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Main Title: Royal Historical Society of Victoria [RHSV]: Victorian historical journal : nos 161-240
Publisher: Melbourne, Vic. : Royal Historical Society of Victoria.
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Subject: Royal Historical Society of Victoria
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No. 161 and 162, AUGUST and NOVEMBER 1970: The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia p375. Charles Webb (1821-98) p396. Major General M.F. (Major Francis) Downes p424.

No. 163, FEBRUARY 1971: Australian eponymy: or who to name buildings after p484. The historical impact of the Australian Natives Association p501. Recollections of mining: at Percydale in the Avoca district p521.

No. 164, MAY 1971: Buggy ride to Birdsville in the 1890s p539. Charles Thatcher: the bard of Bendigo p554. The case for the Superintendent: a defence of C.J. (Charles Joseph) La Trobe p565.

No. 165, AUGUST 1971: Point Hicks to Cape Howe p579. An outline history of H.M.A.S. Cerberus p597. Mechanics' Institutes in Victoria p607. Air power and Australian defence 1923-1939 p618. The late Sir Frederick Shedden: an appreciation p633.

No. 166, NOVEMBER 1971: Marjorie Tipping: first woman to become President of the Society p653. An historical survey of Australian nationalism p656. The artist as historian p679. Cast iron architectural ornamentation p688. The secularization of public education in Victoria, 1851-75 p693. The genesis of botanical science in Victoria, 1851-75 p699.

No. 167, FEBRUARY 1972: The passing of Harold Edwin Williams p715. Two Melbourne builders 1853-1920: Thomas Cockram and his son p719. Thomas Mitchell: route in north-western Victoria p741. The Victorian Horse Artillery p749.

No. 168, MAY 1972: Mr John Ridley McEwan: a former councillor of the society p795. Daniel White: coachbuilder (coaches) of Melbourne from 1869-1923 p803. W.W. (William Wilkinson) Wardell, Inspector General of Public Works 1861-78 p820. Lieutenant General Henry Douglas Wynter: an officer of the Australian Staff Corps p837.

No. 169, AUGUST 1972: One hundred years of engineering in Victoria p883. H.V. McKay: a pioneer industrialist p885. The police strike in Melbourne p896. Charles Joseph La Trobe: governor, explorer, naturalist and conservationist p936.

No. 170, NOVEMBER 1972: Noel Fulford Learmonth: an appreciation p955. Sir George Frederick Verdon: a forgotten Victorian p959. Paddle steamers (steamboats) on the Murray p978.

Nos 171 and 172, FEBRUARY and MAY 1973: Orphans and destitute children in Victoria up to 1864 p5. Melbourne's horse-drawn cabs and buses p19. Melbourne money and Queensland sugar p32. A biographical sketch of James McKain Meek p40.

Nos 173 and 174, AUGUST and NOVEMBER 1973: Industry of knowledge (history of electronic communications) p66. River transport on the greater Murray (River) network p78. Some economic aspects of coaching (coaches) p89. Trade and communications across the straits: Gippsland to Van Dieman's Land 1841-1851 p95. Early mail (postal) communications in Victoria p108. Harold Clapp and Railways p117.

No. 175, FEBRUARY 1974: A history of the Mornington Peninsula as it relates to vegetation p5. Four years remembered: a survey of the years 1774, 1824, 1874 and 1924 p30. Immigration during the 1850s through the south-western outports of Victoria p39. Farms and goldfields: evolution of land settlement in Victoria p47.

No. 176, MAY 1974: The Matthew Flinders bicentenary celebrations in Victoria p65. Homage to Matthew Flinders p75. Moll and d'Apres: two atlases in the society's collection p79. The life of Matthew Flinders p83. In the wake of Flinders p99. The Matthew Flinders bicentenary 1774-1974: final report of the Geelong Regional Committee p106.

No. 177, AUGUST 1974: The flight of Captain Hermann Detzner: a New Guinea saga p123. John Robertson Duigan: a pioneer aviator in Australia p141. New South Wales and the Port Phillip District: decentralisation or separation 1840-1850 p160. The late Marcus Hayman: an appreciation p164.

No. 178, NOVEMBER 1974: Doctor M.L. Verso: the society's new president p175. Wilson's Promontory in Victoria: its commercial utilization in the 19th century p179. Portuguese discoverers on the Australian coast p201. Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph Wakefield: his singular ornithological collection p229.

