevens of Essendon; David Stewart of Richmond; R. Stockdale of South Melbourne; Edward T. Stone of Yarraville; J. Stott and Sons of Collingwood; Thomas Stranger of Brunswick; James S. Stringer of North Fitzroy; Stroud, Barnes and Stroud of Brunswick p655. James H. Swinbourn of Brunswick; William Strong of Brunswick; Alfred James Stuart of Richmond; Alexander Sturrock of East Brunswick; J.H.A. Sutherland of Carlton p656. Michael Sutherland of Spottiswoode (Spotswood); F.W. Sutton of Williamstown; Robert Swan of St Kilda; R.B. Sweeten junior of Richmond; G. and W. Sykes of North Melbourne; Henry Talbett of Windsor; J.J. Taylor of Essendon; R.C. Taylor of Toorak; W.A. Taylor of Toorak; William Taylor and Sons of Northcote; William Teasdale of St Kilda; George Thomas of Collingwood; John Thomas of Richmond; Lewis Thomas of Hawthorn; William Thomas of Ascot Vale; Phillip W. Thorne of Fitzroy p657. R. Thornton and Co. of Melbourne; Tilley and Vey of Fitzroy; Tragus Brothers and Day of Footscray; T.H. Trevaill of Kensington Hill; Edward Trottman of Fitzroy; George Trumen of Yarraville; John Samuel Tucker senior of Albert Park; John S. Tucker junior of North Melbourne; George Tuxworth of Armadale; John Twigg of Hawthorn; William Vanstone of Armadale; Joseph Verso of Northcote p658. Verso and Knott of Northcote; Richard Paul Vincent of South Yarra; R.P. Vincent junior of Glenferrie; John Walker of Melbourne; Samuel Wallden of South Melbourne; William Wallis of Northcote; W. Walsh of South Melbourne; S.C. Warby of St Kilda; Wardrop and Cormack of North Melbourne; William Wareing of North Carlton; Warman and Sanders of Richmond; Waugh Brothers of Collingwood; Thomas Weatherall of Northcote; Henry Weekes of Malvern; William Weir of North Fitzroy; John White of South Melbourne; Samuel J. White of South Melbourne; William Charles White of Newport p659. Robert Whittaker of Brunswick; W.H. Williams of East Melbourne; John Williamson of Kensington; Samuel Willis of Windsor; Willmott and Birrell of South Melbourne; John B. Wilsmore of Brunswick; Wilson Brothers of Clifton Hill; Wilson, Corben and Co. of Melbourne; T.B. Wilson of Abbotsford; Wilton and Son of Moonee Ponds; W. Witt of East Prahran; John Wood of Prahran; Thomas Wood of Collingwood; John Woods of Fitzroy; George Woollacott of Prahran p660. James Wright of Melbourne; Andrew Wright of Essendon; G. Wright of Hawthorn; George D. Wright of Elsternwick; Wybar and Son of Caulfield; George Young of Windsor p661.

THE METROPOLITAN DISTRICT V1: ITS PROVIDERS AND DISTRIBUTORS p662. (Retailers, Shops, butchers, bakers, confectioners, pastrycooks, grocers, dairies, oyster saloons, hotels, coffee palaces, cafes, breweries, alcohol, wine shops, spirits, beer, wine and spirit merchants, cordials, aerated waters, draperies, furniture stores, ironmongers (hardware), jewellers, china, tobacconists etc.)

William Adamson and Co. of Melbourne; Charles Allan junior of South Brighton; Thomas Anderson of Prahran; Walter Anderson of Prahran; Australian Ice Company of Melbourne; Charles Ager Atkin of North Melbourne (with portrait); W. Bacon and Co. of Port Melbourne; Benjamin Baker of Richmond; E.H. Baker of South Melbourne; Joseph Barnes of North Melbourne; Anson Hammond Bartlett of Melbourne; J. Bartram and Son of Melbourne; George Bagley of North Melbourne p664. Robert Beeston of Melbourne; George Henry Bennett of Richmond; William Bignell of Melbourne; Blue Post Hotel, 23 Little Collins Street East (W.B. Lang); Henry Christopher Bohrsen of Toorak; Jeremiah Boland of Fitzroy; William Bowen of Melbourne; Samuel Burston and Co. Limited of Melbourne; Captain George Calder of Malvern p665. Caldwell’s Australian Wine Company Limited (Robert Caldwell); William W. Caught of North Fitzroy; Chambers and Bullin of South Yarra; Benjamin Champion of Melbourne; Samuel Lythgoe Chapman of South Yarra; Thomas Chandler of Notting Hill; Henry Clinch of Melbourne; William Cody of Abbotsford; E.A. Cooper of St Kilda; Thomas Henry Corr of Melbourne; Alfred Cragan of Newport; S.M. Dalton of Prahran; Dominick Daly of Clifton Hill; P.G. Dixon and Co. of West Melbourne p666. De Castella and Rowan of Melbourne; James Dickson and Co. of Melbourne; Dobell Brothers of South Melbourne; Henry William Douch of Williamstown; Doig and Hall of Williamstown p668. Richard Donovan of Flemington; James William Dunster of North Carlton; Dyason and Son of Collingwood; Federal Coffee Palace, corner of King Street and Collins Street West; Fletcher, Chester and Co. of Melbourne; Fordham and Co. of Melbourne; William Ford and Co. of Melbourne (George Swift); Richard Forrester of Collingwood; Alonzo Gardner of Malvern; Thomas George Gillam of Melbourne; James Gillespie of Co. of Carlton; Godfrey and Denton of St Kilda; Mrs Margaret Graham of Caulfield p669. The Grand Hotel, corner of Little Collins Street and