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Vol.30 no.3 DECEMBER 2009: Tasmania's honour roll of women: Lilian Delsa Watson 1932-1996 p144. Amelia Lucy Wayn MBE 1862-1951 p145. To be hanged? / Leonie Mickleborough p146. State high school boarding houses 1915-1927 / Betty Jones p147. George Coatsworth Hopwood: infamous cutthroat? / Margaret Nichols p150. Mathinna [aborigine] / Carmel Bird p155. 'Notorious strumpet': the short, boisterous life of convict Johanna Lynch c1798-1840 / Don Bradmore p160. Convict William Jones writes to his wife in Anglesey / Mark Dillon p163. Trawling Penguin General Cemetery burial records / Ross Hartley p165. Was your ancestor a convict guard on the 'William Jardine'? [ship] p174. Applications by convicts for permission to marry / Dr Neil Chick p177. In ships they came to the lure of gold / Pauline Quirk p188. Johnson family / Margaret Prestedge p195. Tales from St John's Cemetery [Hobart] (Inquests: Mary Ann Curry 1845; Hugh Curry 1858) / Rosemary Davidson p199. Scanning slides / Vee Maddock p200.

Vol.31 no.4 MARCH 2011: The Prince of Wales visit 1920: Elsie Corrick 1894-1974 p200. Robert Thirkell p201. Early 19th century teachers in government schools p209. Mrs Marian Maria Chester p209. Julius Samuel Imberg p210. Discovering my Irish ancestors part 1 / Pat Coy p213. Smallpox vaccination on the convict transports p218. Greennow sisters p225. Learning to swim at Dynnyrne 1926-47 / Leonie Mickleborough p229. Archie Stocker: DCM winner or not? p234. Laura Davis (nee Tatnell), Felmingham, Canslawr p240. Family of Matthew Forster p241.

Vol.32 no.1 JUNE 2011: Christchurch, New Zealand: Elsie Corrick 1894-1974 p8. Voices from the orphan schools: The Blackfriar 1851 p9. The state of education in Burnie 1885-1905 p11. Myra Bessie Sargent: a Wynyard photographer p17. The conundrum of Grandmother Watkin's portrait [Caroline McGuire, nee Watkins, nee Rudman] p20. A letter from M. Hemmings and the family of Charles William Taylor p21. William Oliver: from Chelmsford Gaol to Hobart Gaol p26. The bright side of life [Dudley Bright Ashford] p37. Punishment on the female convict transports p39. Robert Thirkell, John Frederick Schutte and Elizabeth Jane Schutte p41. The mystery of missing Maida [Maida Lilian Bradmore] p51. Mr Richard Dry: an Irish patriot in Van Diemen's Land p53. Transcribing Tasmanian convict records p57. The 'sandstone boys' p57.

Vol.32 no.2 SEPTEMBER 2011: The days of the old school yard / Betty Jones p69. Vale: Dawn Collins p76. Not just a bed of roses [new government school] / Betty Jones p77. Mary Allen, proper name Flannery / Pauline Bygraves p83. Bartholomew Broughton: a 'remarkable convict' or simply a 'rascal'? / Don Bradmore p87. The 'sandstone boys' p93. William Rose Falconer 1818-69 p94.Voices from the orphan schools: the 'Tasmania (2) [ship]' 1845 / Dianne Snowden p99. A noteworthy voyage: the 'Royal Admiral' (4) [ship] and 1842 female convict transport from the UK / Anne McMahon p101. A Thirkell by another name part 4: Robert Thirkell / Richie Woolley p103. The saga of the Sarah Anns [Sarah Ann Bullock] / Jennifer Clark p110. Private Patrick Crowley: British redcoat, 50th Regiment of Foot / Don Bradmore p116. Tasmania's ghost towns and settlements / Michael Holmes p120.

Vol.33 no.1 JUNE 2012: Paying for the school piano [Hagley Public School 1867] / Betty Jones p9. Voices from the orphan schools: a boy named Henry Osborne / Dianne Snowden p15. The Anglo-Indian family of Henry Claye Watson / Paul Edwards p19. Norfolk Plains descendants' day p28. Help wanted: Rebecca Conroy (nee Lambert); Cunningham; Dawson; Hewitt; Iles; Partridge Island p33. William Stanley Sharland / Rosemary Davidson p34. The 'Emma Eugenia' (4) 1846: a disagreeable voyage / Anne McMahon p35. Agnes Hunter (nee Thompson) located / Leonie Mickleborough p37. Hotels and boarding houses in the Hobart area circa 1925 / compiled by Laurie Moody p40. The squatters' joy [Corrick family] / Shirley Foster p42. Albert Edward Bird: a flawed champion / John Bird p43. John Pyner: intriguing 'bit player' in a family saga [Bromley family] / Don Bradmore p49. Sophia Hopwood: 'harbourer of prostitutes' / Margaret Nichols p53. Keeping memories alive / Allison Carins p55. Early burials at the Wesleyan Chapel, O'Brien's Bridge, Glenorchy p56.

