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Main Title: Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies: the Genealogist 1983 - 1999
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Subject: Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies
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Vol.4 no.1 MARCH 1983: Edith Onians: pioneer of child social welfare in Victoria / John Ramsland p3.

Vol.4 no.2 JUNE 1983: John Simkin with Valerie Ross, winner of the 1982 Alexander Henderson Award; Jon Martindale with Anne Harvey, winner of the 1982 President’s Award (photos, front cover). Relatively speaking [charts] / Neil Chick p47. The Gordon cemeteries [Gordon Cemetery, Vic.] / Peter Hinksman p53. The Ferntree Gully Cemetery p54. Birth, death and marriage certificates in Australia / Faye Young and Don Harris p55. AGRA (Association of Genealogists and Record Agents) p61. Wicking family reunion p69. Shennan family reunion p69.

Vol.4 no.3 SEPTEMBER 1983: Ancestors, environment and events / T.R. Grigg p89. Quarantine / Irene Watson p91. A genealogy of ideas: a study of the dissemination of ideas through academics in the field of psychology / Phil Brotchie p92. Warrnambool pioneers [an Honour Board and Edward Alexander Vidler] / Tom Chalkley p94. Townlands [in Ireland] p99. The poor widow woman [Widow Lance, formerly of Yackandandah, now of Braidwood, NSW (1863)] / Jean Uhl p100. Ballade of four Neal men [poetry] / Betty Jane Simpson p102. The Hebrides Islands, Scotland / Ron Cumming p103. The first Wicking family reunion p109. Philip family reunion p110.

Vol.4 no.4 DECEMBER 1983: Charles Edward Taylor, circa 1895, full mess uniform, Richmond River Lancers (photo, front cover). Charles Edward Taylor: a memoir of a country schoolmaster [Richmond River, NSW] / John Ramsland p119. Dunolly pioneers / Trevor Williams p125. Williamstown Cemetery / Graeme MacGill p127. Ticino and Valtellina / Joseph Gentilli p129. Gleeson family reunion p146. Brooker reunion p146.

Vol.4 no.5 MARCH 1984: Child welfare institutions in Victoria / Bob Flavell p149. The first decade [of the Institute of Genealogical Studies] p154. Pioneers of Victoria: index to the portraits of the explorers and early colonists of Victoria (known as Chuck’s Portraits) / compiled by Anthony P. Martin p159. Brooker family reunion p166. Hawkes reunion p166.

Vol.4 no.6 JUNE 1984: Award winners Mardi Carroll and Lois Comeadow (photo, front cover). Records and history of the Post Office in Victoria [postal services] / John Waghorn p183. Maryborough (Vic.) pioneers [this collection of photographs was compiled by C. Farr in 1904] p189. Lutheran School, East Melbourne / Fay Johnson p193. Honorary life members: Ivy Matthews; Helen (Doxford) Harris p196. Early post office names p202. Booth / Oliver / Hayward / Smith / Spencer / Currie / Cumming / O’Toole family reunion p205. Philip family gathering p205. Timbs family p206. Dianne Reilly presenting award to Helen Colliver (photo) p208. Guest speaker Dr Lloyd Robson (photo) p208. Jon Martindale with Mardi Carroll p208.

Vol.4 no.7 SEPTEMBER 1984: Tracing our Celto-Saxon roots / Mrs C. Murray p222. The Sinclair clan [family]: a brief genealogical history / Phil Brotchie p233. History and good old fashioned ideas [local historical societies] / Robert Ashley p237.

Vol.4 no.8 DECEMBER 1984: Petitions / Ros Shennan p255. Our invisible ancestors [Avoca Cemetery] / Helen Harris p257. Children at Eureka Stockade / Fay Johnson p259. Ancient goblets of John Pascoe Fawkner / Jean Uhl p261. The case of William Nicholson or how to be hopelessly sidetracked! / Helen Harris p264. A Rose by any other name / Lesley Mullins p266. The family reunion: breathing life into the family tree / Lesley J. Morton p267. A letter home [by John Gaitskell to his brother James, 22 years after he left home to travel to Australia with his cousin John, Sandhurst, 22 Dec. 1879] p270. Martin family reunion p278. Marsh / Edwards reunion p278. Prescott reunion p279. Representatives of the computer meeting in Sydney (photo): Nick Vine Hall, Peter Statten, Andrew Clark, Mike Freestone, Brian Young, Neil Chick, Dom Meadley, Terry Perrott, Jan Worthington, Dale Johns p284. Richmond Villa, H.Q. of the Society of Australian Genealogists (photo) p284.

Vol.4 no.9 MARCH 1985: The world of Columbus and the Age of Orwell [Schumacher / Shoemaker family] / Ken Dawson p291. Australian servicemen: Memorial, Ottawa, Canada p293. Devonians resident in Australia [immigrants from the County of Devon] / Ian Wakeling p295. The Catholic Diocesan Historical Commission / Monica Starke p297. Family reunions: Redpath p300. Indexes and indexing / Helen Harris p303. Reunion: back to Homebush p308. A pictorial record 1839-1939: your family's photographs are Australia's heritage p309.

Vol.4 no.10 JUNE 1985: Research in Scotland / Ros Shennan p325. Family reunions: Martin; Delbridge p328. Police stations and police / Jean Uhl p329. The mystery photographer at Williamstown [Frederick Wade, Elizabeth (nee Ellis), 83 Dover Road, North Williamstown] / Gordon N. Miller p339.

Vol.4 no.11 SEPTEMBER 1985: The wreck of the S.S. London (ship) / Helen Harris p359. Jon Martindale: honorary life member p367. A pioneer's story [Mrs Louisa Humphreys] p369. The Lorna Banfield collection p380. Family reunions: Marsh; Martin; Withers p382.

