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Main Title: Genealogical Society of Victoria (GSV): Ancestor 1962-2007 [electronic resource]
Subject: Genealogical Society of Victoria
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Vol.3 no.1 DECEMBER 1962: The house of Douglas / C.M. Douglas p2. A short history of the family of James Jellie 1787-1862 p6. Jellie family of Warrnambool chart.
ILLUSTRATIONS: James Jellie, pioneer 1787-1862; Margaret Jellie (nee McCullough) died 1870 p6. Mary McCullough 1782-1882 p7. Deaths: Lieutenant-General Gordon Bennett; Barnet Berkowitz; Alan Bird; Lieutenant Commissioner John W. Dent; Dr Alfred Plumley Derham; Timothy Drysdale; Professor F.P. Dwyer; Judge Frederick Barker Gamble; Father John Martin Gibbons; Sir Eugene Goossens; Dr Hyman Herman; Maurice Stanley Herring; Sir George Holland; Rowland ‘Rowley’ James; Arthur Balfour Lodge; Sir William Mitchell; Mrs Rebecca Murdoch; J.A. Norris; Dr R.T. Patton; Gordon Sleight; Sir John Teasdale; Frederick M. Theissen; Sir George Wales; Professor Leicester Webb; Rupert E. Wettenhall p15-16

Vol.3 no.2 MARCH 1963: A short history of the family of James Jellie 1787-1862 part 2 p18. Some early Sydney marriages 1803-1815, from the Sydney Gazette p27. Death of noted Australian genealogist: Percy Walter Gledhill (1890-1962) p28. Deaths: Mrs Margaret Bird; Viscountess De L’Isle; Bill Harney; Richard Kelliher VC; Lady Knox, wife of Sir Robert; Dr Frank Louat; Miss Marjorie Nunan; Dr Frank Stillwell; James Park Woods VC p30-2.
ILLUSTRATIONS: ‘Tarhook’ house on the Merri Creek p19. James and Margaret Jellie with their two grand-daughters Anne and Margaret p20. Home of William and Joanna Jellie at Grassmere Junction with James Snr, grand-daughter Anne, Margaret and grand-daughter Margaret, William p20.

Vol.3 no.3 JUNE 1963: A short history of the family of James Jellie 1787-1862 part 3: William and Robert Jellie p34. The Anderson family of Western Port part 1: Samuel Anderson, an unrecorded 1835 Victorian pioneer, the state’s first orchard / T.H. Monger p39. Deaths: Stanley Robert Mitchell; David York Syme; E.J. Trait p50.
ILLUSTRATIONS: William Jellie (1823-1877) p34. Joanna Jellie (nee Cassady) (1826-1904) p34. James Jellie (1858-1921); Clara Jellie (nee Bligh) (1873-1949); Andrew James Jellie; Lila Jean Jellie (nee Anderson) p37. James Anderson Jellie; Doris Jellie (Uebergang); Stephen James Jellie; Susanna Jellie (nee Dickson) (1823-1912) (later Mr J.H. Craig) p38. Samuel Anderson (1802-1863) p39.

Vol.3 no.4 DECEMBER 1963: The Anderson family of Western Port: Victorian pioneers and their descendants part 2 p55. A short history of the family of James Jellie 1787-1862 part 4: James and Mary Jellie p62. Lord Montgomery’s Hobart connections / R.W.F. Hopkins p71. Private register of deaths at Barry’s Reef 1894-1902 p83. Table connecting early members of the Wilshire family (NSW) p84. Deaths: William Thomas Aldridge; Lady Argyle, wife of Sir Thomas; Justice Richard Ashburner; Rev. Dr Daniel Mannix; Major-General Selwyn Havelock Watson Craig Porter; Edmund Resch; William Sydney Robinson; Professor Thomas Griffith Taylor p92-4.
ILLUSTRATIONS: Family group at ‘Netherwood’; Family of Captain Thomas Anderson at ‘Netherwood’ in the 1870s p59. ‘Netherwood’ homestead, San Remo in the 1890s; Dr Hugh Anderson and Captain Thomas Anderson in the grounds of ‘Netherwood’ p58.

Vol.4 no.1 MARCH 1964: Family reunions: Holmes family at Arawata; Greaves family at Lyndhurst p4. A short history of the family of James Jellie 1787-1862 part 5: Elizabeth and Jane Jellie p8. The register: Early Sydney records part 2 p28.
ILLUSTRATIONS: Gilbert Nicol 1815-1873; Jane Nicol (nee Jellie) 1829-1862 p9. Elizabeth Russell (nee Jellie) 1822-1899; William Russell 1821-1877 p10.

Vol.4 no.2 JUNE 1964: The Anderson family of Western Port part 3: some further notes p43. The Collings and related families / J.W. Collings p53. The McCrae homestead / George Gordon McCrae II p63. Inscriptions from the Pakenham Cemetery, Victoria / transcribed by Mrs H.B. Ronald p74. Deaths: John Clemenger; Lady Eleanor Mary Latham (nee Tobin); Joseph Francis Mulvany; Dr Arthur Ernest Howard Nickson; Cecil Outtrim; Frank John Partridge VC; Harold de Vahl Rubin; Harold Edgar Sholl; James Victor Stout; Arthur William Upfield; Rev. Alfred Roscoe Wilson p82-4.
ILLUSTRATIONS: Thomas Collings 1763-1840; Mary Westbrook, wife of Thomas Collings 1768-1844 p65.

Vol.4 no.3 APRIL 1965: The Stieglitz family in Australia p88. Genealogy at Kyabram / Kelvin Hall p92. The history and significance of the armorial bearings of the City of Canberra / D.S. Burgess p108. History of ‘Fairyland’ Cottage, Kew / Mrs Dorothy Rogers p115. Old Guildford Cemetery, now churchyard of Guildford Grammar School Chapel, Western Australia / transcribed by G.H. Stillman p118. Deaths: Mr Samuel L. Calvert, Ararat; Gavin Stodart Casey, author; Sir John Grieg Latham, Chief Justice p130-1.

Vol.4 no.4 AUGUST 1965: Styleman of Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire part 1: material for the history of the Stillman family / G.H. Stillman p135. My ancestors: missionaries in old Hawaii / Mrs David L. Hegland [Cooke family] p140. Canberra’s Arms – an armorial critique / Ian Mackay p153. Deaths: Sir Adolph Basser, businessman; Mr Alfred George Brown; William Phillip Mair p171-2.

Vol.5 no.1 DECEMBER 1965: The Von Stieglitz family in Australia part 2: notes from the life of Henry Lewis von Stieglitz (1762-1824) of Lewis Hill, near Blackwater Town, Ireland, by himself p2. The Rudduck family / Mrs E. Love p8. Death: Dr Roland Ravenscroft Wettenhall p16. Deaths: Leila Christina Armytage, Toorak; Dr Mary Ethel Josephine Kent Hughes, Taree p35-6.

Vol.5 no.2 APRIL 1966: The von Stieglitz family in Australia part 3: pioneering in Australia R.V. Billis and A.S. Kenyon p40. Material for the history of the family Occleshaw / Edward Occleshaw p44. Dr John Singleton / Miss Alice Wilga Cantwell p54. A pioneer family – the Wright family of Canberra / C.E.S. p59. The house of Oldenburg / Prince Charles of Schwarzenberg p63. Deaths: General Sir Reginald Alexander Dallas Brooks; Vice-Admiral Sir Wilfred Hastings Harrington; Lieut. Colonel Henry William Murray VC p77-80.

Vol.5 no.3 AUGUST 1966: Roll of personal arms no.1: Sir Robert Menzies p101. Meredith Cemetery inscriptions, Victoria: Presbyterian section / transcribed by P. Calvert and C.H. McCrae p115.

Vol.5 no.4 DECEMBER 1966: The von Stieglitz family in Australia part 4: memoirs of Robert von Stieglitz p127. The obsession of the Estes [Charles Eastes] / W.N. Gunson p138. Roll of Australian personal arms no.2: Oscar A.T. Gimesy p147. Karl Rawdon von Stieglitz OBE: an appreciation p150 (portrait inside front cover). Further inscriptions from Pakenham Cemetery, Victoria / transcribed by Mrs H.B. Ronald p159. Cemetery inscriptions, Old York, W.A. / transcribed by G.H. Stillman p164. Monumental inscriptions from Braeside Cemetery, Bacchus Marsh / transcribed by B.R. Blaze p167. Deaths: Lady Olga Blamey; Captain John King Davis; Sir John Henry Lienhop; Dame Ann McEwen; D’Arcy Francis Niland; Sir Patrick Gordon Taylor, aviator p172-5.

Vol.6 no.1 AUGUST 1967: Styleman of Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire: material for the history of the Stillman family part 2 / G.H. Stillman p3. Captain James Cook and his family part 2 / Robert Cook p9. Roll of Australian personal arms no.3: Karl Rawdon von Stieglitz OBE p20. Deaths: Clive Latham Baillieu; Robert Perey de La Sala; Mr Clarence William Marriott, Toorak p30-33.

Vol.6 no.2 DECEMBER 1967: Styleman of Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire: material for the history of the Stillman family part 3 / G.H. Stillman p37. Early days at Phillip Island / G.S. Whereat p41. Family of Sir John de Vere Loder, Governor of New South Wales 1937-46 p56. Corrections to ‘Inscriptions at Braeside Cemetery’ p59. Deaths: Stanley Melbourne Bruce p61.

Vol.6 no.3 APRIL 1968: Styleman of Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire: material for the history of the Stillman family part 4 / G.H. Stillman p67. Some particulars of the Ralston family which arrived in Tasmania part 1 p76. The register, Kulin Cemetery, Western Australia / transcribed by G.H. Stillman p91.

Vol.7 no.1 AUGUST 1968: Ralston family: notes and correspondence part 2 p7. Styleman of Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire (Stillman) p8. The register, some memorial inscriptions, Congregational Church, Brighton, Victoria p22. The register: some old and interesting memorials in Albany (WA) Cemetery / transcribed by G.H. Stillman p23. Churchyard St Paul’s, Arthur River, near 123 M.P. Perth, Albany Road / transcribed by G.H. Stillman p25. Death: Sir Howard Florey p28.

Vol.7 no.2 DECEMBER 1968: Alexander Henderson memorial issue. Alexander Henderson: an appreciation / D.W.M. Grant p32. A Lerwick heritage p33. Two famous publications by Alexander Henderson p35. Ralston family of Tasmania: notes and correspondence part 3 p36. Styleman (Stillman) of Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire part 6 p40. Some early baptisms at the Peel Settlement, Western Australia / G.H. Stillman p42. A newspaper genealogical nexus – the Ryan and Pitt-Nind families / Mrs Doris Kemp p45. Some Lutheran pioneers of South Australia: Eckermann, Schmaal, Fromm, Goile, Hirschfeld, Fritz, Jucheim, Wehr, Weidenhofer, Herbst, Habich, Kruse, Domascheny, Bamman, Bormann, Kutscher, Frumber, Ruszchen, Schularick, Minkwitz, Hampel, Lehmann, Reinhold, Luik, Kleeman, Bossow, Schmidt, Dabeler, Swisf, Grummet, Glatz, Deihl, Henschke, Wettern, Peheder, Kiel, Muller, Prickert p47-8. Deaths: Bernard Charles Cronin, author; Sir Howard Walter Florey; Sir Hans Heysen; Sir Neil O’Sullivan p56-9.
ILLUSTRATIONS: Alexander Henderson p28.

Vol.7 no.3 APRIL 1969: Styleman (Stillman) of Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire part 7 / G.H. Stillman p66. The ancestry of John Hunter, Governor of New South Wales 1795-1800 / B.R. Blaze p70. The Ashton family / Florence Ashton p78. Deaths: Sir Norman Everard Brookes; Eric Kingsford-Smith; Colonel Sir William Watt Leggatt; Dame Annie Jean Macnamara p88-90. The register: Dandenong Cemetery – Church of England p92.
ILLUSTRATIONS: Ann Ashton (nee Morris) 1838-1875; John William Ashton 1840-1903; The Horse Shoe Inn p79.

