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Main Title: Royal Historical Society of Queensland: journal 1940-1995
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Subject: Historical Society of Queensland
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ISSUE 1940: Newstead House, Brisbane / A.G. Davies p57. Some notes on Coorparoo / Cumbrae Stewart p67. The shearers' and bushworkers' strike of 1891 / A. Laurie p80. Early pioneers of the Wide Bay and Burnett / Firmin McKinnon p90. The south-west corner of Queensland / S.E. Pearson p100. The history of the Peachester and Crohamhurst district / W.P.H. Harden p123.

ISSUE 1956: Planned State Archives - Queensland's opportunity / David Macmillan p1145. Toogoolawah and Upper Brisbane River Valley 1906-1908 / Horace Evelyn Flower p1156. Early Brighton and Sandgate / E.V. Stevens p1165. Short history of local government in Queensland / R.H. Robinson p1176. Economic development: North Queensland / J.W. Collinson p1192. Queensland's struggle against rabbits 1880-1930 / K.T. Cameron p1201. William Coote / Allan A. Morrison p1218. The Pearl disaster [steamboat, ship] 1896 / L.E. Slaughter p1233. Archibald McCorkingdale p1239. Early settlement in the Surat - Mount Abundance area / R.B. Taylor p1240. Roderick Mitchell p1251. Habits, customs and relationships of the Australian aboriginals [aborigines] / W.H. Flowers p1254.

ISSUE 1964-5: Settlement in Queensland in the 'Logan' period / D.W. Fraser p437. Colonial representation in the nineteenth century: Pro-consuls of Empire and some Australian Agents-general / Clem Lack p456. Sir John Pope Hennessy p462. Victoria's first Agent-General p484. Career of Hugh Childers p485. Storm over Cashel Hoey p489. Edward William Terrick Hamilton p493. William Forster p495. The Queensland Native Mounted Police p508. The genesis of the Queensland railways / George Bond p521. A. Macalister p524. Abraham Fitzgibbon p529. The Macquarie towns / J.C.H. Gill p540. Macquarie's interest in Hawkesbury p554. Windsor Court House p556. Macquarie Arms Inn p556. Bowman family, Richmond p558. North Richmond p559. Castlereagh p559. The Queensland sugar industry: as depicted in the Whish and Davidson diaries [Claudius Buchanan Whish, John Ewen Davidson] / C.T. Wood p563. Townsville: a great tropical city of the North: its century of progress / P.N. Fynes-Clinton p584. The gardens reach of the Brisbane River: Kangaroo Point - past and present / Norman S. Pixley p600. The mission to the aborigines at Somerset / John Bayton p622. Early days of The Burnett / T.L. Williams p634.

ISSUE 1965-66: The life and residences of the Hon. Stephen Simpson of Warwickshire, Woogaroo and Wolston / Sir Raphael Cilento p9. Patrick Leslie (photo) p15. Henry Stewart Russell (photo) p17. Governor Gipps (portrait) p20. Andrew Petrie (portrait) p24. Nehemiah Bartley (portrait) p35. Dr W. Hobbs (portrait) p41. William Pettigrew (portrait) p42. Dr John Dunmore Lang (portrait) p44. Wolston House p49. [Ludvig, Ludwig] Leichhardt: the secrets of the sandhills / Ruth Smout p55. A.C. Gregory (portrait) p65. Timothy O'Hea and Andrew Hume (portrait) p73. J.R. Skuthorpe (portrait) p75. Sir Henry Parkes (portrait) p76. Colonial representation in the nineteenth century part 2: some Queensland and other Australian Agents-General / Clem Lack p81. Henry Jordan p81. John Douglas (1828-1904) p86. Richard Daintree (1831-1878) p89 (portrait p90). A. Macalister (portrait) p93. Sir Thomas McIlwraith (portrait) p94. Thomas Archer (1823-1905) p101. Sir James F. Garrick (1836-1907) p101. Sir John Pope Hennessy p110. Genesis of the Australian Whaling industry: its development up to 1850 / J.C.H. Gill p111. Simeon Lord (portrait) p123. History in museums: their role in community education / J.T. Woods p137. Ghost towns of Queensland part 1: The Cloncurry copperfield [copper] / P. Fynes-Clinton p144. Ernest Henry (portrait) p145. James Venture Mulligan (portrait) p147. John Moffat (portrait) p150. W.H. Corbould (portrait) p151. Early musicians on the Wallaby: the Seal brothers and some Australian contemporaries / Clem Lack p155. 'Professor' Seal (portrait) p155. Sir Robert Mackenzie (portrait) p157. History in granite and sandstone: the old building stones of Brisbane / E.V. Robinson p162. Geology of Brisbane p163.