Vol.4 no.12 DECEMBER 1985: Catholic pioneers of Brighton / Fay Johnson p395. The Victoria Police Historical Society / Jean Uhl p405. Family reunions: Roscoe (Ruscoe); William Austin and Catherine M. Aloya Barnes p407-8. Children at State School 618, Koroit, Victoria in 1893 (student roll) / Jean Uhl p420.

Vol.5 no.1 MARCH 1986: The bark hut, Aireys Inlet p2. Indexes to Victoria's pre-1896 birth, death and marriage records / Dom Meadley p3. Family reunions: Delbridge; Martin p6. Basic documentary sources for genealogy in England and Wales / Ian Wakeling p7. The Free Church of England / Betty Donaldson p11.

Vol.5 no.2 JUNE 1986: Victorian telephone directories: a neglected source / Phil Brotchie p41. Koorooman State School / Peter Hinksman p45. The Hann families of the Blackmore Vale p49. Clan Fergusson Society p50. Old ordnance survey maps p51. Directory for Oakleigh 1868 p53. Family reunions: William Abel and Mary Ann Morey; Soderblom p55. Lloyd's marine collection p59.

Vol.5 no.3 SEPTEMBER 1986: South Australian family history research: resources available in Melbourne libraries / Graham J. Field p77. Cemetery records: an observation p81. South Australian family history research: some experiences and results / Jeanne Whitney p83. First ships in South Australia p86. Family reunions: Stinson; Crebbin; Branson-Donelly; Mackenzie-Grant; O'Loughlin; Roscoe-Ruscoe p94-5. Samuel East: a colonist of South Australia 1836 p96.

Vol.5 no.4 DECEMBER 1986: Samuel Smith (born 1844) p111. Names of pupils at Lower Cape Bridgewater School no. 32 circa 1873-4 and 1883 p116. Tipperary Heritage Unit / Lucille V. Andel p117. Family reunions: Maher; Crowe-Sinnott-Smith; Withers p120.

Vol.5 no.5 MARCH 1987: John See, the first Premier of the state of New South Wales / John Ramsland p147. Birth, death and marriage indexes for England and Wales 1866-1900 p151. Family reunions: Marriott; Crebbin; McKenzie-Grant; Redpath p161-2. Vale: Tom Chalkley p163. Belfast Gazette / Tom Newton p172.

Vol.5 no.6 JUNE 1987: Tracing my Scottish line / Faye Guthrie p185. John Fitzgerald Uniacke 1798-1825 / Bruce Smith p191. Loss of the S.S. Waratah (ship) / Bruce Smith p200. Family reunion: Prendergast-Pendergast p207.

Vol.5 no.7 SEPTEMBER 1987: Would the real Richard Wicking please stand up / H. Lewis Wicking p217. William Wynter c.1786-1853 / Ian McDonell p223. The Guinness Church in Melbourne [Christ Church South Yarra] / Bill Coffey p225. Victoria Artillery Regiment nominal roll 1857 p227. Family reunions: Murray; Donald and Janet McRae p238.

Vol.5 no.8 DECEMBER 1987: Some men of Eureka / Helen Smith p249. What's in a name? / Ros Shennan p253. Pennyweight Flat (Children's) Cemetery: proved and possible burials 1852-1857 p256. Family reunions: John and Fanny Trebilcock; Lewis; Mackenzie; Charles Radnell and Sarah Pain p276-7.

Vol.5 no.9 MARCH 1988: Methodology and research techniques for the family historian / Geoffrey Burkhardt p281. A phantom Videon / Barry Videon p289. Southwell family in 1788 / Mary Southwell p291. Caring for your records part 1 / Felicity Martin p293. The tithe applotment books of Ireland and ordnance maps with reference to Griffith's Valuation / Kate Press p297. A letter to America [Canada]: Robert Kelly 1856, from Campbells Creek p301. Family reunions: Thomas Farr and Robina Morrison; David and Janet Bowman p309.

Vol.5 no.10 JUNE 1988: British immigration to Victoria resource kit p312. Caring for your records part 2 / Felicity Martin p313. Reunion: Colcott p314. Nominal roll of pilots holding licences from the Pilot Board from the 1st September 1855 to the 31 August 1856 p315. The occupational-professional context of our ancestors: methodology and research techniques part 2 / Geoffrey Burkhardt p317. St Catherine's House indexes 1837-1900 / Denise Roberts p327. Yatala Gaol [Adelaide, SA] 1866-1899 / Jill Statton p333.

Vol.5 no.11 SEPTEMBER 1988: Integrating sequence and sources: methodology and research techniques part 3 / Geoffrey Burkhardt p351. Adoption in South Australia / Jill Statton p361. Vale: Barry Fox p362. South Australian family history research / Graham J. Field p366. Cremation memorials: expiry of tenure p367.

Vol.5 no.12 DECEMBER 1988: Phillip Devine (alias of Thomas Hilton Tennant) / Bruce Smith p384. The utility of your genealogical records / Geoffrey Burkhardt p385. Alexander Henderson FGSV p392. Family reunions: William Bush and Charlotte Hunt; Rider-Parkin p396.

Vol.6 no.1 MARCH 1989: Passenger lists for ships from overseas ports to Victoria / Sue McBeth. Sailing: a voyage through the archives [information to be found at the State Library of Victoria] / Fay Johnson p6. In port [Colonial Secretary’s Office correspondence records to do with shipping] / H.D. Harris p9. Family reunions: Roberts; Ludeman; Waubra-Addington-Glen Brae p14. Victorian police gazettes p23.

Vol.6 no.2 JUNE 1989: The ‘Great Britain’ (ship). The captains [Barnard Robert Mathews; John Gray] / Helen Harris p37. The surgeon [Andrew Alexander] p40. The crew / Shirley Vivian p41. Passengers [extracts from the reminiscences of Thomas Murray Park 1852] p41. Voyage of the ‘Great Britain’, Liverpool to Melbourne, 19th March – 14th May 1870: extracts from the diary of Elizabeth Joseph p44. Listing of passengers who embarked Melbourne and Sydney for the first voyage from Australia to Liverpool, 3rd January 1853 p47. Resources on the ‘Great Britain’ in the State Library of Victoria / Frances Brown p51. Mr Lawson, suicide on ‘Great Britain’ 1869 p53. The 1861 voyage / Ros Shennan p54. Reunion: Davis / Davies p66.