Vol.7 no.4 AUGUST 1969: An appreciation of the Society’s esteemed councillor and friend: Mrs Mary Bessie Grant p99. Ancestry and connections of Malcolm Ellis, Australian historian p105. Styleman (Stillman) of Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire part 8 / G.H. Stillman p117. Deaths: Charmian Clift, authoress; Sir Robert Cosgrove, former Premier of Tasmania; Miss Maude Kathleen Deasey; Vice-Admiral Sir Roy Russell Dowling; Sir Clifden Henry Andrews Eager; Sir Adolf Alexander Fitzgerald p124-6.

Vol.8 no.1 DECEMBER 1969: Captain James Cook bicentenary issue. Australian relations of Captain James Cook / Muriel Runting p4. The armorial insignia of Captain James Cook and their emblazonment / A. Ian Mackay p5. A select bibliography of Cook bibliographies and occasional pamphlets p6. A select list of Cook portraits p7. A select list of Cook memorials p8. Family tree of Captain James Cook RN p9.
ILLUSTRATIONS: Graves near Walkerville including William Michael Hughes; James Dewar; his wife Margaret Dewar p3.

Vol.8 no.2 MARCH 1970: The Dale family of Kyneton, Victoria: links with Cook and the Cook country [Cleveland and Whitby] p23. Fawkner centennial: John Pascoe Fawkner 1792-1869 p26. The ‘father’ of Melbourne and his immediate family p27. Deaths: Sir Charles John Lowe; Lieutenant General Sir Ross Cairns McCay; Sir Frank Keith Officer; Lady Rylah (wife of Sir Arthur) (nee Ann Flashman); Colonel Annie Moriah Sage; Major-General Sir Jack Edwin Stawell Stevens; Mr Horace Weber; Mr Henry Newton Spencer Wollaston p32-5.

Vol.8 no.3 JUNE 1970: French surnames in Australia / J.A. Baines p46. Deaths: Lady Jessie Ellen Barnewall (nee Fry); Harold Percy Down p57-8.

Vol.8 no.4 SEPTEMBER 1970: Port Phillip pioneer pedigrees no.1: the Barker family / Miss M.E. Runting p69. Notes on Ewen Tolmie, a pioneer of Port Phillip / J.C.E. Campbell p73. French surnames in Australia continued p86.

Vol.8 no.5 DECEMBER 1970: Port Phillip pioneer pedigrees no.2: the Martin family of Banyule and Viewbank, Heidelberg p105. Artist families in Australia no.1: Boyd p107. The Brownlee family / Alan Lindsay Arnold Brownlee p108.
ILLUSTRATIONS: John Donald MacKenzie Brownlee 1900-1970 p113.

Vol.8 no.6 MARCH 1971: The arms, badge and supporters of the City of Melbourne p126. The Klitzing family in Germany and Australia / Donald Grant p128. Port Phillip pioneer pedigrees no.3: the Henty family of Muntham, Merino Downs and Sandford, Western Victoria p139.
ILLUSTRATIONS: Thomas Henty 1823; Frances Elizabeth Hopkins, wife of Thomas Henty 1823 p141.

Vol.8 no.7 JUNE 1971: Port Phillip pioneer pedigrees no.4: the Rowe family of the Mansfield district p169. Review article: The German family histories of South Australia / Robin R. Chivers p171. List of members of the Port Phillip Pioneers Group p175.

Vol.8 no.8 SEPTEMBER 1971: Thirtieth anniversary issue. Celebrating thirty years / Miss M.E. Runting p185. Some pioneers of the Genealogical Society of Victoria: Dr Roland Ravenscroft Wettenhall; Henry Newton Spencer Wollaston; Mrs Guy Bakewell; John Naylor; E. McN. Robertson; Miss Philadelphia Robertson; Miss Gwendoline Neighbour; Captain Arthur Craven Jowett; Alexander Henderson; William Herbert Edgar; Miss Hilda A. Loughnan; Joseph Reginald Clowes; David William Hamilton; Richard W.F. Hopkins; Dr Niel Gunson; Donald W.M. Grant; C.E.S. ‘Ted’ Davis; Walter G. Lascelles p186. Port Phillip pioneer pedigrees no.5: Graham family of Elibank, South Yarra p189. French surnames in Australia part 2 / J.A. Baines p195.
ILLUSTRATIONS: Hon. James Graham MLC p189.

Vol.9 no.1 DECEMBER 1971: A pioneer ancestry part 2: a notable uncle in New Zealand: William Rowe of Thames / Edward Harvey p6. The Wends / J.D. Gillespie p13. Port Phillip pioneer pedigrees no.6: the Desailly family p14. Some further notes on the Rowe family p17.

Vol.9 no.2 MARCH 1972: Some Irish and Australian Crawfords [Crawford family] / Dr J. Michael Crawford p29. Port Phillip pioneer pedigrees no.7: Moffatt family of Chatsworth House (Hopkins Hill) and Berrambool p36. The family of the Rev. John Dickson Robertson / Mrs W.G. Morgan p38. French surnames in Ausralia part 3 / J.A. Baines p39.
ILLUSTRATIONS: Crawford family, Balwyn, Vic. 1940: Colin Campbell; Sydney Austin; Trevor Benjamin; William Sidney; John Michael (23 months) p29. John Moffatt of Hopkins Hill 1870 p36. Rev. J.D. Robertson; Miss Philadelphia Robertson OBE p39.

Vol.9 no.3 JUNE 1972: Letters: Moffatt family p52. The D’Arcy family arms and descent from the 11th century / Major Michael D’Arcy p53. Some notable cousins: the Stephen family / based on material supplied by Dr W.N. Gunson p62. Cemetery transcriptions: Denmark Cemetery, Western Australia / transcribed by G.H. Stillman p63.

Vol.9 no.4 SEPTEMBER 1972: William Robertson, Victorian pioneer 1837-1890 / Stevenson McGilchrist p79. The family of Wray [Wraye] of Kelfield / C.C.H. Wray p84. French surnames in Australia part 4 / J.A. Baines p89.

Vol.9 no.5 DECEMBER 1972: Martin Boyd: an obituary / Paul Huege de Serville p100. William Robertson, Victorian pioneer 1837-1890 part 2 / Stevenson McGilchrist p101. Ancestors of Richard M. Nixon, President of USA p105. French surnames in Australia part 5 / J.A. Baines p108. Heraldic windows at St Oswald’s, Glen Iris p111.

Vol.9 no.6 MARCH 1973: William Robertson, Victorian pioneer 1837-1890 part 3 / Stevenson McGilchrist p129. Some notes on the name Gillespie / J.D. Gillespie p131.

Vol.9 no.7 JUNE 1973: Personal grants of arms in colonial Australasia / Conrad Swan p142. French surnames in Australia part 6 p153.

Vol.9 no.8 SEPTEMBER 1973: Retirement of Mrs Guy Bakewell OBE p163. Some English and Australian Candys [Candy family] / Phillip C. Candy p163. Port Phillip pioneer pedigrees no.8: the Barry family of Mountain Gap, Lysterfield / Mrs H.B. Ronald p171.
ILLUSTRATONS: Francis Candy, born 4 May 1829 p165. Francis John Candy 1850-1889 p166. James Candy c1795-1862; John Candy 1822-1890 p169.

Vol.10 no.1 JANUARY 1974: Allan Lindsay Arnold Brownlee p3. Graves at ‘Harley Park’ station: Agnes Kissock; Joseph Servior p4. List of families from the Canton of Ticini, Switzerland who emigrated to Australia 1851-61 p9. French surnames in Australian part 7 / James A. Baines p11. Readers queries: Allmey or Allmay; Bowen; Burgess; Girton p13. New family histories in the library: Hoare family p15.

Vol.10 no.2 APRIL 1974: Captain Matthew Flinders: portrait, biographical outline, genealogy, the name ‘Flinders’ p30. Franklin – Sellwood – Tennyson family p32. Matthew Flinders letters to his step-mother p32. Flinders in Mauritius (1803-1810) p34. The D’Arifat family p36. French surnames in Australia / James A. Baines p41. Reader’s queries: Cairns – Cairnes; Fraser; Griffiths; Overall; Small p43. Correction about James Graham / K.T. Towl p43. New family histories in the library: Bossence-Honeychurch; Higginbottom; Jones of Brawdy p44.
ILLUSTRATIONS: HMAS ‘Flinders’ p37. Letter: about Sir Henry Winneke / L.M. Mowle p38. Sir Rohan Delacombe and Lady Delacombe p39. Government House, Victoria p39.

Vol.10 no.3 JULY 1974: French surnames in Australia / James A. Baines p60. The Levens family p61. Readers queries: Ellis; George Johnstone p65. New family histories in the library: Herbert p68.

Vol.10 no.4 SEPTEMBER 1974: The Paulusz family of Australia p78. Readers’ queries: Reid; Ford; McCoubrie; Brittain; Lisk; Stronell; Huckle - Huckell p89. New family histories in the library: Bissett; Bisset; Hawkins; Newnham; Palmer; Varley; Stearn; Sutherland p90. French surnames in Australia / James A. Baines p95.

Vol.10 no.5 DECEMBER 1974: William and Ann Bissett, Port Phillip pioneers p102. New family histories in the library: Dahlenburg; Gells and Gills of Kenna and Malew; Haig; Hoare; Jarrett; Kiel; Storrar; Tranter; Trevaskis p109. Readers’ queries: Gillespie; Wallbank p115. Correspondence and kinship links: Manly family; Aldersley family p116. French surnames p118.

Vol.10 no.6 MARCH 1975: Cemeteries (Pioneer Memorial Parks) Bill 1974 p126. Welsh family tree p127. Readers’ queries: Doxford; Ryder p138. The Bracken family of County Fermanagh (New Zealand section) / Rev. H.W. Coffey p139.

Vol.10 no.7 JUNE 1975: Lost at sea / H.C. Bolton p150. Some comments on registration of births, deaths and marriages in Victoria / J.D. Gillespie p152. Alteration to County boundaries in England and Wales / J.D. Gillespie p154. French surnames in Australia / James A. Baines p158.

Vol.10 no.8 SEPTEMBER 1975: More information regarding new County boundaries in England / J.A. Baines p174. French surnames in Australia continued p182.

Vol.11 no.1 DECEMBER 1975: Charles Joseph La Trobe chronology p5.

Vol.11 no.2 MARCH 1976: Crossing the English-Scottish border / H.C. Bolton p28. The 'Quartier' / L.F.M. Van de Pas p37.

Vol.11 no.3 JUNE 1976: Port Phillip pioneers: migration from the British Isles to Victoria 1803-1851 / Marjorie Morgan p52. Sarah Sykes: a convict girl's success story p55. The origin and meaning of Cornish surnames / James A. Baines p57.

Vol.11 no.4 SEPTEMBER 1976: Genealogy of the family Weinman of Australia p76. Cornish surnames p83.

Vol.11 no.5 DECEMBER 1976: Beyond genealogy: Brotchie family history / P.E. Brotchie p100. Trevaskis: directory of a Cornish surname p102. Origin and meaning of Cornish surnames p105.

Vol.11 no.6 MARCH 1977: The Queensland coat of arms p127. Members’ queries: Hahn; Booth; Spears-Devonshire; Corfitz Cronquist; Donald; McKillop-Cameron; Watkins-Litchfield; Salmon; Duke; Cameron-McKillop; Cummins; Davey; Gorddard; Simkins; Gillespie; Kennedy; Deveson-Deverson-Devison; Taylor; Green-McCullagh; Fox; Whelan-Dunne-O’Leary-D’Arcy-Wright-King p131. The origin and meaning of Cornish surnames p134. New family histories in the library: Fletcher and Son; Lindsay; Bogle; Notley; Buchanan; Tulloch; Holyman; Hallett; Burchett; Macarthur (Camden, NSW); Oats-Oates p140.

