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Main Title: Buninyong and District Historical Society: newsletter
Publisher: Buninyong, Vic.: Buninyong and District Historical Society
Collation: Periodicals in box. Electronic issues available on library computers (pdf files): June 2009 onwards.
Subject: Buninyong & District Historical Society (Vic.)
Historical societies - Periodicals
Buninyong (Vic.)
JUNE 2009: Family history enquiries: McIntosh, Reddie, Richards, Winter, Zimmer p2. Vale: Stuart Skewes p3. The old police court in Buninyong p4.

AUGUST 2009: The Blue Bridge at Mount Doran (photo) p1. Family history enquiries: Bennett, Egspuler, Felstead, Hallam, Hiscock, Huntingford, Hynes, Kirby, Nunn, Oxenham, Pubrook / Pulbrook p2.

OCTOBER 2009: Photograph of a surveyor's camp 1853 by Walter Woodbury p1. The mysterious registers of the Buninyong Presbyterian Church p2. Yendon history hunt p3. Family history enquiries: Dillon, Halse, Leigo, Loughnan, McGuigan, Murdoch, Robertson, Saw p3.

DECEMBER 2009: Snow fight, Learmonth Street, Buninyong c.1907 [J.T. House, watchmaker and jeweller] (photo) p1. Later uses of the corner store p2. Girl killed at Imperial Mine in accident [Martha Williams, 1885] p4. Constable Leonard J. McColl, Victoria's last mounted constable, Buninyong p5.

FEBRUARY 2010: State of the Buninyong Gold King Festival p2. De Soza Park p2. Family history enquiries: Creswell, Jones, Lyons, Nicholson, Taylor p3. The intriguing Thomas Thomas of Mount Buninyong p4.

APRIL 2010: Destructive fire in Warrenheip Street, Buninyong c.1930 (photo) p1. Family history enquiries: Collins, Power, Rava, Ryan, Thiessen, Walker, Wise, Wyatt p2. Flour mills in Buninyong p3. Chemists in Buninyong p3. Disastrous fire at Buninyong 1876 p5.

JUNE 2010: The Buninyong Merryweather in the Gold King Festival Parade 1997 (photo) p1. Family history enquiries: Chenery, Jude, Luke, Lyne, Pearse, Smith, Stafford p2. Geddie Pearse (1835-1878), Buninyong's outstanding schoolteacher p3.

AUGUST 2010: The Buninyong Uniting Church 1990 (photo) p1. Family history enquiries: Angel, Brock, Crombie, Ledwidge, Magree, Mason p2. Buninyong Uniting Church celebrates its 150th birthday p3. Banking on Buninyong p5. Corduroy Steam Saw Mills p6.

OCTOBER 2010: Chaff cutting at Millbrook in 1939 (photo) p1. Family history enquiries: Fanchi, Gardner, Hankin, Mallet, Matheson p2. Vale: Elinor Elizabeth Watson 1914-2010 p2. Vale: Ron Nicholls p3. Millbrook (Spreadeagle, or Moorabool Creek, or Green's Springs) on the north-east boundary of the old Shire of Buninyong p4. George Egerton of Bungal p6.

DECEMBER 2010: Elaine Coursing Club, meeting at Larundel c1923 (photo) p1. History of Narmbool [property] published p2. Coursing and The Plumpton / Anne Beggs-Sunter p4.

FEBRUARY 2011: The Lal Lal Falls in full flood 16 Jan 2011 (photo) p1. Congratulations to Vic Bradley OAM p1. Biographical queries: Henry James Andrews, George Embleton, Robert Jones, Richard Moore, John Morris, Henry Platt, David Smart, Joseph Thompson p2. More on coursing p3. Losing our agricultural lands p4.

JUNE 2011: View of Buninyong 1920s showing shops in Learmonth Street from the Warrenheip Street corner (photo) p1. Oral history: Bill and Rita (Margarita) Brown p2. Biographical queries: Ann Hogan, Stone, Johan Zimmer p3. Visit to Eyre Cottage, one of our earliest properties c1856 p4. Death of Johan Zimmer p4.

AUGUST 2011: View of The Gong, looking down to Cornish Street, taken by Bon Strange (nee Lorensine) in 1940 (photo) p1. 150th anniversary of the Buninyong Botanical Gardens p2. Dillon family reunion p2. Brick makers of Buninyong? p2. Gardeners of Buninyong p2. Biographical queries: Agnes Carty (Hines), Patton family, Trezise and Hartigan family p4.

OCTOBER 2011: Opening of Queen Victoria Memorial Pavilion, 13 Dec 1901 (photo) p1. Botanical gardens - Queen's Memorial Pavilion p2. Biographical queries: William Lloyd, Margaret Robinson, Michael Phyland, O'Brien / O'Brian family at Whim Holes 1860s p3. Bushfires 1913 p3. Plea to save trees 1864 p4.

DECEMBER 2011: Opening of 150th Anniversary Dry stone wall gates at The Gong, 13 Nov 2011 (photo) p1. 150th anniversary of botanic gardens p2. Durham Lead walk Nov 2011 p3. Clarendon, Corduroy Bridge 1858 p5.

FEBRUARY 2012: The Gong 1906 (postcard) p1. Buninyong Horticultural Society p2. Biographical queries: Alfred Charles Bignell, Thomas Chapman, Thomas Emery, William Hartley, Joseph Jackson, Captain Henry Lawler, Alfred Ronalds, Patrick Ryan (1805-60), William Saunders (1827-1903) p3. Saunders Malt Extract p4.

