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Maldon (Vic.)
Vol.14 no.2 JULY 2013: The Royal Oaks / Tony Kane p1. Notable persons from the gold mining era: William Blair Gray / Jack Baxter p3.

Vol.14 no.4 NOVEMBER 2013: Early photographs of Maldon circa 1869 p1. Indexing the Tarrangower Times / Lesley Burgoyne p2. Obituary: Henry John Boreham 1900 p4. The curious case of Dr Archdall Edward Byrn / Susan Waldron p5. The 'new' Wesleyan Church 1863 / Tony Kane p7.

Vol.15 no.1 MARCH 2014: Extracts from the Tarrangower Times 1864 p2. Subritzky family / Susan Waldron p4.

Vol.15 no.2 JUNE 2014: Back to Maldon exhibition p1. Events between Feb and May 1880 from the Tarrangower Times p2. The industrial school system p5. Are you a descendant of the farmers in the Baringhup district 1852-90? p7.

Vol.15 no.3 SEPTEMBER 2014: Extracts from the Tarrangower Times 1864. Minilya Gardens open. Laying the stone: Maldon Hospital 1859.

Vol.15 no.4 DECEMBER 2014: Welsh Congregational Church p1. Henry Handel Richardson in Maldon 1880-1887 / Marie Bell p3. Vida Goldstein and the master petition / Susan Waldron p4. From the archives: Private Harold Johnson / Tony Kane p7.

Vol.16 no.1 MARCH 2015: Women and the Tarrangower Times / Caroline Woolman p2. Archives of Holy Trinity Church p3. Robert Rogers Nankivell / Susan Waldron p4. Significant addition to collection [Godenzi family] p5. Mrs Brown's adventure [Mrs Brown, hostess of the Farmers Arms Hotel, Winter's Flat and the Castlemaine to Maldon Railway] / Tony Kane p7.


Vol.16 no.2 JUNE 2015: Easter, World War One centenary and Heritage Festival exhibitions, 'Walk and Talk' and 'Maldon's Other Hills' p1. Jean McNaught dies in Lismore, NSW / Lesley Burgoyne p2. The King family story in photos / Tony Kane p5.

Vol.16 no.3 SEPTEMBER 2015: Maldon Cemetery: William Arch, Thomas Brown Webster, James Brown family / Susan Waldron p3. Maldon's other hills: Preece's Hill p5. The Penny School / Tony Kane p7.

Vol.16 no.4 DECEMBER 2015: Tarrangower Times … past / Lesley Burgoyne p2. Chapman and the Caribbean connection [Elizabeth Cotton and the Chapman family] / Susan Waldron p4. Anzac Hill / Jan Warracke p6. Elizabeth Calder 1835-1909 / Tony Kane p7.

Vol.17 no.1 MARCH 2016: Tarrangower Times indexes now online and searchable! p1. 'The first real chance': the Tarrangower Times and the 1865 Land Act / Caroline Woolman p2. Elementary my dear Watson! [buildings in Main Street] / David Oldfield p3. Maldon: the first 'Notable Town' [National Trust classification] / Tony Kane p7.

Vol.17 no. 2 JUNE 2016: The Shoot' em Flyn' Inn and Alfred Walter Walpole Easton Part One / Lesley Burgoyne p2. John Stevenson: Patriot or Traitor / Susan Waldron p.3 Maldon's War Trophy [a World War 2 Turkish Army field gun in Maldon] p7.

Vol.17 no. 3 SEPTEMBER 2016: The Shoot' em Flyn' Inn and Alfred Walter Walpole Easton Part Two / Lesley Burgoyne p2. Blast from the past: our own town crier [William Haslem] / Tony Kane p5. Old Victorian school days [letter to The Age 2nd January 1937 by A.J Williams] p6. Aerial photographs [photos of Maldon] p7.

Vol.17 no.4 DECEMBER 2016: Tarrangower Times…past: Robert Aitken: at the centre of Maldon / Carol Woolman p2. Isaac Daniel: A Maldon pioneer / Susan Waldron p4. Blast from the past: Sergeant Rupert Green / Tony Kane p7.

Vol.18 no.1 MARCH 2017: The great panorama mystery solved [Maldon panorama] p1. The life and times of E.O and J.G Moon / Susan Waldron p2. Maldon Easter fair p5. Blast from the past: The Maldon Marching Girls / Tom Kane p8.

Vol.18 no.2 JUNE 2017: Heritage festival and Easter exhibitions [sesquicentenary of the Maldon panorama photo, wet plate photography] p1. The life and times of E.O and J.G Moon / Susan Waldron p2. A family of blacksmiths [Murdoch family] / Tony Kane p4. Blackmore family dispute in the Maldon news (Maldon News Tuesday, April 3 1917) p6. Blast from the past: George Ah Mi / Tony Kane p8.