Vol.11 no.7 JUNE 1977: Mrs Wilfred Agar of 'The Gums', Penshurst p150. Members’ queries: Stokell; Snowden; Nicholl; Taylor; Harry; Robb; Stranger; Whipham; Wood; Sandison; Andrews; Wilson; Wise; Bull; Chesterman; Robertson; Jenkins; Richmond; Mott; Dales; Dickey; Jordan p154-8. The origin and meaning of Cornish surnames / James A. Baines p159. New family histories in the library: Hughes; Bristowe; Reitwiesner; Buxton Forbes Laurie p162.

Vol.11 no.8 SEPTEMBER 1977: Members’ queries: Morton; Isaacs; Gallacher; Knuckey; Blair; Anderson; Gibson; Dodd; Swinton; Tuckett; Con Young; Anderson; Govan; Trethewey-Trethewie-Trethewy-Hyett-Portwine-Donisthorpe; Turnbull; Willett; St Paul; Art-Artt-Hart; Carr p175-8. The origin and meaning of Cornish surnames / J.A. Baines p179.

Vol.12 no.1 DECEMBER 1977: Origins of the placename ‘Kyneton’ p5. Mary Ann Bissett p7. Kitty Cannon and her two husbands p8. Members’ queries: Emigration from Kent; Crothers; Kotzur; Blair; Murcutt; Swinton; Dodd; Gibson; Tuckett; Willett; McNeil; Con Young; Ford; Finearty-Finarty-Finerty-Finnerty; Wilson; Rudduck; Litchfield-Lyon; Snowden; McLennan; Anderson; Lawson; Murcutt p11-18. New family histories in the library: Honeyman p20.

Vol.12 no.2 MARCH 1978: Letters: Kadnook Station and Ozenkadnook Station p30. Members’ queries: Wisdom-Desailly; Brougham-Buscombe; Williams-Rowe; Akers-Spencer; Harris-Crossman; King-Jones; Wood; Considine-Reardon; Klingsporn; Einsporne; Greathead-Dunstall; Aulert; Hood-Bell; Hunter-Conally-Gibson; Smyth-Carson p32-4. New family histories in the library: McMillan; O’Cahan; Hainsworth-Dodd; Stevenson; Whitford; Charles Kingsford-Smith; Caroline Chisolm; Rex Hall; Kells; Matthews; Thurgood; Williams of Kamarooka; Murray-Brotchie; Despain (America); Deveson; Gordon-Cumming-O’Halloran-Murrary-Hiscock; Halsall; Robert Harper’s diary; McMahon; Morris-Hutchinson; McLellan; Sherlock; Cain; Christie; Clarke; Dodd; Gill; Rigg; Sayers of Geelong; Brotchie-Coghill; Hitchins; Linehan; Melville; Heffernan; Reeves; Allen; Ashworth; Blair; Bogaert p37-40.

Vol.12 no.3 JUNE 1978: Obituary: John Stewart Legge, editor of ‘Who’s Who’ p52. The arms of Sir Robert Menzies p53. John Charles Ferguson, born Launceston 1842 p56. Sir Charles Augustus Fitzroy – family history p60. Members’ queries: Bramley-Elmes; Little-Stiller; Martin-Sandwell; Ising-Edmonds-Witheridge; Nicholls; Fitzgerald-Rigney; Hannan-Tasker; Ray-Broad; Berry-Head; Gribble-Bulmer; Clifton; Collinson-Ireland; King-Jones; Oliver-Meggett; Gardner-Roger; L’Amande; Forbes-Griffiths; King-McIntosh; Harvey; Tame p63-5. The origin and meaning of Cornish surnames / James A. Baines p66.

Vol.12 no.4 SEPTEMBER 1978: Mrs Guy Bakewell p76. Miss Muriel Runting retires p77. Letter: James Ellis, founder of Cremorne Gardens and Cremorne Lunatic Asylum and Henry Ginn / Ghinn p80. Letter: Brotchie p80. Readers’ queries: Kemp family; Turnbull-Cairns; Brumby; Berry-Head; Milliard; Waters-Cavenett; Gray-Morrow; Seidel; Roberts-Birch; Warrant Officer Jack Dawson Green; Berger; Nitschke; May p82-3. Cornish surnames / J.A. Baines p84.

Vol.12 no.5 DECEMBER 1978: Members’ queries: Elizabeth Hawksworth Martin; Vanderschroeff; Kilpatrick; Aldworth; Frost-Shirofts; Whitburn; Janes-Goldsmith; King-Day; Reus-Heohn; Turner-Herbert; Wigney; Kirk-Hardington; Howard-Packman; Wimble; Free-Frost; Black-Forbes; O’Regan (nee Harrington); Rigby-Farmer; Hanragan; Cavenett / Cavinet; Aldworth; Onken; John Kilpatrick; Keating-Nolan; Faithfull; Batman; Smart-Foot; George Stevenson; Kemp; Jeffrey-MacIntosh; Flahavin / Flavin; Adams (nee Bright). Cruickshank; McMahon p107-12. Cornish surnames p112.

Vol.12 no.6 MARCH 1979: A.L.A. Brownlee retires p128. Walter Lascelles retires p128. The unveiling of the statues of John Batman and John Pascoe Fawkner / W.J.H. Read p130. The Trotman family / Mavis Hall p132. Members’ queries: Birchall; Barraclough-Highnett; Walker-Ginnings / Jennings; Harding; Reid-Seaton; Anderson-Darling; Hann; Wilkie; McVarish; McMahon-Kenny; Benjamin-Solomon; Mickle; McLoughlin; Atkinson; Walton-Currie; Ellsworth; Tate-Palen; Telfer-Boothey; Irwin-Deeton; Darcy-Smyth p132-5. Cornish surnames p136. New family histories in the library: Dean; Atkinson; Buxton Forbes Laurie; Mac Gavin / MacGavin; Nichols-Mather; Jamieson; Candy; Crawford; Pettitt; McIntyre; Neame; Seidel; Walker; William Ross Anderson; Bracken; Stewart of Ochiltree; Carthew; Hicks; McMahon; Le Cesne; Marten; Stylleman-Stileman-Stillman; Trottman; Chirnside; Snowden; Thomlinson; Clan Macintyre; Helen Lyall; Gillespie; Ousley-Shaver; Lawson-Wilkie; Pollard-McDougall; Gillard; Daniel; Guise of Fladbury; Finnegan; Hitchins; Osler; Partridge; Rudduck; Simpkins-Snowden p137-140.

Vol.12 no.7 JUNE 1979: Letter: Waters-Cavenett p153. Letter: Bray family p153. The Lehmann family in Australia since 1841? p154. Synopsis of book ‘Thick on the ground’ by Jeff Gillard [traces the ancestors of George Gillard who emigrated to Tasmania in 1842] p155. Members’ queries: Elliott-Billing; Pilkinson-Rae; Davis-Winter; Chadwick-Fox; Burgess-O’Reilly; Gilkes-Bridges; Warnock-Wallace; Muir-Smith; Trengove-Paull; Bradbury; Munro; Nash; Coates; Morris; Williams-Blatchley; Hutchinson-Wakeford; Tress-Tasker; Pearson-Henderson of Kyneton, Trentham; Haub; Evans-Barry; Storey-Barry; Lokey; Clark-Fleming; Wishart; Longmore; Gibbs; Williamson-Shanahan; Harris-Baker; Pullen; Fitzpatrick-Darcy; Miller-Eden; Herriot-Gray; Logan; Julian; Ranson-Miller; McIntyre-Campbell from Tyrone; Rowe; Carr Low-Hall; Bignill; Stephens-Vivian; Reed-Gill; Strange-White; Grace-Glennon p156-62. Cornish surnames / James A. Baines p162.

Vol.12 no.8 SEPTEMBER 1979: Family gathering: Drummond family of Balnacuil p176. Members’ queries: Alexander-Duncan; Bateman; Batson; Batt; Brennan-McConnell; Brooks-Yates; Bulmer; Burke / Bourke- Tarphe / Tarphy; Byng-Wallace; Cameron-McRae / MacCrae / McCrae; Campbell; Castle-Firth; Chalkley-Hemming; Chapman; Clampett-Nolan; Collins-Whitaker; Clutterbuck; Comyns-Munday; Cuddihy; Dow-Fullerton; Ellam-Lockwood-Holms; Ferguson; Fitness; Ford-Tynan; Fullerton; Gooch-Goodchild; Gordon; Harris-Allan; Hill (nee Chapman); Hiller-Miller; Hobbins; Hobbs-Heslin; Hogan; Knox; Mackay; McDermid; McGuire-Nicholls; McNab; Mullen-Evans; O’Brien / O’Bryan; Stevens-Babbe; Schloesser / Christie; Tyril-Ferguson-Shepherd-Chandler-Clout; Tetlow; Wright-Duncan; Duncan-Williams p156-185.

Vol.13 no.1 DECEMBER 1979: Wemen parish, Kulkyne run, Crayfield, Gayfield p4. Death: Mrs Grace Victoria Gorddard p4. Members’ queries: Elliott-Billing; Allan-Campbell; Bankshead-Noble; Butcher-Moore; Cassidy; Corbett; Findlay; Gray-Hawes; Gribble-Brown; Irvine; Jakeman-Crofts; Kahl-Dann; Keam; Litchfield; McLennan-McCrae; Matthews-Baynes; Moller-Ryan; Morrison; Rees-Griffiths; Rowe; Smith-McDonald-Manson; Ratcliffe; Rundell-Mills; Ryan; Spencer-Foyle; Stephens-McDonald; Tuckett; Thatcher-Ladhams; Tucker-Ball; Wardle; Plant; Ford-Jennings p9-12. New family histories in the library: Baker, Maryborough; Behn; Cain; Collyer; Cornelius Berry in England; Faithfull; Aberdeen, Moreton Bay; Mellow; Mickle; Mullen / O’Mullen, Ireland and USA; O’Cahan; Porteous; Ross; McNabb; Turner; Drummond; Head p14. Mewett; Hughes; Nalder; McGillivray; Grigg; Watson; De Kerrilleau; Pyke; Lindsay; Lehmann; Liebelt; McEachern; Cameron; Marshall; Pettitt; Purcell; Stone; Simpson; Spencer; Tetlon; Bradshaw; Klitzing; Wood p18-19. Perkins family reunion p24. Cleak family history group p25.

Vol.13 no.2 MARCH 1980: Corbett family reunion p8. Members’ queries: Allan-Stott; Allis; Art / Artt; Barry-Burns; Bates-Hodge; Bear-Orchard; Caine / Cain-Henry; Chester-Irwin; Cooke-Wilson; Cooper-Ramsdale; Cooper-Cuddiford; Cooper; Cosstick; Crawford; Creen-Quinn; Cressington; Cutliffe; Dailey; Davies-Jenkins; Drake-Martin; Duncan-Adamson; Ethell; Ferguson-Michell; Forbes; Fotheringham; France-Hudson; Freeman-Stewart; Golightly-Lindores; Heywood; Hildebrand; Hodgetts-Davey; Hoggan-Patterson; Jones; Keddie-Hood; Kemp-Angelo; King-Day; Lee-Alderton; Linklater; Little-Ellis; McKelvie-Collins; McKenzie; McKim; Mackinnon; McManamny-McCabe; Martin-Fisher; Matthews; Menhennet; Michell-McGrath; Minogue-Hehir; Mundy-Heywood; Murray-Ryan; Musgrove; Nimmo-Blair; Nuttall; Perdrisat-Ryan; Pritchard-Ford; Reynolds-King; Sambell; Saunders-Region; Arnott-Millard; Southcombe-Hamilton; Storr-Bradley; Stratford; Sutton; Swindley; Taylor; Thomson-Newland; Vines-Landells; Von Hoffman / Hoffman-Greenaway; Wellard-Todd; West; Whitmore-Jones; Willy / Willie / Willey-Barker; Wilson-Broderick; Wishart-O’Keefe p9-15. New family histories in the library: Arnall; Cavenett-Ireland; Collyer; Cooper-Boyle-Johnson; Eades; Hardcastle; Hore; Johnston-Harris; Laing; Lynch; Farmers; Raynor; Smyth; Tatnell; Trotter; Walsh; Williamson p19. Letters of Thomas Whyte p21.

