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Main Title: Australian Railway Historical Society (Victorian division): Newsrail 2000 - 2008
Publisher: Melbourne, Vic. : Australian Railway Historical Society, Victorian division.
Collation: Periodicals in box.
Subject: Australian Railway Historical Society
Vol.19 no.9 SEPTEMBER 1991: Mansfield Railway centenary: remembering a line that came and went / Sid Brown p268. Journeys to Yarck: a mixed blessing / Jack McLean p280. The Tallarook-Mansfield Railway / Doug McLean p290.

Vol.28 no.1 JANUARY 2000: Ararat collision Friday 26 Nov 1999 p8. The Overland: 112 years down the track part 2: 1951-1975 / Don Potts p11. 2035 kilometres gratis! / Keith Vanstan p18.

Vol.28 no.2 FEBRUARY 2000: The Overland - 112 years down the track part 3: Australian National’s Great Expectations. The Overdue. The critical years 1976-1991 / Don Potts p41. By steam and 'sparks' to Coburg / Sid Brown p45.

Vol.28 no.3 MARCH 2000: Have skills will travel: service at short notice - Great Northern Rail Services means business / Sid Brown p71. ARHS Saint Arnaud day tour with R711 – Sunday 4 July 1999 / Bruce Payne p76. The Ghan to Melbourne / John Meredith p79.

Vol.28 no.4 APRIL 2000: To Junee and return – by National Rail / Peter Foote p104. ARHS Western industrial sidings tour – Sunday 3 October 1999 / Craig Haber p107. F Class locomotives - a brief history / Robert Aquillina p110.

Vol.28 no.5 MAY 2000: Bulldogs aplenty / Bernie Baker p138. The S Express - Echuca day tour / Julian Insall p141.

Vol.28 no.6 JUNE 2000: Welcome to the millennium Aurora tour / Julian Insall p168. The Millenium Aurora's visit to Victoria – following the twin 38’s by car / Peter Foote p172. New South Wales Rail Transport Museum: trip to Mildura / Craig Haber p180.

Vol.28 no.7 JULY 2000: The Overland 112 (113) years down the track part 4 1992-1997 / Don Potts p200. Flinders Naval Depot Gun Mounting / Dave Macartney p203. The classic carriage restaurant / Judy Phelan p204. Sixty years ago: Spencer Street – Irrewarra – Ballarat – Spencer Street – Thursday 23 March 1939 / Jack McLean p205. Tongala derailment p217.

Vol.28 no.8 AUGUST 2000: Pendennis Castle - repatriated home [to the United Kingdom] / Don Potts p233. Senior's Week 2000: on the South West / Craig Haber p238. Newsrail index 1999 / John More p241.

Vol.28 no.9 SEPTEMBER 2000: Railway weighbridges (also road weighbridges): a brief history / Chris Banger p267.

Vol.28 no.10 OCTOBER 2000: Walhalla Goldfields Railway / Peter Foote p298. The Southern Riverina Express: ARHS Wakool day tour 18 June 2000 / Bruce Payne p300. Let's remember Hopefield / Vida Roberts p303. Gerald Albert Dee (1934-2000) / Norman De Pomeroy p313.

Vol.28 no.11 NOVEMBER 2000: Grain grab: bigger is not always better (the closure of small and defective silos in favour of large, regional, high tech grain handling facilities dependent on longer distance movements by road resulting in reduced revenue for owner/operators of privatised railways is likely to see a new era of partial or total abandonment of some country rail lines) / Don Potts p329. 36 hours in the North West: part 3 of Freight Australia operations in the north west of Victoria / Julian Insall p330. Faster Regional Rail Travel: one step in the right direction (release of the 'Fast Rail Links' Feasibility Study Report offers hope for a long awaited upgrade in rail operation in Victoria, but automobile concerns still rate high priority) / Sid Brown p333.

Vol.28 no.12 DECEMBER 2000: A trip on the new Overland / Ainsley Hall p361. The Overland - 113 years down the track: part 5 1997-1999 / Don Potts p362.

Vol.29 no.1 JANUARY 2001: The Overland - 113 years down the track part 6: 2000-... / Don Potts p10. Rennie derailment p26. Letters: Walhalla Goldfields Railway; Douglas Trainor p30.