Spring Street; Sydney Greenberg of Caulfield; S. Greene and Co. of Fitzroy; Barry Gregg of South Brighton; William Henry Grimbly of Brighton Beach; John Grindlay of Williamstown; Frederick Grosse of Melbourne p671. Robert Harrison of Fitzroy; Thomas Hallam of Windsor; Alexander Hall of Williamstown; Harry Hall of Port Melbourne; Alfred Hardham of Middle Brighton; Michael Joseph Hardiman of Kensington; William Harwood junior of Prahran; James Hay of St Kilda p672. Thomas Hood of Collingwood; Alexander Hopkinson of North Melbourne; Dennis Horgan of Hawthorn; Arthur A. Hornby of Williamstown; Mrs A.J. Howgate of Hawthorn; Alexander Hunt of Kew; J. Jacobson and Co. of Footscray; H. Jerome of South Melbourne; Millard Johnson of Windsor; Robert Johnston of North Carlton; John Clarke Jones of Richmond; John King of North Fitzroy; George Henry Knight of Richmond; P. Noel Lacaton of Melbourne p673. Edward Latham of Carlton (with portrait); Alfred L. Levy of Port Melbourne; John Lipshut of Melbourne; Daniel Rutter Long of Melbourne; William John Lording of Prahran; Neil McLean and Sons of Melbourne; J.D. McDougall of Melbourne p674. Charles L. Manley of East Brighton ; Martin and Pleasance of Melbourne; Samuel Gempton Matthews of Williamstown; Melbourne Medical Hall; Menzies’ Hotel, corner of William Street and Bourke Street West; Alexander Methven of North Carlton; George Middleditch of Williamstown; Mark Milnes of Melbourne; Robert Mitchell of Flemington; R.K. Montgomerie of West Melbourne; William T. Moore of Melbourne; E. Mortensen of Malvern; Moss, White and Co. of Melbourne p675. R. McCracken and Co. of Melbourne; Malcolm Muir of St Kilda South; Joseph Murray of Prahran; George Martin Newman of Brighton Beach; David Nippard of Melbourne; Thomas Henry Nott of Melbourne; Edward O’Donnell of St Kilda; Patrick O’Shaughnassy of Kew p676. Lawrence O’Shea of North Brighton; George Pleasance of St Kilda and Prahran; C.T. Plunket of Melbourne; H.W. Potts of Melbourne; Arthur Pretty of Melbourne; E.J. Prevot of Melbourne; George H. Prout of West Melbourne; M. Punshon and Co. of Footscray; Thomas Purves of Brunswick; Queen’s Coffee Palace, Carlton; John Read Rancie of South Yarra; William Richards of St Kilda; John Edward Rigby of Newmarket; Charles Ross of Prahran p679. Henry Rowland of East Collingwood; Evan Rowlands of Melbourne; Walter Mazzini Rowley of Melbourne p679. Edward Rule of Prahran; William Sargent of Melbourne; Battista Serrie of Melbourne; John Sheehan of Melbourne; Charles Showers of Fitzroy; Robert Showers of North Fitzroy; Simpson and Davenport of Melbourne; George Elms Smith of Roehampton, Brighton; William Smitham of St Kilda; Sniders and Abraham of Melbourne p680. George Steadman of Melbourne; Charles Straker of Melbourne; James Sutherland of Melbourne; The ‘Tankard’ Malting Company Limited of Melbourne; Taylor Brothers of St Kilda; J.D. Thompson of Melbourne; William Chilman Thurgood of Melbourne; Francis Tilley of Melbourne; Andrew C. Turner of South Yarra p681. Victoria Brewing, Malting and Distilling Company Limited of East Melbourne and Collingwood (Thomas Aitken); W.W. Wakefield of St Kilda; Thomas Walsh of Collingwood; Mrs Rebecca Weeks of Port Melbourne p682. James P. Westmoreland of Collingwood; Edward White and Co. of Richmond; John Wilson of Melbourne; John A. Wilson of Melbourne; Thomas Wilson of Collingwood; F. Wilson of Collingwood; Henry C. Wright of Windsor; Mrs Mary Wood of Essendon; George Wratten of Malvern; Thomas Young of Essendon; David Zukerman of Melbourne; Dillon, Burrows and Co. of Melbourne; F.W. White of Melbourne p684. Charles Alexander of Collingwood; A.M. Allard of St Kilda; Walter Charles Alldis of South Melbourne; William Alner of West Melbourne; Joseph Arbuckle of South Melbourne; Josiah H. Baines of Collingwood; James Carr Baker of Middle Brighton; John Balloch of Upper Hawthorn; William Edward Bamford of Newport; Fred J. Barham of Williamstown; Elizabeth E. Barker of Melbourne; William Baster of North Melbourne; Abraham Bateman of Newmarket; John Baudains of North Melbourne; Thomas Knight Bennett of Prahran; James Bentley of North Brighton p685. Robert Bertram of East Brighton; John Besanko of Kensington; George James Bewley of Collingwood; George Bird of Hawthorn; Henry Bradley of South Melbourne; Thomas F. Bradley of Prahran; Frank William Braiding of Northcote; William Henry Bredin junior of Windsor; Martin Brinkmann of Prahran; Thomas Brown of South Brighton; Samuel Brownlie of Port Melbourne; Thomas Burren of South Melbourne; James Burton of St Kilda; William Adam Butt of Collingwood p686. Alexander Callander of Hawthorn; Andrew Callander of West Melbourne; D. Campbell of Richmond; Ronald Campbell of Yarraville; Joseph Carter of Brunswick; Edgar Cartwright of Brunswick; James Challis of Williamstown; William Chalmers of Middle Brighton; Frederick