No. 179, FEBRUARY 1975: Graziers and farmers in the Western District 1890-1914 p250. Transition from horse to motor transport p283. The early cattle runs of the Westernport watershed p303. The Free Church of England in Victoria p316.

No. 180, MAY 1975: James Thomas Harcourt (1813-1893): a 'social worker' in early colonial Victoria p337. The George William Rusden papers p348. Lieutenant-General Sir John Dudley Lavarack: Australia's 14th Chief of the General Staff p365. Melbourne's two oldest clubs (Melbourne Club and Melbourne Cricket Club) p409.

No. 181, AUGUST 1975: Augustus Wolskel: a biographical note p425. Territorial conquest: Phillip and afterwards (Australia - discovery and exploration) p429. The shape of the suburbs (Carlton) (urbanization) p447. Melbourne's early growth - economic, geographic or aesthetic? p453. The proper study of mankind (this paper attempts to provide guidelines and encouragement for co-operative research between historians and natural historians [geologists, botanists, soil scientists and geographers] in local studies of our landscape) p463. Our changing coastline (Corner Inlet - Port Albert Harbour p476, Gippsland Lakes p484, Rabbit Island p487). Maps: North Carlton - section 73, 74 p450. North Carlton - section 79, 80c p451. Victoria - predominant original vegetation p465. Victoria: original surface water resources p466.

No. 182, NOVEMBER 1975: The La Trobe Centenary Commemoration Committee p495. The role of C.J. (Charles Joseph) La Trobe in Victoria, 1839-1854 p497. A day of 1839: Mr La Trobe's arrival in Victoria p519. The administration of Captain William Lonsdale p530. Mr La Trobe's perplexities: choosing legal advisers p544. The alienation of Melbourne Parks p549. C.J. La Trobe: a study of heredity and character p571.

No. 183, FEBRUARY 1976: The literary doctor p6. War scares in Australia in the 19th century p23. The Red Cross 1914-1975 p45. William McCulloch: Minister of Defence of the Colony of Victoria 1895-1901 p65.

No. 184, MAY 1976: The third career of Vice Admiral Sir William Rooke Creswell: First Naval Member of the Australian Naval Board: 1911-1919 p103. Major General Joseph Maria Gordon: Australia's 4th Chief of the General Staff p127.

No. 185, AUGUST 1976: Werribee Park: historical research applied in its restoration p189. In pursuit of grandfather: a study in methods of research p203. Historic preservation of Langwarrin Military Reserve (1886-1976) p222. John Batman: party at Indented Head, 1835 p231.

No. 186, NOVEMBER 1976: Charles Joseph La Trobe p253. C.J. La Trobe and early Victoria p265. Housekeeper of Jolimont: a biographical sketch of Charlotte Pellet (1800-76) p277. Where John Batman built in Melbourne in 1837: a short history of the site p284. Thomas Bolton: a pioneer beekeeper of Victoria p295.

No. 187, FEBRUARY 1977: Airs, waters and places (Hippocrates) p6. Some aspects of the law under Captain William Lonsdale p22. Sir John Quick p45. Letter concerning Thomas Bolton p52.

No. 188, MAY 1977: The Federation of Australian Historical Societies p66. The death of Daniel Morgan the bushranger p68. The Commonwealth Lighthouse Service: its formation and early development p76. The individual in Victoria's first election p105. Ann Inett: a story of a Worcestershire dressmaker and convict p116. The impact of gold on lawlessness and crime p123.

No. 189, AUGUST 1977: William Calder - public servant and engineer (1860-1928) p145. The genesis of the Pharmacy Board of Victoria 1876 p161. Lieutenant-General James Gordon Legge: Australia's first wartime Chief of the General Staff p179. The Victorian Gold Fields Commission 1855 p227.

No. 190, NOVEMBER 1977: Matlock: an alpine gold mining town in the 1860s p247. The reliability of George Dunderdale, Senior p260. Australian historiography: a layman's view p281. Notes on the life of Sir William Irvine: Chief Justice and politician p295. Baron von Mueller: correspondence with Kew, 1871-81 p313. The gold field druggist (pharmacist) p321.

No. 191, FEBRUARY 1978: The history of leisure in Australia: the late colonial era p7. Parks for the people (urban parks and gardens, national parks) p23. Work and play in Victorian Victoria p37. Working class leisure p49. Aspects of music and theatre in colonial Victoria p66. An account of some medical travellers, adventurers and explorers and their contributions to the literature of travel p74.