Vol.13 no.3 JUNE 1980: Members’ queries: Alloway; Armstrong; Ashton; Barnicoat; Baxter-Parnham; Black; Blanchard-Wilkings / Wilkins; Bodey; Brain; Bull-Rowe; Burton; Caldwell-Andrew; Cantwell-Cook; Church-Harris; Cleary-Haigney; Coster; Cottrell-McMorris; Crisp-Cox; Douglas-George; Eades-Abbott; Ferguson / Fergusson; Fraser-Dalgliesh; Gibaud; Goss-Dyke; Gray-Howell; Gross; Jeffs; Kidd-Laidler; Langdon; Leeming-Waters; McDuff; McFarlane-Robb; McPherson-Hebbington; McTernan-McMorrow; Martin-Vanderschroeff-McLaren; Mathews; Mitchell; Moore; Moser; Nicholls; Parkinson; Pont-Cramp; Ramage / Rammage; Reilly / Riley-Styles; Reynolds-Jackson; Rutland; Saull; Shaw-Cummins / Cummings; Thompson-Carson; Widdy-Howard; Winchcombe-Earl; Winrow; Wood-Boyne p12-16. New family histories in the library: Amor; Blake; Blaxland; Emmett; Stock; Dodds; Wight; Hicks; Jenkins; Wade-Brereton; Langlands; Lette; McTernan; Merry; Morrison; Nesbit; Egerton; Pyle; Ritchie; Sanders; Simpkins; Tann; Hodges; Waugh; Wiseman p17. Cameron of Penola; Black; Digby-Beste; Fothergill; Gibbs of Sale; Moot; Morton; O’Brien family gathering; Sargent; Wilson p19. Book review: Johnston family tree p23.

Vol.13 no.4 SEPTEMBER 1980: James Read family reunion / Wm. J.H. Read p12. Victorian divorce records / Max R. Hayes p14. Biography of Captain William Brotchie, Canadian pioneer / Mr P.E. Brotchie p15. Sir Redmond Barry p25. Warwick Castle p25.

Vol.13 no.5 DECEMBER 1980: The Irish land valuations: a neglected genealogical resource / Des Regan p4. A visit to Orkney / Chriss Young p10. David Cope 1 & 2: theatre musicians in the 1880s and 1890s / Margaret Barker p11. Sir Redmond Barry p26.

Vol.13 no.6 MARCH 1981: H.R.H. the Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone p3. Paper preservation: basic principles and practices / Ann Alexander p4. Opie family reunion p5. McLaren family in Australia p5. The formation of the Genealogical Society of Victoria in 1941 / John Cairns-Smith-Barth p5. Family research - success at Standish (Butcher family, Gloucestershire) / R.K. Brown p8. Parliamentary papers of Australia: what's in them for me? / Marjorie Morgan p8. Index of births, deaths and marriages in the 'Portland chronicle' 1856-1859 p10. Spencer family (royalty) p25.

Vol.13 no.7 JUNE 1981: Dr Alexander Thomson, pioneer of Geelong / John Lawrence Cairns-Smith-Barth p5. Index to births, deaths and marriages in 'The Argus' 1847 p7. Formation of the Genealogical Society of Victoria / John Lawrence Cairns-Smith-Barth p10. Index to members queries p11. Setting the royal lines straight / L.F.M. Van den Pas p13. Descendants of Peter and Mary McMahon (nee White) family reunion p14. A successful Opie reunion p18. Brownlee / Brownlie family gathering p19. Shepherdly is the name ... or is it? p20. The Government gazette / Betty Joyner p26. Queen Frederika of the Hellenes p26.

Vol.14 no.1 DECEMBER 1981: Vale: Irene Keown p23.

Vol.14 no.2 MARCH 1982: Compiling a family history / Brian Hobbs p3. Index to births, deaths and marriages in 'The Argus' 1849 p5. Notes on the register of Port Phillip pioneers no.1 p8.

Vol.14 no.3 JUNE 1982: A poor man's place in history: the story of George Stone (born 1821) p3. A tribute to Alan Villiers / Stephen Murray-Smith p5. A by-way of genealogy [Joseph Holt family] p15. The reunion of the descendants of Thomas Rose (1749-1833) and Jane (nee Topp) Rose (1757-1827): the first family of free settlers in Australia p15. James Ross, carpenter, arrived Tasmania 1827 p17. Index to births, deaths and marriages in 'The Argus' 1850 A-J p24. Plunton-Lennox p28. Family reunions: Deering; Rix; Litchfield-Phillips-Reid p28-9.

Vol.14 no.4 SEPTEMBER 1982: The late Mrs Guy Bakewell p13. Family reunion: Bigelow p13. Mundy (Munday) p18. Index to births, deaths and marriages in 'The Argus' 1850 K-Z p20. My search for the Willis brothers of Bradford / Malcolm Grant Hutton p22. Statistics Civil establishment of Victoria 1859: index of officers part 2 C p37.

Vol.14 no.5 DECEMBER 1982: The late Mr Brian Benjamin p4. Family reunion: Allen p10. The Pitman family of Rokewood Junction / Anne Walsh (nee Pitman) p11. Family reunion: James Wentworth Davis / Ettie Pullman p12. Index to births, deaths and marriages in 'The Argus' 1851 p15.

Vol.14 no.6 MARCH 1983: The late Lady Casey (1891-1983) p3. Family reunions: O'Doherty-Doherty; Beauchamp; Drummond of Balnacuil; Primmer; Faithfull p9-10. King's Bay of Port Phillip?: the race with the French / L.M. Mowle p13. Civil establishment of Victoria 1859: index of officers part 4 H p15.

Vol.14 no.7 JUNE 1983: Family reunions: Allen; Burdett; Holden; Pearce p9-10. The exiles / Ian Wynd p12. The late King Umberto of Italy part 1 / P.H. de Serville p12. The 'Argus' summary of deaths in institutions / Malcolm Grant Hutton p13. Index to births, deaths and marriages in 'The Argus' 1851 Jul-Sep p14. Civil establishment of Victoria 1859 part 5 I p15.

Vol.14 no.8 SEPTEMBER 1983: Major C. Stephen, President GSV 1979-83 p15. Family reunions: Coulston; Eagle; Gleeson; Judd; Philip; Seadon; McKenzie-McHarg; Pedler; Wicking p19-20. King Umberto of Italy part 2 p24. Civil establishment of Victoria 1859 part 6 M p28.

Vol.14 no.9 DECEMBER 1983: Family reunions: Coysh; Langham-Macumber-Harrison-Robertson; Mack; Mawson; McDonald; Pearce; Radnell; Seadon p11-13. The voyage to Victoria in the 1850s / T.R. Grigg p14. 1850s immigrants' letters home: a letter from Stephen Winchcomb to his wife Ann 1853 p17. A letter from Alexander Duncan to his parents, Tower Hill 1856 p18. Civil establishment of Victoria 1859: index of officers part 7 Mc p19. Index to births, deaths and marriages in 'The Argus' 1851 Oct-Dec p20.

Vol.15 no.1 MARCH 1984: Hon. John Hodgson, 1799-1860 MLC / Rev. A.R. Davies p3. Family gatherings: Ball; Cripps; Hawkes; McMaster; Robertson; Smith-Sutton; Wade p11-12. 1859 civil establishment: Alfred Clarke Cummins p25. 'Two years before the mast' or 'Songs my mother taught me' / Mary E. Smith p26.

Vol.15 no.2 WINTER 1984: Heredity and genealogy / P.H. de Serville p3. Industrialisation and emigration: the experience of a group of Gloucestershire villages in the 1830s / Joan Bailey p4. Family gatherings: Booth-Oliver-Hayward-Smith-Spencer-Currie-Cumming-O'Toole; Coulston; Hines; Philip; Wallace p13-14. Civil establishment of Victoria 1858: index of officers part 9 P-R p30.

Vol.15 no.3 SPRING 1984: Family gatherings: McDonald; Malady; Sheppard p22. Civil establishment of Victoria 1858: index of officers part 10 p34.

Vol.15 no.4 DECEMBER 1984: How to begin tracing your family history / Joan Wills p2. Obituary: Miss Phillipa Burnett p11. Family gatherings: Bottom-Nixon; Head; Jeffs-Paragreen-Whitford; Marsh; Maskell; O'Reilly; Spokes p12. Civil establishment of Victoria 1859: index of officers part 11 S-W p24.

Vol.16 no.1 MARCH 1985: Genealogists' London p2. English genealogy p4. Counties of England and Wales post 1974 (map) p10. Old county map of England and Wales pre 1974 p13.

Vol.16 no.2 WINTER 1985: Scottish research / John Cairns-Smith-Barth p2. Counties of Scotland pre and post 1974 (maps) p8. Scots of the Riverina (poem) / Henry Lawson p11. Family gatherings: Castles; Hiscock-Blanchard; Rose; Sheppard-Shepherd; Stephenson p17.

Vol.16 no.3 SPRING 1985: Norfolk Island tour / Keith Holden p15. The Stawell Cemetery / Dorothy King p17. Eliza: a true story / Jean Clark p18. Family gatherings: Guley; Long-Finnegan-Healey-Owens; Marsh; Martin; Murdoch; Withers p20.

Vol.16 no.4 SUMMER 1985: Women and the Victorian gold rush / T.R. Grigg p4. Family gatherings: Batman; Gawler; Kay; Kidgell; Roscoe-Ruscoe; Vivian; Graney p21.

Vol.17 no.1 AUTUMN 1986: Irish family history research: a problem-solving approach / Des Regan p3. County map of Ireland p10. Family gatherings: Jessup; Long-Wishart; Morley; Mustey-Harris; Sporer-Spehr; Thurrowgood p24.

Vol.17 no.2 WINTER 1986: Civil registration in Victoria. Registration of births, deaths and marriages p2. Biography: William Henry Archer p6. Family gatherings: Kidgell; Wain-Kennealy; Tobias p15.

Vol.17 no.3 SPRING 1986: The society's grant of arms / E.J. Compton p9. That's my coat of arms / E.J. Compton p12. Family gatherings: Branson-Donelly; Crebbin; Manly; Parkyn-Colwell; Thomas; Thornton; Vivian; Williams p20.

Vol.17 no.4 SUMMER 1986: Victorian land selection records. A Christmas tree (with humble apologies to Charles Dickens) / T.M. McLaughlin p2. Victorian land selection records / D.J. Regan p3. St Piran's Day celebrations / Lesley Morton p9. Namely nonsence [surnames] / Sue McBeth p9. The story of the indexing of the NSW convict indents / Keith Holden p10. Ancestors from non-English speaking countries / Irene M. Fullarton p11. An introduction to tracing your ancestors in Europe p12. The letters of Rachel Henning: an appreciation / Ettie Pullman p20. A glimpse of the past [letters to Denis O'Connor 1858-63] / Monica G. Houlihan p20. Sleep well Ann, John and Matilda [Dunkley, Lindsay] / Dianne Lewis p32. Family gatherings: Ball-Cuthbert; Blackley-Hulands; Birrell-Byers-Kenworthy; Charman-Gettens-Rees; Copley; Crowe-Sinnott-Smith; Gordon; Harrison; Maher; Matthews; Roscoe-Ruscoe; Saunders; Sleep p39-40. Lost military men / Shirley M. Costello p40.