Charlton of Carlton; James Cheese of North Melbourne; Walter Claringbold of South Williamstown; Walter R. Clarke of South Williamstown; William Clayton of South Brighton; John Clements of Brighton; Michael Clements of East Brighton; James Clough of Brunswick; George Coates of Brighton; William Cochrane of South Yarra; Henry C. Cockbill of Windsor p687. George Meaker Collard of St Kilda; David Coller of Richmond; Job Cook of Newport; Charles Cosy of Collingwood; Louis Joseph Coucheman of North Fitzroy; William Henry Cowley of Carlton; Charles Cox of Ascot Vale; Thomas Henry Craddock of North Williamstown; John Crichton of Kensington; John Daniels of Collingwood; James Davidson of Burnley; David Charles Day of Prahran; Robert Westley Dawes of Hawthorn; Henry Edwin Dixon of South Melbourne; Napoleon Joseph Dodd of Melbourne; John Dowding of Prahran; Thomas Downie of South Melbourne p688. Alexander Duff of South Yarra; Edward Dyer of Hawthorn; James Edmonds of Carlton; Thomas Edwards of Hawthorn; Charles Elliott of Northcote; Robert Ord Fairbridge of South Yarra; Joseph Stephen Feore of Upper Hawthorn; Albert Fletcher of South Yarra; Frederick W.H. Ford of East Brunswick; Hugh Fraser of Kew; Francis John Freame of Port Melbourne; Alfred Ernest Frost of South Melbourne; William Fry of Upper Hawthorn; Frederick P. Fuller of North Melbourne; William Harrison Fuller of North Melbourne; Mrs Ada Gay of South Melbourne; George Gibson of Northcote; Mrs Eliza Gilbert of East Brunswick; George Glendenning of Footscray p689. George Glover of South Melbourne; William Goldson of Flemington; Mrs Georgina Caroline Goss of South Yarra; Robert W. Graham of East Melbourne; William Greenham of Footscray; James Greenhill of East Brunswick; Henry Hall Haines of Port Melbourne; Henry Hall of Prahran; William Meech Hallett of Kew; Ferdinand Ham of North Melbourne; Henry Hansen of Port Melbourne; Joseph Hants of St Kilda; Hugh Hart of Carlton; Thomas Welsby Hatton of Flemington; Henry Harvey of Newport; Alfred Hayles of North Melbourne; Henry Hearne of Melbourne p690. Charles Robert Helwig of Northcote; Henry Tickle Hardy of North Fitzroy; James Hennessy of Fitzroy; Joseph Henningham of North Melbourne; Thomas Hickling of South Melbourne; Hill and Hartnett of Melbourne; Alfred Hodgkinson of South Melbourne; Victor Hoelsken of Melbourne; James Holdoway of South Melbourne; Frederick Hollier of East Brighton; Edward James Hollingdale of South Yarra; John Holt of Kew; John Huntly of Brighton; John Charles Hurford of Kew; Henry Hutchins of Camberwell; John James Jackson of Lower Hawthorn; Thomas George Jellis of Kew; Frederick Jolliffe of Abbotsford; Jones and Lathbridge of Williamstown p691. William C. Joyce of North Richmond; William Keele of Collingwood; Caleb Amos Kennett of Port Melbourne; James Kerr of Port Melbourne; Robert Miller Kerr of North Melbourne; James Kimber of Richmond; Edward Kimpton of South Yarra; Alexander Kinloch of Lower Hawthorn; George Kinsella of Abbotsford; Mrs Mary Kohlman of Richmond; Henry Langton of Upper Hawthorn; John George Lauer of North Melbourne; John William Learey of East Brighton; William George Learey of East Brighton; Mrs Jane Leggatt of Brunswick; Heinrich Lehrke of Northcote; William Henry Little of Kensington; John Littlewood of Newmarket; Richard Jacob McCoubrie of Camberwell p693. Frederick William McDonald of Hawthorn; Andrew McIntosh of Northcote; Alexander McLennan of Windsor; William McMaster of North Melbourne; William MacPherson of Middle Brighton; William Henry Martin of Kew; Daniel Mehegan of Melbourne; Mrs Elizabeth Miller of Prahran; Richard Miller of South Melbourne; Mrs Harriet Millsom of Brunswick; John Mitchell of South Yarra; John Monk of Footscray; John Fairlie Montgomerie of North Melbourne; James Venn Morgan of Kew; George Morris of East Brighton; Joseph Morris of Melbourne; Mark Morris of North Melbourne p693. Timothy Moss of Clifton Hill; William Parker Newnham of North Melbourne; John Nolen of Carlton; Mrs Hannah O’Brien of Kensington; Edward O’Donnell of Kensington; John Ogden of Carlton; Mrs Catherine Oliver of Northcote; John Orange of North Melbourne; Richard Oswin of Kew; Charles Ousley of Prahran; William J. Pearson of Carlton; Robert Pemberton of Fitzroy; Henry Pescud of Yarraville; Jonathan Pettit of Kew; James Phillips of North Carlton; Charles Phipps of Carlton p694. John Pinniger of Kew; Joseph Player of Melbourne; Andrew Plunket of Brighton; Charles Pocock of Footscray; Lewis Pollock of Windsor; John Poole of Footscray; John Pritchard of Fitzroy; John Purchas of Brunswick; Purches Brothers of Melbourne; James Quested of Port Melbourne; Henry Raymer of Williamstown; Thomas Reid of North Melbourne; John Thomas Renney of Collingwood; Edward and Henry Rice of South Melbourne; William Rice of Albert Park; Aquila Roberts of Melbourne p695. Edward