Vol.33 no.3 DECEMBER 2012: William Owen (Ow-En): my Chinese ancestor / Janine Hunt p133. Voices from the orphan schools: children of Susan Chickley / Dianne Snowden p135. Tracing the lives of Irish convicts before transportation / David Coad p137. Never give up - found at last!: one missing grandfather [William Hall] / Hilary Martin p142. Educating the poor: the Murray Street Free School [Hobart], 1872-1896 / Betty Jones p145. Henry Tingley 'I am doing well': assigned to William Lyne / Leonie Mickleborough p152. Help wanted: Aiken; Bishop p155. The 'Gilbert Henderson' [ship] (1839-1840): a timely rescue / Anne McMahon p159. The professional misfortunes of the doctors of the penal colony of Sarah Island, Van Diemen's Land / Anita Pierantozzi with Dr Peter Stride p161. Albert Edward Bird: a flawed champion part 3 / John Bird p173.

Vol.33 no.4 MARCH 2013: Vale: Cathryn Marie (Kate) Ramsay 1944-2012 p196. Early education at Stanley 1842-1854 / Betty Jones p197. Two of a kind - Jessie George and Janet Jamieson / Joyce Purtscher p205. Voices from the orphan schools: the children of the 'Rajah' (ship) / Dianne Snowden p209. Last arrivals of Norfolk Islanders to Norfolk Plains VDL 1813 / Irene Schaffer p213. Help wanted: Becker and Wood; Ellen aka Annie Cammel (Campbell?); Heazlewood; Frances Hogg; War Services Homes, Newstead; Thomas Hart (1812?) descendants? p217. Pitfalls and brickwalls / Dennis Edwards p221. Mary Fogerty, 'wet nurse' for Matilda Sorell / Leonie Mickleborough p223. Indexes are useful / Mary Ramsay p226. Emma Green: a life out of the ordinary / Don Bradmore p227. Jewish Burial Ground [cemetery] Harrington Street [Hobart] 1828-72 / Leonie Mickleborough p231. Hotels and boarding houses in southern Tasmania circa 1925 p235. Hotels and boarding houses in northern Tasmania circa 1925 p237. The brazen Bridget Sheen / Cynthia O'Neill p241.

Vol.34 no.1 JUNE 2013: Who is this Henry Woods?: the search for Henry Woods, father (1803-1882) and son (1834-1908) [writer’s family history] / Anne Merrick p9. A cause for school celebration, patriotism in the early 20th century [Charles Mat Soule (1849-1924), Harriett Mart Moor (1854-1939) / Betty Jones p13. Discovering my Irish ancestors, part two (Part one appeared in Tasmanian Ancestry, vol. 31, no. 4 March 2011) [writer’s family history] / Pat Coy p17. The Barrosa (2)1841-42, a miserable voyage [second voyage of the convict ship Barrosa, Henry W Mahon (ship surgeon), John Austen] / Ann McMahon p23. Voices from the orphan schools: the children of the Rajah [Rajah convict ship, Queen’s Orphan Schools, New Town, Sarah Esp, William Kerr, Amelia Esp, William Smith, Ellen Marr, Thomas Bell, Jemima Rhoda Bell. John Ward] / Dianne Snowden p25. Great Uncle Col John Walsh MP FRS 1726-1795 [writer’s family history] / Paul Edwards p39. William Summers at ‘Adelphi’, a family riddle solved? [identification of which William Summers] / Don Bradmore p46. Missing at sea [Rubina fishing boat] / Laurie Moody p50. The Hopkins family of Clewer Berkshire and Tasmania [Thomas Hopkins, John Hopkins, Thomas Hopkins (younger brother of John), Henry Hopkins, Henry Hopkins (son of Henry Hopkins), Thomas Hopkins, Henry Jordan Hopkins, James Charles Hopkins, Charles Thomas Hopkins, Edward Alfred Hopkins)] / Alistair Forsyth p51.