Vol.18 no.1 AUTUMN 1987: Sailing / Joan Wills p3. Missing emigrants / Ada Ackerly p6. The 'do it yourself' immigrants [Gazelle (ship)] / Dorothy Anderson p6. Are you the descendant of a Monteagle emigrant? / Chris O'Mahony p7. Family life at Kookynie, eastern goldfields, WA [McLennan family] / Joan Proud p8. Wattle blossom / Isabella Clapperton p9. A Victorian seeks his fortune in the 'golden west' / Mignon Preston [Wells family] p11. Indian records of Lloyd in ANZ Bank archive / Trevor Hart p12. Family gatherings: Crebbin; Giddens; Head; McKenzie-Grant; Miller; Mills; Radley; Redpath; Sheppard-Shepherd; Stimson; Tiddy; Windridge; Winterton p28-9.

Vol.18 no.2 WINTER 1987: Digging up an ancestor in Victoria: how to find a date of death in Victoria / Wendy Baker p2. James Mann 1831-1916 / Lindsay Mann p5. Tracing your Danish ancestors and relatives p7. International genealogical index / L. Hooper p9. Family gatherings: Castles; Nicholas and Mary Wells; Robert and Mary Broughton; Harrison-Macumber; Martin McPherson; Prendergas-Pendergast; James Wearnis; Warry p18-19.

Vol.18 no.3 SPRING 1987: School days: Victorian education records / Wendy Lowry p2. Dating photographs from costume / Kaylene van Schie p5. Did your ancestors come from East Germany?: the Sorbs [and Wends] of Lusatia / John F. Noack p7. Are you interested in one surname? / Sue McBeth p8. Victorian telephone directories: a neglected source / P.E. Brotchie p9. Migration from Nieder-Weisel, Germany in the 19th century / Werner Wagner p10. Family gatherings: Allen; Ferguson-Kingalty; Godber-Wilson; Huggard; Lawrence; Levings-Merritt; Little-Boyd; Donald McCrae-Janet McCrae; McInnes; Nicholson-Nicolson; Sarah and Charles Radnell; Rowe; Ryan; Hugh and Hephzibah Sayle; Walter and Jane Synot; Wearne p30-1. Another Victoria [Vancouver Island, Canada] / Bill Coffey p31.

Vol.18 no.4 DECEMBER 1987: Found guilty of 'machine breaking' [John Olden] p2. Point Gellibrand Cemetery 1839-1858 / Ada Ackerly p5. Lone graves in central Gippsland / J.G. Rogers p6. The 12th regiment / Jill Wilkinson p8. An Australian pioneer: John Grimson, a free settler from Suffolk / Doreen Ward p11. Right of burial / E.J. Compton p12. A Tasmanian convict in your family? / Maree Ring p15. Tasmanian convicts / Maree Ring p18. Organising a successful family reunion / Dawn Cowley p26. Australian War Memorial 133 nominal roll of AIF (service abroad) 1914-1918 War / Peter G. Evans p27. Portsmouth: birthplace of Australia / Bruce Fullarton p33. Nathaniel Lucas: a First Fleet convict / Elizabeth Larking p34. The 'Royal George' [ship] p43.

Vol.19 no.1 AUTUMN 1988: Marvellous Melbourne p2. Life on the Bendigo diggings in 1853 p5. A few reminiscences of my life in Australia / Samuel Masters p6. Are my marriages legal?: the 1838-40 Port Phillip marriages of Reverend William Waterfield (Protestant Dissenters) / Ada Ackerly p9. A case where the witnesses may not assist the researcher / Evelyn M. Ness p10. James McKain Archibald Job Meek / John T. Dallimore p12. Nova Scotians to Australia 1852 / Terence M. Punch p14. The Maritime History Archive and genealogical research p17. A gravedigger's work record 1868-1878 [John Cooper, Terang] / Jean Martindale p19. The uncanny resemblance: can anyone help? [Gooding family] / Anne Holloway p21. He 'found himself' in Melbourne [Hnery Woodland Hayward] / Winifred Allen p21.

Vol.19 no.2 WINTER 1988: Scottish research part 1 p2. A Gaelic Minister [James MacQueen, Isle of Skye] / Lynn MacQueen p7. Scottish roots / Lis Allan p9. The nobility of Scotland or bloodthirsty ancestors? / Peter Tainsh-Hardie p10. James Holt / James Blair-Holt p18. Sharing information with other genealogists and family historians / Lis Allan p19. Irish Family History Society p20. Life on the Bendigo diggings in 1853 p22.

Vol.19 no.3 SPRING 1988: Aspects of convict research and records / Keith Holden p2. Transportation / Keith Holden p4. How to trace a convict forbear / Keith Holden p5. The Mary Wade story / Lorna Regester p6. William Wright (The Tulip) / June Tobin p7. The story of Elizabeth Pulley / John P. Ward p7. Samuel Knowles / Dawn Barbary p7. A letter from home? [Mary Holt] / Maree Ring p8. Convicts in the Port Phillip district / Keith Holden p9. Victoria's own: the exiles / Ian Wynd p10. The story of William Chaundy, exile / Lorraine Phelan p11. 'General remarks' from the medical journal from the 'Eden' [ship] / Robert Beith p12. Foundation Day, Norfolk Island 1988 / Keith Holden p14. The Descendants of Convicts Group / Keith Holden p15. Orkney's only Australian convict [William Sinclair] / Annella A. McCallum p15. Orkney: the Norse connection / Phillip E. Brotchie p16. Scottish research part 2 p18. Monumental inscriptions p19. Some Scottish monumental inscriptions / Julie Stevens p19. Burial letters p20. Obituaries and their value to genealogists [Mrs Matilda Andrew of Lancefield, died 1909] p21. John Melbourne Gilbert - the first child born at Melbourne / Les Hetherington p24. My life / Janet Larrissy 1868 p38.

Vol.19 no.4 SUMMER 1988: South Australian records / Andrew G. Peake p3. My journey into genealogy / Patricia M. Lamb p9. Researching merchant seamen and shipping / Mary Farnsworth p10. Where were your ancestors in 1788? / Mary Southwell p12. Grandma was a charlady at the 1888 Exhibition [security identity photographs of over 500 persons who worked at the 1888 Exhibition] / Ada Ackerly p13. Scandinavians in Australia / Jean Martindale p14. Irish origins: an Australian perspective / Des Regan p15. When Bakers went to the Wimmera [Baker family] / Carolyn Harris p16.

Vol.19 no.5 AUTUMN 1989: The degree of certainty [evidence needed to prove a pedigree] / Ian McGown p2. How to care for vintage photos [photographs] / Peter Krause p4. British Army muster rolls and casualty returns / Captain E.A. Gray p5. Muller / Miller family research / Jack A. Miller p6. August and Henrietta Miller, their story p7. Waldau Cemetery register / Jack Miller p7. Pennyweight Flat Cemetery, Forest Creek p7-8. Wilsons - where are you? [Wilson family] / Merlyn H. Burkhardt p8.

Vol.19 no.6 WINTER 1989: Introducing the First A.I.F. to family researchers / David Holloway p2. Collecting my family records in the Netherlands / Paul Kriek p4. Adoption: an old question with some new answers / Anne Farrell p10. In ages past [priests in the Newth-Nuth-Nooth family] / Peter Sherlock p11. A Melanesian genealogy [village of Kila] / Keith Holden p12. A paddock called Smith [Baringhup West-Carisbrook area] / Lis Allan p15. Government surveyors and assistant surveyors 1857 / Denise Nest p16. The birthday book of Lucinda Austin nee Reid p19. Thomastown-Keelbundoora Wesleyan Cemetery / Beryl Patullo p28. Anderson's Creek Cemetery [Warrandyte] / Bruce Bence p36.

Vol.19 no.7 SPRING 1989: A search for a soldier [George Savage, family] E.A. Gray p2. Abandoned and adopted: George Blake of New Zealand / Judith M. Faulds p3. Caroline Paulina Haines / Margery F. Byrnes p4. Ellen Fitzgerald / Helen E. Wagener p5. An Irish bicentennial gesture [convicts from Clonoulty, Tipperary] / M. Phillips p6. 'Dear sister', an unknown letter from an Irish immigrant girl / Dr Portia Robinson p9. Finding James Madden: a genealogical journey / E.J. Compton p11. 'From the man tracing 'Ahern', County Cork / Maureen Meyer p13. The origins of John and Catherine Ward / John E. Gerber p14. The second International Irish Origins Conference, Kilkenny, May 1989 p16. Irish seminar in Sydney 28th-30th July, 1989 p17. 150th anniversary of the arrival of the David Clarke (ship) / Elvera Shugg p18. Coburg Cemetery p19. Researching in Europe part 1 / Cornelia Shrader-Muggenthaler p20.

Vol.19 no.8 SUMMER 1989: Some brief notes on the British Corps and Regiments that served in Australia and New Zealand 1788-1870 / R.K. Cooper p2. A letter from Woolwich 1852 [written by Stephen Tucker Arnold] p4. The World War One letters of driver F.E. (Ellis) Pooley, 31st Battery 9th Australian Field Artillery Brigade AIF / John E. Gerber p5. A letter from Glenroy 1884 [from L.J. Vaux] p9. The parish register of Sedgley Staffordshire put flesh on those ‘bare bones’ / Patricia Draper p10. The Kisler and Maas families of Nieder-Weisel, Germany / Joan Campbell p12. Wendish / Sorbian exhibition in Victoria / John F. Black p13. School pupil registers – Central Highlands Historical Association collection / Ballarat Group of GSV p20. Obituary: Dr J. Michael Crawford 1938-1989 p20. Obituary: Colonel Wilfred Leighton ‘Bill’ Hann RL 1912-1989 p21. Obituary: Langdon Majoribanks ‘Bill’ Mowle 1907-1989 p21. Early Bendigo cemeteries / Ruth Lanyon p22. Captain John Brabyn Mills [buried in Echuca Cemetery] p22.

Vol.20 no.1 AUTUMN 1990: Home and colonial [Kenny family, Magill family] / James G. Kenny p2. Victoria: the first decade / Graeme F. Smith p5. The Chinese in Australia / Jack Miller p6. The voyage of the ‘William Nicol’ / E. Finn p8. Australia’s Italians 1788-1988 / Jack Miller p11. The parish register of Bilston, Staffordshire 1684-1746 / Patricia Draper p12. Ancestors from [Sydenham] Oxfordshire / Roxanne Jackson p13. A link with the 1798 rebellion [John Moutray] / Bill Coffey p14. Obituary: Naoise Cleary 1914-1989 p14. The three brothers who stood for election [William Thomas Carter family] / Clarrie V. Nicholls p16. Genealogy of the Ballarat City Fire Brigade / Patricia Draper and Lois Reynolds.

Vol.20 no.2 WINTER 1990: Port Phillip Heads: a boundary in the history of Victoria / Graeme F. Smith p2. So you’ve found a soldier in your family / Captain (Retd) Erik A. Gray p5. Church plaques / Betty Horskins p11. Hazelwood Cemetery, pausing amongst the commas / John Kyd p12. Beware the family bible / Ada Ackerly p12.

Vol.20 no.3 SPRING 1990: Australians of Chinese descent and family history – some issues / Morag Loh p2. Truth is stranger than fiction: a brief history of Dr Henry Ezra Suggate, RN (1780-1858) / Eugenie Smith p3. Soldiers and their wives / Captain (Retd) Erik A. Gray p6. The marriage, baptismal and burial registers of the Collegiate Church, or Abbey, of St Peter Westminster (Westminster Abbey) / Patricia Draper p7. Horner family, Carlton p27.