ISSUE 1969-70: The achievements of James Cook: navigator, humanist and anthropologist / Clem Lack p7. Australia and her navigators / Norman S. Pixley p78. Norman S. Pixley (portrait) p78. The predictable periodic revolts of youth / Sir Raphael Cilento p101. 'Steele Rudd' and his gift of laughter: an Australian literary heritage / Eric D. Davis p127. Arthur Hoey Davis (portrait) p128,139. Where's the fire?: the history of fire-fighting [fire brigades] / George Healy p144. Shipwrecks in Queensland and adjacent waters / A.J. Pixley p151. The barque 'Deveron' p154. The 'Marina' and 'Sapphire' [ship] p155. The 'Porpoise' p157. The 'Charles Eaton' p158. The 'Sovereign' p160. Development of the tropical house: architecture in North Queensland / Peter Newell p162. High stump houses p164. The Queensland timber industry: early history and development / E.S. Hancock p169. A study in comparisons: Mitchell versus Leichhardt / Kathleen Emmerson p179.

ISSUE 1977-78: John Dight and his descendents / Norman S. Pixley p10. George Dight (portrait) p16. 'Teringa': George Dight's house at Armidale (photo) p17. Aerial view of 'Yetman' homestead p19. Queensland immigration and the Black Ball Line [ships and shipping] / Warwick Foote p21. 'Light Brigade' [ship] later 'Ocean Telegraph' (photo) p28. 'Young Australia' [ship] (photo) p40. 'Indus' [ship] (photo) p44. Earthquakes and ourselves / Murdoch Wales p50. Meckering 1968 (photo) p53,60. Location of Australian earthquakes (map) p56. The first appendicectomy in Australia was performed at Toowoomba in the colony of Queensland / Dr Drury Clarke p66. Herbert Russell Nolan p68 (portrait p69). An old mining town in Queensland: Mount Morgan / F.L. Golding p75. William Knox D'Arcy p83. The Premiers of Queensland / Dr Denis Murphy p87. Andy Dawson (portrait) p91. Lord Chelmsford (portrait) p95. Sir Thomas McIlwraith (portrait) p100. T.J. Ryan (portrait) p108. Widgee: in the days of Widgee Station / J.D. Dale p110. W.B. Tooth (portrait) p111. Arnold Wienholt at Widgee p120. The Dieppe maps and Queensland - after McIntyre / Eric B. Whitehouse p127. A short history of the dredging of the Brisbane River 1860-1910 / G.R.C. McLeod p137.

ISSUE 1978-79: Sir Arthur Morgan: the society's first president / Norman S. Pixley p11. Sir Arthur Morgan (portrait) p13. The origins and development of the Queensland house / Peter Newell p18. Impact of Robin Dods p23. A journey through Queensland's Northern Triangle / Sir James Foots p29. Copper at Peak Downs p30. The Chillagoe region p32. The Cloncurry field p38. Mount Isa: growth p43. Mount Isa tent village 1932 (photo) p44. Coverters at Kuridala (photo) p45. Dangers and difficulties of the Torres Strait and inner route / Allan McInnes p47. The remains of Raine Island beacon in 1975 (photo) p59. Captain William Collin (portrait) p66. Sarah and Johnny: some sociological aspects of Queensland's colonial history during the 1880s and 1890s / N.V. Roberts p74. Sarah Baumgartner (nee Featherstone) (portrait) p78. Personal background to the Premiers of Queensland / Dr Dennis Murphy (chart) p97. Lieutenant Charles Jeffreys R.N.: the last buccaneer? / J.C.H. Gill p98. Lieutenant-Governor William Sorell (portrait) p112. Queensland's annexation of Papua: a background to Anglo-German friction / Peter Overlack p123. Captain Coley [Richard James Coley]: Queensland's first Sergeant-At-Arms / G. Langevad p139.