James Roberts of Lower Hawthorn; Robert Alexander Robinson of Toorak; William Robinson of North Brighton; John Ronald of Fitzroy; Robert Ross of Prahran; William Ross of Fitzroy; Henry Rowden of Windsor; Francis Rowe of Caulfield; Oliver Russell of Camberwell; John William Schneider of Prahran; Mrs Alice Schreiber of South Yarra; Henry Servante of East St Kilda; John Bairstow Shackelton of Carlton; James Shannon of Fitzroy; Walker Sharp of Carlton; Edward Shears of Windsor; John Thomas Sheppard of South Brighton; Thomas Sherwood of North Brighton p696. John Simmonds of East Brighton; Robert Henry Simmonds of Prahran; Joseph Smethurst of Footscray; Adam Smith of Malvern; Adam Smith of South Yarra; George Smith of Richmond; Henry Smith of Newport; William Smith of Moonee Ponds; William Smith of Northcote; Edward Smyth of North Fitzroy; John Speakman of Flemington; John Spiers of Port Melbourne; George Stewart of Burnley; Robert Stewart of Melbourne; William Stiles of Melbourne; Benjamin Stockdale of South Yarra; Frederick O. Stowe of Kew; Arthur Stringer of St Kilda; Frederick C. Strugnell of Richmond; Daniel Sutherland of Footscray p697. Thomas Swaby of West Melbourne; James Swallow of South Melbourne; Isaac Swan of Collingwood; Arthur Tate of Port Melbourne; Edward Tatnall of South Yarra; Robert Taylor of Williamstown; John Thompson of South Yarra; John Bryce Thompson of South Melbourne; Francis Hood Todd of Windsor; George Townsend of South Yarra; Mrs Sarah Jane Treeby of Middle Brighton; William Tucker of North Melbourne; Phipps Romanis Turnbull of North Brighton; James Turner of Carlton; Richard Tyas of Collingwood; Edmund A. Tymms of Melbourne; John Morris Tynan of Melbourne; William James Unwin of Port Melbourne; Thomas Vigor of Melbourne; David Waddell of South Melbourne; Charles Wallace of North Fitzroy; John Walls of Carlton; Frederick Watkins senior of Kew; George Alfred Watkins of South Melbourne; John Watson of Kew; Alfred Weavers of Clifton Hill; George West of Fitzroy; Edgar Wilkins of Collingwood; Joseph Williams of South Melbourne; Benjamin Woodhead of Fitzroy; William Woodmason of Prahran; Frederick Woods of Williamstown; Jacob Henry Young of Malvern p699. Henry G. Aldred of South Melbourne; John Auld of North Fitzroy; Robert Balleny of South Melbourne; Thomas Barmby of Richmond; John W. Barrow of North Fitzroy; Charles Beamish of Richmond; Robert R. Bee of Richmond; Charles Henry Beetchenow of Hotham; John Beezly of Collingwood; Mrs Elizabeth Bengrey of Prahran; J. Birtwistle of Son of Hotham; Henry Bishop of Collingwood; John Blanchard of Collingwood; John Booker of South Brighton; Alfred Boucher of Brighton; Edward John Boulter of North Fitzroy p701. David Bowden of Malvern; John Box of East Brighton; Archibald Brown of Richmond; John Brundell of Melbourne; Edward Bunker of Collingwood; Edmund William Burn of North Carlton; Alfred Campbell of Collingwood; Richard P. Clayton of South Brighton; Dennis Coghlan of Richmond; Daniel Collins of Fitzroy; George W. Collis of Collingwood; John Cross of Footscray; John D. Cutter of Richmond; George Edwin Davis of Port Melbourne; Michael Dowling of Fitzroy; Patrick Duffy of Brunswick; Thomas Duggan of South Melbourne; William Dungate of Fitzroy; Henry Dunkley of South Brighton p702. Alexander Ellis of Fitzroy; Samuel Martin Ellis of Carlton; Theodor Falkenreich of South Melbourne; Thomas Frankcom of Kew; Frederick Ford of Richmond; James Garvey of Melbourne; John Gee of Flemington; Thomas Henry George of East Brighton; Henry Gibbins of Richmond; Arthur Goodwyn of Richmond; Luke Goldsmith of Carlton; Charles John Gordon of North Fitzroy; David Gorman of Collingwood; Patrick Grace of Richmond; P. Hanrahan of South Brighton; Walter Holt Harris of North Fitzroy; Henry Adkin Harvey of North Richmond p703. Thomas S. Healey of South Brighton; Thomas E. Hill of Richmond; William Hoare of Port Melbourne; Robert Holmes of Clifton Hill; Benjamin J. Hosking of Melbourne; Ephraim Hughes of Brighton; Frederick G. Hurst of South Yarra; John Jackson of Collingwood; Walter Jago of Richmond; Mrs Ellen Jackson of Essendon; William Jones of Essendon; William Keiler of South Brighton; Henry Knight of Richmond; Andreas Kreitling of Carlton; Charles Lake of Richmond; Mrs Margaret Clark McCutcheon of Richmond; Peter McDermott of Collingwood; James McFarlan of Melbourne; Henry McKittrick of South Brighton p704. Edward McNamara of Fitzroy; Malcolm McQueen of South Brighton; James Marshall of Fitzroy; John Martin of Collingwood; Mary Martin of South Melbourne; John Mills of Malvern; Josiah John Mills of Carlton; Frederick Benjamin Morgan of Carlton; Frederick John Morgan of Pascoevale, Essendon (Pascoe Vale?); Henry Morgan of South Melbourne; Henry Nicholls of Malvern; Ann O’Connor of Richmond; William Ogilvie of Brunswick; Samuel John Oglesby of Richmond; Charles