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Main Title: Royal Historical Society of Victoria [RHSV]: Victorian historical journal : nos 241-280
Publisher: Melbourne, Vic. : Royal Historical Society of Victoria.
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Subject: Royal Historical Society of Victoria
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No. 241, APRIL 1993: Women fighting for peace: Charles Strong and the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom p4. The Sentimental Bloke on screen: a stoush with the Yanks p28. John Kitchen, chemical industry pioneer: a soap story p46. Thomas Smith of Sandon: miner, farmer, geologist p59. Obituary: Howard Spencer McComb p77.

No. 242, OCTOBER 1993: 1893 remembered by Paul de Serville p101. Preventing bank failure: could the Commercial Bank of Australia have been saved by its peers in 1893? by D.T. Merrett p122. Thomas Bent: land booming politician by Margaret Glass p143. James Morrow: inventor of the stripper harvester by Robert B. Morrow p159.

No. 243, JUNE 1994: Death of the Old Melbourne Cemetery by Ralph Biddington p3 (The cemetery's early history p3, The City Council and the cemetery p6, Legislation 1915-1918 p7, Opposition to the Act is organized 1917-1919 p11, Isaac Selby and the cemetery p13, Monash, Selby and the Jewish section 1919-1920 p15, A revitalized campaign 1920-22 p18). Monumental untruths about early Melbourne (monuments) by Stuart Duncan p31 (Rehabilitating John Batman p37). Where did they bury Charlie (Charles) Gray by David Corke p45. The Puckles (Puckle family) of Moonee Ponds by Truda Olson p57.

No. 244, OCTOBER 1994: After Corowa (conference 1893) p98. Independence or annexation to Victoria? separationism in the Riverina in the 1850s and 1860s p113. The Victorian Land Act 1862 revisited p130. The Biographical Dictionary of Western Victoria Project p145. The professor and the journalist (Crosbie Morrison and John Turner) - Scientists in popular conservation campaigns p154. Saving the returned men - The Soldiers' Lounge, St Paul's Cathedral p169.

No. 245, JUNE 1995: Annie Wilkins: life on the margins in nineteenth century Collingwood by Margaret M. Pawsey. Spying on the goldfields by Ralph Birrell. Ned Kelly and horse and cattle stealing by Doug Morrissey. Lutheran schools in Victoria during World War I by Charles Meyer. Sir John Gellibrand and the Victoria Police: a short, unhappy association by Peter S. Sadler.

No. 246, NOVEMBER 1995: The South Street Eisteddfod, and local music-making in Ballarat in the 1920's and 1930's by Kay Dreyfus. Cremorne Gardens, Richmond, and the modelled panoramas 1853-1863 by Mimi Colligan. The golden age of Melbourne theatre, 1870-1910 by Joan Maslen. Victoria's suburban cinemas: from converted building to multi-screen complex by George Ivanoff. That's entertainment! the Performing Arts Museum by Janine Burrand.

No. 247, APRIL 1996: Perceptions of Melbourne's 'pride and glory' by Weston Bate. In pursuit of useful knowledge: the nineteenth-century concept of the botanic garden by Theresa Wyborn. A garden of views: photographic records of the Royal Botanic Gardens, 1860-1910 by Eve Almond. Under pressure: the evolution of the water supply system of the Royal Botanic Gardens by Rohan Lamb. A tale of two animals: camel and alpaca - zoological shaping of Mueller's Botanic Gardens by Linden Gillbank. Relief from duties of minor importance - the removal of Baron Von Mueller from the directorship of the Royal Botanic Gardens by Helen Cohn and Sara Maroske. William Guilfoyle and staff discipline in the Botanic Gardens by Darren Watson. The provincial botanic gardens of Victoria and their relationship with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne by Francine Gilfedder. The Cranbourne Botanic Garden and the Maud Gibson Trust by Peter Howson. Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne: a select annotated bibliography by Helen Cohn and Sara Maroske.