Vol.18 no.3 SEPTEMBER 2017: The transportation of Isaac Reay / Susan Waldron p3. Forty-eight cousins in Maldon [Charles Blackmore] / Tony Blackmore p4. Blast from the past : Maldon vs Fitzroy / Tony Kane p9.

Vol.18 no.4 DECEMBER 2017: The Apple Book p1. A couple of ne'er-do-wells: Barclay and Grinlington / Susan Waldron p3. Recreating the Apple book / Peter Cuffley p5. Cinderella [performance by Maldon State School in 1917] / Tony Kane p8. Orange Blossoms, Maldon 1900 / Marie Bell p9.

Vol.19 no.1 MARCH 2018: Rev Tyssen's desk p1. Warnock Bros beehive stores the Glory Days / Susan Waldron p3. Behind the scenes: a typical week at the Maldon Museum p5. The clergy on gambling [Father Patrick O'Reilly] / Tony Kane p7.

Vol.19 no.2 JUNE 2018: Banner on heritage register [Amalgamated Miners' Association of Australasia banner] p1. Thomas Sinnamon- a man of no means / Susan Waldron p2. Rev. Tyssen's desk p5. Blast from the past H.J.C Mitchell / Tony Kane p7.

Vol.19 no.3 SEPTEMBER 2018: Oriental and occidental-at what cost [Chinese on the Victorian goldfields and the women who married them] / Susan Waldron p3. Maldon a special old town / Jan Warracke p6.

Vol.19 no.4 DECEMBER 2018: Storyboard installed [Maldon Uniting Church] / George Milford p1. ANZAC Hill / Marie Bell p2. Sarah Pullan and the building of Woodrhydding / Susan Waldron p3. Ourselves when young [Alisa Margaret O'Connor] / Karen Mather p6. The writing of 'Seventeen Schools-touchstones to a wider history' / Sue Barnett p8. Walter Travis / Tony Kane p9.

Vol.20 no.1 MARCH 2019: From the west to the east-the Hokin story / Susan Waldron p3. Anzac Hill [Harry Johnson, Thomas O'Byrne, Richard Linton, Rupert Green, Errol Rodda, Joe Tatt, Rupert Godenzi] p4. The Maldon panorama p8.

Vol.20 no.2 JUNE 2019: "Greda" and the stories that just one house can tell / Marie Bell p3. The Solider's Memorial Institute Military Museum [Bendigo] / Bill Clarke p7. Maldon- then and now [18-28 Main Street] / Jan Warracke p8. Gertie Brooks: a Maldon philanthropist / Marie Bell p9.

Vol.20 no.3 SEPTEMBER 2019: The Bryant's of Baringhup / Susan Waldron p3. George Pullan (part one) p6.

Vol.20 no.4 DECEMBER 2019: George Pullen / Margaret Gaulton p3. What's in a name? The travels of Mauritius Eduard Von La Sollaye and Emily Jansen / Susan Waldron p8.

Vol.21 no.1 MARCH 2020: Maldon a special old town [Maldon planning guidelines] / Jan Warracke p2. Anna Marie Calder (nee Harvey) 1833-1913 / Peter Cuffley and Karen Milner p4. Stranger than fiction- a cold case [William Lawless, Eliza Jane and Jacob Jones two murders] / Susan Waldron p7. Much ado about nothing [blacksmiths Pain and Murdoch] / Tony Kane p9.

Vol.21 no.2 JUNE 2020: Maldon Museum and Archives gains museum accreditation p1. Maldon's cordial factory / Alan Seedsman p3. Waltzing Matilda: an anthem of a frivolous colonial ballad about a sheep stealing vagrant? / Susan Waldron p7. A couple of swaggies then and now [Joseph Jenkins, Grant 'John' Cadoret] / Susan Waldron p9. Our stories- tales from Maldon's past: A pandemic comes to Maldon [Spanish Flu] / Tony Kane p11.

Vol.21 no.3 SEPTEMBER 2020: Commemorative medallion available to members [130 years of Maldon Council 1934-1994] p1. Post script to Alfred Walpole Easton-shoot-em-flyn'-Inn in Eastville / Lesley Burgoyne p2. President's report [COVID] p3. Here from the beginning- the Pettitts of Maldon / Susan Waldron p4. The Vice Regal vist [Lord Hopetoun Governor of Victoria] / Tony Kane p8. Maldon-a special old town / Jan Warracke p9.

Vol.21 no.4 NOVEMBER 2020: Quenching a researcher's thirst-anecdotes, legends and first [stories of family history research at Maldon] / Susan Waldron p3. Damp being addressed p5. Maldon-a special old town [Maldon Hospital c.1869] / Jan Warracke p6. Our stories- tales from Maldon's past [health of Maldon] / Tony Kane p7.

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