Ottery of North Fitzroy; Albert Pady of Melbourne; Joseph Paling of Richmond; Edward W. Perry of South Brighton; Maurice Phelan of Prahran; John Thomas Phillips of Yarraville p705. Thomas Pollock of Collingwood; T. Porter of East Brighton; Duncan M. Proudfoot of Collingwood; James Raisbeck of Kensington; William Rattle of East Brighton; Percy Dean Rawson of Richmond; William Reid of East Brighton; William Rosemann of Fitzroy; Michael J. Ryan of Prahran; Mrs Mary Ryan of Fitzroy; Francis Samuel of Collingwood; Edward Saunders of East Brighton; John Savage of Carlton; William Scott of South Brighton; William Scott of North Williamstown; Richard Semmens of Brunswick; William Sewell of Richmond p706. Jeremiah Simmonds of East Brighton; George Alexander Simpson of Port Melbourne; Charles Sindrey of Richmond; Walter Smeaton of Carlton; Albert Spencer of Fitzroy; George C. Stayner of South Brighton; George Stayner of South Brighton; Thomas John Stephens of Fitzroy; William Stevenson of Richmond; William Stevens of South Melbourne; Henry F. Stone of Melbourne; Andrew Swan of Essendon; Isaac Swan and Co. of Collingwood; James Thompson of Clifton Hill; Mrs Harriett Thompson of Clifton Hill; William J. Thompson of Fitzroy; Thomas Frederick Tolhurst of Port Melbourne; Jonathan R. Walker of Prahran; Robert Walker of Collingwood; Mrs Mary Welsh of Richmond p707. George Wrighton Ward of Carlton; Frank J. Warry of Fitzroy; John Warren of Collingwood; Samuel Watkin Weatherill of Richmond; William A. Webb of Melbourne; John Williams of South Brighton; John Woolcock of Collingwood; Alfred Wood of Carlton; William Wood of West Melbourne; Sampson A.F. Worsnop of Carlton p708. Ackers and Brook of Melbourne; Thomas Adams of Melbourne; Alfred Allison of Melbourne; Richard Balderson of Melbourne; Henry Beeston of Melbourne; G.S. Brown and Co. of Melbourne; John Brown of Melbourne; Bussell, Robson and Bussell of Melbourne; William Carnaby of Melbourne; David Carson of Melbourne; Richard Child of Melbourne; Seth R. Clark of Melbourne and Brunswick; Edmund Cleary of Melbourne; Leon Cohen of Melbourne; Edward William Cole of Melbourne p709. John Cookson of Melbourne; George Craib of Melbourne; Thomas Cruse of Melbourne; Arthur Wellesley Ferne of Melbourne; Denis Fitzpatrick of Melbourne; Alfred Harley George of Melbourne; Gray Brothers of Melbourne; James Gordon Haggart of Melbourne; Alfred John Hall of Melbourne; R. Hammond of Melbourne p710. Hayes, Manning and Cahill of Melbourne; M.L. Hutchinson of Melbourne; G.B. Ince of Melbourne; The Kalizoic (Art Furnishing Warehouse) of Melbourne; John Martin Kelly of Melbourne; C.J. Lane of Melbourne; Mrs Ellen Lazarus of Melbourne; Christopher Lethbridge of Melbourne; Maurice Levy of Melbourne; Leopold Lipmanowitz of Melbourne; Richard Little of Melbourne; George McFarlane of Melbourne p711. John McGuigan of Melbourne; Henry Marks of Melbourne; Edward Morris of Melbourne; William Murphy of Melbourne; Samuel Nathan of Melbourne; George Reaby of Melbourne; W.M. Richards of Melbourne; Stephens and Watts of Melbourne; Edwin Tayler of Melbourne; John Abbey of Footscray; Thomas Adams of Hotham; John Allison of Richmond; Charles Grant Amoore of Hawthorn; Anderson and Sons of Carlton; Samuel W. Armfield of Fitzroy and Abbotsford p712. A.J. Bain of Port Melbourne; Alfred Begbie of Fitzroy; George Boyd of South Yarra; Henry Bradley of Collingwood; R.H. Brooks of Fitzroy; Alfred Brown of Port Melbourne; W. Carlton of Fitzroy; George Castleton of Footscray; Benjamin Clark of Windsor; George C. Clauscen of Fitzroy; Hugh Morrison Cochrane of Prahran; John Harkes Craig of Williamstown; John Patrick Denehy of Fitzroy; James Dickson of Newport p713. Davies and Steel of Fitzroy; F.A. Drew of Windsor; Michael Durkin of Newport; William Ferguson of South Melbourne; Fitzgerald Brothers of North Melbourne; William Gates of Footscray; James Lamb Grant of Richmond; John Richard Hoskin Green of Fitzroy p714. Griffith Griffiths of Newport; Sydney Harris of Prahran; Patrick Henderson of Kew; Joseph Hill of South Melbourne; J.B. Hilton and Co. of Brunswick; John Frederick Hirt of Prahran; F.K. Howard of Carlton; William Hughes of Newport; Henry Humphrey of Footscray; Henry Jessel of Port Melbourne; James Johnson of Footscray; William Bree Johnson of St Kilda; Charles Johnston of Fitzroy; William George Jolliffe of Windsor; John Lloyd Jones of Fitzroy p715. John Jones of Port Melbourne; Thomas David Jones of South Melbourne; Thomas E. Jones of Clifton Hill; Herbert King of Richmond; Frederick Gordon Knight of South Melbourne; Frederick Kolbaum of Fitzroy; John Lang of Collingwood; Henry J.R. Lewis of Fitzroy; George McCall of Windsor; James McCormick of Collingwood; Roderick Macdonald of Footscray; John Marshall of Elsternwick; Frederick Matthews of Port Melbourne; E.A.P. Miller of Hawthorn p716.