JUNE 2012: Pauline Holloway and her granddaughter and Pat Dobbin at the Lal Lal Railway Station 10 April 2012 (photo) celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Geelong-Ballarat Railway p1. Hastie descendants visit Buninyong April 2012 p2. Biographical queries: Frederick Buck, Henry Ferguson, David McDonald Findlay, John Francis Greene, Killmister family, Dennis King, Leckie family, David McBain (1832-1911), Donald McDonald, Morpett, Robert Edward Pakenham / Packenham, John Ridley p3. Ogilvie Lane finally acknowledged p4.

AUGUST 2012: Ballantrae' c1875 with members of the Coates family who lived there for many years (photo) p1. Vale: R. John Scott p1. Biographical queries: Herbert Henry Burrington, Nathaniel McGrath, Hunter McHaffie, Donald McKinnon, William and Ann Prater, Thomas Redfern, Elizabeth Richards, William Huxham Ryder p2. A new twist to Buninyong Tannery p3. Princess Royal Hotel destroyed by fire 1908 p4.

DECEMBER 2012: A tribute to Derick and Shirley Leather of Buninyong p1. Election of Beth Ritchie as an honorary life member p3. Sides family p4. Wallace family history p4. Biographical queries: Thomas Atkinson, John Blum, Benjamin Brown, Mary Cameron, James and Anne Herbert, Martin Kirk, Lawrence Peake, Scannell family, Andre Walker p5. The arrival of Lawrence Peake at Port Phillip in 1852 (letter) p6.

FEBRUARY 2013: A permanent tribute to Derick Leather of Buninyong? p1. Power family presentation p2. Biographical queries: Samuel Goode, Charlotte Kelly, Lyne family, Herbert Fitzwilliam Noye, Michael and Julia Scanlon, James Turpie p3. A letter from Robert Gillespie 1854 p3.

JUNE 2013: Members of the Kelsall family inspecting the remains of the fellmongery on Williamson's Creek near Clarendon (photo) p1. John Adams Stores p3. Biographical queries: Albert Berger, Samuel Bulwer, Henry Bull, Henry Fields, Thomas Keeble, Thomas Pattenden, Michael Scanlon, Thomas Thomas, Traynor family, James Vesey, Emma Long White, Granny White p3. The old Buninyong Court House p4. Francis Moss of 'Mossmont': his nursery and the Ballarat apple p6. The Clarendon / Burnt Bridge Fellmongery p7.

OCTOBER 2013: Accident at the Imperial Mine, Hiscocks 23rd June, 1891 p2. 175th anniversary of Buninyong p2. Plaques for our historic buildings p4. Harsh treatment of an ex-convict [1860 Francis Fearns case jude Warrington Rogers] p4. Brim Brim p6.

DECEMBER 2013: Much building activity in the 'Ancient village' [development in Buninyong] p2. Cycling Chapionships for Buninyong in January p4. 175th anniversary of white settlement [William Cross Yuille, Learmouth brothers, John McLeod of Borhoneygurk, George Frederick Read, George Mercer] p5. The Learmonth brothers p6. Henry Anderson (1807-1878) p7. The Wathaurung people of Mount Buninyong p8.

FEBRUARY 2014: National Cycling Championships a success in January p1. New businesses in Buninyong [Middleton's store] p2. Congratulations to Christina Hindhaugh p2. The real Henry Joseph Desoza p2. Biographical queries January-February 2014 [Buckle/Fancke family] p3. St Mary's Catholic Church Clarendon p3. The Buninyong gold mines in 1882 p5.

APRIL 2014: Scotsburn Young Farmers' Club p2. Buninyong in August 1851 p4.The ladies' presentaion to Rev. Hastie, 1865 p6.

JUNE 2014: Little Scotland: Presbyterian enlightenment and improvement at Buninyong. Dr. Anne Beggs-Sunter, Art Gallery of Ballarat 4 June 2014 p3.

AUGUST 2014: St Peter and Paul's catholic church Buninyong blending the old and the new in 2014 p4. Enhanced Buninyong rail services 1908? / Neil McCracken p5.

FEBRUARY 2015: Scotchman's Lead excursion November 2014 p2. The Buninyong Bell 1883 saved and retrieved p3. Visiting George Innes at Mt. Bunninyong in the 1850s p4. Rolf Bolderwood meets Mother Jamieson p5.

JUNE 2015: Trial Saw Mills excursion 30 May p2. Vale Frank Ritchie p2. Navigators avenue of honour p3.

OCTOBER 2015: Planting a memorial to Derick Leather p2. Vale Christina Hindhaugh p3. Biographical queries: July-October 2015 [Henry Creswick, Edward Gegan, Edward McKivett, David Simpson, William and Harriett Tillson] p3. The Buninyong Telegraph, 1857-1908 p5.

FEBRUARY 2016: Hail the Buninyong CFA. Bushfire at Scotsburn-Clarendon December 2015 p2. St Peter and Paul's Buninyong; great days p3. Unveiling the Derick Leather Arboritum p4. The name Birdwood Park occurs during World War One p5.

OCTOBER 2017: Old court house p2. Avenue of honour p2. Magpie School celebrates 160th anniversary p3. Gold discovery in Buninyong 1873 style p3. Lal Lal ANZAC memorial unveiled p3. Vale former member Frank Louden and Roy Huggins p4. Centenary of Buninyong's avenue of honour p5. Buninyong brass band / Simon Dennis p6. Buninyong's population p7

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