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Main Title: The pioneers and progress of Watchem / by Lilian Kirk.
Author: Kirk, Lilian B.
M.L.A. Society (Donald, Vic.). History and Natural History Group
Imprint: Donald, Vic. : Donald History and Natural History Group, 2007.
Collation: 57 p. : ill., 1 map, 1 plan, portraits, index, pbk ; 30 cm.
Subject: Pioneers
General histories
Watchem (Vic.)
Edition: 1st ed.
ISBN: 1876978341
Beginnings p3. Businesses p7. The Railway p13. Services p19. Social life p22. Sport p27. The people of Watchem p33. Decades of Watchem history p53. Appendix 1: Honour roll 1914-1918 p59. Appendix 2: Honour roll 1939-1945 p60. Map of Watchem to 1987 p61.

SURNAMES / FAMILY NAMES from the index:
Allen. Ackland. Anderson. Augustine. Baird. Barbetti. Barry. Bath. Bayles. Beacon. Belleville. Belot. Bennett. Berry. Berwick. Beseler. Blair. Blencowe. Boone. Booth. Borden. Bourke. Boyle. Brennan. Brodie. Bullock. Bunworth. Byron. Calhoun. Camp. Cannard. Cantwell. Carey. Carmichael. Carne. Carrodus. Carroll. Cartwright. Casey. Chapman. Clark. Cloonan. Coffey. Colbert. Collins. Colthurst. Connellan. Cook. Coombs. Coyne. Craig. Creswick. Crofts. Crombie. Crook. Cross. Crossthwaite. Cruse. Curtis. Cutts. Danaher. Darcy. David. Davidson. Davis. Diamond. Dickeson. Dickie. Dignan. Dineen. Donahue. Donnan. Donnellan. Edwards. Englefield. Falla. Fanning. Faulkner. Feehan. Fielding. Finn. Fitzgerald. Fleming. Foley. Foott. Frank. Fraser. Free. Gellatley. Gilchrist. Gill. Gishuble. Glowrey. Goldsmith. Goodwin. Gould. Grace. Gray. Green. Gregg. Hamer. Hamerston. Hanley. Hardess. Harper. Harrip. Harris. Hart. Hassett. Hayes. Heale. Heinricks. Henderson. Hepworth. Hickey. Hill. Hillgrove. Hindmarsh. Hogan. Holland. Hommelhoff. Hornsby. Hosken. House. Howard. Howley. Ivey. Keeble. Kellett. Kelly. King. Kittson. Knox. Koops. Kramer. Lambie. Lang. Langley. Lanyon. Lavery. Leach. Leggatt. Leyden. Liersch. Livingston. Loft. Louttit. Lowry. Mackereth. Maddelena. Mahony. Male. Malony. Marr. Mason. McBride. McCallum. McComb. McCooke. McCredie. McErvale. McGannon. McIntyre. McKenzie. McKinnon. McLachlan. McLeod. McLinden. McLoughlan. McMahon. McNabb. McPherson. McQuienn. Merrett. Metcalf. Meyer. Milbourne. Miller. Mills. Milne. Mitchell. Moore. Moran. Morgan. Morris. Mullane. Musgrove. Mustow. Nankervis. Neal. Neyland. Nicholls. Nichols. Nicholson. Nitschke. Noonan. Nunn. O’Brien. O’Connell. O’Connor. O’Donnell. O’Dwyer. O’Meara. O’Shannessy. Oliver. Owen. Palframan. Payne. Pearce. Pennington. Perry. Pertzel. Pickering. Pope. Poulton. Powell. Pyers. Rankin. Reither. Richards. Richmond. Rickard. Rivett. Roberts. Robins. Robinson. Roger. Rogers. Roper. Ross. Ryan. Salgram. Sanders. Scanlon. Scott. Scurry. Secker. Sexton. Shebler. Shepherd. Sherwell. Simmons. Sister Mary. Skewes. Slater. Smith. Sorrell. Spicer. Spittle. Spreadborough. Stakelum. Stebbins. Stewart. Stockton. Stubbs. Supple. Tainsh. Taylor. Thompson. Tierney. Trevena. Twight. Vance. Vernon. Vincent. Vogel. Waddell. Walder. Walsh. Warne. Warren. Wilkinson. Williams. Woods. Woodyard. Young. Zimmer.