Vol.34 no.2 SEPTEMBER 2013: The 'Emma Eugenia' (5) [ship] 1850-51: with a harrowing case of child neglect / Anne McMahon p75. Voices from the Orphan Schools: Edward Deans, Orphan School boy / Dianne Snowden p77. Timber deliveries to Hobart Town 1876 / Laurie Moody p80. The less important classes [Tasmanian school system in the late 19th and early 20th centuries] / Betty Jones p83. Charlotte Salter (nee Clarke) 1811-1893: much loved teacher at Fenton Forest / Don Bradmore p97. Aunt Arberry's three husbands [Mary Anne Mitson (1822-1902) and her husbands Edmund Eayers (1819-1845), John Allum and Henry Arberry (1811-1877)] / Lou Daniels p99. Preserving the past: memories - diaries [Herbert Simmonds] / Allison Carins p111.

Vol.34 no.3 DECEMBER 2013: Vale: Beverley Ann Surkevicius 1929-2013 p133. Three Austin sisters attend high school and become teachers in the early 20th century [Lala Maria Austin 1903-1924, Joy Alice Austin 1905-1972, Gladys Mary Austin 1909-2002, Ada Beatrice Austin 1881-1945] / Elizabeth Parkes p135. School records: the value of admission registers [Errol Flynn, Joseph Lyons, Henry Brune Atkinson, Maude Ethel Leggett, Frank Bathurst Edwards] / Betty Jones p143. Mulga Mick [Michael Joseph O'Reilly]: prospector, miner, author and poet: a lost father rediscovered / John O'Reilly p149. Voices from the Orphan Schools: George Jones, apprentice / Dianne Snowden p153. Partridge Island 'The Crown has no claim ...' part 1 [Captain John Laughton 1825-7, Thomas Laughton 1827-49] / Erika Shankley p159. Francis Flexmore's encounter with Matthew Brady [Francis Flexmore c1766-1835] / Laurie Moody p168. Brickfields [Female] Hiring Depot / Anne McMahon p171. James Charlwood: Evandale bound / Leonie Mickleborough p175.

Vol.35 no. 1 JUNE 2014: Voices from Orphan Schools: musical voices [Edward Wallance, Walter Percival Keen, Lancelot Keen (Lance Lenton)] / Dianne Snowden p9. The Majestic Theatre Orchestra 1916-1930 / Elsie Corrick (1894-1974), transcribed by Shirley Foster p16. Black River State School 1870–1920 / Betty Jones p17. Descriptions of convicts: ‘on the town’ [defining a “prostitute”] / Maree Ring p.23 The Minerva II (1) 1838, a troublesome voyage [first voyage of the convict ship Minerva II] / Anne McMahon p25. Junior Technical School Bathhurst Street Hobart / Leonie Mickleborough p33. Partridge Island, ‘The Crown has no Claim…’, Part 3 [George Dibbern, Richard Ham] / Erika Shankley p37. The pubs of nineteenth century Hobart Town / Lou Daniels p45. Bridgewater Jerry / Maree Ring p47.

Vol.35 no.2 SEPTEMBER 2014: Voices from the Orphan Schools: Margaret Connell and St Columba Falls / Dianne Snowden p77. Built of bluestone in 1866: Stanley Public School / Betty Jones p81. Could this be true? [Robert Watts and Helen Kernen] / Ray Welsford p87. Annabella Rosa (Rose) Wilson (nee Cavell): where is she now? / John B. Wilson p97. Pub [hotel] signs of old Hobart / Lou Daniels p99. Ringarooma: the town that moved / John O'Reilly p107. Outrage at the death of convict John Pike: murder, manslaughter or the visitation of God? / Don Bradmore p109. The 'Chapman' (1) [ship] 1817: welcome to convict arrivals / Anne McMahon p115.

Vol.35 no.3 DECEMBER 2014: Vale: Audrey Hudspeth p128. Isaac, Alice and Sarah Elizabeth Briggs / Andrew Cocker p134. Expanding the curriculum: Woodwork Schools, 1907 [Hobart Woodwork School, Launceston Woodwork School] / Betty Jones p139. Bunks in barns [World War Two evacuation plans] / Ivan Heazlewood p145. My sister's stories from India: Elsie Corrick 1894-1974 / transcribed by Shirley Foster p153. Voices from the Orphan Schools: actions speak louder than words [Thomas Hill, Dennis Monaghan and Edward Reader absconded from Queen's Asylum 1863] / Dianne Snowden p159. The Hamilton Inn sofa: origin and ownership? / Judith Carter and Don Bradmore p163. Clara, court cases to heroes [Clara Adelaide Cleaver] / Georgina Dooley p171. Charles Baker [born 1847] / James M. Gray p175.

