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Main Title: Fishermans Bend [vertical file]
Subject: Articles
Fishermans Bend (Vic.) (Bunurong Country)
001 New suburb on track [Fishermans Bend redevelopment] (4 Nov 2011).
002 Tram to bridge housing divide [new tram track proposed for Fishermans Bend] (1 Feb 2012).
003 Fishermans Bend vision revealed: towering ambition (17 Mar 2012).
004 Port city revamp: Victoria reveals its plans for renewal of Fishermans Bend (16 Sept 2013).
005 Council bid to stop high-rises [developers want 54 storeys] (10 Jun 2014).
006 Making tracks to Bend: tram, boulevard feature in redevelopment plan [Plummer Street, Fennell Street] (28 Jul 2014).
007 Higher society: school to be a social hub [new primary school in Ferrars Street, South Melbourne] (2 Aug 2014).
008 The new Melbourne: Fishermans Bend development (Melb. Sun 1 Sep 2014 p6).
009 Go for city towers: more than 2800 apartments going up in Fishermans Bend (HS 4 Sep 2014 p2).
010 Changes go round the Bend (HS 18 Apr 2015 p17).
011 Great views from up high close to CBD [Gravity apartment building, 89 Gladstone Street] (HS 18 Apr 2015 p12).
011 Great views from up high close to CBD [Gravity apartment building, 89 Gladstone Street] (HS 18 Apr 2015 p12).
012 Fishermans Bend; The broken promise [editorial] (The Age Opinion 22 November 2015 p32)
013 Guy shut out own experts; Guy shut out experts on Fishermans Bend [Sunday Age 8 November 2015)
014 Fishermans Bend windfall; Lib donors land bonanza [Liberal donors purchasing land in Fishermans Bend] (Sunday Age 1 November 2015 p1,6)
015 Tram plan for Bend; new city project includes transport in draft (Herald Sun 28 May 2016 p27)
016 Clean hurdle for Bend [contamination of Fishermans Bend redevelopment site] (Herald Sun 5 October 2016 p50)
017 Blueprint for an urban paradise; Cars won't be welcome in precinct on CBD's doorstep (Herald Sun 6 October 2016 p11)
018 Bending to the demand [apartment development] (Herald Sun 25 Jan 2017).
019 Investors cashing in on Fishermans Bend sites [Harry Stamoulis] (The Age 4 Feb 2017).
020 'Build taller', council tells developer [City of Port Phillip] (The Age 26 Feb 2017 p10).
021 Apartments and hotel in plans for OUP site [plans to build two 40-storey skyscrapers] (The Age 29 Apr 2017 p34)
022 Developer's $1.3b wish list [development of Wirraway precinct, a former industrial area in Fishermans Bend] (The Age 15 March 2017 p25)
023 Melbourne in contest for $5b defence project : defence contractor BAE systems is bidding to build combat vehicles at old Holden factory (The Age 2 Aug 2017 p8)
024 'Build taller', council tells developer. [Concern that a 128 four-storey townhouse development is too small for the site] (The Age 26 March 2017 p10)
025 Fishermans Bend park adds green wedge to grey block (The Age 5 Aug 2017 p11)
026 Watershed for city : Fishermans Bend recycling plant plan [recycled water to be used for toilets and gardens] (Herald Sun 30 July 2017 p34)
027 Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area : Council's key priorities for Fishermans Bend (pamphlet, City of Port Phillip, 2014)

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