Vol.29 no.2 FEBRUARY 2001: Eastern encounters: Morwell and Traralgon are the respective hubs of freight and passenger operations in Victoria's Latrobe Valley / Peter Foote p41. Wodonga rail re-alignment / Howard Jones p44. Pictorial features: Flinders Street Station area p48.

Vol.29 no.3 MARCH 2001: Transporting milk by rail p/ Chris Banger 72. The railway poultry farm / Chris Banger p74.

Vol.29 no.4 APRIL 2001: Away relieving / Greg Sweeney p104. Locomotive engine drivers' annual 'ER and Tucker' at Ararat / Norman W. De Pomeroy p108. R711 - the first two years / Robert Butrims p110.

Vol.29 no.5 MAY 2001: Two T's to Tocumwal tour / Julian Insall p140. Line dismantling dates / Chris Banger p142.

Vol.29 no.6 JUNE 2001: A driver’s view [Gerry Lehmann] p172. A tribute to the last ‘steam monarch’ of Victorian Rail: R Class locomotives entered service 50 years ago / Sid Brown p176.

Vol.29 no.7 JULY 2001: Steamrail - the year 2000 in review / Julian Insall p208. A tabulation of trains run for the British royal family in Victoria / Chris Banger p212.

Vol.29 no.8 AUGUST 2001 - not held

Vol.29 no. 9 SEPTEMBER 2001: The steam experience / Clinton Harrison p275. 50th anniversary of R703 to Benalla / Julian Insall p276. Meeting the two Ts [Seymour Railway Heritage Centre] / Michael Angelico p278. What will we find, where next?: interstate locos in interesting locations! / Jamie Fisher p279. James (Jim) Seletto 1929-2001 / Norman De Pomeroy and Chris Wurr p288.

Vol.29 no.10 OCTOBER 2001: Mechanical coal handling plants in Victoria / Chris Banger p304. A day at Geelong / Shane Gray p308. Western Victoria / Craig Haber p309.

Vol.29 no.11 NOVEMBER 2001: Obituary- Patsy Adam-Smith AO, OBE / Don Potts p338. Chasing the freight [Freight Australia] / Julian Insall p340.

Vol.29 no.12 DECEMBER 2001: Adelaide adventures [Melbourne to Adelaide by the Ghan, Australian Rail Track Corporation, Train watching on the Adelaide suburban network] / Peter Foote p368. Preserved locomotives and their present day operations / Julian Insall p373.

Vol.30 no.1 JANUARY 2002: A visit to the Wensleydale line in 1948 / Jim Harvey p9.

Vol.30 no.2 FEBRUARY 2002: Explanation of codes (classifications) used by the Victorian Railways on passenger carrying rollingstock / Peter N. Medlin p45.

Vol.30 no.3 MARCH 2002: Current status of the original Spirit of Progress cars / Chris Banger p76. Obituary: Wal Stuchbery: the man who brought the ‘Flying Scotsman’ to Australia / Don Potts p92.

Vol.30 no.4 APRIL 2002: Hudsons to Seymour: ARHS (Vic. Division) – 400th Railfan Tour / Barry Eadie p110. A sprinter to Donald p113. Stations on parade / Ray Peace p114. Index 2001.

Vol.30 no.5 MAY 2002: Sydenham line electrification / Don Potts p141. Australia Day picnic train / Peter Foote p146.

Vol.30 no.6 JUNE 2002: Norman De Pomeroy 1929-2002 p174. Bob Wilson: the man to fix it / Geoff Peterson p177. The Piangil Pass / Julian Insall p178.

Vol.30 no.7 JULY 2002: Another golden anniversary: this time it’s our B Class [Locomotive] / Barry Eadie p208.

Vol.30 no.8 AUGUST 2002: Balranald [extension on the Victorian Railways into southern NSW] / Rod Milne p242. A day at Seymour / Shane Gray p244. That other aspect of railway interest: heritage of railway buildings / Hedley Thomson and Stephen Norgate p245.

Vol.30 no.9 SEPTEMBER 2002: The formation of the Railway Museum p277.