Vol. 35 no. 4 MARCH 2015: Schools’ war efforts [Colin Glasgow (1894-1915), War Savings Certificates, trench comforts] / Betty Jones p199. Blackett family history, the Anzacs [Howard Blackett Kia, Horace Raymond Blackett Kia, William Alexander Blackett, Alice Maude Blackett, Mortimer Charles Blackett, writer’s family history] / Yvonne Airey p205. Searching for Private Max Woodberry [Max Llewellyn Woodbury, Arnold Lambert Woodberry, Eric Maitland Woodberry, Vivian Woodberry, writer’s family history] / Howard Reeves p210. Voices from Orphan Schools: when the voices are silent [Selina Butler, Edward Butler, Sarah Butler, Robert Butler] / Dianne Snowden p215. The Catherine 1813-1814: an adventurous voyage [voyage of the convict ship The Catherine] / Anne McMahon p221. John Asbury and the lemon syrup case [George Dean, attempted murder trial] / Lou Daniels p224. Two merchants of Hobart Town [John Perkins Senior (1812-1877), John Perkins Junior (1841-) / Sally Rackham p229. River Derwent drownings 1900-30 / complied by Laurie Moody p235. St Andrews Presbyterian Church burial ground, North Hobart 1829-1872 [includes list of internments]/ Leonie Mickleborough p237.
Vol. 36 no. 1 JUNE 2015: Voices from the Orphan Schools: Robert Harris ‘An old Tasmanian resident’ / Dianne Snowden p10. Gunns Plains honour roll [wooden honour roll which commemorates those who served in World War One] / Ray Hyland p13. The early Cookery Schools [Hobart Cookery School, Launceston Cookery School], Frances Amy Stevenson (1867-1966), Alice Christina Irvine (1879-1940) / Betty Jones p17. James Mickleburgh alias Benjamin Mackinolty [St Vincent convict ship, last male convict ship to arrive in Van Diemen’s Land] / Leonie Mickleborough p23. English novelist, Anna Maria Wight, tracing her connection to a remarkable Tasmanian family [Cox Family]/ Judith Carter and Don Bradmore p35. The Minerva I (I) 1818, an inauspicious departure [first voyage of the convict ship the Minerva I] / Ann McMahon p44. The Greatrex legacy [John Henry Greatrex (1827-1876)] / Marion Sargent p47. Machine breakers [reprinted with permission from “Descent: The Journal of the Society of Australian Genealogists Vol. 19 Part 3 (September 1989), pp. 112-15] / Jill M Chambers p51. Missing at sea [Rubina fishing boat] Laurie Moody p55.
Vol. 36 no. 2 SEPTEMBER 2015: Sister Olive May Greer: a nurse’s story in the Australian Army Nursing Service (AANS) during WW1 in England and France / Terese Binns p75. The Mermaid (1) 1828, an unintended arrival [first voyage of convict ship “The Mermaid”] / Anne McMahon / p82. Educating the children of hop-pickers [impact of the early hop industry in the Lachlan Creek area on the education of hop-pickers’ children] / Betty Jones p85. Voices from the Orphan School: the first children / Diane Snowden p89. Coming home, Cecil Edgar Augustus (Gus) Williams [War medal recipient]/ Jennifer Jacobs p95. The Hawthorn family in Van Diemen’s Land: seeking a new start in a new land / Judith Carter and Don Bradmore p99. History of the Cronly family [writer’s family history] / James Cronly p107. Transportation to Van Diemen’s Land / Leonie Mickleborough p113. Links with Lindisfarne: a memoir [Edward and Ida Cox, [writer’s family history] / Marion Dowsett p117.
Vol. 36 no. 3 DECEMBER 2015: Teaching the teachers, Schools of Instruction, 1906 [Hobart course, Launceston course Tonic Sol-fa method, school hygiene, includes photo of teachers attending Launceston, 1906 school] / Betty Jones p133. Deaths at the Beaconsfield Hospital, 1920-1930 [contains list of names] / complied by Laurie Moody p140. Finding Jerusalem, “She was not sober and was not drunk. She was just about half-and-half.” [Half-way House farmhouse, Lower Jerusalem, writer’s family history] / Jennifer Jacobs p141. The Canada (4), an uncomfortable delay at Cove [fourth voyage of convict ship “The Canada”] / Ann McMahon p145. Voices from the Orphan Schools: Arabella Tedder / Dianne Snowden p149. An early bicycle in Van Diemen’s Land [velocipede] / Rosemary Sharples p159. Public and private gratitude for meritorious conduct. Proffering the hand of encouragement and reward to the exemplary / Don Bradmore p161. My Davis, Cole, Peck and Nicholson convicts [writer’s family history] / Sidney Quinn Davis p167. Convict Elizabeth Wicks, (Brothers, 1824), Trouble voyage, trouble life / Don Bradmore p171.