ISSUE 1979-80: Queensland's Government Houses / Sir James Ramsay p11. Military Commandant's residence p12. Newstead House p13. Adelaide House: now The Deanery p15. Old Government House p15. The move to 'Fernberg' 1910 p17. Government House p23. William Rooke Creswell / Norman S. Pixley p28. 'Gayundah' [ship] fitted for wireless telegraphy (photo) p31. 1879: the Jervois report p34. The Australian Auxiliary Squadron p35. The colonial conference 1897 p37. Captain [William] Hamilton and the labour trade / W. Ross Johnston p48. A pot of tin at the foot of the rainbow [John Lang Locke of Warwick and the Kilminster claim dispute of the Stanthorpe field in the 1870s] / Dr John Balzer p62. John Lang Locke and his wife Frances (portrait) p67. Rediscovered route of the Mackay expedition 1860 / John D. Kerr p70. Legends from the Mount Mulligan Coal Mine disaster / Peter Bell p89. Diplomacy of good sense: Sir William Glasgow in Canada / Ralph Harry p103 (portrait p104,107,111). Birdsville: a place to be remembered / Frances Gage McGinn p119. Webbs, Wilsons and Warwick / Dr John Balzer p126. Newstead Abbey link p127. Surveyor Galloway and Moreton Bay / J.S. Ryan p129. J.J. Galloway M.L.C. (portrait) p135.

ISSUE 1980-81: The navy and Queensland's development: a long and valuable connection / Norman S. Pixley p10. HMS 'Paluma' [ship] (photo) p16. H.M. cutter 'Bramble' [ship] (photo) p17. H.M. colonial sloop 'Victoria' [ship] (photo) p17. 'Dart' p18. 'Penguin' p18. 'Geranium' p19. 'Moresby' p19. From convict to doctor: the life of Kevin O'Doherty / Dr P. Ross Patrick p23. Kevin O'Doherty (portrait) p28,35. Eva O'Doherty (portrait) p41. Rosalie [suburb]: Brisbane's forgotten daughter / A.T. Miles p45. 'Baroona' [house] (photo) p48. Milton State School c1920 (drawing) p53. McDougall's Bakery, Rosalie 1924 (photo) p60. From Hornet Bank to Cullin-La-Ringo / Gordon Reid p62. Scott family at Hornet Bank Station 1880s (photo) p64. Mining and mining finance at Mount Perry 1869-1919 / Mervyn J.F. Royle p83. Ebenezer Vickery (portrait) p89. Mt Perry from Chapel Hill c1904 (photo) p95. Colonial banker: the lives and times of Alexander (Sandy) and Mary Louisa (Minnie) Archer / Murdoch Wales p99. Sandy Archer (portrait) p104. Louisa Stewart Archer (Louie) and her sister Mary Louisa (Minnie) Archer, (portrait, probably 1885) p109. 'Quetta' [ship] (photo 1885 or 6) p113. The Burkitt family in Queensland 1861-1981 / W.R.F. Love p117. Portraits of: Alexander Sheafe Burkitt, Alexander Horace Burkitt, Horace Burkitt and Basil Horace Burkitt p118. Early settlement of North and Western Queensland: one family's experiences [Yeates family] / Neil Yeates p132. Einasleigh River, North Queensland 1863-7 p134. The Yeates brothers John, George and Sidney in 1862 (photo) p135. Bowen 1863-70s p140. Don River and Bowen 1867-80 p143. Boondoon Station and Adavale 1881-94 p146.

ISSUE 1981-82: Tommy Kabu of Papua / Norman S. Pixley p1. High music ringing: jubilee of the Queensland Conservatorium / Sir Douglas Fraser p14. Basil Jones (portrait) p22. Wreck of the 'Gothenburg' [ship] / Allan McInnes p26. 'Gothenburg' (picture) p30. Brazil, Cleland and Fitzgerald (portrait) p42. Southern Queensland's oyster industry / Glen S. Smith p45. First Agents-General: development of the office in London 1860-1876 / Wayne O'Donohue p59. John Douglas (portrait) p62. Richard Daintree p67 (portrait p71). The world of young Thomas Hanger 1874-1912 / Tom Watson p75. Crocodile Creek School in the 1880s (group portrait) p81. Teachers from the Rockhampton Central Boys' School: T. Hanger, B. Long, J. Perrier, H. Tomkys and J. Angel (portrait) p84. Happiness at Jericho p85. The Australian sugar story 1907-1982: achievements of the A.S.P.A. / Donald Watson p88. Culture clash in the Torres Strait islands: the maritime strike of 1936 / Nonie Sharp p107. Minister E.M. Hanlon (portrait) p119. Queensland's first artillery - the Clifton guns and the fatal accident at the saluting battery in 1879 / Dr Drury Clarke p127. 'The Diam': a history of the Diamantina Hospital / Dr R.F.J. Wood p147. Miss Florence Chatfield p155. Florence Green (nee Pierce) p159. Dr A. Jefferis Turner (portrait) p162. Mr F.M. Staubwasser (portrait) p162. Florence Chatfield p162. Frederick Marian Staubwasser p163. Dr Alfred Jefferis Turner p164. Dr F.E. Hare p164. Surveyor Galloway and Brisbane church sites / J.S. Ryan p169. The Old Commissariat (pictures) p172.