Vol.30 no.10 OCTOBER 2002: The new V Class Locomotive / Chris Banger p304. Wycheproof Wayfarer Tour / Julian Insall p308. Wedderburn wobble: an 8 km branch line about which few people knew / Rod Milne p310.

Vol.30 no.11 NOVEMBER 2002: Batman’s Hill to Southern Cross – via Spencer Street [Station] / Sid Brown p335.

Vol.30 no.12 DECEMBER 2002: 1862-2002: one hundred and forty years of ‘The Flying Scotsman’ / Don Potts p367. 24 hours by the Geelong Line, again! / Roger Vistarini and Trevor Kingston p369. Four days at Dimboola / Shane Gray p374. From the cab: through Jack Baker’s lens p376.

Vol.31 no.1 JANUARY 2003: 30th anniversary issue. Freight Australia’s hard work equals success / Dale Crisp p8. 50th anniversary of the L Class Electric Locomotive: The L Class - a brief history p14.

Vol.31 no.2 FEBRUARY 2003: Refurbishing the Connex Cemeng fleet / Chris Banger p46.

Vol.31 no.3 MARCH 2003: Bairnsdale [reminiscences of Joyce Kyle about Bairnsdale Railway Station] / Neil Dart p75. Heritage train to Violet Town / Peter Foote p82.

Vol.31 no.4 APRIL 2003 - not held.

Vol.31 no.5 MAY 2003: Some hazards of the track gang / Lloyd Holmes p140.

Vol.31 no. 6 JUNE 2003: Hills to the Bay: heritage picnic train [Seymour-Geelong-Seymour] / Peter Foote p173. Rowan cars: further information on these cars / Norman Houghton p176. A journey: Adelaide to Melbourne on the Overland / John Meredith p178.

Vol.31 no.7 JULY 2003: Gary McDonald 1948-2003 / John Dare p203. The longest day / Peter Foote p210.

Vol.31 no.8 AUGUST 2003: More on Batman's Hill Station [Spencer Street] / Vance Findlay p238. ‘Y’ Bolangum [Rail Head, South-Eastern Wimmera] / Rod Milne p242. Shelley Trains and Timber Festival p254. Fyansford Line p258.

Vol.31 no.9 SEPTEMBER 2003: Travels with Dick / Lloyd Holmes p269. VHCA Wagons [powdered cement from the former cement works at Fyansford to Arden Street, North Melbourne] / Chris Banger p274. Index 2002.

Vol.31 no.10 OCTOBER 2003: Rails to Mildura 1903 / Bruce McLean p300. The roster / Craig Haber p304. Spencer Street redevelopment (pictures) p315.

Vol.31 no.11 NOVEMBER 2003: The apprentice checker: handling LCLs in the 1970s / Norman Houghton p331. Along the Permanent Way: 1942-1982 on the Victorian Railways part 1 / Geoff Matheson p336.

Vol.31 no.12 DECEMBER 2003: Year 2004: Victorian sesqui-centenary of steam hauled railways / Sid Brown p364.

Vol.32 no.1 JANUARY 2004: Boyhood dreams [to work on a big steam engine] / Bernard D. Greene p8. The roster / Craig Haber p12.

Vol.32 no.2 FEBRUARY 2004: A brief history of the Spencer Street Cafeteria / Chris Banger p39. Along the Permanent Way: 1942-1982 on the Victorian Railways part 2 / Geoff Matheson p42.

Vol.32 no.3 MARCH 2004: 50 years of the J Class Locomotive / Chris Banger p75. I like the J Class part 1 / Adrian Ball p91.

Vol.32 no.4 APRIL 2004: Fast rail diversions [Melbourne-Ballarat-Geelong Line] / Stewart Anderson p111. I like the J Class part 2 / Adrian Ball p113. A day in the Geelong region 11 Dec 2003 / Shane Grey p119.

Vol.32 no.5 MAY 2004: Puffing Billy’s G42: a brief history of the restoration / Peter Medlin p144. G42 – a dream realised [last train to Beech Forest] / Peter Silva p145. ARTC lease of NSW track to proceed / Chris Banger p148. There’s an ‘L’ in Trafalgar [Station] / Rod Milne p150.