No. 248, APRIL 1997: Separation and Federation: the relationship of Port Phillip with the government of New South Wales by A.G.L. Shaw. Melbourne's birthday by Ralph P. Neale. The (John) Campbell Incident by Patrick Morgan. Eureka: politics or self defence? by John Ireland. Guided democracy: the local courts after Eureka by R.W. Birrell. Mining and processing of Jarosite near Torquay in the 1920's by Ian D. Rae and M. Williams. The discovery of Australia: the Portuguese priority reconsidered by Stuart Duncan. Alfred William Howitt: scientific pioneer in colonial Victoria by Judy Wardlaw. In search of a Victorian Baronetcy (Sir William Clarke) by Sir Ronald Lindsay. Harry Leston: a versatile showman by Loreley A. Morling. The Great Depression in Victoria: some local observations by Geoff Palmer. A memorable memorial: John Gardiner and the first house in Hawthorn by Gwen McWilliam.

No. 249, NOVEMBER 1997: Visitor views of Echuca: history as the grassroots of tourism by Susan Priestly. Housing and the elderly: the experience of one group of colonial Victorians by Dawn Peel. James Campbell 1845-1893: 'An admirable type of Australian Scot' by Alison Goding. Settlers, prayers and divine service: early years on the Mornington Peninsula by Valda Cole.

No. 250, JUNE 1998: In search of Maie Casey (and a tribute to the late Dr Geoffrey Serle) by Diane Langmore. Open road, open sky: the story of David Allen by Carole Woods. No stone unturned: in search of Professor Sir Frederick McCoy by Malcolm Carkeek. Dr William John Harris - teacher, scholar, geologist and gentleman by Clive Harris. Baby boon: the infant welfare movement in Victoria by Margaret Flood..

No. 251, NOVEMBER 1998: George Bass and the whaleboat voyage 1797-1798 by Valda Cole. The Bass bicentenary markers at Western Port by Stuart Duncan. Welsh gold seekers by Valerie Hill. The Mount Buffalo story by Dan Webb. It shows in his buggy: the place of the buggy in nineteenth century Australia by Jim Badger.

No. 252, JUNE 1999: Sacred places: war memorials in the Australian landscape by K.S. Inglis. Finished and unfinished memorials: the stories of William Lucas and C. Web Gilbert (includes Shepparton War Memorial statue) by Donald Richardson. The Shrine of Remembrance by Peter Isaacson. Walter McConnan and the 8th Light Horse Regiment at Gallipoli by Nancy McConnan. Empire loyalism in inter-war Victoria by Hilary L. Rubinstein. Listening to the enemy: Australia's shortwave listening post in the Second World War by Helen Ferber.

No. 253, NOVEMBER 1999: Foundations and the future Susan Priestly. For the upholding of womanhood: Melbourne's interwar hostels for 'business girls' Seamus O'Hanlon. State and religion in the Australian colonies, 1788-1895 Jack Gregory.

No. 254, MARCH 2000: Opening of new premises: Official opening of the new premises of the Royal Historical Society of Victoria - Sir James Gobbo p1. Confronting cruelty: writing a history of the detection and treatment of child abuse - Shurlee Swain p7. A balloon on the Ballarat: Green's (William Green Junior) balloon extraordinary - Terence O'Neill-FitzSimons p19. A goldfields adventurer (Ellen Louisa Clacy, author of A lady's visit to the gold diggings of Australia in 1852-3) - M. Rosalyn Shennan p31. The Bichloride of Gold Institute of Victoria (set up by Wesley Central Mission for the treatment of alcoholics and drug addicts) - Geraldine McFarlane p43. OBITUARY Ian Francis McLaren OBE p52. Jacqueline Denise Templeton p53.

No. 255, SEPTEMBER 2000: Australia's Imperial War: the Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1902 p75. Land selection in the Wimmera p94. Two model farmers: Ann and Joseph Day of Murchison [Day's Mill and Farm] p102. Whitehorse-Manningham Heritage Network: a community project p124.

No. 256, SEPTEMBER 2001: Title: Victoria 150 years of gold: a special issue celebrating 150 years of goldmining in Victoria. Gold: social energiser and definer p7. Gold mining and the environment p28. Warrandyte gold p45. Christian missions to the Chinese on the Victorian goldfields p86. James Oddie and his contribution to Ballarat p105. How gold shaped Victoria p117. Evolution of the Victorian gold province: geological and historical p134. Gold and arsenic in Victoria's mining history p159. Charles Joseph La Trobe and the goldfields administration p173. The Creswick mining disaster of 1882 p187.