Vol.6 no.3 SEPTEMBER 1989: Women teachers in the colony of Victoria pre 1860 / Cheryl Griffin p75. South Australian records relating to women: insolvency / Jill Statton p79. Female immigrants: alphabetical return of the disposal of the free female immigrants, per 'Strathfieldsaye' to Van Diemen's Land, 16 August to 22 September 1834 (list) p80. Harriet Elphinstone Dick: unsung pioneer / H.D. Harris p87. Family reunions: Blanch / Mortimer / Butler; Cowie; Trewin p99.

Vol.6 no.4 DECEMBER 1989: The printer's devil in the 1880s [printer's apprentice] / Ada Ackerly p113. Researching children at the State Library of Victoria / Frances Brown p115. Dr Barnardo's Homes / Lyndall Eeg p117. Drowning tragedy [Albert Barningham, aged 13, Brunswick 1893] p118. Old Victorian school days [various people reminisce] p118. The children left behind [by convicts] / Irene E. Johnson p123. Industrial school registers / Jenny Carter p125. An early boarding school p126. Return of children who have left the Geelong Protestant Orphan Asylum since its establishment in 1855 [list] p128. Robert John Redmond / Laurice Cross p131.

Vol.6 no.5 MARCH 1990: Sources of police history held by the Victoria Police Historical Unit / Gary Presland p153. Victoria Police Historical Society / Sara J. Harris p155. John Hanniver / Cherie Mackinnon p155. John Fawcett (Constable no. 1552) / Anne Wallis p156. Walter Currie no. 4667 / Jenny Carter p157. South Australian police research / Graham J. Field p159. Police records in South Australia / Jill Statton p160. Strays, in more than one sense [missing friends in police gazettes] / Jill Statton p161. New Zealand police records / Helen D. Harris p163. New Zealand volunteers / Yvonne Fitzmaurice p163. The Northern Territory Police / Lawrie Debnam p164. Newspapers in the State Library of Victoria / Frances Brown p166. The quality of research / Dom Meadley p169. Australasian Association of Genealogists and Record Agents / Ettie Pullman p170. Family reunions: William Henry Bickley and Mary Toomey; Baudinet / Baudinette; Dunn; John and Elizabeth Brisbane (nee Leckie); p178.

Vol.6 no.6 JUNE 1990: Wiltshire Emigration Association / Kate Press p185. Axel Hugo Wahlqvist: Australia's Karl Oscar? / Prof. Mark L. Wahlqvist p188. The search for Michael Morton / Ken Morton p196. The drunken Captain and the irate passenger [Joseph Marriott] / Helen Doxford Harris p199. 'Eagle' [ship] voyage 1851 / Lucille Van Andel p200. The value of a head of hair [Henry Field, Captain Robert Tucker, 'Chatsworth' (ship), 1864] / Betty Beavis p201. Klondike adventure: Abel and Richard Kay / Anne Wallis p202. Family reunions: Dunn; Noack / Hondow / Schmidt p204. The transcribing of foreign inwards passenger lists from 1852 / Ada Ackerly p205. Letter from Henry Holmes 1849 p208. Were your ancestors German? p210. Hazelwood Cemetery / John Kyd p211.

Vol.6 no.7 SEPTEMBER 1990: Women in Australia: a case of historical inequity / Phil Brotchie p229. Vale: Joan Irene Meadley (nee Power) p231. The average woman / Jenny Carter p231. A sidelight of the Ned Kelly siege [Mrs Reardon] / Bill Coffey p232. Great Grandma had loose elastic [Fanny Dibben, Ellen Gardner, baby farming, Prahran] / Russell Brown p233. Destitute females in South Australia in 1867 / Jill Statton p237. Survival by marriage? [Janet Elizabeth Quinn / Quin / Brewster, De Silva] / Robyn Mayle p240. Nelly: Ellen Maude Fraser, formerly Leahy, nee Ashenden 1850-1935 / Nancye Kent Perry p241. Women in early South Australia / Jill Statton p245. Family reunions: Fanshaw / Fanshawes; Carr p257.

Vol.6 no.8 DECEMBER 1990: The visit of Prince Alfred to the colonies p273. The Duke's visit to Bendigo (Sandhurst) / Sara J. Harris p274. The prince in Victoria: an overview p276. Prince Alfred, the Duke of Edinburgh: visit to Geelong 1867 / Shirley Costello p277. The O'Farrell connection [attempt made by H.J. O'Farrell on Prince Alfred's life] / Clare and Gerard J. Drummond p280. Labour Historical Graves Committee [James Galloway grave restoration] p285. Family reunions: Muntz; Pilcock; Foulkes p292. Census taking in the 19th century / Gordon Roberts p293.

Vol.6 no.9 MARCH 1991: Sources for research into Maori genealogy / Jane McRae p311. Sources for tracing family history in New Zealand / Anne Bromell p315. The National Library of New Zealand and the Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington / Janet Horncy p317. NZ shipping records / Verna Mossong p318. Hocken Library, University of Otago, Dunedin / p321. NZ adoption law p322. NZ land records p322. NZ microfiche p324. New Zealand records in the State Library of Victoria / Frances Brown p333. The Archives Office of New South Wales [NZ records] / Richard Gore p335. NZ records in the Archives Office of Tasmania / Ian Pearce p337. Family reunions: Mackenzie / McKenzie; Gregson-Lumsden p341.