Vol.20 no.4 SUMMER 1991: Daniel Bonarius, soldier / Captain (Retd) E.A. Gray p2. The records of the King’s German Legion / E.A. Gray p3. Rifleman Thomas Ingham / E.A. Gray p3. When is a Marine a soldier – or what’s in a name? [William Phillips] / E.A. Gray p4. Miracles do happen / Ev Madden p6. Oh what tangled webs [Hughes family] / Dianne Hughes p7. 1851 census Duntulm, Isle of Skye / Margaret Ross p8. More about the voyage of the ‘William Nicol’ / Janet Witham p10. 1841 census Glasgow / Abigail Butler p10. The Portland lifeboat project – replica medals make history p11. Nostalgic visit in Delft, Holland / Paul Kriek p12. More than I bargained for! [Jones family] / Trina Jones p16. One family’s story / Tamara Stafford p17.

Vol.20 no.5 AUTUMN 1991: Clunes’s first band [Clunes Brass Band] / Claire Hinton p2. The wandering musicians of Salzgitter / Ray Meyer p4. Till death do ‘us’ part [Phipson family] / Peter Sherlock p7. Holmes family of Cambridgeshire / Robert Marsden p10. Honouring the pioneers [pioneer gatherings 1913] / Margaret Ross p11. The parish register transcripts of Widecombe-in-the-Moor in the County of Devon / Patricia Draper p14.

Vol.20 no. 6 and 7 WINTER and SPRING 1991: Paddy [Patrick] Hannan: the search for Paddy’s parents / Judy Woodlock p2. Researching Paddy Hannan / Tess Thomson p3. The search for a church [Albert Park Presbyterian Church] / Robert Baker p5. On John’s selection: a mine of information [John Frehan] / Anne Tosolini p9. The Australian Joint Copying Project / Graeme Powell p10. Women in Australia: a case of historical inequity / Phillip E. Brotchie p12. Biography of an early Victorian school teacher: the story of Edith Esther Brotchie / Phillip E. Brotchie p13. A brief window in time [Amalie Frankenstein] / Linda Morse p15. The story of Rachel Hoddy / Richard J. Rowe p16. Obituary: Keith Holden 1925-1991 / Mick Vautier p20.

Vol.20 no.8 SUMMER 1991-2: ‘C’ Company, Victorian Mounted Rifles / J.E. Gerber p3. Boer War diary of trumpeter Harry Haycroft, Victorian Bushman no. 561, ‘B’ Company, 2nd Division, Bushman’s Corps, Victoria / L.J. Vaux p8. Letters from the front [Boer War, 1900 from W.E.G. Clarke] p12. A soldier’s view of war: Grandfather at Gallipoli [John Alexander ‘Jack’ Brotchie] / Phillip E. Brotchie p14. Ballarat’s Avenue of Honour for the family historian / David Holloway p15. Pipe-Major Robert Mackenzie: the King’s Own Scottish Borderers / Erik A. Gray p18. Over the sea from Skye [McQueen – Ross family] / Margaret Ross p24. Scotland – Dunfermline [Medwell, Coutts] / L.M. Burke p25. Fife [Langlands family] / Dr Ian Langlands p29. The Ribbon Riots of Coventry 1831 [Benjamin Sparkes, Thomas Burbury, Alfred Toogood, Joseph Day] / Julia Smith p30. Poor Law records as a source for genealogists / Michael J. Weller p32. In the workhouse [James Mauldon] / Noel W. Hinton p34. The parish register transcripts of Exeter, Devon / Patricia Draper p35. When divorce was not an option / Terry Grigg p37. She knew so little: links lost and found [Alice Taylor (nee Evans)] / Christine Benson p39. After whom was Caulfield named? [Thomas Coombs / Coombes family, John Caulfield family] / Kay Sturgeon p41. Chevalier Joseph P. Morton / Eileen Vaughan p42. Obituary: Dorothy Ethel Walton 1924-1991 / Joan Wills p51. Neerim East State School / John Rochford p72.

Vol.21 no.1 AUTUMN 1992: Memories of rural West Brunswick in the 1930s [Mooney family] / Valda Strauss p2. Another police force of East London [Dock Company Forces, West India Dock Company] p7. Grim realities: some reflections on life and death in the infant colony / Phil Brotchie p10. No picnic at Pleasant Creek [Jenkins, Vaux family, Stawell] / L.J. Vaux p11. A Porthcawl benefactor [Jenkin Henry] / Janet Hearle p12. Did my ancestor come with the conqueror? [Nelson family] / Ken Nelson p13.

Vol.21 no.2 WINTER 1992: George and Martha Mustey with children Martha, Charles and William and of Charles and Mary Mustey at Hanging Rock circa 1907 (photo, front cover). Jane Smith c1817-1886 / Eugenie Smith p2. For Ernest Owen – a brief sketch of his grandfather’s life [Dr Thomas Busick Haylock family] / Celia Wyndham (nee Haylock), 1925 p4. Reminiscences / Celia Wyndham p5. Vaux family / L.J. Vaux p6. The parish registers of Wimbledon, Surrey / Patricia Draper p7. Transportation to Australia from the East Riding of Yorkshire in the 1830s p8. Dupes of artful and designing men: the West Riding rebels of 1820 / Peter Thomas p9. ‘Lord Lyndoch’ [ship] 1841 p10. Convict trial: James Bidey 1829 p11. King and country [Jonas Watson, born 1748] / Terry Watson p12. Wahapu: where is it? [Neal family] / A.F.L. Neal p13. Stony Creek detachment of the Victorian Mounted Rifles p15. Victorians and Queensland’s Prickly Pear Selection Scheme / Margaret Ross p18. The Glenister family / Bronwen Thomas p19. Photograph of Daisy, Pearl and Louie Astley p22. Birthday book of Park and Yates families p23. Family gatherings: Illidge, Praetz, Wise – De Graaff, Wilson p29.

Vol.21 no.3 SPRING 1992: Just twelve pages of the ‘Courier’ [Michael Brennan] / Lorna M. Burke p7. Our Australian link [Burrell family] / Christine M. Braid p12. Macdonald family of North Uist / J.E. Gerber p14. Diary of Mary Heriot (aged 19 years) during voyage from Plymouth to Melbourne on ship ‘Undaunted’ 1857 p16. Notes on the Macpherson clan and family p19. To the ploughmen and artisans of Fife / George Langlands 1852 p20. Archibald Walker / G. Faye Hunt p22.

Vol.21 no.4 SUMMER 1992-3: Policing the city of Melbourne [police] / Gary Presland p2. Caroline Newcomb – the first Melbourne teacher / Geoff Reid p3. Bonwick family: colonial school teachers / Geoff Reid p4. Letters from colonial Victoria [Alexander Britton at Castlemaine to his daughter Mary, in Derby 1854] p6. Old Melbourne Hospital / Lis Allan p7. Mr Thomas Henry Thwaites p9 Carlton in days of old: a chat with an old identity 1901 p9. The death of mounted policeman William Dunbar Johnstone / Dianne Hughes p12. Obituary: Ernest Raymond (Ray) Meyer p16.

Vol.21 no.5 AUTUMN 1993: In search of a name (Le Guier) / Shirley Muir p6. Walter George Lascelles 1892-1992 / J.E. Wilkie p6. The ‘White Star’ Liverpool to Melbourne 1858 / Ros Shennan p11. Robert Hay / Jean Turner p13. John Vincent / Andrew Billinghurst p14. Diary of my trip to Great Britain in 1866: Henry Pilcher p15.

Vol.21 no.6 WINTER 1993: Mark Halkyard: an early teacher in the Western District of Victoria and the memoirs of his son, Charles / Valda Strauss p6. Edward and Heppie: a voyage diary [Charlwood family] / Don Charlwood p14. Obituary: Miss Muriel Eleanor Runting 1907-1993 p17.

Vol.21 no.7 SPRING 1993: The Thwaites family in Nyah / Grace Willoughby p18. A Stawell watchmaker [Thomas Young Smith] / Joy Roy p20. The Lightfoot family tree p23. I might be any age: the story of Henry Bynon / P.J. Crone and E.J. Smith p25. Family gatherings: McCarthy; McIlwraith p27, Moore; Webb p49. The ‘Holycross murders’ / Shirley Foley p28. How many people find they have roots in Liverpool, UK? [Liverpool Mechanics’ Institute] / Joan Glover p30. Smith family of Liverpool and Riddells Creek / Fred J. Smith p32. My grandfather knew his grandfather [Holloway] / David Holloway p33.

Vol.21 no.8 SUMMER 1993-4: ‘Dear Aunt Emma’ [McFadden – Ennis – Stavely family book] / Pearl Collins p7. Book launch: ‘Paddy Hannan: a claim to fame’ p7. ‘Fire! Fire!’: a story of an immigrant ship [‘Catherine Sharer, also spelt Katherine Shearer] / Ewart Matthews p17. Recollections of an old Bendigo pioneer – Jane Vahland [nee Barrow] p19. The most fascinating immigrant ship ‘Marco Polo’ 15 April 1851 – 25 July 1883: a brief history / Ken Shewan p20. The diary of Thomas P. Cowle – ‘Sea Nymph’ 1852-3 / Marilyn Fraser p22. ‘We all wear red trousers’ – searching for an early Dutch migrant [Andries Petrus / Andrew Peters] / Michael Peters p23. Graytown [from the ‘Nagambie Times’ 29 June 1917] p24. The Murdoch family / Ian Clarke p24. Australian Hewetsons [Hewetson family] / Eugenie Smith p27. Hendersons at war [Henderson family] / Frank L. Lee p31. ‘Breaking the news’ [painting by Longstaff] / Patricia Fry and Dorothy Cooper p32. The early Tymms family in Australia / Sue Tymms p34. The Melbourne Ladies’ Benevolent Society / Lenore Frost p35. Willie’s Weddin’ [marriage of William David Mann of ‘Carseburn’, Strathewen, Vic. to Anna Bell Anderson of ‘Mona Vale’, Craigieburn, Vic.] / Lindsay Mann p38. Sandstone tombstones in the Bendigo Cemetery / Carol Holsworth p40. An overview of cemeteries and burial grounds / Marjorie Morgan p41.

Vol.22 no.1 AUTUMN 1994: Two faces of a Chinese gentleman: Alexander James Ahpoo, son of James Ahpoo and Elizabeth Ann Henault (photo, p1). The famine in China 1878 p2. Letter from Thomas Harris at Collingwood, 22 April 1856 p7.

Vol.22 no.2 WINTER 1994: Emigration of the 1830s [Bowden family] / Philip Bowden Mitchell p2. Naturalisation of William Hobby [of Castlemaine] p7. The Eleonore [ship, Chinese, December 1857] p12.

Vol.22 no.3 SPRING 1994: Aringa State School c1916 (group photo with names) [front page]. Elizabeth Bailey 1821-1879 / Barbara Brown p2. Boonah State School / Eril Willmott p5. Stawell State School no. 502: statement of children excluded from school during the first four months of the current year (1881) on account of infectious sickness in the family p6. Frankston Primary School 1464 Museum / Dorothy Condon, Curator p7. The old tin chest [Maldon State School 1254] / Lis Allan p8. Excerpts from the log book of Girvan Parish School (Ayrshire, Scotland) session 1863-64 p9. Vale: Harry Lewis Dunn p12. Letter from Robert Flint to John Stevens dated 9th November 1874 p14. Melbourne Tailoresses Strike 1882-83 / Lenore Frost p15.