No. 192, MAY 1978: The Loch Ard (ship) centenary p94. Settlers under sail p97. A note on Robert William Bugg (1853-1937): photographer and artist p115. John Montgomery Coane (1848-1923): surveyor and consulting engineer p119. Two Melbourne prescription books of the 1850s: a comparison p129. A council begins: early municipal government in Moorabbin p134.

No. 193, AUGUST 1978: Land sharking in the Western District of Victoria p150. Drugs mentioned in the bible p161. Salted butter and pickled pork: Old Portland prescription book p165. William Essington King (1821-1910) p169.

No. 194, NOVEMBER 1978: Two communes in 19th century Victoria: the Krumnow Community at Mount Rouse p204, Maria Heller: the Hill Plains Community p210. 'Poor James', an incident in Irish - Australia history (James Henry Higgins) p215. Victoria's immigration scandal of the thirties (Alexander Scirving Moore vs the Victorian Government) p228.

No. 195, FEBRUARY 1979: Opening of the Public Record Repository at Laverton p5. A critique of K.G. McIntyre: 'The secret discovery of Australia' p8. A Baron under siege: von Mueller and the press in the 1870s p18. John Leadbeater (1831-88): a naturalist in Victoria p36.

No. 196, MAY 1979: What has the R.H.S.V. done in seventy years? p52. The history of medical history with special reference to Australia p58. The planning of East Melbourne p77. The journals of De Villiers and Warman: the expedition to recover the captive white woman p89.

No. 197, AUGUST 1979: The origin of the Historical Society of Victoria p107. Alan Thomas Latham: an appreciation p110. Australian goldsmiths and silversmiths of the nineteenth century p113. Victoria's forgotten goldfield: Dargo - Crooked River p133.

No. 198, NOVEMBER 1979: Graziers not farmers: Australian Farms Ltd in the Western District p188. Joseph Bosisto 1824-1898: pharmacist p221. Birth control in Australia p237.

No. 199, FEBRUARY 1980: The preservation of historical places p3. The Frankston story p11. Cremorne Gardens: a brief history p25. Battlers of the 1890s (village settlements, homestead associations, labour colonies) p42.

No. 200, MAY 1980: The changing face of Mount Martha p69. Two invincible ladies: Louisa Anne Meredith and Mary Gaunt p87.

No. 201, AUGUST 1980: Florence Ethel Johnson: Melbourne's forgotten feminist p131. German schools of Victoria 1853-1924 p149. A Victorian byway: the Caxton Quarcentennial Celebrations in Melbourne 1871 and 1877 p158.

No. 202, NOVEMBER 1980: Redmond Barry p203. Fifty years of the Red Cross blood transfusion service in Victoria p218. The Melbourne International Exhibition 1880-1881 p237. The Acclimatisation Society of Victoria p255. Assisted immigration and agriculture p271.

No. 203, FEBRUARY 1981: Alexander James Peacock (1861-1933): the laughing Premier p3. William Wilkinson Wardell - architect and civil servant p31. The 1949 coal strike in New South Wales p42. Jonathan Shaw 1826-1905: a forgotten pastoralist p57. H.J. (Henry Joseph) Grayson: a pioneer ruler of diffraction gratings p63.

No. 204, MAY 1981: Sanctuaries for wildlife in Victoria 1896-1976 p83. A melancholy tale: Thomas Bungaleen (Gippsland aboriginal) p101. Mr Charles Joseph La Trobe and his Court house (courthouse) p113.

No. 205, AUGUST 1981: The honourable William McCulloch: his career in the Legislative Council of Victoria 1880-1903 p147. Whence 'the Eureka flag'? p196.

No. 206, NOVEMBER 1981: The Public Record Office p215. Francis Ormond p235. Johann (John) August Kruse 1822-1895, pharmacist p248.

No. 207, FEBRUARY 1982: The belly and the limbs: the Augustus Wolskel Memorial Lecture (about Eastern States bias in Australian historiography) p5. The writing of local history: The history of Victoria project p24. Writing local histories of Victorian country towns p31. Women in local history p38. Gwen McWilliam and the writing of local history about Hawthorn p50. Mary Turner Shaw and the writing of local history about Mount Emu Creek p60. What's 'local' in local history p74.

Nos 208 and 209, MAY and AUGUST 1982: The occupation and abandonment of Victoria's first official British settlement at Sullivan Bay 1803-4 p83. Family chronicles and history p95. 'The Warrnambool Standard' and the Warrnambool Grand Annual Steeplechase p107. A profile of Bella Guerin, Australia's first woman graduate (of Melbourne University and of any Australian university) p118. Technological innovation in the Victorian agricultural implement and machinery industry 1870-1890 p130. A troubled start: the Domain, Melbourne 1872-3 p138. Louis R. Williams, architect p152.