APRIL 2002: The society's choice of emblem p7. The album of the Royal Geographical Society of Australasia, Victorian Branch p13. Koorie life on the Yarra Yarra (aborigines) p21. Around the world on a penny-farthing bicycle p34. Dr Evatt: exposure of 'The Movement' 1954 p51. The development of Victorian gold mining technology p64.

SEPTEMBER 2002: La Trobe's Melbourne p133. The letters of Charles Joseph and Sophie La Trobe to their daughter Agnes, 1845-1854 p143. Sir William Stawell and the taming of the Victorian legal profession p155. Charles Joseph La Trobe: sketches, sketcher, sketching, drawing p181. Early auditors-general and the crisis in public finance 1853-55 p202. Gilbert Beith 1809-43, Melbourne's first treasurer p221. The Nelson robbery p243.

APRIL 2003: The barque Norval (ship) p7. The Commercial Inn, Tarraville: maritime trade and the early settlement of Gippsland (Van Diemen's Land livestock trade; Captain Matthew Abson;) p23. Sandstone Island p46. The Australian Health Society 1875-1900 p67. Understanding colonial Australian through football p80.

OCTOBER 2003: 150 years of the Victoria police. Contents: Reflections on 150 years of policing in Victoria p127. The writing of 'The people's force' p141. Thomas O'Callaghan: Police Commissioner and historian p155. A new police in Victoria: conditions of crisis or politics of reform? p167. The Melbourne constable as automatic policeman p197. The Union and the Department: a struggle for control? p225. Larrikins and the law 1849-1874 p243. '100 howling, scowling scoundrels': exhibiting the convict hulk 'Success' in Australia p251.

APRIL 2004: Mary Gaunt 1861-1942 p15. Edward White and the survey of the South Australia-Victoria border p33. Music and identity in multicultural Ballarat p49. All at sea with logbooks p70. The 4 and a half inch Cooke Refractor of the Old Melbourne Observatory p73. A police force out of step with society p88. Women, war and the politics of consumption p96. No.262.

SEPTEMBER 2004: Eureka 150 years. Perceptions of Eureka p133. The Eureka flag and Australian Nationalism 1970-1985 p145. A note on the disputed territory legislation p161. Remembrance Day: memories and values in Australian since 1918 p165. Edward Cotton: the uncertain Cotton brother 1803-1860 p189. The Victorians in the South African [Boer] War 1899-1902 p209. The making of the Boisdale landscape and the making of a Boisdale house p225.

APRIL 2005: Simon Wonga, Aboriginal leader p3. Recollections of the Dreeite Soldier Settlement p25. Community banking: a grassroots history [Bendigo Building Society, Bank] p36. The wreck of the 'Elm Grove' [ship]: survival and endurance on Wilsons Promontory p54. The Port Phillip Aboriginal Protectorate Domestic European Constabulary 1840-1843 p68. The evolution of local government human services in Victoria p83.

OCTOBER 2005: Victorian place names issue: The Parish of Tyabb: what's in a name? p135. Naming Victoria's South West p147. George Augustus Robinson: his value as a resource for place names research p165. The place names and words collected by Philip Chauncy: a linguistic examination p180. Tales in a name: discovering inter-cultural relations through place names p199. Spurios etymologies: toponomic books and town name identities on the Murray River p211.

MAY 2006: Australia's first air wreck p5. Co-workers in Christ: George A. Brown and Christian socialism in Victoria 1885-94 p16. From boom to bust aboard the 'Floating Palace': the story of the 'Mount Macedon' [ship] [James Stewart Butters] p34. St. James's Hall to bust: the success and failure of the Melbourne popular concerts p46. Flower farming in the Dandenongs 1901-1970s p66.

NOV 2006: William Foster Stawell and the making of Victoria's constitution p106. The Brummagen coup: the start of self-government in Victoria p143. The voters of Colac 1856-1877 p162. Graham Berry: his political career between 1877 and 1880 p176. Establishing a Public Accounts Committee in the Antipodes p194. The demise of Governor Sir Brian Murray p212.