ISSUE 1983: Commander N.S. Pixley: his work for history (includes portrait) p1. James Tyson, millionaire / Lady Fletcher p3. James Tyson M.L.C. (portrait) p5. Felton homestead near Cambooya (Qld) where Tyson died (photo) p8. Recollections: 1920 Dalby - 1921 travel to North Queensland / Norman S. Pixley p12. 'Tay' [ship] (picture) p15. 'Bingera' p16. 'Wyandra' p16. 'Kuranda' p17. 'Aramac' p17. The wreck of the 'Charles Eaton' [ship] / Allan McInnes p21. Duncan McIntyre and the search for Leichhardt / J.C.H. Gill p51. Duncan McIntyre (portrait) p54. Tree marked by Duncan McIntyre (photo) p63. Stone erected to Duncan McIntyre (photo) p69. Squatters, selectors and dare I say it, speculators / Helen Gregory p74. T.L. Murray Prior p78. Robert Cribb p78. The several fates of Eliza Fraser / J.S. Ryan p88. Adoption of the 3ft 6ins gauge for Queensland railways / J.W. Knowles p113. Abraham Fitzgibbon (portrait) p115. The first intercolonial rugby tour in 1882 / Maxwell L. Howell and Reet A. Howell p126. History of newspapers in North Queensland / James Manion p139. Rockhampton newspapers p142. Bowen newspapers p145. Innisfail p146. Cooktown p147. Croydon p149.

ISSUE 1984: Captain John Clements Wickham R.N.: his antecedents and descendants / C.G. Drury Clarke p1 (portrait p3). Anna Wickham (nee Macarthur) (portrait) p7. Ellen Wickham (nee Deering) (portrait) p13. Henry Falkland Wickham p17 (portrait p18). Mrs H.F. Wickham (nee Elizabeth Mary Josephine Keegan) (portrait) p20. Queensland's annexation of New Guinea in 1883 / C.R. Moore p26. G.K.E. Fairholme: gentleman, scholar and squatter / W.R.F. Love p55. Canning Downs in the 1840s (sketch) p62. Pioneer life in the Fassifern: problems and prospects / Margaret Jenner p73. Development of a great newspaper chain: the Provincial story [Provincial Newspapers Queensland Ltd] / Rod Kirkpatrick p83. Irwin family p84. Manning family p87. W.J. Manning (portrait) p88. Andrew Dunn (portrait, approx. 1932) p93. German settlers in the Moreton Bay region 1838-1914 / Peter Overlack p103. Brass Band of the Apostolic Church, Hatton Vale 1896 (portrait) p110. H.L. Ruthning (portrait) p112. Original German Club in Vulture Street, South Brisbane (picture) p115. Early maps of Northern Australia / Eric B. Whitehouse p119. Irvinebank, mining community and centre of an empire: 'God bless John Moffat' / Ruth Kerr p141. John Moffat 1904 (portrait) p144. John Moffat's house, Irvinebank 1886 (picture) p149. Corner of Jessie Street and McDonald Street, Irvinebank 1905 (picture) p153.

