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Main Title: Southbank [vertical file]
Subject: Articles
Southbank (Vic.) (Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country)
001 Southbank history (1 page, internet 2001).
002 Crown entertainment guide [includes map] (booklet c2001).
003 Southbank from the air (photo 2006).
004 Reach for the sky [completion of Eureka Tower] (2006).
005 Sizing up our giant [Eureka Tower, comparison with other tall buildings] (2006).
006 Gilt-edged address [Eureka Tower pictures] (2006).
007 Cultural collections at the Arts Centre Melbourne (booklet / kit).
008 Development takes a touch of classes [site of main building of former J.H. Boyd Girls High School, City Road to be redeveloped as community centre, housing and office block] (2008).
009 Cecconi's, Crown (restaurant review 2004).
010 The Brasserie by Philippe Mouchel, Crown (restaurant review 2004).
011 Cecconi's, Crown (restaurant review 2004).
012 Pure South, Southgate (restaurant review 2004).
013 Tutto Bene, Southgate (restaurant review 2004).
014 Tutto Bene, Southgate (restaurant review 2005).
015 Melba Brasserie, Langham Hotel, 1 Southgate Ave (restaurant review 2006).
016 Rockpool Bar and Grill, Crown Complex (restaurant review 2006).
017 Red Emperor, Upper level, Southgate (restaurant review 2006).
018 Scusami, Southgate (restaurant review 2007).
019 Wine House Brasserie, 133 Queensbridge St (restaurant review 2007).
020 Kouzina, Mid-level, Southgate (restaurant review 2007).
021 The Brasserie by Philippe Mouchel, 8 Whiteman St (restaurant review 2007).
022 Amid the frenzy, its cello to our new Hamer Hall (29 July 2011).
023 Tower's levels lopped [Australia 108 apartment building, corner of Southbank Boulevard and City Road] (30 Apr 2014).
024 [100 story apartment tower approved for Southbank; Australia 108] (Herald Sun 26 Jun 2014 p1).
025 Crown's fourth pillar: residents fear mega-tower, sky bridge proposal [Crown Casino hotel] (Herald Sun 12 Jul 2014 p3).
026 When gold fades to grey [Eureka Tower Apartment Building] (Herald Sun 22 Sep 2014 p9).
027 Crown's fourth pillar: 84 floors a target for critics [Crown Casino hotel] (Herald Sun 13 Dec 2014 p13).
028 Puttin' on the ritz: ball gown-inspired super tower gets green light [38 Freshwater Place] (Herald Sun 17 Apr 2015 p11).
029 Crown's wheel of misfortune [Crown Casino reluctance to report crime] (The Sunday Age 17 May 2015 p6).
030 City streets ahead: council revamp for Southbank arterial [City Road] (Herald Sun 4 Sep 2015 p11).
031 Soul needs saving: call to reform Southbank heritage rules (Herald Sun 9 Sep 2015 p19).
032 Suburb profile: Southbank (Herald Sun real estate 7 Nov 2015 p20).
033 Towers precinct hailed for open space [Kavanagh Street development of apartments, hotel, supermarket] (Herald Sun 24 Dec 2015 p4).
034 Council to decide on makeover for Southbank: $35m plan for City Road (Herald Sun 17 June 2016 p14).
035 Southbank open space oasis ['city square' for Southbank Boulevard] (Herald Sun 22 Aug 2016 p15).
036 Crown soars to new heights [new hotel tower for Crown: Queensbridge Hotel Tower, Sandridge Bridge] (Herald Sun 10 Feb 2017 p6,7).
037 Soar points in city: Southbank village rises [Melbourne Square development] (Herald Sun 25 Feb 2017 p26).
038 Port owner offloads Melbourne sites [63-83 Kings Way, Southbank] (The Age 12 July 2017 p24)
039 Southbank to get $35m linear park (The Age 5 May 2017 p2)
040 Residents in towering rage over planning deal [apartment tower next to Crown Casino means some residents of Freshwater Place will lose their view] (The Age 17 May 2017 p10)
041 City banks on being green [blueprint unveiled to create open space in Southbank] (Herald Sun 13 July 2017 p18)
042 Applause for new arts hub [Melbourne Recital Centre] (Herald Sun 16 Feb 2009 p15)
043 Crown tower bypasses Labor's laws [for its One Queensbridge Tower] (The Age 17 March 2017 p10)
044 Land grab for Crown [Crown Casino has purchased the Greek Club on Whiteman St] (Herald Sun 25 July 2006 p70)
045 Development plan for Tea House [application to replace a current extension with a hotel and apartment tower] (The Age 19 April 2017 p25)
046 Southbank Local News : the voice of Southbank. Sept. 2015, issue 45
047 Eureka Skydeck 88 (flyer)
048 Southbank Directory 2022 (booklet)
049 The Southbank Directory 2023 (booklet)

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