Vol. 36 no. 4 MARCH 2016: The Janus: a scandalous voyage [convict ship, whaling ship, voyage of 1819-1820]/ Peter Cocker p196. Wallace Town [North Esk River]/ Angela Prosser-Green p200. A good teacher is a prize worth having, but…, The South Australian teacher ‘imports’ 1906-07 [Royal Commission into the system of state school education (1907), includes list of South Australian Teachers] / Betty Jones p203. Voices from the Orphan Schools: the Smith family [Edward (Edwin) Smith, Rose Smith, Catherine Smith] / Dianne Snowden p209. A Mallett by any other name [author’s family history] / Ron Mallett p212. The nuances of language, Janet’s boots [Janet Smith (Hogg)] / Deborah Norris p223. The origins of Tasmania settlers recruited from Germany: a case study of the Procida immigrants of 1885 [Procida (ship), includes passenger list]/ Michael Watt p225. The intertwined lives of convicts, Harriett Manslow, William Kingsbury and Thomas Wildgust: early tenant farmers at ‘Adelphi’ near Westbury / Judith Carter and Don Bradmore p237.
Vol. 37 no. 1 JUNE 2016: The Abbott Family, brewers, cordial manufacturers and clerics [Joseph Abbott (1850-1925), William Henry Abbott (1839-1922)]/ Barbara Wilson p9. Revolting to girls with any refinement: finding board and lodging for teachers / Betty Jones p15. Voices from the Orphan Schools: the ‘North Star’ volunteers 1845 [H.M.S North Star, student volunteers, Michael Gagan (Gayon), Thomas Hardy, Robert Hardy, John McQuade, John Young, James Budgell, Frederick Smith] / Dianne Snowden p21. An early colonist in Van Diemen’s Land: Dr Temple Pearson c.1790-1839 / Margaret Cameron p25. A memory prized [Emma Agnes Jones, writer’s family history]/ Andrew Cocker p28. The settlement patterns of immigrants from Germany: a case study of the Procida immigrants of 1885 [Procida (ship), includes passenger list] / Michael Watt p36.
Vol. 37 no. 2 SEPTEMBER 2016: Samuel Pullen Wells: preferential treatment for the son of an influential convict? [George Mealing Steele]]/ Don Bradmore and Judith Carter p78. Early attitudes to animals in schools [pests and vermin, pets] / Betty Jones p85. Voices from the Orphan Schools: Timothy Charles Roy (1829-1910) / Dianne Snowden p91. Piecing together the life of John Lacey, from Surrey (d. 1895) / Pauline Bygraves p99. St Georges Burial Ground Battery Point 1841-1872 [includes a listing taken from Tombstones and Memorial Inscriptions of Tasmania] / Leonie Mickleborough p104. Letters from Hal [Henry Charles Abbott (Hal)] / transcribed by Barbara Wilson p109. Crossing the line [reprinted from the ‘Examiner’ (Launceston, Tas.) Tuesday, 27 February 1906 page 6.] p114. Was Mary Merrill murdered?: the mystery of an inexplicable death at Hobart Town [Mary Merrill (Murrell) (1797-18190)] / Don Bradmore and Judith Carter? p116.
Vol. 37 no. 3 DECEMBER 2016: Worth celebrating: school anniversaries [early school anniversary celebrations] / Betty Jones p139. The Lord Sidmouth (3) 1822-23, a vexing voyage [3rd voyage of the convict ship the Lord Sidmouth] / Anne McMahon p145. Convict Elizabeth Jennings, when did she arrive in Van Diemen’s Land? / Don Bradmore p149. Voices from the Orphan Schools: Mary Ann Butler [Mary Ann Butler 1844(?) - 1920] / Dianne Snowden p155. A Thirkell by another name Part 5: the Cummins family / Richie Woolley p163. A most unusual chap [Robert Richard Matthews (1918/20 – 1953)]/ R.A Chapman p167. Her Majesty’s convict ship Phoebe: Ireland to Van Diemen’s Land, 7 September 1844 – 90 January 1845 [includes sick list and description of cases made by the ships surgeon Alexander Macleroy] / Alan Baker p176. St Georges Burial Ground Memorial Wall Battery Point [includes list of headstones] / Maree Ring p181.