Vol.6 no.10 JUNE 1991: A musical dynasty: genealogy of the Bach family / P.E. Brotchie p349. The squatters p350. The selector p351. Land transactions in Queensland p352. Western Australian land records p352. Land records in NSW / Nick Vine Hall p353. General law land records in Victoria / Wendy Baker p354. He came to Gippsland [Francis Goodwill] / June Harvey p357. Estates and urban land searches / Kate Press p359. Settling an ancestor [Richard Robins] / Olive Moore p361. South Australian land records / Andrew G. Peake p363. Tasmanian land records / John Marrison p366. Squatting: a study / Marie Boyce p369. The ghosts of Amherst [Cemetery] / Rita Hull p371. Reminiscences of a genealogical tourist [Wimble family, Lewes] / Lyndon Arnold p372. Hampshire machine breakers: the story of the 1830s riots / J. Chambers p374. What an agreement! [marriage, Luttrell and Wyndham families of Norfolk] / Val Date p375. Paper links with the past / Marion Holding p376. Victorian pioneers index p377. Transport is relatively new! / Kate Press p378. Family reunions: Bell; Libby; Hill; Underwood; MacNicol; Mackenzie p383-4.

Vol.6 no.11 SEPTEMBER 1991: Tracks to the past [transport] / Cheryl Griffin p393. Will there be a channel tunnel? [between England and France] / Arthur Gaunt 1934 p394. The early roads of Victoria: an outline history 1844-1853 [David Lennox] / Peter F.B. Alsop p395. Who was Great-Grandpa? / Yvonne Fitzmaurice p399. The Victorian England cemetery p400. Railways in the 19th century / Jenny Carter p402. The Lowden index of Kilmore p406. Travel in Ireland p407. Melbourne's early trams / Robert Green p408. The history of trams in England / Craig Tooke p411. Life on the ocean wave [diary of William Baragwanath on voyage of the ship 'Lincluden Castle' 1854] / Melanie Nevill and Beryl Nevill p413. Railway employee records in South Australia p416. How did they get here?: shipping / Wendy Baker p417. Family reunions: David and Rebecca Sefton; James and Julia Timmins; Mardling; Crabbe / Long p427-8.

Vol.6 no.12 DECEMBER 1991: Boyd's Marriage Index [England] / Jenny Carter p437. Found - the foundlings: St Pancras Foundling Hospital / Eric E. Panther p438. Benjamin Southey p438. Jane Patch [Charlotte Barratt] p439. HMCSS Victoria [ship0 and the first Taranaki War, 1860-61 / Ian MacFarlane p441. Joseph Chidley Cordell, river pilot / Karyen Cherrett-Jones p445. The picture collection at the La Trobe Library / Elizabeth Richmond p447. The Albion Hotel [Dandenong]: when was it built? / James R. Bates p450. Society of Genealogists' Library, London / Graham Field p453. Archives Office of New South Wales p454. National Maritime Museum p454. The Australian Archives / Les Wehsack and Pip Cole p455. The history of parishes / Caitlin O'Seighin p457. St Catherine's House index / Jenny Carter p458. Family reunions: Mardling; Hart / Edwards / Berry; Conway; Lillywhite p470.

Vol.7 no.1 MARCH 1992: Genealogy and BBS'ing [Bulletin Boards] / Lauren Thomson p3. Ladies' bathing dresses p4. The bathing machine / Anne Tosolini p7. Grim realities [health, disease, child mortality in early Victoria] / Phillip E. Brotchie p9. Report from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages in Victoria [history of the 'Victorian Pioneers Index' database] / John Scarce p11. The origin of parishes p16. Steavenson Falls, Marysville: Sunday 11 June 1866 / Phillip E. Brotchie p18. Grandfather was a schoolmaster [John Chambers] / Judith Prasard p19. A venture of faith: London to Western Australia [Rev. Robert Elliott 1855-1920] / Muriel R. Lambourne p21. Village ceremony in Kent: the Biddenden Maids Charity / W. Coles Finch p23. Archies Creek State School no. 3135 (Westernport Times 1896) p27.

Vol.7 no.2 JUNE 1992: Eureka / Justin McCartie, edited by Carolann Thomson p48. The Victorian Army 1854-1900 / Ron Austin p53. Prince of Wales Volunteer Light Horse [Solomon Cox c1863 (photo)] p54. Deserters and settlers [soldiers] / Peter L. Cox p55. Divorce and matrimonial causes jurisdiction [W.H. Terry, bookseller, Russell Street, cruelty by his wife] p57. Recollections of the 40th [Regiment of Foot] / Peter L. Cox p58. First railway in Gippsland p60. The Female Factory [Parramatta] p61. Lost ancestors in Rio de Janeiro? / Jason Epstein p61. 'As rough as bags' a guide to the use of a unit history as a research tool / Ron Austin p62. Military correspondence files p63. The Argus summary for Europe [of deaths in charitable institutions 15 April 1878] p66. Dating family photos [Susan Cousins c1856 (photo)] p70.Place names: St Arnaud p71. Mailbag: Bankers Daughter (ship); Daisy Hill location; Boyd's Marriage Index; research in South Africa p72-3. Military records at the Public Record Office / Ian MacFarlane p75. Ask Jenny: marriages in Gretna Green; Maundy money; watermen and lightermen; Archibald Turnbull; Walter Henry Walters, ministerial records, carpenters; William Gay, Avoca, Tas. p77-9. How to trace your military ancestors in the State Library of Victoria / Frances Brown p80. Members queries compiled by Helen Young: Kemp / Enright; Hicks / Reed; McCulloch; Boyne / Plant; Elphick / Friend / Gribble / McNanley / Watson; O'Brien / Mortimore; Porter / O'Brien; Edmonds / New; Booth; Garrard; Duthie; Nicolson; Hudson; Johnson; Ross; Garrick; Wilson / Wallace / Pratt; Austin / Wilson; Erlandson / Gray / Austin p82-3.