No. 210, MARCH 1983: The 'Lady Nelson' (ship) and the 'Stedcombe' (ship) p3. Eliza Batman p13. Who was Fenton? (of the Eureka Stockade) p22. Napoleon in Victoria p24. The rise and fall of Sorrento 1803: David Collins, his dilemma and decisions p29. Young and Jackson's p41. Memories of a Gippsland childhood 1: Krowera: where the wind blows p46. William Tibbits and his watercolours p54. The H.C.E. Childers report: Victoria's schools in the 1850s p58. The Charles Grimes Bridge (formerly Johnson Street Bridge) and the explorer Charles Grimes p62..

No. 211, JUNE 1983: Australia Day and the date debate p3. A Frenchman on the coast in the 1820s: Jules Sebastien Cesar Dumont d'Urville p9. Field Flowers Goe: third Anglican Bishop of Melbourne p17. Port Phillip Aboriginal Protectorate 1838-49 p26. A century of game laws: protection for native waterfowl p33. Memories of a Gippsland childhood 2: Krowera in war and peace p44. Naming Mount Eliza and Mount Martha (letter) p54.

No. 212, SEPTEMBER 1983: The Centennial of 1888: Victoria's largest exhibition p1. In 1908, the newly appointed Governor of Victoria, Sir Thomas Carmichael, granted a dissolution to the Premier, Sir Thomas Bent p12. Personal reminiscences of an employee of the House of Were, stockbrokers p23. Anzacs at war on bicycles: Major Jack Hindhaugh p31. Thomas Gerald Clancy (of the Overflow) p39. Melbourne's first foundry, established by Robert Langlands and Thomas Fulton p47.

No. 213, DECEMBER 1983: The Broken Hill centenary p1. Could there ever be another Broken Hill? p3. Ash Wednesday, 1983 p14. The Utopians - and early socialists who lost their way p19. Background and reaction to the dissolution crisis in Victoria and the defeat at the polls of the coalition government led by Sir Thomas Bent in 1908 p27. Pakenham honors James Reginald Henty p36. Johnson and Sons Tyne Foundry p40. The manuscript collection of the R.H.S.V. p43.

No. 214, MARCH 1984: John McEwen tells his story p3. Shepherds of the sea: a history of the Port Phillip Pilots p15. Who pays - husband or wife? a Preston grocer's bill of 1915 (Harvey vs Ottaway, Preston Court of Petty Sessions) p25. Robison Brothers and Company Pty Ltd p31. A stroll around Melbourne in the 1860s p36. Were the first fleet convicts bond or free? (letter) p44.

No. 215, JUNE 1984: How the Red Baron (Manfred von Richthofen) died in 1918 p1. Brewing beer in the colonial days p13. John McEwen: his story no.2 p19. Ned Kelly's (Kelly) world p29. Choosing a desirable partner for life in the early Victorian age p35. Pioneer engineers no.4: Enoch Chambers, Melbourne p40.

No. 216, SEPTEMBER 1984: What the 150th anniversary (of settlement in Victoria) is all about p3. The founder of Melbourne: was it Batman or Fawkner? p10. The man from Snowy River no.1 - Jack Riley: his life and legend p22. The bohemians of Melbourne p29. Expedition to the Kimberleys in 1883 p39. Pioneer engineers no.5 - Phoenix Foundry Company Ltd. p46.

No. 217, DECEMBER 1984: Pastoral pioneers no.1 - the Hentys, whales and sheep (Henty Brothers) p1. Italian migrants in Victoria p9. Fashion on the 1850s goldfields p15. They came as exiles no.1 - Victoria's convicts p26. The man from Snowy River no.2 - Jack Riley: his death in the mountains p37.

No. 218, MARCH 1985: The schooner 'Enterprise' p4. Eureka's place in Ballarat today p11. Italian migrants in Victoria no.2 - an Australian born son reflects by Sir James Gobbo p17. Our first churches no.1 - how the gospel came to Melbourne p23. Pastoral pioneers (1851-60) no.2 : the battle to unlock the lands p29. Victoria's convicts no.2 - the emigrant ship 'Success' and the life and death of John Price, Superintendent of Prisons in Victoria in the 1850s p40.