ISSUE 1985: Samuel Walker Griffith: a biographer and his problems / R.B. Joyce p169. Samuel Walker Griffith (portrait) p171,173. Lady Griffith (portrait) p179. Mount Isa: Russian connection / K.H. Kennedy p183. John Leslie Urquhart p184. Early years of Mount Isa p192. Sir Raphael Cilento: a personal tribute / Ron Wood p200. The sedition trials of F.C.B. Vosper / Paul D. Twomey p203. Corner of Gill and Church Street, Charters Towers about the time of the trial (picture) p205. Government Mines Department building, Charters Towers (picture) p209. Lower Gill Street and Millchester Road near the railway station, Charters Towers p216. Kampung - Queensland: a comparison of two 'Timber and Tin' architectural styles / Mervyn D. Cobcroft p224. A traditional Kampung (picture) p225. Typical Malayan house (picture) p230. Joshua Thomas Bell: Queensland and the Darling Downs 1889-1911 / D.B. Waterson p239. Joshua Thomas Bell (portrait) p241. Dalby electorate 1887-1910 (map) p245. Captain Foster Fyans and Mrs Eliza Fraser / J.S. Ryan p260. The last voyages of Firefly and Captain Kirby / Allan McInnes p264. Albert River, Gulf of Carpentaria: the Victorian Naval Depot: the hulk 'Firefly' (picture) p269. Feature survey of Burke Town - G. Phillips 1866 (map) p273,280. Brisbane Tramway centenary: a brief chronology / Garry R. Ford p283.

ISSUE NOV 1989: Kilcoy, the first six months - Sir Evan Mackenzie's albatross / John Mackenzie-Smith p429. Belmaduthy House (picture) p434. Sir Evan Mackenzie (portrait) p438. John Hetherington, father of Queensland's coal industry / Ray Whitmore p445. Hetherington displaying the new coal cutter at Blair Athol no.1 (picture) p444. Conference between proprietors and miners in 1907-8 (group portrait) p449. Alderman and Mrs Hetherington in 1909 (portrait) p454. Lindeman Island: environmental politics in Queensland / Timothy J. Doyle p462.

ISSUE FEB 1990: Queensland vs the Commonwealth: the State's objection to the Australian Standard Garratt Programme / Alan Whiting p1. Australian Standard Garratt G17 hauling a heavy goods train out of Normanby in September 1944 (picture) p6. C17 no.45 ... hauling freight on the Brisbane Valley Line 1967 (picture) p11. J.B. Fewings 'Memoirs of Toowong': a mirror of a man / Helen Gregory p17. The aging John Bowden Fewings (portrait) p21. Freemasons and Freemasonry in Queensland 1859-1989 / Dave Lauder p33. John Douglas in Masonic regalia when Foundation Master of Lodge Torres Straits no.820 1895 (portrait) p36. Sir Samuel Walker Griffith in Masonic regalia when Provincial Grand Master of the Irish Constitution in Queensland 1893-98 (portrait) p39.

ISSUE MAY 1994: Establishing copper smelting in Australia / Fred Thomas p313. Ruins of Bremer Smelting Works in 1989 (picture) p317. Mauris Thomas and his bride to be, Susannah Maria Bonnin 1860 (portrait) p319. Burwood Copper Smelting Works (picture) p321. Peak Downs p322. Move to Cobar p324. The sugar industry on the Sunshine Coast / John Pearn p329. Wellard Farmhouse, Bli Bli Road (picture) p332,335. The Marked Tree Line: the Gorman's Gap Walking Trail / Pamela Hahn p338. Camel's Hump Monument (picture) p340. The legend of Eliza Frazer: a survey of the sources / Elaine Brown p345.

ISSUE MAY 1995: Place with a past: reconciling wilderness and the Aboriginal past in world heritage areas / Ian McNiven and Lynette Russell p505. South West Tasmania p509. Fraser Island p511. A little more about Joshua Jeays / Manfred Cross p520. Torres Strait and customary marine tenure: history, culture and law / David J. Haigh p529. The road from Brisbane to the Brisbane Valley over the D'Aigular Range / Ruth S. Kerr p542. The aboriginal reserves debate of the inter-war years / Russell McGregor p545.

Vol.23 no.8 FEBRUARY 2018: Philip John MacMahon: Brisbane Botanic Gardens curator 1889-1905 and his vision of Brisbane as a 'City of Palms' / John Leslie Dowe p507. Scenes of faith and sacrifice: the Gallipoli diary of Padre George Green of the 2nd Light Horse Regiment / Simon Farley p522. ANZAC and the memory industry: reflections on recent publications / John A Moses p534. Digging into the Hamilton Hills / Carolyn Nolan p542.

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