MAY 2007: Puzzling over the early Flinders charts p5. The Baudin expedition's unacknowledged achievements on the coast of Victoria p23. Australian and American National Music Camps p42. 'Out of the dark': the first successful all-black musical: aboriginal celebrity and protest p63. A Vice-Regal pair: Lady Northcote and Lady Talbot in Melbourne 1904-1908 p80. Self-help housing at Seaholme: the British Migrants Welfare Association p100. What's in a name?: from 'Din de long' to 'Coliban' [history of Coliban area near Bendigo] p119.

NOVEMBER 2007: Issue 268: Music, migration and multiculturalism. Introduction: Music, migration and multiculturalism / Kay Dreyfus and Joel Crotty p147. Playing with policy: music, multiculturalism and the Boite / Graeme Smith p152. Chinese music on the Victorian goldfields / Wang Zheng and Anne Doggett p170. Transplanting multiculturalism: Swiss musical traditions reconfigured in multicultural Victoria / Marcello Sorce Keller p187. 'The Yiddish are coming! the Yiddish are coming!': the reshaping of Melbourne's Jewish community from 1890 to 1939 / Bronia Kornhauser p206. Italo-Hispanic popular music in Melbourne before multiculturalism / John Whiteoak p228. Melbourne's Banda Bellini: localisation of a transplanted Italian tradition / Aline Scott-Maxwell p251. Jewish liturgical music of South Africa: transmission in the orthodox community of Melbourne / Kerrin Hancock with Kay Dreyfus p272. Notes on contributors p286.

JUNE 2008, No. 269 The Harvester Judgement of 1907 / John Lack and Charles Fahey p3. Pioneer circus activity in Port Phillip 1849-1854 / Mark St Leon p19. The Queen vs Ah Pew: murder, mystery and controversy at colonial Castlemaine / Benjamin Mountford p39. Glenluce p39. Samuel Hunt p39. Port Melbourne history on the line [rotary clothes line] / June Torcasio p60. Paterson Brothers, photographers p61. Frederick Poolman p62. The Brethren community at Kyneton 1900-1911 / Guy Featherstone p74. Papanui (ship) note 52 p91. 'Exotic' natives: the Field Naturalists' Club of Victoria wildflower shows / Meredith Fletcher p93. The forgotten [Teresa Mary] Wardell: Victorian welfare reformer / D.J. Gleeson p107. Social work / workers p108. Catholic Social Service Bureau (Centacare) p110. Marjorie Lawrence: her controversial first Australian concert tour / Betty O'Brien p122. Barfold Gorge Falls, Coliban Falls p134.

NOVEMBER 2008 Issue 270: Women's suffrage centenary issue. The Act p163. Introduction / Judith Smart p165. Women getting the vote, the Victorian experience / Judith Maddigan p169. The 1908 Victorian Adult Suffrage Act / Patricia Grimshaw p185. The early origins of women's suffrage in Victoria / Clare Wright p210. The National Council of Women of Victoria: suffrage and political citizenship 1904-1914 / Judith Smart and Marian Quartly p224. Why frontier Queensland beat urbane Victoria to women's suffrage / John McCulloch p237. Vida Goldstein and women's public speech / Joy Damousie p251. Muriel Heagney and the Australian Labor Party 1906-1914 / Rosemary Francis p265. Clara Weekes, a 'born teacher' and first wave feminist / Deborah Towns p277. Ina Higgins, Nettie Palmer and Aileen Palmer / Deborah Jordan p296. Victorian women's organisations and Female Child Welfare Inspectors 1890-1915 / Shurlee Swain p314. Women's social reform networks in Melbourne / Renate Howe p328. Four decades of struggle for women's political citizenship in Victoria 1972-2007 / Madeline Grey p340. Electing women: the Democrats and the Australian Greens. Why is it so? / Janet Powell p353. Mrs Ternente Cooke makes history: Australian feminism's shifting attitudes to the question of 'race' / Marilyn Lake p365. Notes on contributors p380.