Vol.32 no. 6 JUNE 2004: Bairnsdale: details of current works and operations plus a timeline history of the line / Chris Banger p175. Heavy Harry [steam locomotive H220]: a destiny unfulfilled / Peter Silva p179. Victorian Railways locomotive numbering: a brief history / Peter Medlin p180.

Vol.32 no.7 JULY 2004: The Maryvale Paper Mill line / Chris Banger p208. May’s roster / Craig Haber p212. Between two bridges [railway bridges] / Peter Foote p215.

Vol.32 no.8 AUGUST 2004: Two nights and three days in Maryborough / Shane Grey p242. Freight Australia's 76-grosse tonne grain wagons / Chris Banger p244. Index 2003.

Vol.32 no.9 SEPTEMBER 2004: The Melbourne and Hobson's Bay Railway Company p272. Opening banquet: the Melbourne and Hobson’s Bay Railway Co. 12 Sep 1854 p275.

Vol.32 no.10 OCTOBER 2004: Along the permanent way part 3 / Geoff Matheson p307. Observing Geelong / John Scott p309. Slow goods to Girgarre / Rod Milne p312. To Wagga Wagga and return by XPT / Shane Gray p314.

Vol.32 no.11 NOVEMBER 2004: Along the permanent way: back to Bendigo then to Wycheproof part 4 / Geoff Matheson p340. Nathalia on the Picola line / Rod Milne p342. Western standard gauge / Shane Gray p344. Diesels at dawn [Spencer Street, Kensington and North Melbourne] / John Scott p346.

Vol.32 no.12 DECEMBER 2004: John Hearsch: a career profile / Chris Banger p372. Along the permanent way: transferred to Traralgon part 5 / Geoff Matheson p377.

Vol.33 no.1 JANUARY 2005: Notes on the S Class Pacifics [steam locomotive] / Chris Banger p6.

Vol.33 no.2 FEBRUARY 2005: Along the permanent way part 6 / Geoff Matheson p41. David Burke’s Puffing Billy story p46.

Vol.33 no.3 MARCH 2005: Along the permanent way part 7 / Geoff Matheson p70. Three days and two nights in Shepparton / Shane Gray p73. Notes on the S Class Pacifics [more information] p76. A day between Bendigo and Kyneton [Great Northern Line] / Peter Foote p78.

Vol.33 no.4 APRIL 2005: Rebel in the railways: the career of Harold Clapp [from the Jan 1967 issue of ‘Parade’] p104. Elmore and the DERMs / Rod Milne p106. Along the permanent way: the last chapter / Geoff Matheson p108.

Vol.33 no.5 MAY 2005: Tocumwal: a history / John Scott p135. Avalon Air Show 2005 [V Line trains to] p140.

Vol.33 no.6 JUNE 2005: Chasing trains on the North East / Peter Foote p168. Rupertswood: a brief history / Chris Banger p170. G Class notes p173.

Vol.33 no.7 JULY 2005: Ouyen: sunset country / Shane Gray p201. Railroaded [Paul Little, Managing Director of the Toll Group] / Paul Sullivan p204. Spencer Street Station redevelopment [pictorial] p208.

Vol.33 no.8 AUGUST 2005: Flat top [T Class] / John Scott p233. On the footplate of the Flat Top T Class / Barry Eadie p244.

Vol.33 no.9 SEPTEMBER 2005: British steam on the Victorian Railways / Stephen C. Phillips p269. T413: history of the locomotive / Chris Banger p272. Index 2004.

Vol.33 no.10 OCTOBER 2005: Son of a railway man: memories of a rolling stock engineer [Harold Schmidt] / Geoff Schmidt p300. Birregurra: change for Forrest [Birregurra Railway Station] / Rod Milne p302. VQDW Wagons / Chris Banger p304.

Vol.33 no.11 NOVEMBER 2005: Memories of the North East [a railwayman's memories of the Seymour area 1950s] / Lloyd Holmes p333. Quality time at the end of the Rainbow [Rainbow Railway Station] / Rod Milne p337.

Vol.33 no.11 DECEMBER 2005: Justin’s journey / Justin Cheary p365. Memories of the North East part 2 [memories of Seymour 1951-4] / Lloyd Holmes p366.