Vol.7 no.3 SEPTEMBER 1992: The remarkable 'Brothers Keeper' [genealogy software] / Lauren Thomson p91. A guide to genealogical sources at Caloola: from Sunbury Asylum to Caloola Training Centre / Carl Temple p92. Obituaries 1882-3 from the Australian Year Book p96. Emigration of Scottish hand loom weavers [1853 petition, village of Alva] / Lucille Van Andel p97. Researching in Gippsland / Linda Barraclough and Debra Squires p99. The marriage certificate p100. Bill of Divorce p101. English census records / Jenny Carter p102. Street indexes p103. Wedding: Bailey-McCoy at Tarcombe 1887 p103. Calico printing, Lennoxtown, Campsie, Scotland 1861 / Jim McVittie p104. Where did they go?: information from the 1851 census on migration within England and Wales [migration between counties, esp. Devon and Cornwall] / Terry Grigg p106. Warrnambool area report p108. Family reunions: Wilson; Hubble; Street; Redfern p109. Frederick Crofts (miner), his wife, Mary Ann (nee Tickell) and children in front garden of their home in Wandiligong c.1900 (photo) p109. Focus by Anne Jones: Picton Catholic Church; Lindfield / Linfield one name group; Hyde Park Barracks p110. Dating family photographs: children's clothes / Lenore Frost p112. Warrnambool place names: Allansford, Burrells Flat, Bushfield, Cooranook, Dennington, Framlingham, Grasmere, Illowa, Mailors Flat, Southern Cross, Wangoom, Woodford, Yangery p112. Letters: Northamptonshire; Thiseltonss family; Charles Howard; Witchell family; Evans / Harmer / Long / Taylor p114. Alexander Henderson Award p116. Koori [aboriginal] and Chinese genealogy: an initial exploration / Ian MacFarlane p120. An appreciation: Patricia Enid Faulkes p121. Rare books on microfiche in the State Library of Victoria / Frances Brown p125.

Vol.7 no.4 DECEMBER 1992: Accessing the Victorian Pioneers Index on CD-ROM / Lauren Thomson p135. The unresearched hand-maiden: inter-colonial shipping and passenger records / Marten Syme p136. Wool weights: relics of a great industry [wool industry in England] / Ernest Morris p139. The Fellmongers: gone and forgotten / George R. Hunter p140. Tithe barns p140. Clockmakers and watchmakers / Susan Ross p141. Merry Christmas / Cait O'Seighan p142. Naval ancestors / Ted Wildy p144. The search for origins: experiences in family and local research [Taree, Manning River Valley, William Wynter, Wynter family] / Ian McDonell p146. Origin of the Robinson family name in Ireland p149. Gravestone cleaning p150. Pioneer portraits [Bess Haslam (nee Austin) (photo)] p151. 1841 census indexing project England and Wales / Sue McBeth p153. Focus by Ann Jones: St John's Cemetery, NSW; Glassmakers and allied trades index 1600-1900 p154. Letters: Zelley surname; Sagamaker's Bottom Knocker p156. New South Wales pioneers index p158. Life and death during the gold rush [accidents, disease, illness, deaths on gold fields] / Ian MacFarlane p160. Notes from the SLV [Harrold family of Kilmeedy, Limerick, Ireland] / Frances Brown p165.

Vol.7 no.5 MARCH 1993: The wonderful world of bulletin boards (and off-line readers) / Lauren Thomson p179. Why did our relatives emigrate? / Margaret Harris p180. No option but to emigrate: emigration from the Cotswolds [Nailsworth] / Elaine Sullivan p186. Victorian land records: brief historical survey and location guide for genealogists / Des Regan p187. Land records held by the Institute [AIGS] / Olive Moore p191. A non-boring family history / Hazel Edwards p192. Pioneer portraits: A. Haslam; G.D. Edwards; W.R. Grierson [St Arnaud] p195. The May Day Festival p196. Grain amongst the chaff [marine births and deaths] / John Scarce p197. Good books for Victorian history / Frances Brown p199. Dating family photos: women 1870-79 / Lenore Frost p202. Yackandandah / Patricia Lawson p202. Missing friends and humble petitioners [police reports, Tunney, Ferguson, Arbuckle, White] / Ian MacFarlane p207. A visit to Salt Lake City 1992 / Jenny Carter p211.

Vol.7 no.6 JUNE 1993: Computer magazines for the genealogist p223. Research into English wills / Jenny Carter p224. Funeral director's records for Warrnambool / Marie Boyce p230. Catholic ancestors / Michael Gandy p231. Tombstone [birthdate formula] p237. Society in Australia [Melbourne at the height of the gold rush] p238. Armistice in the Middle East 1918 / Lynda Reid p240. Volunteer fire brigades / Ada Ackerly p241. State Library of Victoria: shipping / Frances Brown p243. The Federation index 1889-1913 p246. Dating family photographs / Lenore Frost p247. Probate and administration records Victoria 1841-1992 / Jo Ferguson p249. Pioneer education: pupils and teachers in the 1840s / Ian MacFarlane p253.

Vol.7 no.7 SEPTEMBER 1993: He hanged Ned Kelly [Elijah Upjohn] / Ian MacFarlane p269. Married in gay Paris / Jill Statton p272. Melbourne General Cemetery / Jo Ferguson p274. The Swing Riots of 1830 p279. The tithes of Ireland p280. Pioneer portraits: Fayle family, Richmond p281. Session records of the Church of Scotland p282. The Federation index 1889-1913 and commemorative birth certificates p290. Dating family photographs / Lenore Frost p291. Chiltern - north eastern Victoria / Patricia Lawson p298.

Vol.7 no.8 DECEMBER 1993: Research sources in South Africa / Ann Shuttleworth p312. Better late than never [James Plumridge family] p314. The chance of a lifetime [Bretag family] / Margaret Hookey p315. Pioneer portraits: Leonard and Collman families, Glen Wills c1905 p321. Child of convicts: Elizabeth Fowler-Presnell-Robinson-Chapman / Ian G. Scott p322. Cemeteries in Victoria / Celestina Sagazio p325. Dating family photographs: men 1860-69 / Lenore Frost p332. A shipboard teacher [David Shelden] / Ada Ackerly p333. Revealing letters from lobbyists / Ian MacFarlane p334. Centenary of Tyabb State School no. 3129 / Eric Unthank p338. Aunty's house [McCully Street, Ascot Vale] / Jenny Weiner p344.