James Mitchell of Collingwood; Edmund Moss of Richmond; Charles Nicholson of Collingwood; Thomas Nicol of Williamstown; David S. Oakley of South Yarra; D.A. O’Meara of Carlton; George Palmer of Fitzroy; Edward Paterson of Richmond; Pearce’s Drapery Warehouse of Richmond; W.J. Pritchard of Footscray; William George Raven of Fitzroy; J.W. Read of Prahran; A. Renfrew and Co. of Fitzroy; Thomas Rentle of South Melbourne; William Rhodes of South Melbourne p717. Ebenezer John Robinson of Richmond; Thomas Robinson of Malvern; Ludwig Robrahn of Port Melbourne; David Rodger of Williamstown; George Rogers of Fitzroy; John Rosman of Fitzroy; Alexander McD Ross of Windsor; William Ryan of Richmond; Morris Sleeman of North Melbourne; John Brookman Smith of Port Melbourne; Joseph Smith of Hotham; Jacob Solomon of Carlton; John Symons of Port Melbourne; Thomas Templeton of Carlton; John Henry Thomas of St Kilda; Samuel D. Thomas of Williamstown; John F. Treadway of Collingwood p718. John Turnbull of Port Melbourne; H.E. Usher of Port Melbourne; Verey and Cross of Collingwood; George Wardrop of Collingwood; Washington Whitfield Williams of Windsor; William Wise of Footscray; James Young of Port Melbourne; W. Barker of Melbourne; John Brennan of Melbourne; Broadbent Brothers and Co. of Melbourne; W.A. Dickens of Melbourne; William Donovan of Melbourne; Dun, Wiman and Co. of Melbourne; Farmers’ Produce Company of Australia Limited of Melbourne p719. John Fox of Melbourne; E.D. Gardner of Melbourne; W. Gillespie (Hall and Gillespie) of Melbourne; Robert Hall of Melbourne; Richard Hall of Melbourne; Hammand, Polsue and Co. of Melbourne; R. Knight of Melbourne; R. Lambrick of Melbourne p720. G.A. Lilly of Melbourne; McCulloch Carrying Company Limited of Melbourne; William McRae of Melbourne; Mayne, Nickless and Co. of Melbourne; Edward Moore of Melbourne; Hugh Muntz of Melbourne; Permewan, Wright and Co. Limited of Melbourne; James Ross of Melbourne; F. Skinner of Melbourne; George Stuckey of Melbourne; Frederick Tate of Melbourne; Tattersall’s Horse and Carriage Bazaar of Melbourne p721. Alfred Tite of Melbourne; J. Whelan of Melbourne; Ankersen and Wall, St Kilda; William Ambery of Williamstown; William Bailey of Malvern; W.F. Bidey of East Prahran; James Blondett of Port Melbourne; William Brenton of South Yarra; George Brunning of St Kilda; W.H. Cary of Hawthorn; Thomas Archer Chalker of Toorak; Richard Cheeseman of North Brighton; James Cochrane of South Brighton p722. John Cole of Malvern; John Charles Cole of Richmond; Thomas C. Cole of Upper Hawthorn; James Cornell of Preston; Charles Dalley of Hawthorn; Victor Davis of Port Melbourne; Edward Deane of South Yarra; F.C. Eastwood of North Fitzroy; James Edwards of North Fitzroy; Patrick Egan of Brighton; James Exley of South Brighton; George French of Williamstown; James Glynn of Kew; John Grindlay junior of Newport; Andrew Haddow of North Melbourne p723. Hewitt Henderson of Fitzroy; Jane T. Henderson of Fitzroy; Samuel Kenshole of Brunswick; John Joyes of Collingwood; William Learmonth of Moonee Ponds; Crawfurd Lindsey of Williamstown; Joseph McCaffrey of North Brighton; Alfred McKittrick of St Kilda; William Merry of Malvern; Henry Miller of Port Melbourne; J.H. Minnis of Middle Brighton; John Gray Mitchell of South Yarra; Joseph Monk of Essendon; Alexander Perry of Collingwood; John H.S. Reid of Northcote p724. Samuel F. Reynolds of Toorak; James F. Roberts of Kew; Jeremiah Ryan of Clifton Hill; R.J. Sorman of South Melbourne; William Thomson of Carlton; James Tyrrell of St Kilda; Harry Blake Vale of Footscray; George Walls of Windsor; Charles Waters of East Brunswick; Frank Watson of Essendon; William Watts of Fitzroy; Charles Wentworth of Balwyn; Charles F. Willoughby of St Kilda p725. William Abernethy of Collingwood; Adolphus Francis Alway of Malvern; John M. Ames of Collingwood; John Armstrong of Windsor; William Greer Baker of Port Melbourne; Edward Ball of Windsor; Esau Barton of Richmond; Mrs Lorina Baxter of Richmond; J. Bennett of St Kilda; W. Bennett of Williamstown; Charles Bird of Hawthorn; William Bland of Carlton; Robert Callander of Richmond; Samuel M. Callander of Burnley; J.T. Chavasse of Brunswick; William Cogan of Port Melbourne; John Collins of Melbourne; William Colson of Prahran; John Couper of South Yarra; Peter Cousin of Malvern; John Cox of Fitzroy; Jeremiah Crossland of South Melbourne p726. John Cruell of Collingwood; Thomas Dalrymple of Port Melbourne; H. Dines of Richmond; Watson Dobie of Windsor; John Dunham of Windsor; John Dunlop of Melbourne; John Dunstan of Brunswick; Samuel Earl of Collingwood; George Ellis of Toorak; Joseph Ellis of Armadale; Philip Ellis of East Brunswick; John Featherston of Richmond; Thomas Flanagan of Collingwood; R. Foss of North Fitzroy; J.P. Frees of Melbourne; Frederick Frost of Abbotsford; William Fuller of South Yarra; C.A. Gardiner of South Melbourne; R.H. Gibson of Collingwood p727. Hermann Groth of Melbourne; Claus Matthiesen Gronn of Carlton; William Haley of Collingwood; James