Vol.22 no.4 SUMMER 1994: Sunshine Railway Disaster / Jan Withers p2. Obituary: Desmond John Regan p5. An appeal for information about the scientific instrument makers in 19th century Victoria, circa 1840 to 1900 [includes list of names] / H.C. Bolton and Nicola H. Williams p8. Melbourne’s tramways: the first 50 years / Bronwen Merrett p11. Letter from Robert Flint to John Stevens 28 Nov 1858 p17. Burial numbers, not grave plot numbers / Carol Holsworth p19. Convicts transported from Wicklow County Gaol to Australia p20. The finding of Oxenlaw [Mary Hetherington (nee Byers)] / Margaret Greenslade p44.

Vol.22 no.5 AUTUMN 1995: Anecdotal memoirs [McGrath; Dawson] / Joan A. Holmes p6. Dr Who? [Dr James Barry] / Geoff Hill p7. A Scottish soldier (who wandered far away) [George Peter McDonald, born 1853] / Joy Ellis p8. On fertile ground [Thomas Stewart, born 1831] / Wayne Brown p9. Psychiatric memorabilia – early Victorian psychiatry: history of the first ten patients admitted to Yarra Bend [James Oliver; Eliza Richardson; Sarah Smiley; Emily Passmore; Jessie Miller; Bridget Robinson; Mary Purcell; Mary Jones; John Burns] / Alan Stoller and Rona Emmerson p13. Mental health records from the 1840s to circa 1915 / Bronwen Merrett p14.

Vol.22 no.6 WINTER 1995: 135 legal murders: the hangings at the Melbourne Gaol between 1842 and 1924 / Patricia Draper p2. Adam Newitt / Kevin Richardson p4. McCoppin connection / Gerald F. Lannan p9. The Squire [Squire family] / Christene McKernan p13. Sidney’s Emigrant’s Journal [guide] / Nicole McLennan p16. The case of the missing descendants [Hester Ann Clout family] / Alan Thompson p19.

Vol.22 no.7 SPRING 1995: Eaglehawk Methodist Sunday School c1906 (photo of children, front page). The Corrick family / A.C. ‘Bill’ Corrick p2. Women in early Australian cinema / Marilyn Dooley p3. A tale of two women [Mary Anne Watson and her association with Lola Montez] / Terry Watson p4. A disorderly house of rogues and vagabonds [records in the Public Records Office relating to the early regulation of theatres in Victoria] / Tony Leviston p6. Screening the past: aspects of early Australian film / Ken Berryman p8. Performing Arts Museum p8. Alpha Studios – negatives available p9. Obituary: John Albert Miller p21. Family gatherings: Beckett; Brown; Coath; Campigli; Craig; Lang; Murphy; Neal p37. The last of the 14th Battalion 1st AIF ‘Jacka’s Mob’: did diggers fight in Italy in 1918? / Neal Butterworth p43. A family at war [Clarke family] / Maureen Meyer p46.

Vol.22 no.8 SUMMER 1995: The Mahogany Ship and genealogy / Geoff Self p2. Hints to an emigrant presented by George Grimston Cookman to his uncle Francis Cookman 5 May 1823, Hull p6. Biography of Alexander Watt 1836-1870 / Bruce Alan Watt p10. The tragic plight of the Kay family / Kaye Follett p12. Wreck of the ‘Earl of Charlemont’ (ship), published in the Geelong Advertiser 3/6/1911 by Mr Short, a passenger p13. Harold Bell Lasseter: a different perspective / Frank Lee p14. Mont De Lancey Museum / Phillipa Andrew p15. George Harris – letter, 28 June 1870 p16. Obituaries and books versus primary sources as seen in the colonization of Bulama Island / Angela Geertsma p24. Family gatherings: Credlin; Fels; Kidgell; Mutimer; Hadley; Webb p30. The Yeoman of Bow Brickhill [Cook family] / Alan D. Cook p43. Dear Matthew [life story of Kathleen Griff (nee Frew)] p45. My dear brother Albert [letter to Albert Samuel Tilley 1888] p46. To mother [letter from Daniel Peterson 1842] p47.

Vol.23 no.1 AUTUMN 1996: The Ferry family, the ‘Subraon’ (ship) and the long haul to Geelong / Dr John Ferry p9. A tribute to Mavis J. Lewis (Monichon) 1913-1994 p11. St Patrick’s Day in Melbourne 1881 p16.

Vol.23 no.2 WINTER 1996: The fun of Cork in Boston: chasing those American cousins [O’Brien family] / Anne Tosolini p2. Vale: Betty Lois Meckle p8. Mary Mooney (nee Driscoll): an unforgettable grandmother / Valda Strauss p17. The Butzbach letters [Jacob Steinhauser] / Claire Hinton p19.

Vol.23 no.3 SPRING 1996: The rise and fall of William Kerr Thomson / Ian Thomson p14. Highland emigration to America / A.I.B. Stewart p30.

Vol.23 no.4 SUMMER 1996: A letter from Gippsland 1847 [by James Warman during the de Villiers’ expedition to rescue a white woman with the aborigines] p4. The white woman of Gippsland / Sue Tymms p7. What a wedding! [letter written by Rose Hill (nee Egan) to her sister Elizabeth Egan, June 1873, Maribyrnong p9. It only takes 50 years [Kidgell family] / Mona Kidgell p10. Found in a paddock [Barker family] / Valerie R. Kennedy p17. James Warman 1796-1873 / Sue Tymms p19. Joseph Evans: an early pioneer of East Gippsland / Bruce Evans p24. The notebook of Susanah Wellington / Terry Hastings p25. The bells of Northumberland [William Walton ‘Baron’ Bell of Allendale] / Margaret Greenslade p27. Malmsbury rejoices: Prince of Wales marriage Tuesday 19 May 1863 (from the Kyneton Guardian) p41. An unexpected window on family life: letters from Australian children in the late 19th century / Geoff Walker p43. List of Dr Barnado’s boys aboard the TSS Hawkes Bay to Australia 1 July 1913 p46. Interments in the Groongal Cemetery p47.

Vol.23 no.5 AUTUMN 1997: Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor: trades in the armed service / E.J. Compton p2. Graves to inmates of the United Services Homes at Drysdale, Vic. / John E. Price p8. Australian military research for the family historian / Peter Thomas p9. Finding gold in Victoria [Shadrack Purton] / Barbara Bolt p23.

Vol.23 no.6 WINTER 1997: Looking for William Arbuckle / Deborah Inglis p2. New Zealand military settlers – petitioners 1867 p4. ‘Before cleaning a rifle …’ [Hartley family] / Peter Thomas p8. Condemned to death [James Woodlock] / Judith Woodlock p11. From State Trustees: The story of Jean Margaret Potts; Who were Francis Baxter Jones’ real parents?; Update on Ellen Ann Mellington (nee MacGregor / McGregor) p16. Letter from William Sherry [in England, to his brother Tom Sherry in South Australia, 25 May 1848] p39. Established early in 1894: The Tabernacle Ragged School, Relief Mission and Night Shelter, 23-5 Cremorne Street, Richmond p41. Early history of Irons family in Natal / Joy Roy p42.

Vol.23 no.7 SPRING 1997: Towards Eureka / Peter Butters p2. Vale: Harriett Croxford (nee Brownlee) 1907-1997 p3. Wells, workhouses and other woes! how healthy were your English ancestors? / Michael Weller p4. Searching for a mother [Nancy Bosman (nee Stevens)] / Julie Jackson p6. The parish register of St Mary, Truro, Cornwall / Patricia Draper p7. Amersham: looking for Grandad / Fred Curtis p12. 40th regiment at Eureka / Christine McKernan p56. 12th Regiment, 1st Battalion at Eureka / Christine McKernan p57.

Vol.23 no.8 SUMMER 1997: Quaker ancestors in England 1650-1750 / Michael Gandy p2. Vale: Reginald Peters 1927-1997 p5. From State Trustees: The case of James Hourigan p5. Ernie’s kit bag [Ernie McGough] / Walter J. Venn p6. The Australian Women’s Work Exhibition 1907 / Lenore Frost p8. Victorian exiles – convict era: notes from the Public Record Office / Catherine Kesik p15. Precious parents, brothers and sisters …: first letter home of Johann Conrad Weickhardt 1854 / Claire Hinton p17. The story of Josiah and Thomas Shears / Jim Hall p24. My cousin Bess [Holloway family] / David Holloway p45.

Vol.24 no.1 AUTUMN 1998: William Roadknight (1792-1862): employer of new migrants / J.L.A. Campbell p2. From State Trustees: the estate of Frederick Charles Stone: found a long lost daughter p8. The emigration of Grinter families from South Somerset, England p9. John Reid / Ron Reid p9. Antiquarian imaginations [E.J. Semmens] / Catherine Kesik p10. Clara’s story [Baker family] / Fi Cutting p16. Australia through the eyes of a transported Wareham man [John Hardy] / Rodney Legg p21. A ship board diary: extracts from diary written by Arthur Bysouth, aged 13 years [1881-2] p35.

Vol.24 no.2 WINTER 1998: ‘Bon chance de Madeleine’ [Doctor Jack R. Williams] p2. Livingston: seven generations in direct line / Heather J. Mackenzie (nee Livingston) p9. ‘The Scot at hame an’ abroad’ [Alexander Matheson] / Neal Butterworth p11. Richard Bloomfield Rees / Martyn J. Griffiths p15. Public Record Office: records from the Semmens collection part 2 / Catherine Kesik p16. The Australasia Mining Disaster / E.J. Semmens p17. S.S. Glenelg (ship) / Ian Boyd p25.

Vol.24 no.3 SPRING 1998: Martin Gleeson from Gowran, Kilkenny / Brian E. Gleeson p4. State Trustees: Edmund Turner; Mary Downing; William Patrick Ryan p7. Recollections of a pioneer [Nehemiah Jehonadab Franklin] (from the Gisborne Gazette 24 Nov 1926) p18. Some Australians serving in the Waikato and Taranaki regiments p19. They call the beef mahogany! [Isaac Fincher] / Beatrice M. Fincher p21. Patrick Sheedy 1815-1885 / Jenny Williams Fawcett p26. Two weddings and three funerals: a letter from Sheffield, England to Richmond, Van Diemens Land [1840, to Mrs Lamb] p39.

Vol.24 no.4 SUMMER 1998: After Australasian Mining Disaster [Hannah Bellingham (nee Bourne)] / Noela Lawrence and Joy Roy p2. Letters from the Port Phillip District 1839-51 / Catherine Kesik p4. Anna Leonowens and the Australian connection / Justin Corfield p6. The Douglas Clan / Mary Smith p7. Testing teaching [Annie Fincher] / Beatrice M. Fincher p8. A tank, a stove and a leaking roof [from the records of the Learmonth State School no. 386] / L.M. Burke p10. Some trees bear no fruit but give us their protection [Dr James Bathe, Pakenham; William and Catherine Temple (nee Cush), South Belgrave; Father John Aloysius O’Brien, Ferntree Gully] / H.B. Ronald p21. Australians from one of the oldest Queensland families of Chinese origin celebrated their diversity in Cairns: a multicultural family reunion / Kevin Wong Hoy, great-grandson of Yet Foy and Ah How p25. Mustering the memorabilia / Beatrice Fincher p26. State Trustees: Vida Manley; William Patrick Ryan; Dorothy Louise Raymer p30.

Vol.24 no.5 AUTUMN 1999: The search for the Crown and Anchor [Hotel] and the mystery of the Happy Jack [Henry Alger of Lockwood, Vic.] / Gordon Roberts p6. The A’Beckett family papers / Jason Hughes, Archivist p16. State Trustees: Alfred Lewis Hogg; Peter Hryb p18. Grave affair [Private John James Simpson of Hawthorn, born in Stanley, Vic. 1883] / Walter J. Venn p19. A Brunswick subdivision, 1883-1894: a list of the first owners of land, after subdivision [Thomas Manallack] / M. Watson p23. Leaves on family trees [William Pobjoy] / Sue O’Neill p33. ‘Ma coosin Jarmie Cook’ [Captain James Cook] p34. Reminiscences of early Melbourne [William Monger] / Bob Donald p35. Who am I really? [McGregor family] / Glenda Smith p39. Where there’s a will, there’s a way (of uncovering a wealth of information) [wills] / Lorraine Shears p45.