Vol.7 no.9 MARCH 1994: The deserted villages around Rathkeale [Ireland] / Pat Coleman p356. The criminal of the century: the story of Frederick Bayley Deeming / Fiona Ross and Marion Renehan p359. Daniel Conrick / Ada Ackerly p362. Where is David Hall? (born 1817) / Wendy Baker p363. Pioneer portraits: Isobel Irvine, Cowwarr; Elizabeth Veronica Fennessy, Castlemaine p365. Jim Crow Diggings [Alex Webb] p366. Stavely family / Pearl Collins p367. Irish orphans / Ada Ackerly p368. Family photographs: Janet Baird (nee McCrone) 1804-1856 p376. History in church registers / Eric Unthank p377. A treasury of useful information [The Treasurer's inward correspondence] / Ian MacFarlane p378. Scrub Hill centenary [Dean, Vic.] / Katrine Kelly p382. Where the heck is Cobb? / Henry Edwards p392.

Vol.7 no.10 JUNE 1994: Francis Gates Pearson, otherwise known as Frank Gerald, actor / Beatrix Walsh p400. Flora MacDonald p406. Ordnance survey town maps [UK] / Marie Morden p407. The library of the Royal Historical Society of Victoria / Judith Bliszta p408. A statistical whopper! [multiplication of ancestors] / John Hollenhurst p423. Family photographs: Ruth Tenny (born 1851/2), St Arnaud p420. The Duff family / Betty Siede p421. Archival illustrations [portraits] / Ian MacFarlane p422. Ancient crafts of Buckinghamshire / E. Davies p429. 'Lady Emma': an early Australian coastal trading ship / Kenly Simpson p430. Melbourne tailoresses' strike 1882-3 / Lenore Frost p431. My heart is breaking [aboriginal records] / Ada Ackerly p440.

Vol.7 no.11 SEPTEMBER 1994: Family history research in Angus and Fife / Betty Keay p449. Three reformatory girls [Caroline Schnellback, Amelia Beatt, Rebecca Scanlon] / Jenny Carter p450. Is it in my family? [pre-eclampsia] / Madonna Grehan p453. Pioneer portraits: Alma Blackmore c1930, Sulky Gully, near Ballarat p454. Nurse 'Mac' McClelland [born Alexandria Wibberley] p455. The remittance man: Alfred Worsley Montagu, alias the Honourable Dogo Montagu / Beatrix Walsh p456. How I wish I had ancestors from Shropshire! ['The history of Myddle' by Richard Gough] / Noelene Goodwin p459. Postscript to Mr James Plumridge p460. Lottie's voyage to Australia [Lottie Barfield] / Carolann Thomson p461. Pioneer people and places: Tarnagulla p468. Shipping locomotives in the clipper days p469. Arrests at Eureka / Ian MacFarlane p470. Bog trotters p471. Elijah Upjohn: Ned Kelly's hangman / Justin Corfield p485.

Vol.7 no.12 DECEMBER 1994: Poor laws and paupers / Eric Unthank p494. The Barfield punch bowl [autobiography] / Lottie Barfield 1900-1989 p496. With intent to murder?: John Robert Hassett / Laurice Cross p499. The highland crofters of Lorgill / Fiona McKay p501. Pioneer portraits: Janet Pollock p501. Have you lost Agnes Peddie? / Kathryn P. MacKinnon p502. Pioneer people and places: George Henry Greenwood and his wife Mary Maria (nee Howell), Brighton, c1920 p514. Ringing the bells / Arthur Gaunt p515. Retracing the Eureka story / Ian MacFarlane p516. An Australian childhood [Monty Maitland and Ruth Wallace; Alfred Worsley Montagu, Ruthie Wallace] / Beatrix Walsh p520.

Vol.8 no.1 MARCH 1995: Liverpool packets and clippers to Australia / Adrian John Snelson p6. Lloyd's Shipping history p10. Was your ancestor a shell-back? [sailors] / Estelle Phillips p14. From Hamburg to Queensland 1873: 'Alardus' (ship) p15. Pioneer portraits: William Edward Cheston and Henrietta Mary Elizabeth (nee Harmon) p15. Without let or hindrance: the story of passports p20. Who was cousin Annie Wilks? / Noelene Goodwin p24. The Port of London p25. Harefield Cemetery [Middlesex] p25. Some goldfields identities / Ian MacFarlane p30.

Vol.8 no.2 JUNE 1995: A Chinese odyssey: the life and times of Faith Viloudaki (nee Box) / Philip Brotchie p52. Researching Chinese ancestors: some issues / Morag Loh p56. Tale of two convicts [Thomas Kite, James Rue] / Patricia M. Eade p58. A pardon for John Parsons [convict] p62. Pioneer portraits: James Brown p63. The tale of Marion Wallace (alias Minna Myra) and her daughter Ruth / Beatrix Walsh p66. Pioneer people: Emily Jane Austin (nee Cox), Ross Creek p74. Family reunion: Henry and Emily Luxford p85.

Vol.8 no.3 SEPTEMBER 1995: Germans in Victoria in the second half of the 19th century / Walter Struve p100. German immigrants to Port Phillip 1849-50 / Faye Guthrie p105. Portland in the 1850s / Tom Newton p108. The Royal Mail and sailing ships / Frank Farr p110. Cawdortown [Northcote] p110. Competition for land at Sailors Creek / W.R. Phillips p113. Glen Iris p113. Knox Historical Society / Glen Turnbull p122. Census as a genealogical tool / Ian MacFarlane p132. Spotlight on Bendigo p133.