Hanson of Melbourne; James Harvey of Prahran; Timothy Hayes of Prahran; T.J. Herbert of Balaclava; William Hewes of Albert Park; Arthur Hicks of South Melbourne; Thomas Hillard of Windsor; W.H. Hill of Brunswick; Frederick J. Hook of South Melbourne; George H. Hooper of Richmond; William Hopkins of Fitzroy; Frederick Howell of Richmond; William Hoyne of Windsor; R. Hutchinson of St Kilda; James Jeffrey of South Yarra; William T. Kendrick of South Melbourne p728. Arthur Kilpatrick of Port Melbourne; Thomas R. Kimpton of Clifton Hill; John King of South Brighton; Robert Lacey of Abbotsford; William L. Lambert of Melbourne; Thomas Le Page of South Brighton; Lewis Livingstone of Carlton; Mark Lines of Windsor; Alexander McDonald of South Melbourne; R. McFarlane of South Melbourne; H.P. McGonagle of South Yarra; Angus McInnis of Abbotsford; William McKee of Collingwood; A. McPherson of Richmond; John Mall of Fitzroy; Richard Martin of South Brunswick; William Martin of Fitzroy; Alfred Mason of Richmond; James Millikin of Brunswick; William Moorhead of Windsor p729. Joseph Mott of South Melbourne; Thomas Nagle of South Melbourne; James Nicklos senior of South Melbourne; James Nicklos junior of South Melbourne; Samuel Nutt of Brunswick; Parkes and Ready of Fitzroy; Robert Patterson of Port Melbourne; William John Pettigrew of Melbourne; Sydney H. Pittman of Hawthorn; Thomas Price of Collingwood; Alexander Rankin of Port Melbourne; B.F. Rashleigh of Brunswick; D. Reaburn of South Melbourne; James Read of South Yarra; George Reeves of Auburn; Harry Renfree of Toorak; John G. Reynolds of South Brighton; Joseph Rocke of South Melbourne; Phillip Rowe of Fitzroy; Hans Sandersen of Armadale; John Scott of Collingwood; Thomas Scott of Windsor p730. J.W. Silva of South Melbourne; James Sitters of Richmond; G.H. Smith of Hawthorn; William Smith of South Yarra; W. Smyth junior of Toorak; James Stewart of Collingwood; R. Taylor of Williamstown; W. Vesper of Prahran; R. Wake of Port Melbourne; Robert Wallace of Richmond; Samuel M. Warren of Balaclava; Frederick William Watson of South Yarra; Henry Weihen of Melbourne; James Welsh of Port Melbourne; Wilson Wood of Brunswick; Edward Salisbury Yeatman of Malvern; John Young of South Yarra p731.

THE OUTLYING SUBURBS OF MELBOURNE p732: within the shires of Braybrook, Bulleen, Coburg, Dandenong, Heidelberg, Moorabbin, Nunawading, Oakleigh, and Preston.

The following are brief biographies of the residents of the outlying suburbs of the metropolitan district:

MANUFACTURERS, ARTISANS, ETC p734: Thomas Allan Babb of Braybrook; Barry Brothers of Preston; William Braithwaite of Preston; Thomas Broadhurst of Preston; Thomas Cahill of Dandenong; Thomas Chandler of Cheltenham; James Connor of Moonee Ponds; Joseph Curtin of Oakleigh; William, Charles and Baldwin Doolan of Preston; Michael Emery of Preston; James Haraldson of Oakleigh; Paul Hardenack of Preston; F.A. Harris of Gowerville, South Preston; John Hemmings of Dandenong; Ephraim Hughes of Spring Vale [Springvale]; Joshua King of Dandenong; James Lambert of Preston; Jonas Lanceley of Mordialloc; James Layburn of Oakleigh p734. William Madsen of South Preston; Alexander Newman of Braybrook; Fritz Tiesler of Oakleigh; Frederick Walker of Preston; John Young of Springvale p735. BUILDERS, TIMBER MERCHANTS ETC: p735: Harry Milson Beach of Oakleigh; James Charman of Oakleigh; Robert Fraser of Moonee Ponds; Henry Goding of Oakleigh; John Goding of Oakleigh; Walter Handley of Dandenong; A.C. Hurlstone of South Preston; James Jones of South Preston; Marshall Brothers of Preston; Moroney Brothers of Oakleigh; John O’Shanassy of Derrimut; Henry Powis [Powls?] of Dandenong p735. David Shepherd of Dandenong; Thomas Smith of South Preston; James William Story of Preston; G.R. Story of South Preston; Richard Tyler of Preston; Walkenden Brothers of South Preston; James Menelaus Wanhill of Braybrook; George West of Preston p736. PROVIDERS AND DISTRIBUTORS p736: John J. Allingham of Preston; Mrs Georgina Alves of Maribyrnong; William Andrews of Oakleigh; Thomas Arnold of Mulgrave; August Aumann of Doncaster; James Barber of Dandenong; Henry Beacon of Mulgrave p736. Haliburton Beale of Heidelberg; James Beaty of Dandenong; Walter Bennett of Oakleigh; Isaac Berry of South Preston; John Binet of Braybrook; Andrew Block of Preston; Joseph Bond of Heidelberg; Joseph Bradshaw of Braybrook; Tobias Brennan of Springvale; John Robert Brettargh of Springvale; Michael Butler of Greensborough; Joseph Brown of Alphington; James Burnside of Braybrook; Thomas Casey of Dandenong; John Chapman of Oakleigh; James Christie of Braybrook; William Parker Cleveland of Derrimut p737. John Charles Clinch of Preston; F.W. Cooper of Mordialloc; Joson Couve of Dandenong; Thomas Davey of Heidelberg; George Davie of Cheltenham; William Dawson of Maidstone; Thomas Burge Derham of Braybrook; Alphonse Deschamps of Mulgrave; James Thomas Donaldson of Ivanhoe; Edwin Downes of Braybrook; Mrs Isabella Duncan of Heidelberg; Terry Dunne of Coburg; Mrs