Vol.24 no.6 WINTER 1999: The emigration of Derry factory workers to Melbourne to set up the Melbourne branch of Welch Margetson’s Shirt Factory / John Dickenson p2. Sebastopol 1855 [Stephenson family] / Roger Barnard p6. Scandal and prayer meetings at Warrenheip [Benham / Biggs family] / Catherine MacKinnon p7. State Trustees: Kathleen Mary Vincent Downing; Thomas Miller of Exeter; Irene Margaret Clarke; Preger and Rosenzweig estates p17. The search for an Irish miller [Cross family] / Eleanor Pugsley p43.

Vol.24 no.7 SPRING 1999: Transcribing the headstone inscriptions of the Old Cheltenham Cemetery / Travis M. Sellers p8. The mortuary industry and cemeteries administration / Catherine Kesik p10. A good and noble work: the South Melbourne Try Boys Society / Alan Elliott p12. Early Anakie settlers – Gleeson family / Brian Gleeson p16. State Trustees: Eugene Benson, child migrant; Irene McAndrew p18. James Williamson and ‘View Bank’, Heidelberg / Judith Toohey p21. All because a rhynie loon made a promise [James Symon] p22. Old North Melbourne: descendant chart of the Weeding family p41.

Vol.24 no.8 SUMMER 1999: The family of Edmund Forest Mulcahy (photo, front cover). Thomas Burdeu and the San Francisco Committee of Vigilance / Susan Patterson p2. Burgess: a man on a mission [Oliver Burgess, missionary] / Phil Brotchie p6. William Brown and the Battle of Martin Garcia 10-15 March 1814 / Justin Corfield p10. Ballarat and the 1956 Olympics / Catherine Kesik p11. Emigrants to Utopia [Bennett family, to Paraguay] / Eril Willmott p13. Fighting for Franco [Britons and Irishmen fighting for Franco in the Spanish Civil War] / Justin Corfield p15. State Trustees: Winifred Frances Cleave; Ian McDonald; McCarthy estate; Moses Preger; Gladys Mabel Aney p19-20. The ‘Isabella Watson’ (ship) / K.M. Lewellin p20. Sisters – Mary and Maria [Britnell] / Sandra French p23. The researching of William Henry Hawthorn / Arthur Harris p30. The sorry tale of my great grand-aunt Minnie [Zoeller nee Luya] / David Holloway p34. Opening of the Royal Creswick Lodge of the MUIOOF (from Creswick and Clunes Advertiser 24 April 1865) p35.

MARCH 2000: Guide to the CD ROM 'Immigration to Victoria 1852-79: index to inward passenger lists, British and foreign ports' p3. Out-pensioners: old soldiers in the young colonies p8. Henry George Vickery - miner p11. Chicory - a forgotten industry p14. Count Heinrich von Pallenberg p18. Sources for the Port Phillip District in the GSV library p29.

JUNE 2000: Inherited land in Scotland. Melbourne Town Hall. Family histories and copyright. Christmas day in the Australian colonies. Cable trams. Estate records and the Irish tenant family.

SEPTEMBER 2000: Using the GSV library catalogue p3. Ann Baulch p5. Richard Linton, artist p11. Index to inquests 1840-1985 CD ROM p14. Snapshots from Home League p32. Old funeral customs in Scotland p34.

DECEMBER 2000: Making the most of Digger p3. Australian bathing costumes 1870s - 1950s p6. Migration records held by the National Archives of Australia p8. GRO (General Registry Office) Index for genealogists of English and Welsh origin p11. Records of births, marriages and deaths in England and Wales 1538-1837 p14. Certificates - to get or not to get? p19.

MARCH 2001: Soundex p3. Searching for names p3. Mrs Herbert Brookes talks about her father Alfred Deakin p6. Early road labourers in Melbourne p12. Dealing with photographs p14. Henry Hargrave, master mariner p16.

JUNE 2001: The William Smith O'Brien petition 1848 (using the CD ROM) p3. The fourth Victorian family history state conference: from gold to federation 1860-1901 p5. The day the Duchess came to Healesville (Duchess of York, later Queen Mary) p6. The 2001 census, what happens after census night? p8. Annabella Helen Sloane (nee Gibson) p9. Victoria's first naval men - a case of mistaken identity p11. Jubilee Acorn Award p15. 1901 census details of employment p33. Some occupations from the 1881 census index p33. Scrofula or 'the evil of the king's mark' p35 col.2.

SEPTEMBER 2001: National burial index for England and Wales: instructions on using the software p3. Victorian burial records held at the GSV p6. Victoria: when is our birthday ? p8. Position of Governor of Victoria p10. Melbourne's first town hall p12. Trials of a goldrush immigration officer p13.

DECEMBER 2001: History of the clipper ship 'Lightning' p3. The archives and records of the National Archives of Australia p7. World War 1 (one) records p9. Lee Street Primary School, North Carlton p13. Janet Gibson p16. Registration of births, deaths and marriages in Victoria: the beginning p21.

MARCH 2002: The 1851 Dublin City census: Chart's index of heads of households CD ROM (how to use) p3. David Alfred Chart p6. County Westmeath, Ireland p7. Johnstone family of Carrickfergus p9. Bacchus Marsh Primary School no.28 in PROV Education Dept. records p11. Thomas and Catherine O'Dowd p12. Maps in the GSV library p14. Michael 'Mick' Dougherty p16.

JUNE 2002: Using the 1891 census of London on CD p3. Care, use and storage of photographs and documents p6. Enjoying family photos p9. Using scanners to enrich your family history p11. Privacy, copyright and family history p13. Quarantine Station, Point Nepean p15. 2001 Australian census p18. Life on the Koo Wee Rup Swamp p19. Seamen's registration cards from the General Seamen's Register p21. Vale: Leslie (Les) Bernard Hill p23. Judges, legal records, barristers and solicitors admission files, Registers of Justices of the Peace p39. Father 'unknown' p39. Index of Power of Attorney p39.

SEPTEMBER 2002: Charles Webb (1821-1898), architect p6. William Brack (1810-1879) p8. Glen Huntly (Ship) p9. Douglass family p11. William and Margaret Johnston p12. Echuca-Moama Family History Group p13. Family history book - how to do p14. Jamieson (Jameson) family p16. Henry and Ellen Rayner p16. Dudley Flats p18. Map section (room), State Library of Victoria p20.

DECEMBER 2002: How to use the convict records on cumputer p3. Convict records in the GSV library p6. The beginning of the Victorian Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages p9. The Ticonderoga : a most notorius voyage p11. rediscovering 'Little Lon" A archaeological excavation of a city's past p13. Spotlight on Serviceton p17. Eureka on trial p18. 2001 Population and Housing Census : the last microfilm p19. Portraits from A to something p21.

MARCH 2003: Scottish immigration to the eastern states of Australia in the 19th century p3. Molecular genealogy - a genetic approach p10. Spotlighting Cobram (Cobram Genealogical Group) p21.

JUNE 2003: Vital records indexes p3. Eleanore La Trobe p7. Springthorpe Memorial, Boroondara Cemetery, Kew p10. Ethical sharing in family history p12. Searching records at the Public Record Office p14. Koetong p17. Records of displaced persons held in the National Archives of Australia p18.

SEPTEMBER 2003: A short history of the MCG [Melbourne Cricket Ground] p7. World War One Australian workers in Britain p10. Victoria's first European settlement Sullivan Bay 1803-1804 p13. Australasian strays register p15. Spotlighting Skipton [history] p21.

DECEMBER 2003: Census of New South Wales - November 1828 p3. Censuses in the Port Phillip District p7. The 1901 census of England and Wales p9. Saving the Australian census - a 30 year battle p12. E.J. Roberts' memories of early Mildura [Edward James Roberts] p16. Spotlighting - Mildura: Carnegie Centre: Mildura Genealogical Society home p19.

MARCH 2004: Australia remembers 1995 - commemorative crosses at the Shrine of Remembrance p3. 150 years of the State Library of Victoria p5. Surname atlas p8. Is your family history recorded in maritime records? p10. Deniliquin's Boer War hero: James Edward Mason p12. Horses for the Indian Army p15. Spotlighting... Woady Yaloak p21.

JUNE 2004: Postal records p5. Poussard family p8.

SEPTEMBER 2004: 150 years of the Prahran Mechanics' Institute / Christine Worthington p9. Inspectors of nuisances p14. Spotlighting: Mornington Peninsula Family History Society p21. Jonathan Sheldrake, aventurer and pioneer p35.

DECEMBER 2004: Victorian families research directory p3. Women of Eureka p5. John Bardwell in Australia for gold p15. A letter from the goldfields [James Douglas Ferguson] p17. Spotlighting: Ouyen Local History Resource Centre p21.

MARCH 2005: Station Pier, Port Melbourne p6. Captain John Austin Mahony, Hansonville [photograph identification] p9. Cape Otway Lighthouse Cemetery p11. Australian War Memorial Research Centre p16.

JUNE 2005: Australia's forgotten American Civil War veterans p8. Looking for Private Petroff p10. Huguenots p13. Bright family papers p36.

SEPTEMBER 2005: James Kilmartin headstone p10. Finding Chinese family connections in the National Archives p12. Australian Colonial State Patents - useful resources for family historians p15.

DECEMBER 2005: Step by step guide to 'Ancestry' for your family history research p4. Understanding the 19th century British migrant experience p7. Volunteer Defence Corps 1940-44 p9. VicFamilies database: using legacy to extract the data p12. Spotlighting: Descendents of Convicts' Group Inc. p21. Surname index Ballarat East Petty Sessions Registers p38.

MARCH 2006: Was your British ancestor at sea in 1851? Crew Agreement Lists p4. In search of Sergeant Turney: who was Charles Henry Turney? p7. Chinese miners of the Buckland Valley p10. Vale: Elizabeth Marks p31.

JUNE 2006: Argus index p6. Argus index project p7. DNA testing and genealogy: a case study p9. Visit of the Confederate warship Shenandoah to Melbourne p10. Japanese trade records p13.

SEPTEMBER 2006: Police gazettes p4. The missing Melbourne Cup p6. Researching Australian hotels and publicans p8. Ballarat Cemeteries CD p16.

DECEMBER 2006: World War One memorials p8. Women with shares in mining companies: entrepreneurial ladies of the Victorian era p16.

MARCH 2007: Teacher-soldiers of the Great War p9. Researching Australian hotels and publicans cont. p20. Redmond Barry Collection at the State Library of Victoria p21.

JUNE 2007: Online database search techniques p4. The original crocodile hunter p11. Resources for family history research: Victorian Municipal Directory p15. Widening a search for ships - how the State Library's Redmond Barry Collection can help p18. Huguenot families in Australia Project p19. Cheers: researching Australian hotels and publicans (continued) p21. Digital preservation at the State Library of Victoria p28.

SEPTEMBER 2007: Death duty registers of England and Wales p4. That copperplate myth (handwriting) p6. Kimmage family p9. Spelling surnames p13. Thomas Vivian Moyle p15.

DECEMBER 2007: Scottish old parochial registers / John Blackwood p4. Only the names and dates have been changed [name changes] / Ken McNaughton p6. My search for Johan Edward Johanson / Terry Johanson p8. The convict's daughter / Bronwyn Hewitt p10. Australian medical pioneers index / Stephen Due p18. Resources for family history research: miscellaneous directories / Vicki Court p19.
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