Vol.34 no.1 JANUARY 2006: Memories of the North East part 3: Lloyd concludes his memories with his time spent at Seymour / Lloyd Holmes p8. The dog box goods: a history of the Eltham - Hurstbridge goods [two-car Tait set] / Rod Milne p12.

Vol.34 no.2 FEBRUARY 2006: Men of service chapter 1: the beginnings / Norman A. Cave p42.

Vol.34 no.3 MARCH 2006: Men of service chapter 2: bottom rung / Norman A. Cave p77. Learning the road / Barry Eadie p81. Index 2005.

Vol.34 no.4 APRIL 2006: Fifty years of ARHS (Vic. Div.) tours / Peter Carwardine p110.

Vol.34 no.5 MAY 2006: Men of service chapter 3: North Melbourne / Norman A. Cave p146.

Vol.34 no.6 JUNE 2006: VR tram lines: brief historical notes [St. Kilda to Brighton. Sandringham to Black Rock / Beaumaris] / Chris Banger p173. Men of service chapter 4: promotion [South Dynon] / Norman A. Cave p175.

Vol.34 no.7 JULY 2006: Men of service chapter 5: back to the Castle / Norman A. Cave p206. Australia Day overnight / Peter Foote p210.

Vol.34 no.8 AUGUST 2006: Cessation of the Overland Overnight Service 1887-2006 / Don Potts p236. Adelaide Daylight trains and buses [Overland] / Chris Banger p240.

Vol.34 no.9 SEPTEMBER 2006: Change in the North East line / John Scott p276. Memories of the North East part 4 [Seymour, Wodonga] / Lloyd Holmes p280. Middleborough Road Rail Separation project [map] p284.

Vol.34 no.10 OCTOBER 2006: VR Tram no.53 [restoration] / Malcolm Davidson p312. New deal for country passengers 25 years on [new timetable] / Scott Martin and Chris Banger p318.

Vol.34 no.11 NOVEMBER 2006: Mount Buffalo Chalet: the railway’s island in the sky / Chris Banger p348.

Vol.34 no.12 DECEMBER 2006: Southern Cross Station at Spencer Street / Sid Brown p380.

Vol.35 no.1 JANUARY 2007: The fun of discovery: the making of the book: ‘Victorian signalling – by accident or design?’ / Peter Fisher and Keith Buckland p8. The Beech Forest Flyer [narrow gauge railway from Colac to Beech Forest] / Norman Houghton p11. The valley and the hill: a look at the Gellibrand and Banool Railway stations [station] / Norman Houghton p12.

Vol.35 no.2 FEBRUARY 2007: Kilmore East Quarry Trains / Chris Banger p39. Platform distance markings / Chris Banger p50.

Vol.35 no.3 MARCH 2007: H.C. (Hannibal Cyril) Thomas: his career as a civil engineer in the railways of Victoria 1912-1950 / Dr Bruce MacA Thomas p72. The Gonn Bridge project p74. Men of service chapter 6: public relations / Norman A. Cave p82. The short life of VL29 p84.

Vol.35 no.4 APRIL 2007: 120 years down the track [Overland, Great Southern Railway] / Don Potts p103. Memories of Maryborough Loco Depot / Geoff Williams p104. Ballarat-Ararat Rail Corridor [timeline] / Chris Banger p106.

Vol.35 no.5 MAY 2007: C Class anniversary: 30 years of the C class locomotive / John Scott p137. McKeen Car (railmotor) history / Bruce Payne p140.

Vol.35 no.6 JUNE 2007: Pioneers of the Geelong Railway [150th anniversary of the official opening of the Geelong and Melbourne Railway Company] / John Scott p174. It will be the same in 100 years [written by Mr Charles Gavin Duffy shortly after the centenary of the Geelong line] p182.

Vol.35 no. 7 JULY 2007: Pullman sleeping cars / Chris Banger p204. In profile: Stuart Turnbull p209.

Vol.35 no.8 AUGUST 2007: Fifty years of the Bulldog [the ongoing saga of the S Class diesel] / John Scott p237.