JUNE 2009 Vol.80 no.1 issue 271: First impressions of Victoria's forest landscapes / Lawrence Niewojt p6. S.T. Gill and the 'Arm-chair' [periodical] / Anne Longmire p22. The Welsh language press in colonial Victoria / Robert Llewellyn Tyler p45. Brief notes on some fraudulent aspects of the secret compositions of William Lawrence Baillieu and friends 1892 / P.D. Gardner p61. Masters of history: three students of Trinity College [Sir Keith Hancock, Manning Clark and Chester Wilmot] / John Reeve p76. Founding Monash: the university and the promise of modernity / Graeme Davison p91.

NOVEMBER 2009 Vol.80 no.2 issue 272 : Introduction: Judith Smart p147. Overview: the shape of history at RHSV / Weston Bate p151. The society's century: by, for and through people / Susan Priestley p158. The formation of the Historical Society of Victoria with special reference to the Royal Geographical Society of Australasia, Victorian Branch / Susan Blackwood and Don Gibb p172. Victorian genesis: founding histories / Graeme Davison p191. Messages cast abroad: the history of the Victorian Historical Journal / Andrew Lemon p212. The future of the RHSV / Bill Russell p225. Panel: parenting local history: the role of the RHSV p229. Historical background and purpose / Joan Hunt p229. Building bridges / Alleyne Hockley p235. Networking through the RHSV / Lenore Frost p238. The HVSG [History Victoria Support Group] and Walhalla / Bernard Bolch p241. Panel: the RHSV collections p244. One hundred years in the library collection / Judith Bilszta p244. Early acquisitions / Bill Russell p249. In the manuscripts collection / Kate Prinsley p255. The RHSV images collection: 1909-2009 / Richard Barnden p259. Centenary memoirs: Dr Marjorie Tipping p265; John Adams p268; Barbara Nixon p270; Mimi Colligan p272; Don Garden p273; Lucille Andel p274; Professor Weston Bate p277; Emeritus Professor Alan Shaw p278. Notes on contributors p279.

Issue 273 Vol.81 no.1 JUNE 2010: Introduction / Judith Smart p3. Why is Victoria different? / Weston Bate p5. The phenomenal coolness of Tunnerminnerwait / Leonie Stevens p18. Jane Cannan's iron house in gold-rush Melbourne / Crescy Cannan p41. Notes on Jane Cannan's drawings / Miles Lewis p63. Middle-class, masculine management: the Melbourne Athenaeum and its Secretary 1909-1949 / Margaret Bowman p74. The University of Melbourne's first female students / Carole Hooper p93. Selling immigration: Bonegilla Reception and Training Centre 1947-1971 p113.

Issue 274 vol.81 no.2 NOVEMBER 2010: Walter Woodbury's 1855 Panorama of Melbourne / Amanda Lourie p150. Robert Law (1870-1930): the man and his glass slide collection / Tony Aplin and Richard Barnden p167. Aboriginal language areas in Northeast Victoria: 'Mogullumbidj' reconsidered / Ian D. Clark p181. The massacre of the Gadubanud at Aire River / Lawrence Niewojt p193. The life and times of Peter Snodgrass / Annette Lewis p214. The old Supreme Court of Victoria buildings: everything old is new again / Sue Reynolds p233. 'An S.O.S. from beyond Gallipoli': Victoria and the Armenian Relief Fund / Vicken Babkenian p250. Hewart's 'The new despotism' in Australia 1929-1932 / Jackie Dickenson p277.

Issue 275 Vol.82 no.1 JUNE 2011: In defence of George Higinbotham: new evidence on family relationships / Susan Priestley p8. The arrival and settlement of Macedonians in the inner western suburbs of Melbourne / Nick Anastasovski p30. Facts, speculation and fibs in the 'Mahogany Ship' story 1835-2010: a reassessment and new hypothesis / Murray Johns p59. Community cookbooks: women's words and hospitality at Bayswater Church of Christ 1962-1990 / Kerrie Handasyde p86. Singing in 'a sort of musical chaos': Dame Nellie Melba and the campaign to lower the pitch of the Grand Organ in the Melbourne Town Hall / Simon Purtell p105.