No. 219, JUNE 1985: Mission to Singapore September 1945 (Brigadier J.D. Rogers) p3. The 'birthstain' story p11. The wreck of the 'Netherby' (ship) on King Island 1866 p15. Lord Somers' Camp p25. Our first churches no.2 - a catholic mass in a corner store p33. The 'golden age' of the squatters p37.

No. 220, SEPTEMBER 1985: The Bicentenary 1988 p1. Journal and letters of the Reverend Isaac Rooney: Methodist missionary in the Pacific 1865-1889 p15. When police on bicycles chased motorists p25. A 150th anniversary service: thanksgiving at Saint Paul's by the Dean of Melbourne p35. Victoria as a catalyst for Western and Chinese Medicine p38.

No. 221, DECEMBER 1985: The Bicentenary 1988 p1. Journal and letters of the Reverend Isaac Rooney: Methodist missionary in the Pacific 1865-1889 p15. When police on bicycles chased motorists p25. A 150th anniversary service: thanksgiving at Saint Paul's by the Dean of Melbourne p35. Victoria as a catalyst for Western and Chinese Medicine p38.

No. 222, MARCH 1986: An antarctic museum p1. The Douglas Mawson story no.1 p3. Dudley Sheppard of the property 'Four Winds' at Eldorado in north-eastern Victoria reflects on european farmers affect on the land over the last 150 years p14. John D. Adams tells the story of the Royal Geographical Society of Australasia, Victorian Branch, founded 1884 p17. Robinvale and its connection with Villers-Bretonneux, France p29. A new Ned Kelly letter p34.

No. 223, JUNE 1986: John Batman and the treaty p1. The Sir Douglas Mawson story no.2 p13. Log book, written by W.J. Walker, a carpenter who left Liverpool with his family in 1852 p19. Albert Park Lake p23. The Van Diemens Land Company (a Royal Charter company) p30. Letters: the Robertson's at Colac p36.

No. 224, SEPTEMBER 1986: The Loreto nuns (Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary) and their chapel (Loreto College and Abbey) at Mary's Mount, Ballarat and its endowment by Prince Metternich p9. Sir Douglas Mawson: triumphs to remember p14. The 'Cullin la Ringo' massacre 1861 p25. Poles in Victoria's history p32.

No. 225, DECEMBER 1986: The first Victorian shipbuilders p1. Gold mining and the development of engineering firms in Victoria p11. The foundation of Port Fairy p23.

No. 226, MARCH 1987: Hal Warren - a tribute p3. The Rialto story p6. Church ritual and the working classes of Early Collingwood and Fitzroy p20. Methodist missionaries on Dobu Island, Papua New Guinea in 1891 p24. Women in public life in renaissance Florence p28. A schoolmaster in goldrush Victoria: David Ryland at Forest Creek 1856-1863 p33.

No. 227, JUNE 1987: The English Lady and the quartermasters sons (Andrew and Annie Baxter) p3. 'Every large centre of population is entitled to its industrial school' a case study in nineteenth century welfare decision making p19. Review article: A review of Robert Hughes 'The fatal shore: a history of the transportation of convicts to Australia 1787-1868' p28. Document: True civilisation: the establishment of the Melbourne Public Library p36.

No. 228 SEPTEMBER 1987: Les Blake: an appreciation p3. From Dr N.G. Curry's address at the funeral service for Les Blake (1987) p4. A personal tribute from Cliff Green p7. Les Blake the writer by Hugh Anderson p8. Les Blake - teacher by Neville Drummond p10. Bibliography of monographs by Les Blake p11. A colonial city of ideas (Ballarat and the steam engine) p14. Family, community and friendship ties among assisted immigrants from Cambridgeshire to Port Phillip and Victoria 1840-67 p33. Obsequies for Sir Redmond Barry p38.

No. 229, MARCH 1988: Taking the past into the future (public records) p3. Peter Lalor: Ireland and Victoria p16. Alfred Deakin at home p30. Memories of the Darby Chalet, Wilson's Promontory National Park p38. Review article: Set up to fail? soldier settlers in Victoria p42.

No. 230, JULY 1988: From colonial government to social democracy by Dr Davis McCaughey p3. John Murray, Premier of Victoria p18. Women, subjects of science and their subjective experience: the knowledge evolution 1880s-1930s p36. Morality and feminine patriotism in Melbourne during the Second World War p47.

No. 231, NOVEMBER 1988: Manning Clark's history - the musical p3. The Scottish cairn at Sydney's Domain p21. Humble and Sons of Geelong: pioneer engineers no.6 p39.