Elizabeth Ellis of Braybrook; John Thomas Ellison of Preston; Daniel Emmerson of Maribyrnong p738. Thomas Farrell of Preston; Charles Flack of Oakleigh; Patrick Foley of Gowerville; Walter Gaunt of Braybrook; John Henry Gidney of Braybrook; John Gobbi of Oakleigh; Phillip Gough of Preston East; William Haines of Oakleigh; Thomas Harrison of Dandenong; John Henry of Mulgrave; Joshua Hillier of Maribyrnong; Robert Hopkins of Braybrook; Matthew Howley of Mulgrave; Alfred J. Hurlstone of South Preston; William Inglis of Heidelberg; William Ingram of Mulgrave; Thomas Irwin of Oakleigh; Thomas Jacobs of Preston; Samuel Jeffrey of Preston p739. James Johnston of Mulgrave; Thomas Jones of Oakleigh; John Jukes of Coburg; Charles Keighran of Cheltenham; Robert Keys senior of Cheltenham; Edward Krieger of North Preston; Henry Lane of East Preston; George Leary of South Preston; James Leonard of Oakleigh; John Livesey of South Preston; Daniel Lockens of Mulgrave; Michael Lynch of Gowerville; Alexander V. McDonald of Mordialloc; James Macintosh of Braybrook; John McIntosh of Springvale; James McIntyre of Braybrook; Robert McKelvie of Mulgrave; Alexander Mackie of Mulgrave; John McNamara of Preston p740. Patrick McNamara of Moonee Ponds; Peter James McQuade of Dandenong; William Meader of Doncaster; Thomas Miller of Braybrook; Alexander Milne of Springvale; Benjamin Milton of Oakleigh; James McAra Mitchel of Braybrook; David Murray of Heidelberg; Michael O’Connor of Braybrook; William C. Olver of Preston; William Olver of North Preston; Thomas Opie of Braybrook; Jos Organ of Cheltenham; Robert Ovens of Moonee Ponds; Mark Paine of Braybrook; John Patterson of Mulgrave; Ezra Pawsey of Springvale; Stephen Peachie of Coburg p741. Mrs Jane Petty of Doncaster; Tom Petty of Doncaster; James Robert Phelan of Preston; Alfred Potter of Dandenong; Obadiah Potter of Dandenong; William Pratt of Braybrook; William Rank of Heidelberg; Peter Charles Rockes of Maribyrnong; Henry John Rodman of Dandenong; Thomas D. Rose of Cheltenham; William Ruse of Cheltenham; Augustus Sawyer of Preston; Henry Schulz of South Preston; John Scott of Mulgrave; William Hambly Shephard of Mordialloc; Alexander Edward Short of Preston; P.W. Smith of Alphington p742. Eugene Sullivan of Gowerville; Samuel Thomas of Moonee Ponds; Edwin L. Thomson of Oakleigh; J.T. Thorpe of Dandenong; Mrs F.S. Trail of Oakleigh; Silas Usher of Springvale; Francis Ernest Vail of Mulgrave; James Vance of Mulgrave; John Vance of Oakleigh; John Turner Vincent of Coburg; Arthur Voice of Newlands, Coburg; James Waters of Coburg; James Waters of Coburg; John Ralph Watson of Mulgrave; John Webster of Mulgrave; Henry Wells of Cheltenham; Charles White of Dandenong; Edward Wilkes of Mulgrave; Robert Williamson of Templestowe; W.S. Williams of Doncaster; Andrew Wilson of Mulgrave p743. William Richardson Tarver of Port Melbourne; Charles Wilson of Dandenong; John Wilson of South Preston; John Robert Wilson of Doncaster; Edward Wood of Preston; George H.B. Young of Oakleigh; James Young of South Preston p744.

ADDITIONS TO WIMMERA DISTRICT, continued from page 142:
James Stokes of Vectis East; Ernst G. Straube of Murtoa; Edward Robson Taylor of Dimboola shire; Thomas (Llewelyn) of Jung Jung; William Charles Frederick Thomas of Warracknabeal; William Thomas of Willenabrina; Samuel Trew of Warracknabeal; Johann Heinrich Martin Uhe of Murtoa; Thomas A. Umbers of Cannum p744. Edward Usher of Pepper’s Plains; David Walters of Rupanyup; William John Warren of Lubeck; Richard Warrick of Yellangip; Thomas Williams of Rupanyup; Joseph William Wills of Dimboola; Thomas Wills of Kewell West; Hugh Wilson of Garup; William Witney of Dimboola; Frederick Wood of Warracknabeal; George Wood of Rupanyup p745.

Most Rev Thomas J. Carr, Archbishop of Melbourne; Rev Hermann Herlitz, pastor of Lutheran Church, Melbourne; W.P. Buckhurst of Goodrest, Toorak Road, South Yarra; Mrs Eliza L. Cooper of St Kilda; Hon Caleb Joshua Jenner of Mornington p746. Thomas Henry Jennings of Moonee Ponds; John William Meaden, writer; William Knight of St Kilda; John Long of Caulfield; Mrs Jemima Lyon of Essendon; Richard Osburne, journalist, of Warrnambool; Dr Charles Frederick Porter of Nhill; William Simpson of St Kilda; Rev Ralph Brown of Preston p747. Henry Hatton Beck of Brunswick; William Dickins of Richmond; William Edwards of Carlton; Otto Fischer of Silverton; Alfred John Foord of Ballarat East; Rudolph Sofus Hager of Ballarat; Lion Iron Rolling Mills, Grant Street, South Melbourne; Francis Jolly Melville of Kensington; J.A. Niemann of Sale; Joseph Roff of Ballarat East; David Thompson of Castlemaine; Theophilus Williams of Ballarat p748.

Chapter 22: Remarks on Victorian flora / Ferdinand von Mueller p749.
Chapter 23: Notes on the fauna of Australia / Albert A.C. Le Souef p756.
Chapter 24: The medical profession of Victoria / James Edward Neild p779.
Chapter 25: Banking and finance / Henry Gyles Turner p786.
Biographical index p805.

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