Vol.8 no.4 DECEMBER 1995: In search of my French connection: Gillman, Guillemin, Guilemin, Guillemain, Gilmour p148. Log of the Marie Louise (ship) p149. St Malo: city of pirates p150. Harry Mawby, 6th Brigade, 22nd Battalion p152. Mount Erica comes of age: Packington Street, Prahran 1850-1895 [Robert Williams Pohlman; the Mount Erica subdivisions 1851-63; Louis Henry Le Plastrier; Richard Robarts Cross; Paddington Street; William Francis Bidey; Standard Mutual Building Society; James Bear] p156. Pioneer portraits: Margaret Shine [later Mrs James McInerney and Kathleen Shine [later Mrs William McGovern] p159. On the trail of Dorset farming ancestors [Rabbetts family] p162. The fateful tale of Sweet Fanny Adams p167. The story of Old Tallangatta p170. The origin of guilds p172. The blue books of colonial Victoria [statistics] p178.

Vol.8 no.5 MARCH 1996: Children’s registers p198. Passengers per Anglesea (ship) 1859 p200. Neale family of Wootton Rivers and Burbage, Wiltshire 1617- p202. Killed in action – Eureka [Martin Diamond; Private William Webb; Thaddeus Moore] p209. Mont de Lancey and the early pioneers of Wandin p216. Early Melbourne markets p224.

Vol.8 no.6 JUNE 1996: Sir Goldsworthy Gurney: the steam carriage pioneer p245. Thomas Frank and Danby Lodge [North Yorkshire] p246. Lance-Sergeant Robert Henry Catterson p250. Military pensioners ex HM Forces enrolled for service in Van Diemen’s Land and Victoria p254. Educational records [Victoria] p258. Ferntree Gully Cemetery p264. Pioneer portraits: Picnic at St Arnaud c1880, sitting on the left is Miss Eva Tenny p265. The insolvency of Patrick Prendergast p272. Richmond River District of New South Wales 1850-1910 [John C. Law; Charles E. Taylor; William W. Dixon; Martin J. Fitzhenry; Robert Rodgers; Herbert Moffitt; John J. Simes; Andrew Wotherspoon; Adam Davidson; William O. Harman; Frank Cashmore; Thomas Hamilton] p274. A school teacher in 19th century Victoria: the story of Edith Esther Brotchie p275.

Vol.8 no.7 SEPTEMBER 1996: Research in the Netherlands p291. When England was under sail [windmills] p292. Early history of Creswick Hospital p294. The importance of leaving a will: the story of Eric Mandl, Toorak millionaire p300. From the Old Bailey to ‘Mount Erica’, Prahran [James Bidey] p313. ‘Private persons’ correspondence in Public Record Office [Thomas Ham; George Ward Cole; George William Rusden; Eliza and Henry Matthews; Mrs Pillias and William Kinsman; Richard Blundell] p320. John Alexander (Jack) Brotchie at Gallipoli p322. The Cato Street conspiracy p325.

Vol.8 no.8 DECEMBER 1996: Family glaucoma history p339. Narrative of a voyage from Liverpool to Melbourne on the ‘Mermaid’ (ship) by John Glennon 1855-6 p340. William Prin: incarceration in fleet p342. Researching the elusive Miss Helen Hart p351. The Victorian Christmas p353. The mortuary train service to Fawkner p354. Pioneer portraits: John Bourke (born 1873), his wife Catherine (nee Hayes) (born 1871) and children p362. Aboriginal genealogy today p368. The Pettit family of Kingower p369. The life of Amy Frances Hustwick, Mrs Gerald, Mrs Blackborne and Mrs Galbraith p372.

Vol.8 no.9 MARCH 1997: Quakers and Quaker records p388. Grandmother said her father was French [Bastin family] p390. Where in the world was Alderton Snow? p393. Gold, sheep and castles in them thar Highlands [Sutherland] p394. Weather vanes p398. Pre-emptive grants in government townships p400. The men of Eureka p401. John Joseph Curtin (1885-1945): wartime Prime Minister p402. Guisborough Workhouse, Yorkshire p404. Coastal arrivals to Victoria p406. Pioneer portraits: the Automotive Engineering business, Press and Co. p412. Convicts on record p418. The finding of David Hall II [born Skaneateles, NY, USA, died Heathcote, Vic.] p422.

Vol.8 no.10 JUNE 1997: Education records p435. ‘Athlone’ (house), Mornington p436. The 40th Regiment at Moreton Bay p438. Residents along the Melbourne Road, Ballaarat [Ballarat] p444. Letters from Australia in the 1850s: Brighton Gazette, Sussex p446. Immigrants from Mallow, County Cork p448. Racing at Flemington 1897 p449. Mata Hari – a Scot? p450. Social history and family history coming together p451. The remote history of St Boniface and the Isle of Wight p452. Pioneer portraits: Farr or Edgar family? p454. The late melancholy case on board the ‘Shamrock’ (ship) 1847 [death of Nancy Robinson Roberts] p458. Pioneer portraits: Mrs Mary Mariah Greenwood (nee Howell), Bathsheba Howell (nee Shepherd), Amy Bathsheba Hogg (nee Howell) 1896 p460. Corporate adventures in Polynesia p466.

Vol.8 no.11 SEPTEMBER 1997: Understanding the VicGold database p483. English records for Irish family history p484. The India Office records p490. The McComb index to landholders in the Parish of Scoresby p498. Divorce records in the Public Record Office p499. Letters from Australia in the 1850s: Brighton Gazette, Sussex: continued p506. Le Var (racehorse) p509. Pioneer portraits: Henry McGuirk born 1846 p509.

Vol.8 no.12 DECEMBER 1997: Save historic Summerhill [Homestead at Somerton] p531. Early surveyors in Victoria: Smythe p532. Barnett family p535. The trials and tribulations of William John Speed [‘Derrinal’ near Heathcote] p538. Indexes to the Catholic Diocese of Auckland p542. The West Country metal mines [Cornwall] p543. What is an inquest? p547. Letter home from William Harvey, Ballarat 1875 p549. Mounted trooper: William John Beck p554. Licensed occupations in early Victoria p562. Bendigo (Sandhurst) Benevolent Asylum p563.

