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Main Title: Stonnington history news : incorporating the newsletters of the Malvern and Prahran historical societies.
Subject: Malvern Historical Society (Vic.)
Prahran Historical & Arts Society (Vic.)
Historical societies - Periodicals
Prahran (Vic.)
Malvern (Vic.)
South Yarra (Vic.)
Toorak (Vic.)
Windsor (Vic.)
Armadale (Vic.)
No.2 Campbell Edwards House (originally known as Glenburn), former home of the College of the Bible, Elm Road, Glen Iris.

No.3 Princes Street, Prahran. Stanton's Bakery, Malvern Road.

No.4 The Prahran Mission, Holt's Building, 209-215 Chapel Street. Prahran Technical School collection.

No.5 John, Henry James, and Stanley Henry Brumby, H.J. Brumby and Sons, Brumby's Orrong Grocery Store.

No.7 Grong Grong, Toorak.

No.8 Church Street Bridge.

No.10 Thomas Horan, test cricketer.

No.11 Herbert Power family, Moonga.

No.12 Malvern Post Office. Holmesglen College of TAFE. MMBW maps.

No.13 Malvern real estate values 1924. Scotsburn, Toorak, Sir James MacBain 1828-92.

No.15 Coronal, Lewes Drive, East Malvern.

No.16 Belgrave (house), Malvern.

No.17 George Stevenson, Zeerust.

No.18 Floods in Prahran.

No.19 Refreshment Kiosk, Malvern Gardens. The great South Yarra sewer disaster of 1897.

No.21 Caulfield Junction Estate. Ardrie Park. Repton Road. Ardrie Road. Moama Dairy. Chitty's Timber Yard.

No.22 Malvern Gardens and Thomas Pockett. Pawnbrokers, Prahran.

No.23 Prahran slums.

No.24 Dimora, 1 Monaro Road, Kooyong and the Allard family. Skating, Prahran.

No.25 Moorakyne, John Grice, Anthony Edwin Bowes Kelly. Cambridge Street, Armadale.

No.26 Tooronga Estate, Glen Iris. Belmont Estate, Belmont House. Destitution, (poverty) Prahran.

No.27 Concrete streets, Malvern. J.B. Cooper.

No.28 Daniel Conolly. Cornelia College for Ladies, Horsburgh Grove, Malvern (later Toorak). Strathclyde. Prahran Rifle Club.

No.29 Adwalton Boy's School. David Hyslop. Waste Transfer Station (the tip), Surrey Road, South Yarra.

No.30 Robert Hamilton, architect. The Independent congregation, chapel and church.

No.31 Malvern - theatres. Prahran - railway stations.

No.32 Annie Whistler Dorrington, Belmont Estate, Malvern. Prahran: rats, rat catching.

No.33 Painting of 'first house in Prahran'.

No.34 Mandeville Hall.

No.35 Holmesglen Housing Factory. Mount Erica.

No.36 Oma (Nareeb) (house), Octavious Charles Beale.

No.37 Brynmawr, Sisters of the Sacred Heart, Malvern. Prahran - aborigines.

No.38 William Bailey and William Valentine Bailey. Daily life in Stonnington.

No.39 Lawn Tennis Association of Victoria, land at Kooyong. Fire fighting in Prahran.

No.40 Malvern Masonic Lodge members: Rev. Dean Godby, William Boothby Jones, Edward Yeatman, Donald Munro, James Parker, Edward Sydney Edsall, Anthony Edwin Bowes Kelly, John Jacob Dulfer, Arthur Henry Fisher, William Woodmason, Frederick Hughes, Price Meredith, William Knox, Lewis (Louis) Henry Braham. Burnley Ferry.

No.41 Place names in Stonnington.

No.42: Personal reminiscences of Prahran.

No.44: Ornamental gas street lamp poles. Baptist Church, Kooyong Road, Armadale.

No.45: James Izett.

JULY 2003: Augustus Frederick White. Postal services. Post offices. Brighton Cemetery. William Irving Winter-Irving 1840-1901. Agnes Wright c1873-1908. James Thomas Rudall 1828-1907.

SEPTEMBER 2003: First Malvern Scouts - a celebration. A tale of Clarke Street, Prahran. William Stone. Flying Duck Hotel.

NOVEMBER 2003: Furneaux family, Prahran. Tulloch family, Malvern.

DECEMBER 2003: South Melbourne State School no. 544 p2. Cornelia College p3. Strathclyde School, Toorak p3. Brighton Cemetery: Henry Sutton 1856-1912, Emmanuel Phillips Fox 1865-1915, Rosetta Fox c1835-1916, Maurice Vincent Buckley 1891-1921, Sir William Daniel Campbell Williams 1856-1919.

MARCH 2004: Land subdivision in Stonnington.

MAY 2004: Heritage markers in Dandenong Road.

JULY 2004: Norman Avenue p2. Irish National Foresters Friendly Society p2. Masons, masonic lodges, Malvern p3.

SEPTEMBER 2004: Malvern's dairies. Richard Fetherston 1864-1963: Prahran's Public Health Advocate.

NOVEMBER 2004: A history of St. Matthew's Anglican Church. Holy Trinity Church, Malvern.

JANUARY 2005: Treasures at your library.

MARCH 2005: Matthew Stephens, John Coleman and the Malvern Vale Hotel p2. Glassford Street, Armadale p3.

MAY 2005: On the home front - World War Two in Malvern p2. War fever in Prahran [anti-German feeling, World War One] p4.

JULY 2005: The children of Israel in Prahran: a Jewish family story p2.

SEPTEMBER 2005: Linay's Timber Yard p2. Chitty's Timber Yard p3. Cooper's Timber Yard p4. Norman Johnston, designer and builder p4. Vale: Bill Dane.

NOVEMBER 2005: Real Estate Agents in Stonnington.

JANUARY 2006: Local hospitals. Edna Haynes (1910-2005).

FEBRUARY 2006: Hospitals for rich and poor [Prahran hospitals in the early days] / Diane Nicholas p2.

APRIL 2006: First meeting of the Prahran Council p1. Muntz Photographic Studios p2. Women's suffrage petition p2.

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