Vol. 37 no. 4 MARCH 2017: Convicts Edward Pickles and Sarah Bennett and their strange eventful histories [Edward Pickles (1783-1843), Sarah (née Bennett) Pickles (d.1873)] / Don Bradmore and Judith Carter p200. Voices from the Orphan Schools: the Sherston Children [Mary Ann Sherston, Thomas Sherston, Benjamin Sherston] / Dianne Snowden p205. Up in flames, fires in schools [fireplaces and chimneys, bushfires, electric and gas faults, arson] / Betty Jones p209. Orphan School Basket Sampler 1838 p215. The Alexander II, 1815-16, clearing the Dublin streets [voyage of the convict ship Alexander II]/ Anne McMahon p218. Historic chapel and burial ground, Franklin Village 1845 [George Anderson, Theodore Bryant Bartley, George Belben Cresswell, Joseph Charles Genders, William Keeler Hawkes, Barbara Tweed Payne, John Lowe Smith]/ Terry Childs p233. Sir William Wallace Inn [previously known as the Punchbowl Inn, changed name to Tallentyre, building history, Launceston]/ Lucille Gee p227. The elusive Mrs Fry [Pheana/Pheanah/Pheannah/Pheaunah Fry (d.1851), first wife of Henry Phibbs Fry] / Fabienne Durdin p233. Holding it together [clothing fasteners, haberdashery] / Jennifer Jacobs p236. Early days of gliding in Tasmania [Bill Webb, Clyde Halloran, Chas Cliff, Basil Jones, gliders (aeronautics)] / William G Wedd p239.
Vol. 38 no. 1 JUNE 2017: Voices from the Orphan’s schools: the Stokes children [Margaret Stokes, Amelia Stokes, John Stokes, Francis Stokes, George Stokes, James Stokes and Frederick Stokes] / Dianne Snowden p9. A pathway from to teaching, grants in aid of maintenance recipients, 1907 [includes brief biographies of fifteen of twenty nominees (1917) / Betty Jones p13. Evangela Jane Singleton, from Tasmania to the world [Eva Clements] / Betty Pilgrim p19. Harry the Tinker [Henry Singleton (Richard Pinches, Henry Salterton)] / Betty Pilgrim p25. Four generations of the remarkable Hamilton family of Hobart [William Hamilton (c.1796 – 1885), John Hamilton (1934-1924), Clyde Hamilton (1864-1935), John Bruce Hamilton (1901-1968)]/ Judith Carter and Don Bradmore p33. Who were the parents of Britton Jones [Britton Webb Jones] / Diana Gourley with Suzanne Collins p43. An English emigrant’s view of Tasmania, 1889 [letters of Herbert George Greenhill (1867-1950)] / Keith Wools-Cobb p47. The ugly and the beautiful [newspapers’ descriptions of criminals]/ Jennifer Jacobs p51.
Vol. 38 no. 2 SEPTEMBER 2017: The Runnymede I, 1839-40: transporting juvenile prisoners [voyage of convict ship of the Runnymead I] / Anne McMahon p74. In search of better prospects: two English trained teachers, 1855[Edwin Pears (1835-1919), George Valentine Roberts (1834-1909)] / Betty Jones p77. Convict Elizabeth Jones Siren 1835, ‘The Morning Star of Liverpool’ [Elizabeth Jones (alias Nowlan)] / Don Bradmore and Judith Carter p83. Voices from the Orphan Schools: the last years [closing of the Queen’s Asylum for Destitute Children] / Dianne Snowden p87. Nurse Lucy Ryan [Lucy Ryan (Hannah Lucy O’Ryan,?-1941), WWI nurse in Serbia] / Bojan Pajic p95. Australians decorated by Serbia in WWI [list of servicemen and women, medical volunteers, journalists, fundraisers]/ Bojan Pajic p97. An elusive Alexander Jamieson [author’s family history] / Allan Jamieson p102. What remains? [St Johns Burial Ground, New Town] / Simon Cocker p105. Mary Louisa Bradmore, sad victim of grief, guilt and fear [Mary Louisa Bradmore (1849-1922)Mental Diseases Hospital, New Norfolk]/ Don Bradmore p107. John Russell Dicker, life of a lifer / Ken Read p109.

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