Vol.9 no.1 MARCH 1998: Tithe defaulter records for Ireland 1831 p6. The pitfalls of using newspapers as a primary source p9. Fabrics of the nineteenth century p10. Bayly family p12. Jewell family gathering p19. Birr Castle and the Great Telescope p20. Death of a drummer boy [John Egan, Ballarat] p28. Broadford Cemetery revisited p37. What was happening in Melbourne: November 1880 p44.

Vol.9 no.2 JUNE 1998: Market gardens and Merri Creek [Unthank family] p53. The perpetuity of the grave of John Emery [Bendigo] p56. Ingelfinger family p58. Ballarat and district research p60. Mary Whiteman, a Merri Creek pioneer (photo) p68. The fight for women’s rights p75. Remembering Surrey Hills war heroes p77. Farr family p85. Pioneer portraits: wedding photo of Catherine Pyvis (nee Small) p85.

Vol.9 no.3 SEPTEMBER 1998: Twins Isabella and Mary Jane Gunn, born Campbellfield, 1855 (photo, front cover). Mount Alexander to Geelong: a petition for an Escort [by James Strachan 1851] p101. Research in the civil cases of the Supreme Court [Janefer and Joseph Cook; John Dick; Jane Hall / Bunting; James and Anne Cavanagh; Mary Sawyer; William Turner and William Vaughan] p108. Camberwell in the early 1930s / Ian Scott p111. Vale: Marion Button p112. Laying the ghost of David Hall II [Heathcote] p113. Birmingham to Sydney on the ‘Cardigan Castle’ 1883 [diary of Mr W.H. Tinsley] p116. The approaching Boer War centenary p125. William J. Lambie (photo) p125. Lost and lonely graves in the Outback p127.

Vol.9 no.4 DECEMBER 1998: Olive Moore made life member p147. Unregistered births in Victoria p150. Wassailing p154. Index to Parliamentary papers for the Colony of Victoria p156. Edward Gibbon Wakefield p160. Pioneer portraits: Patrick Joseph Wolfe (1859) and Hannah Shine (1869) both from County Limerick and emigrated between 1884-90 p163. Winifred Nealis – an Irish orphan p166. Researching cemeteries p168. Anglo-Boer War addendum p173. Is your name Crotty? p176. Arthur Ranken Blackwood and his alleged bigamy p177. Reunions: Rowe-Kemp-Simpson; Radnell-Pain-Evans; James-Harris; McCormack; Sherlock p179.

Vol.9 no.5 MARCH 1999: Don Harris, Faye Guthrie, Dom Meadley, Peter Foard, Don Grant, Margaret Hookey and Jon Martindale (photo, front cover). A.I.G.S.: the first 25 years p198. Birmingham to Sydney on the ‘Cardigan Castle’ 1883: diary of W.H. Tinsley continued p199. An ancestor in the Great War [William Cowie Kean Wardrop] p204. A visit to the grave of Thomas Part on the Somme p206. Schooling family in wartime Malaya p208. The Families in British India Society p209. Pioneer portraits: Johann Gottlob and Caroline Schmidt (nee Petrass) p211. Protective Aunt Evelyn [Mills] / Graham Price p214. Boer War 8th Battalion p215. Victorian public servants in 1890 p219. The Education Department’s special case files from the Public Record Office p220. An historical fragment: letter from Matlock – Woods Point p228. Terrible hailstorm at Daylesford 1887 p229.

Vol.9 no.6 JUNE 1999: Jane Webb (nee Alves) born 1826 Bishopmill, Morayshire, Scotland, married Alexander James Webb (photo, front cover). Chronicles of a pioneer [John William Henry Austin, Sunbury] p246. Brighton, Sussex emigrants to Australia 1849 p252. Early policing – Ballarat [police] p256. Pioneer portraits: Alexander Robert Edgar, born 1850, County Tipperary, Ireland p258. Stretching the generations [Caldwell family] p260. Cemetery records for Golden Plains Shire p262. Vale: Max Helmore p263. Correspondence of the Health Commission of Victoria p268. Bridgland family p275. Raise the Cerberus p277.

Vol.9 no.7 SEPTEMBER 1999: Amelia Jane Rice, born 1818, Lambeth Hill, London [married Richard Simmons] (painted portrait, front cover). John [William Henry] Austin chronicles p294. Chinese collection offers family clues p299. A father’s grief [Hulm family] p304. A poem dedicated to John William Henry Austin p307. The voyage of the ‘Statesman’ [ship] 1852 p308. Pioneer portraits: Frederick Montgomery, born 1883, North Melbourne p314. The log books of HMCSS ‘Victoria’ [war steamer] p329.

Vol.9 no.8 DECEMBER 1999: Isaac Tarbit senior, born 1871, with his wife Jessie Jane Grosset, born 1873, their children Isaac Tarbit junior, born 1903, and Agnes Tarbit, born 1906. The photo was taken in Northumberland before they left for Australia in 1912 (cover photo). The Nabours was all on the ‘Figgit’ [letter from William Radnell, Nottingham to his brother Charles in Australia, 1862] p348. Sandhurst, Southport and South Australia [Margaret Jane Turner] / Eric Unthank p350. Born in Scotland – died in Australia: Australian death records in the Hawick Advertiser 1874-1890 p354. A silent part of history [Walli Bandekow] p356. The Usticks come unstuck! [Ustick family] p358. Pioneer portraits: Mary Maitland Wrigley (nee Sandford) 1888-1964 with her daughter Helen 1916-1999 p362. Melbourne’s Olympic Games p366. What disease is that? [diseases] p368. Santa in the archives? [Christmas] p376. Our convict ancestors working for freedom: the road across the Blue Mountains p377.
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