Issue 276 Vol.82 no.2 NOVEMBER 2011: A royal birthday message [centenary of the 'Victorian Historical Journal'] / Andrew Lemon p147. Victorian Historical Journal 1987-1989: 'authoritative but not academic' / John Lack p155. 'My native place': Alfred Deakin in Fitzroy / Carole Woods p158. Who designed Melbourne's sewerage system? / Robert La Nauze p175. Isabella Lucy Bird: her visit to Victoria in 1872: the forgotten tourist / Ian Clark p194. The trail to Wonnangatta 1936: introduction / Peter Hogan p212. The trail to Wonnangatta / Trevor W. Davey p217. From abbey to athenaeum: John Henry Benedict Curtis 1829-1909 [Secretary, Melbourne Athenaeum] / Margaret Bowman p236. From Foot-is-cry to Firenze: remembering Bill Kent 1942-2010 / John Lack p246.

No. 277 JUNE 2012: Gibraltar of the South: the evolution of the Victorian defences 1851-1945 / Bob Marmion p7. The role of the president, Janet, Lady Clarke, the the closure of the Women's Hospital, Melbourne 1902 / Annette Lewis p31. Thomas Clark painting 'The Mahogany Ship': wreck of the 'Sally Ann' at Portland / Murray Johns p56. The black marble of Buchan / Elery Hamilton-Smith p74. Two views from Mr Pollock's window [Jane Cannan] / Mike Moore p98. Vale: Barbara Nixon 1927-2011 p106. A.G.L. Shaw AO: ninety-fifth birthday celebrations and tributes p110.

No. 278 NOVEMBER 2012: Rodney Lloyd Benjamin OAM: business and community leader, historian 1930-2012 / Ric Benjamin p153. Sarah and Constant Broyer, pharmacist and physician of Carlton / David Haig p178. Portrait of a late-Victorian society wedding [1892: Marion Ruth 'May' Henty 1862-1928 to Thomas Henry Armstrong 1857-1930] / Suzanne McWha p197. Village communities in Victoria: a re-assessment of the 1893 response to Depression / Guy Featherstone p215. Melbourne as the hub of Australian Army nursing administration in World War One / Kirsty Harris p235. Acts of savagery: a note on poverty, racism and law / Julie Kimber p255. The case of the mistaken [Judge Redmond] Barry / Ray Peace p271. 'The silver thread': Clarice Beckett and her brother / Peg McGuire p276. 'A woman's place' and Queen Victoria Hospital, 1896-2012 / Anne Bourke and Marie Clark p286.

No. 279 JUNE 2013: On indexing The Argus / John Hirst p6. David Syme: his role in the rise of The Age / Elizabeth Morrison p16. The second generation: Geoffrey Syme, managing editor of The Age 1908-42 / Sybil Nolan p34. W.L. Baillieu and the growth of the Herald and Weekly Times 1889-1931 / Peter Yule p53. Promotion of 'useful knowledge': The Argus and science in 1850s colonial Victoria / Amanda Lourie p72. The Argus and Miss [Selina] Sutherland / Sharron Lane p93. The Bendigo Advertiser: historical notes / Carol Holsworth p104. Celebrating fifty years of local history in Victoria [History of Brighton by Weston Bate]: introduction: 50 years since 'Brighton' / Andrew Lemon p113. Fifty years on / Weston Bate p118. Fifty years of Victorian local history / Graeme Davison p120. Panel: the shock of the 1960s - the influence of Professor Weston Bate on the writing of local history p139. The Victorian Community History Awards / Carole Woods p156.

No. 280 NOVEMBER 2013: Lies, damned lies and travel writers: women's narratives of the Castlemaine goldfields 1852-54 / Marjorie Theobald p191. Frederick Dickson: the man who defrauded the University of Melbourne / Carole Hooper p214. The fortunes of Frederick Taylor / Tony Edney p237. The death of a hutkeeper near Geelong in 1840: a new investigative approach / Beth D. Kicinski, Ian D. Clark and Teigan Arthur p259. Scottish identity in stone: statues of Robert Burns and William Wallace in 19th century Ballarat / Ben Wilkie p279. A cultural conflict?: belonging for Greek child migrants in 1960s and 1970s Melbourne / Alexandra Dellios p303. School to work: Civvy Street 1939-45 / John Murphy p326. Parliament in exile: the Victorian Parliament at the Exhibition Building 1901-1927 / Victor Isaacs p337.
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