Vol.35 no.9 SEPTEMBER 2007: Geelong 150th celebrations: the line to Geelong was officially opened on 25 June 1857 by the Geelong and Melbourne Railway Company / John Scott p267. British steam for Victoria: the builders / Darryl Grant p270. 2006 index.

Vol.35 no.10 OCTOBER 2007: Bairnsdale Blue Train / Peter Foote p300. Manor Loop / Shaun Caddaye p304. The Deepdene Dasher / Norman A. Cave p306. Goods pilot / Norman A. Cave p307.

Vol.35 no.11 NOVEMBER 2007: Fifty years of monthly magazines: ‘Divisional diary’ and ‘Newsrail’ p331. The ‘Spirit of Progress’ 1934-1986 / Chris Banger p336. The launch of the 'Blue train' p342. The 'Spirit' in Victoria p353. Diesels on the 'Spirit' p356. First and last 'Spirit' p361.

Vol.35 no.12 DECEMBER 2007: The A2 class locomotive: an engineman's impression / Gerald Dee p395. Tassie in Spring tour 3-6 Nov 2007 / Barry Eadie p400. Moment of glory / Norman A. Cave p402.

Vol.36 no.1 JANUARY 2008: Operational snail: the pre-cut housing scheme of the Victorian Railways / Chris Banger and Tom Rigg p8.

Vol.36 no.2 FEBRUARY 2008: Melbourne's Craigieburn electrification / Ross Willson p40. All aboard the RFR! [Regional fast rail] / John Meredith p44.

Vol.36 no.3 MARCH 2008: Another blue train [trip by the Seymour Railway Heritage Centre (SRHC) to Warrnambool] / Peter Foote p71. Wodonga enginemen: running the Spirit of Progress / Geoff Williams p74. The Sunshine [Railway] Disaster / John Scott p78.

Vol.36 no.4 APRIL 2008: The Big H: in a class of its own [steam locomotive H220] / Sid Brown p106. Wagon VFAA62P: 95 years old and still going strong / Andrew Swaine p109.

Vol.36 no.5 MAY 2008: Walker Brothers (Wigan) Ltd: the builders of Walker railcars / Darryl Grant p136. D3-639 and the ‘Spirit of Progress’ / Norman A. Cave p140. Electrification dates 1918-2007 / Ross Willson p142.

Vol.36 no.6 JUNE 2008: The Railway Refreshment Rooms, Quambatook 1926-1936 / Patricia Carland p169. What's the difference?: A class and N class diesel-electric locomotives / John Scott p172. Grain trains during the drought p176.

Vol.36 no.7 JULY 2008: The man who loves trains (republished from Victorian Railways news letter Aug-Sep 1950) [railway signalling system] / C. Gavan Duffy p200. Ganger's Trike / Norman A. Cave p202. Suburban electric locos [locomotives] / John Scott p203.

Vol.36 no.8 AUGUST 2008: The Cudgewa Line: running the livestock special / Geoff Williams p231. The last broad gauge steam train to Albury / John Scott p238.

Vol.36 no.9 SEPTEMBER 2008: Y class locomotives: changing traffic patterns / Chris Banger p263. Genesis of the B class diesel-electric locomotives / T. Woodroffe p266. Bridging the Murray River [Albury and Wodonga rail link] / John Scott p270.

Vol.36 no.10 OCTOBER 2008: The Toolamba-Echuca line since 1970: a brief history / Chris Banger p296. Kerrisdale Mountain Railway / Andrew Forbes p301. The black prince: one of the many interesting jobs I held down during my railway career was Carriage and Wagon Maintenance Engineer / Norman A. Cave p303.

Vol.36 no.11 NOVEMBER 2008: Trains on the Cobram line after August 1993 / Chris Banger p327. Suburban electric locos revisited / John Scott p332. Index 2007.

Vol.36 no.12 DECEMBER 2008: Locomotive and wagon maintenance at the Maryborough Locomotive Depot: early 1950s / Geoff Williams p360. A simple solution [air-conditioning 1935] / Norman A. Cave p362. Leongatha Railway: restoration of the Cranbourne to Leongatha Railway not to proceed / Chris Banger p363. Notes on the Doveton Street sidings p366.
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