FULL INDEX available on library computers: Electronic resources \ indexes (alphabetically by name of place).

FROM THE INDEX (Placenames, institutions, etc.):
Albion Hotel, Maryborough. Amphitheatre. Areegra. Ascot Vale. Avoca. Baby Health Centre. Bald Hills. Ballarat. Bangerang. Bank of Victoria, Watchem. Banyenong West. Beasley’s Bridge. Beechworth. Birchip-Watchem Football Club. Birregurra. Boer War. Brownies. Buloke Shire. Bush Fire Brigade. Church of England Boys’ Society, Men’s Society. Callawadda. Camp Street. Carngham. Cartwright and Jenkins. Catholic Women’s Social Guild. Chinese Garden. Clark Street. Clunes. Cluny Estate. Colac. Comforts Fund. Commercial Bank of Sydney. Coolgardie, WA. Corack. Curyo. Dennys Lascelles. Donald: District Archives, District Race Club, Excelsior Club, Jockey Club, Shire Council, -Birchip Railway League. Fire Brigade. Football. George Street. Girls’ Friendly Society. Glowrey’s Hotel. Glowrey’s Store. The Golden Trail. W. Gray and Sons. Guntar, India. High Street. Hoban Street. Hobart, Tas. Inkerman Street. Jaggers, Barry and Company. Klondike Goldfields, Alaska. Lady of the Lake Hotel, Buloke. Laen-Cope-Litchfield Football Club. Lake Buloke Common. Lightning. Litchfield. Maroochydore, Qld. Maryborough, Vic. Mason’s Rural Store. Massey. Massey Post Office. Watchem Mechanics’ Institute. Melton. Methodist Church. Methodist Ladies College. Middle District Vermin Board. Miller’s Store. Morton Plains. Morton Plains Hotel, Racecourse, Run. Mount Moriac. Murrumbeena. National Bank. Newry Street. North-Central Football League. Northern District Racing Association. Ochiltree Farm. Ouyen. Parish of Watchem. Battle of Pozieres. Presbyterian Women’s Missionary Union. ‘Queen Mary’. Red Cross. Rocklands Dam. Rosebud. Royal Hotel, Donald. Sale Yards. Sammy’s Lake. Selectors in Parish of Watchem. Senior Citizen’s Club, Birchip, Donald. Shire of Donald. Skewes Street. Smeaton. Society of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Sorrell’s Plumbing. St Aidan’s Church. St Arnaud: Hospital, Shire, Shire Council, Water Trust. St John’s Medical College, Bangalore, India. St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church. St Mary’s School, Birchip.

State School 1907 Watchem; 2117 Witchipool East; 2360 Buloke; 2485 Watchem West; 2070 Watchem; 2126 Morton Plains; Corack East; Massey; Warmur West; Watchem Primary.

Stawell. Stockdale. Swanwater West. Terang. Tractor Owner’s Association. Uniting Church. Victoria Racing Club. Victorian Railways. Vigical: general, Cricket Club, Football Club, Reserve, Tennis Club. Waddell Street. Wandella. Warmur. Warne and Green.

Watchem: and District Tennis Association; and Morton Plains Farmers Union; Baby Health Centre; Bowling Club; Brass Band; Bush Nursing Hospital; CWA; Coffee Palace; Community Centre; Coursing Club; Drought Relief Committee; Fire Brigade; Football Club; Golf Club; Grain Shed; Gun Club; Hall; Hotel; Implement Works; Lake; Lawn Tennis Club; Motors; Post Office; Progress Association; RSL; Race Club; Racecourse; Railway League; Railway Station; Rifle Club; Store; Sunday Chat; Village Reserve; Water Trust; West; Westside Engineering; -Corack Football Club.

Waubra. Wesleyan Church. Whirily. Wilkur South. Wirrimbirchip. Wycheproof. Younger Set. Yukon Goldfields.
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