No. 232, MARCH 1989: A forgotten Victorian goldrush: Lamplough, via Avoca, 1859-1860 p3. The shaping of Victorian Rules Football p27. Murrundi aborigines and Murray squatters p42. Edward Roberts of the 'Firefly' and the Glass Works, Lake Tyers p51.

No. 233, SEPTEMBER 1989: The Maltese in Melbourne 1838-1938 p3. Using a woman's diary for social history p24. The Pentonvillains p37. The ragged school systems in the Australian colonies p47. A historical perspective of radiology p57. Raffaello Carboni revisited p68.

No. 234, MARCH 1990: The removal of G.W.L. Marshall-Hall from the Ormond Chair of Music p3. Governor La Trobe p17. Reflections on local history by Richard Broome p33. A memory of Hal Porter by Chester Eagle p52.

No. 235, AUGUST 1990: The challenge of our industrial heritage p93. The life and death of the Bow Truss Woolstore p96. Bow Truss building, Geelong p121. The legend of H.V. (Hugh Victor) McKay p124. The Spotswood Pumping Station p158. Commonwealth no. 5 Explosives Factory (Albion) Deer Park, 1939-1945 p178. The Footscray City Link Heritage Study p193. David Munro and Company, engineers p208. Heritage conservation and museum development in Melbourne's western suburbs in the 1980s (discusses Melbourne's Living Museum of the West p214) p212.

No. 236, DECEMBER 1990: The diseased stock agent (Daniel Kennedy) (aspects of the Ned Kelly story) p243. Marcus Clarke and the significant past p270. The Merino and industrial science (explores aspects of the production of fine wool for the world market) p279. On missing the point: a response from Melbourne's Living Museum of the West p299.

No. 237, JUNE 1991: The Reverend R.G. (Reginald Gordon) Nichols in Fitzroy 1925-1942 p3. Growing up in Melbourne 1883-1899 by E. Morris Miller p18 (includes time at University High School 1896-98 p35; at Wesley College 1898-99 p41). A.M.G. (Alfred Marshall Graeme) Thom p51.

No. 238, DECEMBER 1991: Batman's treaties (John Batman) p85. Discovering John Batman's Port Phillip Exploration p98. Samuel Anderson, Robert Massie and the Rebecca: pioneering Western Port p107. Tracking William Turton in Gippsland p117. Naming Mount Alexander p131. Changing town names in Victoria p137.

No. 239, JUNE 1992: Builders of public enterprise in Victoria by E.W. Russell p3.(George Emery and the State Savings Bank p7, Samuel McGowan and the Electric Telegraph Department p9, Sir Harold Clapp and the Victorian Railways p9, Stuart Murray and the State Rivers and Water Supply Commission p12, George Broome and the State Coal Mine p13, Sir John Monash and the State Electricity Commission p15, Oswald Barnett and the Housing Commission of Victoria p16). Watering and peopling the Goulburn Valley by Jacqueline Templeton p22. A tale of two bridges: the Hawthorn Bridge controversy, 1929-30 by Carolyn Rasmussen p31. The Glenlyon Toll Gate by Geoff Palmer p45. Besmirching our reputation: sectarianism and charity in Geelong by Shurlee Swain p51.

No. 240, OCTOBER 1992: Chronology of Melbourne's history p12. Plutocracy at play: social activities of the Melbourne City Council by David Dunstan p17. The Melbourne Town Hall: the city's meeting place by Graeme Tucker p37. The Search for a (town, city) square by Jenny Williams p50. Theatrum Urbis: Melbourne's street processions by Andrew May p64 (civic p69, loyalty and royalty p73, funerals p76). 'The garden city of a garden state': Melbourne in the 1934 centennial celebrations by Vikki Plant p86. Melbourne's public gardens: a family tree by Georgina Whitehead p101. 'The sanitary defence': housing, disease and health administration by Paul Hicks p118. Cleansing the city streets: a photo essay p138. Cleansing the great unwashed: Melbourne City Baths by Jennifer Bailey p141. A search for identity: Carlton's history, Carlton's residents (Carlton) by Patricia Grimshaw and Katie Holmes p154. Melbourne that might have been: past visions of the future city by Graeme Davidson p168 (Melbourne as it is, and as it ought to be (1850) p173, A fifty year plan for Melbourne (1935) by Frank Stapley p178, Melbourne 2001 AD (1969) by Robin Boyd p182).
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